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柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾 @HiiragiYuu_Vt icon & header: @afternoontm

Host | VTuber/VSinger | NB (he/she/they) ✷ 男装ホスト系VTuber、柊優と申します💖 ✷ model: @emirichu rig: @imateefy ✷💻#hiiragilive 🎨#hiiragillust 🎙️#SayYuu 🔞#NSFDoubleYuu

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@SachiSaiki Rolled a nat 20 on deception that day😎 @isavtuber Become vacuum @dotMango Take care of your body Mango!!😭【 Announcement 】 Site launch!!! ✨🥳 New year (almost), a shiny new look! Welcome to my new homepage, please have a…
Retweeted by 柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾 @Blueshift09 I like to prioritize special event or celebration streams, if I see them around! I also like to stick… @tiuuie IS THAT A HUNTSMAN SPIDER OMG👁️👁️ @Vespacian_VT Oh no, did you hurt yourself Vespacian😭 @ChampionKingDan OH gosh, I love this one, I had to learn this myself too😭Greasy pans and pots are much easier to c… @iroiro16_ch FOR🅱️🅱️IDEN 🅱️ROTH TECHNIQUES!!!😮 @WEroberer BUT.....smash borgar yommy ;n; @GoddlyDevil This is very true! I love getting recipes from people who are experienced, because often times they're… @AionAeterna Me too! We be learnin today 😀 @SunnyHinode Egg Tips from Sunny🍳I love the egg rolling one, it's so satisfying when it comes off in one continuous strip!✨CAST LIST: Sayori - @caitybair Natsuki - @obakepam Yuri - @syllaaria Monika - @theakamana Narrator/Protagonist - @HiiragiYuu_VtThe ultimate DDLC collab is here!👀Each character was personally casted by our favourite CEO, Pam😊Join us in a few h… @yuurina_ So pretty Yuuri.... ;0;💖 @daifuku381 #relationshipgoals @tachibooty WHAT I've never seen this before, I'll need to go look up some videos👀 @ARQ_004SP 🔥🥚🔥 @surleenya SWEET FRANCIS ; - ; They are truly pioneers and legends in the youtube content creation sphere, thank yo… @jellyunivrse Gotta have a bit of oil splatter to add a sense of danger and excitement into your kitchen @surleenya I remember that one time when chef got injured and they had to take a hiatus, I was so worried and cried so hard😭 @airwavehero Oh shit I'm gonna need this one, my face is always a mess when I cut onions ;; @surleenya SERYLINA😭I haven't thought about cooking with dog in a hot minute, I LOVE their videos so much!!💖💕 @paimonxx Did you learn this through personal experience Paimon............................😭 @BeemoPancake Ooh, I don't poach eggs often, but I know lots of people add a little vinegar into their poaching wat… @robotoboy I GOTTA TRY THIS😮 @FukumiHayasugi This is such a good tip!! I still see people salt their eggs while mixing😫 @Alfyria MOOD😭Nothing ruins my appetite more than biting into shells @gameb1nary It's definitely a lot of chemistry! Molecular gastronomy is a fun field to look into if the science of cooking interests you😀 @TheWeebulous Cat paw!! I've never heard it described that way, that's so cute @obakepam Ooh! Great for people in apartment housing, where you don't always have access to a yard and compostables… @_IM_EGO That's great! Cooking and bartending both hone essential skills you'll make use of for the rest of your li… @Gotsh0cks That's so nice!! I know lots of people who aren't partial to tomatoes, maybe I should start passing this message forward😀 @MyNameIsSchiro Ohh I love this!!💕 @JirouMom MMMM brown butter.....🤤I love using it in pasta and in soft chewy cookies! @Rhapsodos_X I've always had issues with dicing onions so I think I need to study this in detail😮 @lirielirie Hehehe I'm hoping we can all learn something new this morning in this thread😀 @momokoshoyo AHHH I only learned the first one about a year ago, when I got into cocktail making! It's so useful 😊 @fukuharataji Oh no I've definitely learned this the hard way before ;; @_IM_EGO At the age of 7!😮That's so early, are you an avid cook? @NexatG WISDOM🙏 @ARQ_004SP Happy to pass the egg knowledge along!😀I grew up watching my whole family crack eggs on the edge of coun… @Ishkagal Ohhh I love this one!!! Cooking on a cast iron skillet truly makes your food shine✨Mine has to be "crack eggs on a flat surface": for years I assumed I'm just really garbage at cracking eggs until I… kittens✨I'm frying an egg for breakfast right now and I'm suddenly curious: what's the best and most useful…
Retweeted by 柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾 @BunChata STAN ANN REARDON!!👏👏 @NexatG 🥖😆🥖 @JoshuaKVtuber Congratulations Josh!!!😀🥂 @vinty_1110 The smolest "a" 😭💕💖💕💖 @StarryEyedEss The wrong kind of gap moe😭noon's art is so nice it's making me rethink my shitposting ways, I'm so ashamed seeing their beautiful art in my i… @NoaQi77 It's so pretty Noa ; - ; I really loved that cover of yours! @baovtuber Sorry that's me barking outside ur window!! @FukumiHayasugi OH gosh my blind ass cannot read names when I'm freshly recovering from a tiramisu-induced coma, it seems😂 @uwusman I'm so sorry Uwusman, it's a local non-franchised establishment, and a bit too close to where I live for m… @rirumato 甘さは控えめで美味しかったよ😊I had the honour of being a model for Haewon's new animated emotes!😊She will be opening commissions for these on We… part 4 has arrived! The game became Pizza Delivery Simulator.... ✨LINK @FukumiHayasugi I see Vinty is a tiramisu connoisseur as well👀 @Its_Kokone That sounds so relaxing, I'm happy to hear that😊And you get to end it off with some cake too! @WKScottt He's a very chill boy😊 @cloverinari Tech issues can't be helped, and I know how much of a terrible weight they can be😭Don't beat yourself… @TOFIEmusic Bagel gacha!! @VirtualHeroVee He's very good about not eating human food, but he did also almost sneeze directly into the cake😭 @Its_Kokone HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOKONE!!!!!!🥂💕💖🥂🍰Did you do anything special today?😀I hope you had a good one this year!! @ZaqurieTwo It's so cozy in the winter I want to live inside.... @WEroberer A good tiramisu truly never fails to lift my spirits😭🙏 @OsamuKeshi Indulgent desserts road trip!! @hszrleo Poimty @Its_Kokone Is it your birthday Kokone!!!😮 @kuramekira Power move of the century @kumakkomoto Actual footage of me driving everyone to the patisserie for cake therapy🍰 @jayteamations My baby my angel tiramisu...... @NexatG BETRAYAL 😭 @ProfessorJib Thank you!!😭I had my first bite of cake just now and it's already feeling better😊 @kittium When in doubt, cake therapy!!🍰We're chilling in the kotatsu😌癒される....🤤🍰 @HoshiFuyu_Ch THE WHOLE!!!! I like how you think Fuyu😉 @juliuslupinVT O hecc yea what u want from mcdongles @jellyunivrse Tiramisu!!!!!!!! @non_a_non Did ur kokoro go padoru padoru💕Get in the car, kittens😤Had a bad start to the week today so we're gonna go get some cake to make up for it!!!!🍰 @eurydere !!!! SOON!!!!😮 @jenjenpai M-maybe two negatives will cancel each other out and you will un-poor in 2022?!?!😭scuffed l2d animation #callillust
Retweeted by 柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾 @jawlipops YOOOO THAT LOOKS SO GOOD JAWLI!!!!😮
@princington The amount of details in this...!!😳My jaw is on the floor Prince, this looks amazing!! @VTuberOfTheWeek ☺️✨ @waspyon Let's gooooo Wasi!!!!!💪🥂PADOYUU PADOYUU🎄🎁✨ #hiiragilive
Retweeted by 柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾✨LIVE2D RIG COMMISSION APPS OPEN✨ My rigging commission apps for winter/spring 2022 are officially OPEN! 📢Details…
Retweeted by 柊優 | Hiiragi Yuu🍸🍾 @kittium Me too Lalo!😀It's been a while since I last revisited this game, I can't wait to take these ladies on this exciting journey😉 @SunnyHinode Come race for an hour with us before you open the atelier!!😀🍸December 12th @ 10am PST: Breakfast & OMORI at our usual time and place💕🍸December 10th @ 7pm PST: Gonna play some Mawio Kawt with my favourite alien slime princess and angel (???) Pia and…🍸December 9th at 5pm PST: GAA Thursdays continues this week as well on Aqua-kun's channel!🍸December 7th @ 4pm PST: PlayAsia CEO @obakepam has booked the Host Club off for a very special collaboration: a fu…