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90% books, horror, animals, jewelry, makeup, art. Autistic, 🏳️‍🌈. Do good recklessly. Jewelry at I'm Eva Darrows

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That can't be comfortable @intelligentwat Haunt was fun!
When I was 7 I wanted to be a veterinarian actress mermaid who rode a Pegasus and gave candy to the world. Now I just want a nap. @PRMcDonough I uhh. LIve in Bridgewater.Ah, yes, the classic. Remove digit from nostril, pretend he's scratching, and discretely wipe snooger on the inter…'ve made uncomfortable eye contact. Your move, Booger Bill.Waiting for the kid to get out of work and the guy in the parking lot next to me seems to think his car windows pre… @PRMcDonough Southshore, ya!Diversity is fine. Its good! I am *begging* you, stop sprinkling decolonise on your lil campaigns like its peri peri salt
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @cjlemire Locals doing a thing down my neck of the woods. Other locals did not approve.Haven't seen that many middle fingers in one place since my last Bruins game.The Biden people were so pissy at the Trump rally at the rotary they stopped traffic. I'm willing to wait for peop… next time little guy!'s big brother, Chase. me like one of your French Poodles. Quigley!!!! My favorite is THE STAND, personally. I mean, Stu and Fran fall in love in the midst of /all those zombies/. @hagan_laura It's how publishing sorted the categories so the quibbles about this seem so weird to me. Like, Bri… baffled Some People think that genre classifications that help readers choose the books they are looking for… @elliottdunstan In the broadest sense, platonic ships, squishes, ace pairings, and the whole ace/aro spectrum SHOUL… @TCM_tweets Happily ever after/for now. @outseide Bad Take Twitter is at it again.And those brackets are great for exploration of empowerment narratives! But an IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF story is a di… stories without the HFN or HEA are dramas or romantic fiction, but not Romance fiction by definition. They… doesn't have to have sex or physical affection--ace and aro people exist--but their HEA/HFN has to be there.I don't write horror books without horror or scares because it's no longer a horror without those elements.Just saying it: If you market me a romance novel, which I choose FOR the safety of the HEA or HFN during tough tim…’ve been photoshopping my friends’ babies onto Winston Churchill lately and it’s pretty great.
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanI just impulse bought an 80s Sony Walkman, the bright yellow one with Sport. Now to buy @Noxilite some casette tapes.People keep suggesting a GFM, but we do still currently have shelter and haven’t lost anyone to the virus, so we do…
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanDeep within my Facebook messenger requests, they lurk; them: *holds up a tin cup, coins clinking around inside* ho…
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @MsAllieD Pretty! @BudLatanville Erotic romance, imo. @brennayovanoff He's got a few bad takes, so warning he's not always saying stuff I like politically, but I still f…! The plot doesn't have to be great in a slasher if the kills are solid, imo. This has me cringing and I'm a hard squirm.That last kill was SUPER gross. @brennayovanoff He's got a show on Shudder now!I've been reading a chapter a night from @HillaryMonahan's SNAKE EYES to Kissmate and he hates the abusive lamia sn…
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Retweeted by Hillary MonahanHaven't seen Haunt. OoooOOoooh. @Sergio_no_name She's great! @reynoblewrites Kay. TY, friend!Joe Bob Briggs time. Time for me to listen to him 80% of the time and roll my eyes at the last 20%. (I know why h…
Can't tell if coyotes, kids screaming, or someone's Halloween lawn ornaments. Woo! @Bibliogato I am thinking of you both, Katie. I am sorry. @Tyliag Aww, that's awful. I had a BOOB FOLD they had to reexamine and that sucked.Will admit they said YOU'LL ONLY HEAR FROM US IF SOMETHING IS OFF and I got the email for digital results and almos… @tracy_reads79 No, should I?Same day results are MY BEWBS ARE FINE. I am so happy to not have to wait for a week--they sent me digital results… @viridian It joins the ranks of Thinner and the newest Wolfman with Benicio in the SUPER RACIST AGAINST GYPSIES pile!It's full of antiziganism so not super my fave.People: "Drag Me To Hell is so good." Me, a Romani diddicoy: @ShasFaiz I'm so sorry. @Kialesse We shall dispatch emergency coffee asap! @rookling And I have GIGANTIC real estate between my lid and brow so can do the big dramatic drag looks even, but..… @cinnamonremote Thank you. The reassurance helps a lot. I'm going in about ten minutes and I feel so gross mostly… there were two of me, I'd be a beauty vlogger as second me. Yes, even at 42, I'd do it. Because there's zero v…, texture at all--crepe, a mole, a zit, just uneven skin or discoloration--makes application a lot harder. I'… a person who does my own makeup and... a lot of other people's makeup, something I can't help but notice is how… @authorLizStone Because 2020 has made us believe nothing is good anymore and a kitten is fundamental joy. When it's not climbing your leg. @JonathanLHoward @AdamOutside Yep, we are. Helped in a lynch mob after his best friend was killed. Brooke Hart.… @JonathanLHoward @AdamOutside The guy who played him on TV was a murderer so Depp's questionable character won't matter much as a standard!Something I didn't really get until now is how hard they nailed casting Ricci as Julia and Huston's kid. She belie… @lazarain @JSCram3254 @HillaryMonahan She nailed it about... five years ago?
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @omgjulia It was novel the first time. The fourth, not so much. And I don't think it's fair for the professors to assign this to the kids. @evelynarches Our development stages were pretty effin weird. @evelynarches Is that the one where she thought it was a dead sister but she turns out to be the dead sister? @marthalt BABIES! Thank you. <3 @GramrgednAngel Your poor mom. Poor you. I'm sorry. @UnseelieMe I keep thinking back to Mary Robinette's thread about when she found a lump in Iceland and it cost her… @UnseelieMe Why does there have to be a week in between the squish and the results? Why do they hate us? @casskhaw Thanks, Cass. You are good. <3 @mabinfield Thank you.Been crying about it off and on all week. I can do a lot of other hospital/doctor visits, even the painful ones, p…'ve had one before, but knowing her experience makes it more likely for me to get it means that I spend all week l… cancer I'm pretty open that my anxiety sometimes manifests as hypochondria. It started when my mom had an… weird little aside: The dude who finished VC Andrews' Heaven series after she passed away went on to write The D… @sarahhollowell @UrsulaV Remember how she'd just rando kill characters? For no reason other than to make you sad?… @UrsulaV I keep remembering the one where she fell in love with her own mopey self destructive uncle? Or cousin? An… @anniebellet I'm absolutely braced for the shit I'm about to get for this queer pining Gothic horror coming out. @Rhoda_Night I also read a lot of Anne Rice. Sooooo.To a point we need to trust the audience to be able to separate between "I love reading about this but man it's mes… there's some merit, I suppose, to "setting a bad precedent" there's also OH FUCK NO, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THERE, NO THANKS irl.It's really weird to see people come down so hard on hero villain ships and glorifying dysfunction relationships wh… is complaining he can’t find something by standing in the middle of a room and not actually looking for it
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanIn case you need to hear it, it is OKAY to not be okay. You’re not alone. At all. Nothing is normal. Everything is…
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @NR_Lines LET'S GO BE ANXIOUS TOGETHER.If you don't like it when people talk about MI in their timelines, that's a you problem. Destigmatizing mental ill… I'm so slow Nat. 😅 @trbecher Worth it?I think it was @NforNihilism who told me to watch V/H/S a million years ago. Finally got around to it. I looove a… @LA_Knight89 @beckymew Yes. Battle paints = makeup. : )Gf stopped running so I threw paint at her. @maidensblade At some point, one day, probably when I'm 900, the world will figure out the feminism was in the free… @maidensblade ... wait. There are people reading romances actually saying that? I mean, I shouldn't be surprised.… @xXDevilSeijiXx Noses and hands are SUPER HARD TO DRAW.
You can watch the debate tonight or you can watch this gif of a baby spinning in circles forever because they're th… @paulGtremblay Huh. Okay. I can't do bbq. Too sweet for me. Mouth parts are weird. @bookavid I have never felt closer to you than rn. @paulGtremblay @BrackenMacLeod I'm kinda turned on and confused rn.