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me everyday
Retweeted by πŸŒ—thinking about soulja boys gangster mario chain today
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @DojaCat This slaps @DojaCat Oh no omg @DojaCat Omghere.
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i need healing b4 it's 2 l8Everyday im fighting myselfShe got a lightskin friend look like Michael Jackson... got a darkskin friend look like Michael Jackson πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜«
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @sandytaboo metamorphosisdo i want to leave bcos im bored or do I want to stay bcos im bored hmsome of them want 2 be abusedIf you’re reading this: tense your jaw and shoulders, tighten your entire body, don’t drink water for 48 hours. You got this πŸ’–
Retweeted by πŸŒ—dating me is easy u just gotta kiss me every 2 minutes
Retweeted by πŸŒ—not my knees clicking at the start of my buss it video 😭😭😭
@PRlNCESSBRl Scream a lot for a bitall I do is tell girls they're an angel πŸ₯Ίit’s time for plant shelves. i got my kids sitting on book piles and crates 🀣
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Me 20 years from now watching Mac Miller’s tiny desk concert
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Ok who do I have 2 kill @itzyagirlclari h o n e s t l y ( in summer walker)he didn't care that I identified the species of green mushrooms for him and found out when a where to find them and… avril lavigne said hell yh i’m the mf princess
Retweeted by πŸŒ—People will be interacting with an entire fantasy version of you that they made up. And expect you to play along. B…
Retweeted by πŸŒ—not used to this kind of energy but I deserve it150116 Dazed & Confused February Issue
Retweeted by πŸŒ—I can't believe my hottest years r being given 2 depression and a Pandemic. ...
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I want in my mouth’ll be amazed by how unattractive a person becomes once the lesson is learned.
Retweeted by πŸŒ—pld don't try telling me I have to compete w other girls cus it's literally u that's gnna end up losingthey need to drop a new cat and it should be able to fly
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @randombrownkid_ Yes and gigantic like the wolves in twilight @solsticebeats AgreedI promise you can skip the small talk. I won’t be offended, just ask the question abeg
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @solsticebeats Free pastaWe all need therapy
@m41670842 No we hydr8nb!tches with taste be like : telepatΓ­a @KALIUCHIS 2:10━━━━❍———2:40…
Retweeted by πŸŒ—once i like you ima crackhead and you the crack
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Can’t believe we gave up hunting n gathering to pay rent
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Im crying a lotPut some honey on your tongue and speak sweetness over your morning. And watch your day become just that.
Retweeted by πŸŒ—some examples of wabi-sabi
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @DigitalCvlt Thank u it means a lotIt's 3:15 and id just like my brain 2 st0p @DigitalCvlt I want to eject @DigitalCvlt That is not fun tbh but psoriatic arthritis is coming for my soul @Sethrogen The textures r really cool thank u 4 sharing @DigitalCvlt It's getting inflamed in hereif I get stuck inside this meat suit im going to eject and thats just not ideal is it nowplease don't let my body deteriorateI believe in myself because there’s simply no other choice.
Retweeted by πŸŒ—U n her likes im n her deep subconscious
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Jinki is so pure I always loved him @Sethrogen Ok this is my fav one so far
@abra β™‘ @highermaya i hope u don't mind receiving kimsses on the phrog phone <333
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @itzyagirlclari Absolutely id appreciate it more so! @itzyagirlclari taste like huffing a dirty old mans armpit
Retweeted by πŸŒ—If you’re wondering if your partner treats you right just know this: My fiancΓ© yelled in our house once and I flin…
Retweeted by πŸŒ—πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ don't be mad uno how Brent is
Retweeted by πŸŒ—The company making a profit from hungry children by sending them Β£5 worth of food and keeping the rest of the Β£30 p…
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @caseykfrey ok @maxmoefoe Thanks chads friendnew song ! kind of hot ! i hope u like it πŸ™
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @breerunway Love ittttti could escape but i dont wanna try
Retweeted by πŸŒ—why this weed taste like citrusy smoked jerky i h888888 it
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Pooja what is this behaviour? β™‘οΈŽπŸ˜‹
Retweeted by πŸŒ—I want itβ€œu wanna get high?” yes bitch i love you
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @chaelinCL Cute+Peter...?+πŸ’
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @itzyagirlclari Im glad u have awoken and ready to take everything head on even God that is some inspiring motivation queen I love it
RIP to the Cartoon Network Flash games that went offline in 2021
Retweeted by πŸŒ—i love flying things on pinterest
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @randombrownkid_ 🐸🐸What I like to see
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @breerunway Battered or breaded thoPurple Turtle
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @bbnogames Ok @randombrownkid_ Yeeeeeeeeee duuuuh @itzyagirlclari I hope the fuck u dpNone of you will ever be this funny
Retweeted by πŸŒ—help the white boys r lining upmy biggest strength is that every time i feel like i cant love again i always do :’)
Retweeted by πŸŒ—Colours too have an intelligence of their own. They speak secretly to the mechanic, but openly to the intuitive.
Retweeted by πŸŒ—may you attract connections that are rooted in genuine love & authenticity
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she hit that shit not gone hold you
Retweeted by πŸŒ— @Corpse_Husband Okβ˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜† @breerunway U deserve itme + bestie in love @Sethrogen Wow that's cool seth