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programming & curation masters @ the nfts 🐞 feminist/queer/cult film ✏️ northern zinester 🧡 (she/her) 🌈 receptionist/pee wee herman expert 🤠 @cinewirefilm

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hear me out: lets all go back to bed
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨when men get excited over some auteur it drives me mad but when women get excited about greta gerwigs little women I am like, sameViva Varda! Inspired by Agnès Varda's film Uncle Yanco, we're celebrating the great director's work and new film Va…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @flatdietcoke I had one in 2011 but it was so bad it made my hair matted igfhfigdholooking for the jobs board where i can apply for the position of Robyn's Mic Stand
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨WIN! To celebrate the release of We The Animals, we are giving away TWO gorgeous T-shirts! Follow the Showroom, lik…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @showroomcinema ROAR :-)when you go for a 20 minute nap and wake up 7 hours later
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Taylor Swift Inspires Teen To Come Out As Straight Woman Needing To Be At Center Of Gay Rights Narrative…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨compared to her u are Nothing.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Which is probably why we all clashed horriblyA fun and freaky fact is that 3 out of the 4 ppl I have ever kissed have their birthdays within about a week of me @hiya_steve Before my time 👶 i think I just forgot what the inside of a Mars is like @hiya_steve What are they now ??????? Isn’t that what they are now ... that’s how I remember themBeing a “gay icon” isn’t something you can just decide for urself sorry it’s an organic processbisexual means liking people of other genders and being hurt by men
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨she hired every half relevant member of queer hollywood but decided not to ask any of them to reliably inform her w…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @hispersonfriday sO ExCiTEd! i can't wait to hear I Eat 🥗Salads🥗 Now and Not but for You,🐰Bunny🐰 and 🐀Rat🐀 of the City🎸🎸
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @ggeordiebore she watches Safiya Nygaard, she's a down to earth legend
hold on how is gay people the theme of that Taylor Swift video how is gay people a theme
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨you can tell how sad someone was at school by how much they attached themselves onto their English teachers for a sense of stability
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Me: has a thought & opens a tab in my browser Me, one nano second later: 𝒲𝒽𝑒𝓃 𝓌𝒾𝓁𝓁 𝓂𝓎 𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓊𝑔𝒽𝓉𝓈 𝓇𝑒𝓉𝓊𝓇𝓃 𝒻𝓇𝑜𝓂 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝓌𝒶𝓇? 🤷‍♀️
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Me last night setting up a fancy bath and watching Eternal Sunshine on my computer @hispersonfriday oh thank god
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @hiya_steve What I also like about this photo is how it doesn’t look like me at all fnfjdjsksj @hiya_steve I like the square format, this should be ur next album artwork @ingridboring @birdbathband I paid y'all £2 don't spend it all at onceSome of our old music from 2017 is now available to download
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨I think abt this a lot
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨would attach classic pic of me proudly wearing my bird bath shirt at liz n steves house but I cant find it pls help @hiya_steve @ingridboring sad ! I just saw it on ur profile looking for the bird bath download link lololhi everyone bird bath are my favourite band pls download (birthday: october 1 2003)
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Today I get to hang out with @sonicteeth and see Sidney Gish !!! A good dayBut the girl wasn’t ME ... it was happening in a film I was watching!!!!!! I think my brain is just plucking random…’ve been having these weirdly detailed but kinda non sensical dreams lately... last night I dreamed of a film wher… WE'LL FIND IT THE RAINBOW CONNECTION THE LOVERS, THE DREAMERS AND ME LA DA DA DI DA DA DUM DA DUH DA DA D…
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I would like to make a children’s film / tv series of the Sophie books by Dick King Smith cast of The Muppet Show season one. (Dave Goelz, John Lovelady, Eren Ozker, Jim Henson, Jerry Nelson, Frank Oz,…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Pam and Jim's daughter, Cece, being christened in an Arcade Fire t-shirt. #TheOfficeUS
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨I would like someone to look at me like Jim looks at Pamis it too late to eat gnocchi? idcI just watched eternal sunshine in the bath beginning to end and now I'm cold sad and wrinkly59 years ago today, Billy Wilder's classic romantic comedy THE APARTMENT premiered in New York City, starring Jack…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @ingridboring u know I'll be there <3 <3 <3 @heatherwealthy its just cock destroyersthis is how my dad has decorated my room whilst I have been away .....! dad has, of his own accord, put up a poster in my room at home that says "the first pride was a riot" what did I…'ve made a million men r trash jokes in my life but it's something that has been crossing my mind a lot recently i… someone put this into words cos I've been struggling myself!!!!so if ur a cis or trans man I support u to be the best version of yourself and support ppl who wanna date u :^)and also I do believe we should hold cis men to a higher standard than these sorts of jokes, I don't believe anyone… have been thinking about this recently n whilst I GET the joke and it often IS funny and its fine, I actually do… also like the dad relationships is Whip It, Lady Bird and Eighth Grade, I'm a sucker for a Nice Cinematic Dadmy dad made me a mix CD when I was a teen with the audio from this scene on it so it has extra special meaning to m… about this movie was sooo important to teen me nd tbh it still it ! but the representation of the suppor… am a child of 2007 and this will always be one of my favourite cinematic dad moments you believe that capitalism still exists after The Lorax (2012). Sad.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨All in a good days doodling have a mysteriously painful foot but ONLY in a specific pair of shoes but there’s nothing wrong with the shoes! A… grateful to have a dad like mine ! FROG... PLONK! these amazing vintage amateur photography magazines at Deptford market for 50p each yesterday and I’m obsess…, "the book is better" is and has always been snobbish and elitist. We still view movies and television as less…
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I have been rewatching the office for the last couple of months and honestly this intro just nearly made me cry cos… to finish an application but im so tired I feel like I would abandon a potential opportunity for this sleepNever pass up an opportunity to wear a fancy outfit, even if you’re the only one who appreciates it.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨this is the only good thing ru has ever tweeted'Frances Ha' (2012, Noah Baumbach)
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @bethanyrutter All I remember about mine is it being a pain in the arse to extend and all the slats ended up fallin…🎵”Stoke-on-Trent”🎵
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @LunaCarmoon sameeeeeemy actual moves every time the office theme song comes on’s Melodrama turns 2 years old today! It is the most critically acclaimed female album of 2017 and it is consi…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Kind of obsessed with this shop Nd the decorative pool noodles. Tells u what kind of area I am living in lol has spoiled meTrying to decide whether to save money or walk for another half hour ...... @notweneisor Hope u get back soon ❤️❤️❤️ @notweneisor Just joining in with “grow up London” tbh @notweneisor And spice girls at Wembley tonight I think .... @usedtohaunt Something tweeted n deleted by Sarah Ditum, I saw a screenshot! XScreaming at the idea that bisexuality “erases women”, when that statement in fact erases bisexual women lol xIt’s bad enough when I stumble into some kind of TERF thread but even worse when one of the participants is one of… Every tipsy middle aged woman on the tube today: to get out of London before I’m caught in some kind of spice girls fan stampedeThe Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨There's a subplot in Booksmart where a female teacher sleeps with a male student, played for laughs. For me, it's t…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Our friends’ greyhound Tiffany won the dog fashion show, the theme this year was ‘party’
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Need a citymapper update that stops me going to places that I know make me think about MemoriesOr was he just having a nap? Either way I respect itJust been to Deptford Cinema for the first time and I have to respect the lad who lay down on the sofas at the front to watch @ggeordiebore Omg I forgot Xanga. That’s where I got the good msn iconsHabbo Hotel, Piczo, Bebo (around 2008), MSN one film critic I trust
how do I find my drafts on the twitter web app pls helpi’m bisexual so i like dogs and cats
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @hiya_steve love ur reviews always