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programming & curation masters @ the nfts 🐞 feminist/queer/cult film ✏️ northern zinester 🧡 (she/her) 🌈 receptionist/pee wee herman expert 🤠 @cinewirefilm

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I need to stop watching absolute trash on YouTube because my entire class has just seen this during my presentation
Me trying to get Nintendo to release Animal Crossing for the switch at an earlier date
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @caseygwilliam Ugh the artistry caseyyes i did just spend 2 hours making a supercut of female movie villains to billie eilish’s bad guy
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @hiya_steve That sounds ... unpleasant! Hope ur ok !! XLive footage of Mary Portas walking into a cluttered shop
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨lady bird: please mom just talk to me i know im so bad just please talk to me marion mcpherson:
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@hiya_steve Wow ME
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my parents: 7 year old me in the backseat pretending to be in a music video:
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me when my phone dies
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"Be it a mystery virus, global warming, or some enigmatic invader, films where we’re forced to confront our demise…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨🌟 NEW BLOG: We spoke to Megan Mitchell (programmer & producer @MatchboxCine) about new women programmers currently…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Ft @BittersweetTree (@ShesEnScene), @sarahlnisbet (@ReelGirlFilm / @DietSodaCine) and @hispersonfriday (…
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@LaurenVelvick I knew it, thank you! It was cool but I remember some guy heckling the whole time which was obviously annoying.Actually I don’t think it was Fred Aldous I think it was a shop on the other side of that same square in the Northe… I’ve come back to twitter to ask if ANYONE remembers Daniel Johnston doing a small set in a shop in Mancheste…
(Hello and goodbye I’m logging off)Keep liking my tweets and I might buy you this
I’m still not on twitter just wanted to tweet that lone thought. Bye!Give me 90 minute films or give me death
@meganwmglesga Hahahahaha <3 keep up the good work for the kids!!!!Hello, I am here to share with you my preview of @MatchboxCine's Weird Weekend cult film festival. It looks excelle…
Hello !! I’m going to take a twitter break for a while. Or at least, delete the app off my phone. Wish me luck lol… FLAMBOYANT TOUR IS GONNA BE INSANE
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@flatdietcoke What do the bis owe uyou can now buy tickets to my grad project ! pls come and help me look successful ! link is here 🤩
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Never have I had less of a desire to see something in my entire life.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨00:30 BILLY LIAR (1963) comedy #TomCourtenay #JulieChristie #WilfredPickles A lazy, irresponsible young clerk in pr…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨keep liking my tweets and we're gonna end up like this
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨keep liking my tweets and we'll end up like this
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Can someone smarter than me write an article about how a lot of the “””original content””” coming out on streaming… @kissakerho It’s like, art, man!PURE FACTS: MY ALBUM IS AMAZING AND FEATURES ICONS ONLY!!!!! PRE ORDER THE VINYL NOW AND PREPARE FOR A LIFE CHANGIN…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Can people who do shit like this ... stop? is vegetarian curation student erasure would like Arriva Buses to reimburse me for the ice cream that’s melted in my bag whilst I’ve been waiting to go home plsThink it might just be easier to delete and restart altogether!!!! If you’ve been deleted that doesn’t mean I don’t… pals. I’m undergoing a bit of a social media crisis and have started on a cull of Facebook friends, which tur…
that Emasculate boom @DORIANELECTRA
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨no offense to the joker, but this guy is easily the most twisted ills in in film history
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨In honor of GOOD BOYS, here's the one and only @JacobTremblay on BILLY ON THE STREET!!!! #tbt
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I’m thinking abt quitting social media at least as an experiment lol idkJust found out about Essie Lalondes dog dying.... wow life is too sad for me today lolShe’s been through some phases I was being generous w the pics, these are the actual first and last pics: @blytheface Weird only meant in a complimentary way!!Will I ever choose a preferred gender presentation style ???🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m fine just being a babySo I’m just like thinking abt all the different possibilities and options of things to deal w/ certain life situati…’s weird tho... like as a kid it was always like FoLlOw Ur HeArT but as an adult (especially as a woman I feel??)… @dansette HahahahahaHow do you make decisions in life ? Not to be deep but it’s rly seems to be an impossible task. I would like to hir… Tastes Delicious Apart From Faint Trace of Alcohol:
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Such a great weird / wonderful film !!! life like was the champagne of the high school canteen drinks fridge. Or a bottle of Tropicana lolI got £10 a week / £2 a day for lunch in HS but I would live a life of luxury for the first couple of days having l… talking abt their high school lunches that clearly to posh af schools lmaoI did two cos joint honours 🤪 philosophy was abt “truth” in fiction with relation to fan theories and headcanon + t… appear to have stumbled across a forbidden romance in the archive store.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Reminder! We’re archiving ephemera from zines fairs across the country to preserve our shared and growing history,…
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Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Time is passing without solutions for climate change and capitalism continues to destroy land and people.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @Samanthargh Thank u so much for bringing that joy to my life
why do I always look my most attractive in the reflection of train windows at night
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨the world: [at the edge of apocalypse] me: [oblivious, headphones on]
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Where can a gal watch this online @DORIANELECTRA @GFOTY @segabodega Shame it’s dairy free because the halloumi fries r everything @AdamBennettLea1 @IsobelJournal Ever since I saw this episode I have wanted Joey to take me on a date ... @AdamBennettLea1 @IsobelJournal My MINDAlso Happy 4 year Anniversary EMOTION. I remember how much I ached over the details of you. So glad for what you ta…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @GFOTY @DORIANELECTRA @segabodega Don’t forget ur table number ! (Sorry I’m too poor after sending stuff the other day)Today has been such a wild surreal day in my life and this is the cherry on topWhat a blessed timelineJoey Essex really retweeted my stupid tweet fbfjdndjdjdm feeling anxious My 2 brain cells: maybe putting urself in an even more anxiety inducing situation will cancel i… would really like this soft boy to take me on a picnic to the dump. Sam F could never understandLOOK IVE BEEN SAYINGGGGGG THIS ABOUT JOEY ESSEX FOR YEARS !!! My anti-masc boy I love u arriving home from work vs me literal seconds sitting down after arriving home from work
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨looooooooooooooooool the absolute state of this.
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Losing my mcfreaking mind ☺️
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨all i think about anymore is animals as produce vendors
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨ @FEMlNlNlTY They’re babiesThe new cohort for #shortFLIX, Creative England's short film initiative for aspiring new filmmakers aged 18-25 not…
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨Omg love this new Charli XCX song @heatherwealthy @caseyng97 What I’m saying is we destroy capitalism for the sake of our mental health @heatherwealthy @caseyng97 I loved going to bed early when I had a job that required me to stay out til at least 11pm 🤪🤪🤪
Imagine being a respectable arts writer and sharing this djjdjdkdksksksksk
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Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨My mind imagining what other people think of me: @SuperYakiStuff She should have got her Oscar for that song n performance @SuperYakiStuff birthday Amy Adams, you actual angel!! ✨👑💐
Retweeted by ✨isobel harrop✨im bi and bi stands for boring and insufferable
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