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@SlackOnBothSydz 2 mics, and of it wasn't for tray deee 1 mic. @ASAPIntern Great album! @hiphopstrawhat Thanks for this thread. I love this album too! @Dai_ButchTweets Push Krit Cole Freddie @beezy430 Horrible time of year.Best double disc in hip hop. And yes im aware of all the others. Most shouldve been a single disc and kept it movin… @YeezyTaughtMe72 Best double disc in hip hop. And yes im aware of all the others. Most shouldve been a single disc and kept it moving. @EastonMajor @Homegrown_L Pun is one of my favorites but i wish i never saw the dvd where he m is pistol whipping his wife... @djvlad *years @djvlad No diss to any of these People but im not watching that. You know You're slipping when you're interviewing… @ibauhk Turkse designer, 2 jongens van Italiaanse afkomst, de fotografe haar achtergrond weet ik niet zeker... zit…
@CLIENTELLE123 No @djvlad Vlad been slipping lately, i dont care about any of these guests. He usually has 1 or 2 dope guests in rotation at all times. @CLIENTELLE123 Phonte Sean Price = Styles P Prodigy @MPolgier Not his best project, still a lot of quality tracks. @TylerSeesGhosts @maxxhiphop Sopranos is 2nd to no one sir. @CLIENTELLE123 Top 2 easy! @TylerSeesGhosts @maxxhiphop Cant touch Sopranos, Mad men is better too.
@CrookedIntriago Crook is spitting his ass off all over this project. Salute fam. @KeithKO56 You really dont rock with hov huh? 🤣🤣 @lukejamesbgn Im the only person in the world that likes nature of the beast... 🤔One of the best debut albums I've heard in years. It's time.... How many mics are you giving this?
Retweeted by hiphopinions @Daytona260 Jay Royale - The Baltimore housing project dropped this year. Got that 95 - 96 mobb/wu feel. Very dope. @dtewill @o__mighty Fuck this trannie @KhotsoNkhathoj1 @CLIENTELLE123 Deal with it.Oh and definitely Big Krit! @CLIENTELLE123 PushHi everyone I'm new to HHT and I want to follow more people!! so please retweet this if you listen to any of these…
Retweeted by hiphopinions @CLIENTELLE123 Not a big fan of any of these 4 but 50 and em are so overrated!!KXNG CROOKED dropped a new project! Ty Farris Choosey Stove God cooks Masta ace Phonte Shabazz the disciple
@luke_b_91 TpabYoung Goat shit!
@CLIENTELLE123 No Cypress hill? @rapisfunn @BoredomOG Best track since he went cookoo
@CLIENTELLE123 Jup, Nas too.
@juvecanal2 Stile JuveI know Big KRIT has a nice career and loyal fan base and everything happens for a reason but my cousin is bumping h…
Retweeted by hiphopinions @Hiphop__convo Might be song of the year for me
@IshaThorpe @1DJFirstClass Salute, Luda is a legend!Good Friday did not dissapoint!! 2 amazing projects!! @footballitalia Rocco is being way too emotional about this... @NifMuhammad I hate you tall ass muthaf******
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Retweeted by hiphopinions @hopetalkrap 2 artists cried in the stu while making a record with me in the last couple years. Nipsey Hussle when he recor…
Retweeted by hiphopinionsMan.. This Guy @phontigallo RAPS HIS ASS OFF.
Retweeted by hiphopinions @hopetalkrap Top 3 is Hov, Kendrick, Nas 4 - 10 in no order Black thought, Pusha T, Phonte, Masta ace, Big pun, Big L, Elzhi @hopetalkrap In my top 10The “Burden Of Proof” falls on the prosecution to prove the defendant’s guilt beyond a “reasonable doubt”.. I lik…
Retweeted by hiphopinions @Homegrown_L Very trueMasta Ace is a lot more influential than he gets credit for if we being real
Retweeted by hiphopinionsU don’t know is the best hov song
Retweeted by hiphopinions @Daytona260 Agreed @CLIENTELLE123 3 out of?
@choice_rap @S_C_ Still dope. Oceans is a top 10 - 15 hov trackBlack thought. Benny right after though... @LyricMiracTakes Same here, can't wait! @LyricMiracTakes Yes, Benny too.Tomorrow (Friday) will either be the best day of the year for hip hop or the biggest dissapointment. Not a lot of wiggleroom.Used to think Nas was better than Hov for the longest. Not anymore.
Retweeted by hiphopinionsIf Kendrick’s next album is better than To Pimp A Butterfly he’ll be the best rapper of all time... you heard what I said
Retweeted by hiphopinionsElzhi got one of the best top 4 projects oat 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by hiphopinions
@icecube Would the same have happened in a non-election year though? C'mon son.
Retweeted by hiphopinions @BonettiESPN @azzurri Donnarumma Florenzi, Bonucci, Chiellini, Spinazzola Barella, Verratti, Sensi Zaniolo, Immobile, Insigne
@HipHop4Everyone So ill! @HipHop4Everyone Beware is a top 10 track of all time! Love this album!
@1Traiin @Ghostwriter2014 Undun, such a masterpiece! @ASAPIntern Kendrick Pusha Dre @juvecanal2 Still stings i see 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@MF_Push Correct @ASAPIntern 95 for me, liquid swords/cuban linx/the infamous/Temples of boom/safe+sound... @maestroo___ Best double album in hip hop to me. @maestroo___ Masterpiece! @zerocent_ Masterpiece! @IFTVofficial Antonio is balling out of control!I need a new Bill Burr special and I need it NOW
Retweeted by hiphopinions @SiavoushF They won the league in 03 - 04 @SiavoushF Trebles are overrated. They won 2 cl's among other things 🔥 @orochisap What happened? Burr is that dude!Greatest rapper of this generation and it’s not close
Retweeted by hiphopinions
@Cheamane This is Common knowledge though, no?Reason dropped a dope project! @NotKevitooo @o__mighty I have yet to see somebody freestyle a 'to pimp a butterfly' or 'reasonable doubt'. If an m… @MrChuckD @rockhall Brutal respons lmao!! @EastonMajor M.o.p. - warriorz 🔥 @goal 🇮🇹“What We Do” feat. Jay-Z, & Beanie Sigel (2002).
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@BrownsvilleKa Just ordered DOC cd & HKTS! Glad to add them to my collection!! @stopbydilla Yeah those leaks werent coincidental. That track where he raps like mlk and mj was clear album materia… know its crazy out here...but if you have an artist you rock them. That good karma always comes ba…
Retweeted by hiphopinions @DagogetaTv Joell is one of my favourites! So underrated. @HipHopGoldenAge Be or minstrel show @Corgansfakehand @KallAgain @SlackOnBothSydz He's dropping this year and it will be epic 😉 @HipHopGoldenAge 2001 Bobs Prince Paul @Corgansfakehand @KallAgain @SlackOnBothSydz Damn was closer to 3 years. Black panther was 2 years. If he keeps the… same People are shitting on Kendrick for not dropping every 6 months! @KallAgain @SlackOnBothSydz These same People are shitting on Kendrick for not dropping every 6 months!
@checktherhyme1 @BennyBsf @Hit_Boy @LilTunechi @GriseldaRecords Big Sean as a surprise guest, biggest anti climax ever 🤣🤣