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Ppl r going thru the last 30 years of electronic music history and labeling all of it hyper pop for some reason
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @whytwokaleb That’s what u get yup @dvnots @Di777Ed CONGRATS LETS GOOOOOO PERIOOOOOOOOOOD @andrewhuang LUV ✨🥺✨ @pr3tty_dark plee @scxlpture LMAO NEXT TIME THEY SAY SOMETHING STUPID ILL DO DAT 💀Dawg u can’t even give a decent apology literally delete ur acct @hi_risik HAPPY BIRTHDAY @scxlpture I educated them so they knew it was awkward he didn’t mean any harm so I don’t take any offense to it me… THOUGH THERE STUPID THEY MEAN NO HARM...I CHOOSE PEACE FOR TODAYBeing the bisexual in the gc of 14 dudes is the worst men are so stupid...”Wich do u like more markus” DAWG WHAT U THINK BI MEAN- @pr3tty_dark Link bestie @K3YGEN I KNOW THATS RIGHT BESTIE @skybr34kr Si @stachepapi The serve we luv to see it @jedwill1999 U will be for sure I know it dawg !This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️Before I’m an American I’m a @DianaStarshine stanwe did it girls. we deconstructed pop
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Follow Me On ClubHouse it’s @Ghozt thereeatin a burger wit no honey mustard @watermelontiddy @davechecks u 1st bestieBARS @elc1xiv rlly did me right w my hair wait a minute this serve @nari_xcx UR NOT SEEING HEAVEN FOR THIS @nitrahneon QUEEN SHIT @ethanpoggers @HampsterMouth @ih8bleachh Say less @HampsterMouth @ih8bleachh @ethanpoggers Which cord r u in lmk @ih8bleachh @ethanpoggers I wanna join lowkey @DannylHarle these songs are amazing please release stuff w dj mayhem nxt pls @jacefaceluxe I NEEEED @entity_______ U about to be dza and I’ll be gzaGhozt slander on tl wow @hugdeserver WOW SO TRUE BESTIE @entity_______ Rza Sza @watermelontiddy @davechecks Nope. Not funny. Try again. U first beloved ✨Men NOT BUY XLR CABLE!!!! FR!!!
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I kinda just officially told my parents I’m trans and I’m changing my name@and everything and they’re in denial i..…
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️#OBAMA #RUNTZ #HAVER @24khris24 New BOP LETS GO🗽💯
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @dvnots The heels💀Lets gooooo @ekalimusic ur bitchmade stop tryna preach when u literally beat ur ex talking about some “be careful w… @_HeatNextdraft1 First off it wasn’t even set in 2021 dawg and second crop ur damn meme💀Rip Bozo to that Ashley Bop-It bitch or whatever her name was that died trying to invade the capitol but can we jus… @davechecks Can u fall into a coma...but make it forever✨ @_medotexe_ Presets for serum n vital pls @rei1000000 Watch it be bipp again 💀metro boomin make it BOOMWe owe sza the world we rlly do @omggilysm Lemme make u beats for this @nari_xcx Hiiiiiiii narrrrrriiiiii from narrriiiiiii musiiiiicREAD- i swear to god if yall pull the same last minute bs with dustin higgs in the same way as Brendon Bernard imma…
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @hollimonnn @Greyguu @ABurnerAsAlways @ghozt @sunscreenhotbox Ty for the heads up @hollimonnn i unfollowed and such- @real_betelgeuse Wow so true! @EkaliMusic Didnt you get outed as an abuser 6 months to a year ago??? Ur the type of person we should careful abou… doing sound design after smoking a blunt n drinking 3 bangs to the head @hjkl_8901 I let out the biggest gasp hearing this I’ve never felt such a connect between two things @KevlarSin @Sukemeoff Lmao u got this one 💀No words. @BUFFYTHESLAYRR Thank god @KevlarSin @Sukemeoff No free clout💀 @BUFFYTHESLAYRR Im sitting outside @K3YGEN @jetski0 @basementscene Let me join in on this rq @jetski0 GET OFF TWITTER NOOOOOOWW LMFAAAAAOOOONeed dis way I literally need these Evry SceNe & b iNDIVIDUAL dam.
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @0wubz GOT THE 57 ON AYOOOOOGave one of the ears a earring gunna give the other a gauge 2 nite🐰 3AR5 0N 🐰 @Team_Poolside @gwizofthestars OH WORDDidnt you abuse your ex last year? YOU are the person we should be worried about coming into ppls inner circle tf 💀 WANT GOTH CROCSnew Song "hey bestie!" play it N think of ur Best Friend
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FR AND YALL BE ON SOME “IS THAT MT BESTIE IN A TELFIE” @goldenpolaroid And they friends be hyping them up talking about some “is that my bestie in a telfie” if u don’t te… @BUFFYTHESLAYRR @itsokdontbesad 😭🖤 @Kyunchix3 PLSSS @abbigaga So wierd smfh I’m glad I never followed them @mx_ultra @abbigaga Smfhhhhhhhhh dawwwwggg this shit is horrid fuck oaf1 fr @mx_ultra @abbigaga I wanna make sure I’m not following @mx_ultra @abbigaga Who(?) I’ve been off twitter for some time @abbigaga Oh no was another person outed or something??? I hate these wierdos SmfhSOMEONE FROM MY GHOZT SCHOOL OF MUSICIANS N PRODUCERS ADD ME BACK PLS N TY'm not putting a tag for this, because I feel like this needs to be shared everywhere. Dustin higgs is going to b…
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @itsokdontbesad YESSIIIIRRRRR LET ME KNOOOOOWWIf u can’t remember this classic we can’t vibe @saddcole U fucked up so bad omg @helvatten HAIRCOLORBOOTH LMAOI am SO glad Twitter on azealia banks ass I’ve never seen such solidarity against Megan thee stallion slander y’all… if you have more followers than jesus
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️ @h_________e It’s rlly good I suggest watching ergo proxy after 🗣 @h_________e Baki Dorohedoro Eden of the East Given Ergo Proxy Paranoia Agent Texhnolyze Baccano These r rlly goodTook this medicine for my anxiety and depression that I haven’t taken in 6 months cuz my dumbass forgot that was a… a minute lets fucking GOOO my serotonin is at an all time high autechre bipp remix...was...a choice...a bland one but a choice...
Retweeted by Ghozt💢🧛🏽‍♂️New Sophie slide just dropped