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90% books, animals, jewelry, makeup. 10% Opinions. Autistic, 🏳️‍🌈. Do good recklessly. Also @evadarrows.

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Joined Twitter 2/24/11 fucking won!!!
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanI expect to see this throw pillow next time I'm at @HillaryMonahan's house
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @RinChupeco Everything sucks, craft harder. 😄 Thanks!!! @damianarose If that's the case, you might need to read my book THE AWESOME. Under Eva Darrows. Margaret's the MC o… mom has turned into an Agatha Christie heroine. She's trying to solve the mystery of what enormous wildlife is c…"Yes, but it's /our/ giant, haunted shithole, Margaret." resin in about a half hour then done for the night. @lexomatic Little bigger but not by much. a toothpick fence with hot glue hurts. 😫
2020 tell it's getting interesting looking. Ever ambivalent teenager has offered to help. 😁Detailing left bottom for a while. @junkyardmessiah Thanks!, boos. It blows. 💗I'm not trying to be an asshole or a killjoy. I'm trying to set an expectation so you can figure out how to deal wi… artists won't stop posting about them because those perks come rarely whereas the deluge of no is daily. So ei… gonna lie, it sucks! But it is LEGITIMATELY your whole career, and that aspect doesn't stop after you get the f… have something I need people who are balking at others' posting partial full agent requests or their publishing g… Beauty, Opal🤩 Opal is an inorganic substance belonging to a silica group. This example is from Australia.…
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanI'm going. Are you??? do I. ... wait. (Thanks, dude!) ghost of steps to come. the rest of the road and bricks. Then I carve the bricks on the steps. The more paint. if you don't care about tiny Halloween village stuff, mute the thread. I'm keeping it all together so you can easily avoid it. <3Which is now covered in paper mache. I missed carving foam cliffs, so the boxes are being replaced. Made a "cave" that'll be at the head of… the way, I ordered a sash last night, in my campaign colors, that says Peach Blossom Georgia Possum. Def going…
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @TerryTyler4 DM!Chronically ill people trying to access treatment or a diagnosis should not have to learn The Exact Right Words to…
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @ryandroyd This is extremely my, having this looping CANDYMAN theme
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @HillaryMonahan I hate that whole having to stop, refuel, rest bit of humanity. I only have so many hours, why do I…
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @BrainRockets "The zone" is my happy place. Becky's been saying I'm doing too much work lately between books, jewe…, I'm going to attempt to get back at it. I had to EAT. (Fuck you, food! YOU RUINED A GOOD THING.) But it… isn't a moral story here. No happy ending. It is what it is. I get mad. And the mad sometimes ends up rul… picking up the project afterward is so dicey. I'm pissy, so I might not WANNA anymore because the momentum is… "tasks" are usually artistic to some degree. It's my form of dealing with stress and my expression vehicle. It… I'm "in the zone" on a project, interrupting me /never/ goes well. Even to get me to eat, which I need to do… @LodurZJ Your help is always gud.
@LodurZJ Yep!Brick time. @TragicAllyHere Ok I did the whole fucking song.
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @Quiara and home depot is big in trump's pocket. FUN. @RoseannStudio Hunter! @RoseannStudio When we first got Hunter is was TOTALLY the speckled ear on Fielder that did it. @tracy_reads79 Oh, oh, do they say that audiobooks don't count, too? That'd be a BINGO.And, particularly if you're white, you need to take note of the resentment you're expressing about success NOW, whe… who wants you to shrink yourself to make them feel better about their insecurities isn't your friend. This… @BellaRizinti @Ley_KJ !!! Pavarotti was such a huge deal in my house--my mother is a fan--I'm a major buzzkill whe… love it when the trash just up and hauls itself to the curb.I've graduated to "batshit TERFs have preemptively blocked me" status. Fuck yeah! @LouisatheLast @graceelavery I, too, am blocked! @SanguMandanna Ooooooh!!!Yayyyy the news is out! 🚀
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @BellaRizinti They're a joy. 😃 @countmystars <-- smol potat --> big potat the easiest endeavor. @bernaert1776 It's hard. Even I take a second. @LeeFlower Tomorrow I make that front right foam thingie a twisting vine trunk thing. :D @bernaert1776 That's Hunter. Fielder's in sleeping with his dad. @mslola1904 Earsssszsz.Insulation foam applied. sits even when he doesn't fits. surprised. I go back to this play-film a lot, but there's that whole scene in Steel Magnolias when M'Lynn talk… @officergleason Watching it now!If you haven't, Matt will show up in his wrestling guise, MASTER CRUNCHLEG, and put you in a figure four leg lock. @countmystars @MichaelsStores I don't like making the calls, but I get one life. Dottie and her potato chips are n…, fam and @MichaelsStores your manager of this location called me, excellent dude, seemed interested in fixing t… @EmeryLeeWho Happy birthday fur kid! @thelawyerwrites It was so delightful. 😃 @AnnBortnyik Thank you!"Here you will be a small, violent godling, child. Look upon your minions and despair." No kid that looks like thi… on the bubblegum machine shaped aquarium my parents bought me as a kid and how many hapless fish met the… bought the zombie rock. - NarratorBETTY WHITE IS FINE. I stg you people making her trend are gonna kill me. I only want to see "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETT… @danacmrn "It was so ugly I had to have it." - me @courtneymilan You are a woman of fine taste. They are SO cute. @paulGtremblay Are you shitting me? Ugh. I'm sorry.Do I buy the zombie rock and call it a zombie rock, creepy boos? @courtneymilan ... greatest shoes? MAYBE. rest of us are hunching over the keyboard like vultures waiting for the drum bit, knowing. KNOWING. @crewgrrl That's where I'm looking at, yes, I just need about a day of free time and a lot more patience."What crawled into my mouth and died last night," the new exciting, full contact gameshow coming to a channel near you!And, let's be real, you're presenting being fat as a matter of just not having enough drive to be thin with this ar…
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanMy kingdom to never, ever, in a million years have to see the "fat girl gets back at those bitch bullies by losing…
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanPoticorgi #dosedechoupitude
Retweeted by Hillary MonahanIncidentally I've got interstitial cystitis and a nerve disorder. The flares are bad enough to drop me to the floor. She's in agony.This on the heels of the AITA with the guy who mantrummed when his wife got her cervical cancer diagnosis because s… @gamermom742 Oh no. Best wishes to him. I'm sorry. @C_L_McCollum @HillaryMonahan When you have allergies...
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @40wattbulb ... this is oddly flattering.kinda bored. might go look at the dinosaurs
Retweeted by Hillary Monahan @countmystars Thanks! It's a multistep pain in the ass.And, let's be real, you're presenting being fat as a matter of just not having enough drive to be thin with this ar… kingdom to never, ever, in a million years have to see the "fat girl gets back at those bitch bullies by losing…