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An Open Letter To Guitar Teachers: Watching Pedal Demos Is Practice
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaI see I'm gonna get a lot of mileage out of this one. (unknown/uncredited artist, sadly - if anyone knows, shout ou… @LairdBarron Running review feeds, apparently. @david_wolkin @ARTofCOOP Oh man. I need to sit down after that.* * I’m sitting already. @LairdBarron I dunno. They seem active on insta.Parody MAGA account has 435k followers and book deals. This goddamn stupid-ass world.I still can’t believe I released four whole books in this hell year. please RT/buy them
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaCan’t wait for self-appointed protectors of Genre Purity to read and review my next book. It’s gonna be lit. @ThatWeissGuy A giant ziggurat filled with federal records? @sarahlipstate @BigLeeMarvinFan And I thought I was done thinking about buying pedals. Dammit.Happy Release Day to my Artist Edition @keeleyelectronics Loomer! Check out my demo and then head over to…
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaGate A #night @LATimescitybeat #photography #PhotographyIsLife #PhotographyDay #LosAngeles #streetphotography
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaThe fall brings with it strange leaves and litters. await you here! And you can follow the madness here: @OlgasGirlsNext up, it's Claude Raines in the propaganda film from 1945 called STRANGE HOLIDAY. Directed by Arch Oboler, it's…
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @ARTofCOOP At least I'm in good company! @ARTofCOOP That movie makes me feel bad about what a crummy writer I am. @ARTofCOOP "We've created the ultimate weapon." "That's great!" "It, uh, refuses to be used." @empire_of_dust_ Looks like Tex to me.Reminder: King in Exile, forever.
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @gabrielhardman It features a scene at the Museum of Natural History and some verrry weird color palettes. @CassieY4 I’m more than a little in awe of that figure. @gabrielhardman I watched it a couple months ago on Peacock. May still be there. @gabrielhardman Halve you rewatched the 1953 DRAGNET film recently? It’s crazy at times, with super-square center f… @corgzone I hope I never turn into a cool kid. Check me if I do. @gabrielhardman An odd one, but really great, particularly the final chase sequence. I’m also not used to seeing Basehart as the heavy. @corgzone *whispers* Lots of writers outside YA are just writing to the same kinds of folks.I dunno. I participated in a Bad Takes thing. Even if it was to up critical cultural documents, it was the wrong th… @MintcakeTime Insane Clown Apostle(s)And this is where I absolutely start losing patience with THE VOICE."Schoolkids should just be made to read my favorite books" isn't a normal thing to say. That said, every high scho… Burbank CA 2013 Car Burbank CA 2013 @emmetmatheson *fans self* @andeparks @sandy_jarrell Or maybe I'm thinking of a MICRONAUTS page. I'm old. @andeparks @sandy_jarrell I think there was a stat/hold for part of the cover, if I recall. @kalebhorton Caveat: Naomi Watts in a reboot of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (APOCALYPTOVEGAS).I’m supposed to check dinner. Obstacle: @sandy_jarrell Who I think basically worked off of rough layouts for one issue of the early WARLOCK series. Looked great. @ARTofCOOP Workshop (2013) @sandy_jarrell Starlin had some really under-praised inkers filling out his work.Decades after seeing these for the first time, I’m still obsessed with Alan Weiss’ inks
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia6th St bridge
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaTunnel. Sure, everything is great. Don't mind the decay. DTLA, 2017. Eastern Columbia Building, DTLA. caustics in the early morning, DTLA. @ARTofCOOP is posting photos from DTLA and I understand he's a better photo-taker-person than me. Still. Razorw… @ARTofCOOP I miss DTLA. Here's the spooky Eastern Columbia Building. of DTLA
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaEvening post-dinner bump;
Retweeted by Critical NostalgiaOne must imagine Garfield loving Mondays.
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @Chownoir It's so damn stupid. I'm guessing that they're using it as time to panic and freak out and figure out how… daughter's high school is returning to distance learning. For one week. Yeah, this doesn't make sense to me either. @ARTofCOOP @kenlowery VAMPIRES is in the same league for me, fun and trashy. You get to see James Woods kick a prie…
Nextdoor post: "Are the authorities lying about Covid hospitalizations?!" Context: I live in a huge, mostly rural… planting the seed in a million young minds that wound become the ergregore that feasted upon the psychic horro… trailer from THE MATRIX looks so great without the omnipresent tinting (as observed by @westonfront) You can… @kalebhorton “The past isn’t dead. Hell, the past isn’t even past.”Gas day., this isn't strange at all. @ARTofCOOP I don’t use the word “hero” often...*extreme Lou Barlow voice* KID IS @corgzone Am I film twitter? Do I need to drink Drano now? @KenLayne Absogoddamnlutely.Folks, if you have to be warned off reading film clickbait sites then I don't know what to tell you.*mutes "list"* @jason1749 That would be awesome.Might I offer you a picture of Sigourney Weaver hanging out with Alien Baltan in these trying times?
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @neokefka_99 "I want you to know that not every xenomorph callously disregards boundaries as much as the last one y… @sqiouyilu 2 on 2/2! (Should wait until 2022 to really punch that -- kidding, don't wait.)Seriously, watching a lightweight series on mythology (primarily, heavily western with some Slavic and not much els…'m afraid Hansen's THE TRICKSTER AND THE SUPERNATURAL has broken my brain because I'm looking at mythology as the… @LairdBarron Hear, goddamn hear.Yeah, I don't know if you've looked at the world of publishing lately, but nearly every writer I know is being chal…'s a shame John Buscema only got to draw Superman that one time (SUPES/SPIDEY 2, if memory serves) 'cause it was… @bowiesongs Ha ha ha oh wow. I'm not sure I agree or disagree, but it's fun to read. @MrBitterwitter Good to hear, but I shall not be holding my breath. @MrBitterwitter Wait, what?Also, no flight whistles, even as a shiny to work towards, is bullshit, too. The Maw? Whatever. I don't enjoy the…, sorry, devs, but you screwed up bad setting up taxis in Shadowlands. You should zap to Oribos and then from t…"Kings and Queens" is an Abba song and MAMA MIA paved the way to its success.Bang & Olufsen Beocom 2000 telephone, 1986
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia*Doing my best impression of David Letterman hosting the 1995 Oscars* “Grogu. Groot. Groot. Grogu.”
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @timmaughan Enjoy the Dystopia(tm). @jason1749 This is Darkseid shit.
Learn The Eldritch Roots Of Dungeons & Dragons With New Hardback Edition Of Appendix N
Retweeted by Critical Nostalgia @jason1749 *ahem* THEMORS!The Day of the Groundhog vs the Day that Baby Went Out. many actors can be masked, speak no dialogue and still have a recognizable physical presence.Oh sure, let's be awake now.’s re-reading: @BruceLevenstein There’s a Sub*Pop store at Seattle International Airport.TWINS (1988) rib >>> turkey for Thanksgiving and I will not be entertaining alternate viewpoints.The entirety of human cultural output and this is what I can't look away from."Look, lady. My people have been stranded on a demon-infested planetoid while a handful of others have been orbitin…