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@JamesMoir10 Jools et Jim? @loganbraswell @rallen78 @quantick Ooh, inadvertent horseshoe. Owen is far left. @nycsouthpaw @pashulman They didn't, they messed it up and FDR had to fix it.Today was the day Donald trump finally became president
Retweeted by Chris Hind @IanDunt @Ugarles @ggooooddddoogg oops, mail merge failure @PJVogt @PrivateEyeNews countdown to name search... @DAaronovitch 2024 pre-primary positioning starts tomorrow @Pierceck2 @ExStrategist @JuliaHB1 @NeilDotObrien As opposed to Julia's lying about Covid for which she is compensated? @ichbinilya @EliotHiggins You'd think he wouldn't want the competition. @twlldun I'm sorry, would you prefer the coverage of this issue from the Times of London @twlldun @paulwaugh Fundamentally she thinks moral failures are good. @SherylNYT Have you entirely lost your mind?
@jackbern23 Trump just pardoned the yellow M&MThe UK should not sign trade deals with countries committing genocide.
Retweeted by Chris Hind @JohnOSavage17 @sunflowerklo @bradheath @Tobias_Ellwood slightly wrong party for that sort of thing @bradheath big if true @evanrosskatz @danbarker On the other hand, imagine the opening sequence of a dystopian movie with a voiceover sayi… to see Sergeant Colon stopping it from being stolen there. @aedwardslevy "Not keen on this room, it's a very odd shape, hard to carpet." @MatthewdAncona @xtophercook Nothing works so well with stubborn Staines @mocent0 @7th_ET @jdcmedlock thank God @hansmollman @theogzetsubo @ConnorSouthard @SaddestRobots This isn't US jelly, which we call jam. This is the wobbly stuff you s… @theogzetsubo @ConnorSouthard @SaddestRobots Difficulty moving products of animal origin over the new borders from the EU and GB into NI. @OhGodWhatNowPod I would think this sight is extremely pleasing, to fish. @rcolvile @jdportes Are we being given the option to choose? Or is the choice actually between keeping the UC uplift or not? @DavidMuttering @GavinCurnow The pardon power has been interpreted extremely broadly when tested by the courts @Ugarles "Wow so cool! And did you (2) knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the orderly conduct of Gover…
@markthomasinfo Go Faster ... Tripe? @xtophercook they can't be marched up the hill of being called the 109 group only to have twitter march them down to 107 @AdamWagner1 If you deliver leaflets- by hand or via paid services- you risk your political opponents denouncing yo… @aa_miller @fitted_shirt @riffraffhands Jaws 4? @JimmySecUK @AliCatterall the colander guy is prime minister @BestForBritain @thomasforth ooh I can see my office, for the first time in 10 months @steamedhamms @grand_alison @Neo_EimajOzear @NeilDotObrien @Dannythefink No, flu and Covid are caused by different viruses. If yo… @Essex_Echo That's quite some Covid test. Nasal application? @lauraapollo @brexit_sham @ColdChainShane They don't want to do anything with it. They're the dog that caught the car. We all have to do what… @Bevysanchez @NptexasNancy @adamTHX1138 @mxttsco @realCEOofANTIFA @daniel_wwf The beef flavour is made from milk; s…
@michaelglasper @Samfr @rcolvile Aren't they all in green bodysuits? @AndrejNkv @worgztheowl Ooh, and he's got a 'big igloo' on his chest patch @HeerJeet Surprisingly they didn't start it with a mattress commercial. @AndrejNkv @worgztheowl And message boards started blocking 'boogaloo' so they started saying 'big luau' which is w… @v_j_freeman The parties did not cooperate in GE 2019. @katebevan that's fine, it's bidirectional 😉 @Jim_M_Hunter @EmporersNewC ooh you'll have fun when you find out @katebevan I've sorted out the contents of the junk technology box. Just hope that tomorrow I don't urgently need 1… @AdolphusSpriggs @Cadmarch Cranks are already appearing? @Sotherans That's quite an improvement! @carobini None. It is none absolutely emasculating. @AggresiveLama @ExStrategist @yanisvaroufakis the Conservatives got similar shares of the vote as they did during Thatcher's landslides @alexhern @jamesrbuk Sure, if no-one trusts that the pact would be kept then it won't happen. This is the argument… @ShowerAbsolute @BestForBritain @Neal_Compass @CompassOffice All of these scenarios come out as a complete sweep in… @alexhern @jamesrbuk Zero extra in that Parliament, but more in future under the PR system that would be the price of the alliance. @patricksturg getting the dispute arbitration triggered over state aid for fishing would be Brexit full house"Is Trump A Fascist" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate, @inthesedeserts @Milo_Edwards yes, hounding a man recovering from a serious heart attack, hilarious @Britestoan @TheMrTJohnson @Londonjenny63 how was Mao on basic rights, like ensuring people were fed? @inthesedeserts @Milo_Edwards so the two things you have against him are 1) he doesn't object to the mishandling o… @MarkAPD43 @DPJHodges @LeftInRuination when loads of people started turning up at hospitals with a new disease they… @inthesedeserts @Milo_Edwards you've never actually read anything he's written, have you
@kathbarbadoro @darcydarj @adamdavidson It started here - listen to it! @GazWeetman @vocjam @skinkparty @JamesHarrisNow @michaeljflexer Absolutely strange way to read that article. Makes you come across as a monomaniacal crank.I see your sea shanties and raise you Ukrainian folk.
Retweeted by Chris Hind @RepMattGaetz @robfordmancs You had to all be sat in the same room, and you could cheat by listening to the other people to hear… @MikeMcKTFC @robfordmancs Sat nav is still magic. The only consumer technology that needs to account for both speci… @robfordmancs The first Doom, where you could just walk round a room in a computer game. @SopanDeb @jackmjenkins "I am Gandalf, Gandalf the White, but Black is mightier still." @FalanxZ @domdyer70 @JonPegasus @AydinDikerdem none of that mentions mental healthWASHINGTON (AP) — Far-right media personality Tim Gionet, who calls himself "Baked Alaska," has been arrested by th…
Retweeted by Chris Hind @jenn_ruth @annanorthtweets but have you considered being mean to trans people, for jesse? @AntonSpisak He does. He just lies about it. @colinelves @AllieRenison @AnthonyMangnal1 Personal responsibility has always been for the little people; the 1980s had Cecil Parkinson @labour_history @mattforde After the terrible 99/00 flu season where the NHS pretty much collapsed @Simon_Vessey @iammightor @sturdyAlex @Tom_Gann Callimg for him to have another heart attack seems like the way to do that. @iammightor @sturdyAlex @Tom_Gann And how noticeable it is that there is no torrent of abuse from Corbynites online… @stepheniscowboy "How did I get all this sugar and tea and rum? Like my grandad taught me: when the tounging is don… @theJeremyVine They are anti-lockdowners; ie the worst sort of arse. @ClarkeMicah @DPJHodges and you're losing to the squirrel @twlldun @Cadmarch @beta_noire I just think that in this time of national crisis it's important to listen to the gu… @mocent0 @vocjam Two absolute legends there, and the guy playing guitar is good too. @tylerblack32 @SimsYStuart @crabb_vicki @PaulVCooper1 @gorskon @1EEX303 @JaiKanta22 Five and a half fully loaded ju… @DustbinDaz @mocent0 *They* are vectors of disease.What's that, podcast fairy? 45 mins of @DanKaszeta on @HistoryHit you say?
@DrRJKavanagh @KeeangaYamahtta He will be indicted on felony charges; the FBI are currently working those up. These… @SwiftOnSecurity @OnLondon @JonnElledge Mmmm, the My Old Dutch pancake house. @KenDavies116 @twlldun @NickCohen4 Never heard of him.