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Maria✨ @himaria68 Los Angeles C.A

LIVE LIFE SMILING✨ Prince Royce❤️ AdoomyGang🤟🏻• 🇭🇳•

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@TheXtapes Alright then @PrinceRoyce You’re something elseRoyce doesn’t see us like little girls anymore😂 @PrinceRoyce BET @PrinceRoyce Dead😂😂😂 @PrinceRoyce @tiktok_us LMAOOOO NO IM DEAD😂Im posting my ddd on @tiktok_us so you can take it down for a good reason
Retweeted by Maria✨He’s such a kid😂Bruh my mom gets mad when i see Royce alot but she also gets mad when i see another artist that is not Royce🤷🏻‍♀️ @PrinceRoyce @tiktok_us TikTok needs to get it togetherWow @tiktok_us
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@ivyanax201 $mariaher98Today I will be blessing the first 500 people to like retweet and comment on this with $750 through zelle , cashapp…
Retweeted by Maria✨ @PrinceRoyce LA and NJ!!!!Faltan 9 días para que empiece #AlterEgoTour! En que ciudad nos vamos a ver??!
Retweeted by Maria✨ @PrinceRoyce Your eyes are so beautiful omg😍😍i’m high key scared of royce dragging me on twitter lol
Retweeted by Maria✨ @PrinceRoyce @relenasfries Wow😂 @DosesofKim Its so weird i know some people can see both color!!Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
@PrinceRoyce @lidia_royce11 He loves youI had a dream Royce took me on stage for the LA show and it felt so real now im sad asf🥺Me in the financial aid office vs. me once that refund check hit
Retweeted by Maria✨Just realized Royce been following me for over 6 years😳😭🥺💖 @lidia_royce11 When he followed me back in 2013🥺❤️ awkward moment when im the godmother of my uncles baby and idk if i should call him tio or compadre😊esa carita, esos tattoos...
Retweeted by Maria✨Where did this rain came fromMy mother is really the nicest person on this earth🥺💖
@AidelisPerez Idk how y’all can see pink! @_loveRoyce Idk how people is seeing pink! @Kiahnaa_ Ok sameee!!!! @AidelisPerez Girlll noooI’d rather have my kids do this and bust their ass than for them to be stuck on a tablet all day 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Maria✨My heart stopped and even though i know its fake i cant stop crying!Who ever hacked my cousin Facebook and called me saying my cousin got killed FUCK YOU BITCH!My family is having a argument over this! What color do y’all see? I see Gray and turquoise. tv offManuel is so fineI was waiting for this!!!!!!!UGH I LOVE J BALVIN AND BAD BUNNY😭YASSSCNCO @PrinceRoyce IM SO PROUD OF YOU🥺❤️ @jvasminee HES SO FINE!Can I marry Rauw Alejandro???🥺 @jvasminee Rauw Alejandro girl😍 AMORRRRRAUW ALEJANDRO @jacquelinedlara Im glad I wasn’t the only one😂Wtf is going on 😐 #PremioLoNuestro
Retweeted by Maria✨"Sigue rompiendo hermanito", @daddy_yankee le entrega a @JBALVIN el premio como ícono mundial. 👏🏻 #PremioLoNuestro
Retweeted by Maria✨THE BEST!!!! aprenda Anuel que la humildad llega largo!!!!J Balvin is just fucking AMAZING!!!!!My heart🥺❤️I need to see Jbalvin live AGAIN!!!!!! @vee_p10 BeforeAWWW JBALVIN🥺❤️🥺🥺🥺DADDY YANKEE IS JUST AMAZING😭❤️YOU KILLED IT OMGGGG😭😭😭❤️ @PrinceRoyce !!!!! #PrinceRoycePLNKILL IT BABY OMGGGG #PrinceRoycePLNYASSSS ROYCE!!! #PrinceRoycePLNIM SO DEAD😭😍😍😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLNI LOVE PITBULL FOR THAT!!! #PrinceRoycePLNONGGGGG !!!!! #PrinceRoycePLNROYCE IS NEXT!!!!! #PrinceRoycePLNOk but the fact Royce actually knows I exist 😭
Retweeted by Maria✨LORD😋🤤 #PrinceRoycePLN man 🤤 #PrinceRoycePLN
Retweeted by Maria✨😍😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLN is meee😂 #PrinceRoycePLN @PrinceRoyce You look so good😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLN#PrinceRoycePLN
Retweeted by Maria✨#PrinceRoycePLN BALVIN!! #PrinceRoycePLNDaddy yankee is just so fineeeee #PrinceRoycePLNDADDY YANKEE!!! #PrinceRoycePLN#PrinceRoycePLN 🤪Keep tweeting #PrinceRoycePLNWE TRENDING ALREADY!!!!! @PrinceRoyce #PrinceRoycePLN #PrinceRoycePLN @PrinceRoyce @premiolonuestro Slayy😍😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLNWasssppp bbbhhh @premiolonuestro #PrinceRoycePLN
Retweeted by Maria✨#PrinceRoycePLN ! @PrinceRoyce You look so good😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLN😘 #PrinceRoycePLN
Retweeted by Maria✨The smile at the end😩😍 #PrinceRoycePLNWhat a papi😍 #PrinceRoycePLNHE LOOKS SO GOOD #PrinceRoycePLNMY BABYYYY😍😍😍 #PrinceRoycePLNIs Royce nominated?? #PrinceRoycePLN#PrinceRoycePLN ❤️#PrinceRoycePLN !!!!🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥 #PrinceRoycePLN
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Fuckkkkkkk he looks so good 🥴 #PrinceRoycePLN
Retweeted by Maria✨ @ayyeee_issel Tenia que ser issel😂😩