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Jay @highluronicacid Chicago, IL

tweeting for the boys with the boomin system ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏͏ he/him

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I promise you don’t have to post an MLK quote today @RyRysYerGuy Fleabag is one of my favs and so easy to binge - QG is good but can get stagnant - Kerry Washington is… @RyRysYerGuy So many different vibes... what’s the mood @MannyDye yhappy MLK day @dointhemoest @UberEats Looks like that ended 12/31/2020 @Nashty_Nate Shopping respectfully @amor_por_moi 🤍🤍 @ajhisnandez @BreatheEnlight Oh this is cute @damnthxny @ButtahSkin Need a review 👁👁I’m listening but 🦗🦗 was the last time you supported a Black-owned business and what was it? people on MLK day
Retweeted by Jayme bringing multiple carts to lay on the couch @DamagedBttm I literally don’t know but like!!! Send recsWho said this is Heather Gay
@grffn_s @warnermusic @stevenromo hi @miserabletop bestie 😍 @DavidADC Why aren’t you getting Cajun friesoomf needs to clean his roomMade chicken tendies in the air fryer :)) @Snedward10 And some nasty road rage @Snedward10 I just know nicki can’t drive @richietakespics 👁 need a fast and easy solution to a clogged cart...rarely do we find an album this good @OWENDZ No I am too Bc I just know I’d be going through it @OWENDZ .....Manifesting’m too pretty to not be rich @ungodlysamer Literally base their entire account to making those tweets..deranged!Yt people really need to stop using the word “trade”. Y’all don’t know what it means and none of y’all are trade.
Retweeted by Jay @BrycePaschal omg good morning lolanti is turning 5... half a fucking decade... rihanna please do sumn
Retweeted by Jay @_MiDZYBLiNK 🥳🥳 @mikeyisbrown Idk I’m bout to close my eyes again I don’t like what time it ismorning 😌 @THEKINGDADOLLL I’m high af!Hithis one checking in IT NOW
@FRANKIETWT Yt gays need to learn what trade is... @masoncatt Good @attemptingbutch Same I just stay inside @attemptingbutch FlopThis is literally Utica #DragRace
Retweeted by Jay @petworthot 🤥 @miserabletop About time @xtheestalli Okay but they wasted 45 mins still @localblackgay omg so sweet @miserabletop Hi bb @DevinMPrice gm love! @OWENDZ gm sis!I’m up, are you happy to see me? @yannhatchuel Undeniablyno I’m obsessed @emotionalslut_ Wait I thought we were doing dry january @cocorockstarr @skskskoot Let’s go bar for bar @vandercunts no crumbsNOT A CRUMB LEFTDenali it’s dinner time @kingdeficit I cackleUtica I love youGO HOME
Trisha Paytas when Dominos gives her a raise
Retweeted by Jay @xtheestalli A blooming onion 👀 @xtheestalli Wait when should we @grffn_s I think about it at least once a dayI know I stanned for a reason @Snedward10 my sis taking selfie’s while driving my car... girl lemme make sure my insurance paid up...
Retweeted by Jay @coso1271 @damnthxny the car lighting was doing me favors @djsantos91 I’m looking for selener @clownlos27 🥺🥺 @localblackgay The mind of a mastermind..! I fear!!Happy Birthday @OrangePaulp I got you these 💜 @Coolbluegaby_ Only if you think so 🥰 @itsdjduh 😊 @poleotter 😘😘 @thejakepickle Ily bestie 🥰 @aqueeriuskhalid Don’t tempt me with a good time @JayJurden ily 🥺 @BlackSuedeShoe You know she’s gonna provide that @kingdeficit She’s taking after most her demographic. @bmizzzle @tommybravos she’s long gone @cotwunk Thank you 😊 my collection has grown so quickly! Excited to show the other colors 😅 @tommybravos I got a whole lot of that!me driving: a saga @iamDTG I’m gonna dm you @OWENDZ Lemme slide down and clean @THEKINGDADOLLL I wish 😭😭 @iamDTG 👀 when are we getting online @bmoore1294 you buying me a ps5 or whatlaughs in B’Day @midogascar I’m gonna have to shut you up huh