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@Ausurath_ Wrong @ToraYuki9 Both amazingly adorable!!!I got a new game to play. Its called IM A FOX AND NOT A CAT!!! @AriaSnowsong Late good morning @BoTann_Weeb Rest up botann! @MorphiGalaxi Deer!!! @kuromiyakonata Good morning @PriceP0tato Good morning @BunMoeVT Mayo Mayo the greatest villain @SapphySakurasai Boba addiction strong. @ToraYuki9 Good morning senpai @ToraYuki9 Good morning best senpai! @KetouYufou Morning @MasterVRC Yooo @CalliePally Got 5 mins ago so brain isnt working yet but i think it will be good. ThanksGood morning Floofs!!!Stream was amazing and fun! Thanks to @Enatsu_Shiro @ThempireIain @ShadowSylvie For the Raids!!!!So...these Vtuber tier lists look fun to do so I have an idea! Throw your png's at me and I'll tell you your fighti…
Retweeted by Libra Historia EN VTuberCat Mario is at it again! Tonight The Pizza Fox finishes Super Mario 3D World. Live on Twitch now… Mario 3D World stream in 1 hour! @fubuukaze !!! Wowwwee im never giving you free pizza again!!!
@ToraYuki9 YesOmori, world of horror, super mario 3d world, or paranormal hk. What do we play tonight? @ToraYuki9 Same @KatsukiUchu This is going to be good. @felielle That will be awesome @BoTann_Weeb Explosion!!! @BoTann_Weeb NopeIve never been to a theme park. Are they fun? @CXTKRS1 Yay food!!! @HimenaTV @Lycqnn Oreos are so good @PriceP0tato They are in the mail @LunixYuna Thank you so much!My comfort food/snacc is skittles. How about you? @BoTann_Weeb Uhh surprise meHey #vtubers, screw zodiac signs, what ice cream flavour do you pick?
Retweeted by Libra Historia EN VTuber @Lycqnn Mint choco @KingsleyVT Lets go best deer!!! @BoTann_Weeb Mail me some? @Wulff_Blade Thank you! @PriceP0tato That hurts to see... @GeneralZuina WAIT. NO I FORGOT ZUI IS A DEMON GENERAL @GeneralZuina Zui is the best!!! @PadjilV I eat it. @GeneralZuina Yes pwease. I hungwyCan you order a pizza? @Nlbashvtube If SG then brush my amazing tail @KingsleyVT Smack it @KetouYufou Glad it went well!!! @GeneralZuina I have a single brain cell so no @IzumoHaruo Not a giraffe @A1ice_pon I never eat breakfast. Love the food for dinner though. @Kori_KatVT Tacos good food for the soul @Lord_Vein Those are always fun @Nlbashvtube What!!!! @Tamoball Tamo with the knowledgeWhat is your favorite meal of the day? B @AriaSnowsong Late good morning! @BunMoeVT IM SO GLAD WE ARE SIBLINGS! MAYO IS SO COOL AND ADORABLE! @BunMoeVT YOU ARE AN AMAING LITTLE SISTER MAYO! KEEP BEING AWESOME! LOVE YA AND SO PROUD OF YOU @BunMoeVT LOVE YA MAYO. @akuuura I never know the day @ToraYuki9 Glad you get to have so much fun senpai! @BunMoeVT MAYO!!! @naoadoodle Happy to hear thatAt this point is Libra just waifu. Not even pettan waifu? Or is Libra husbando? @Ascule2 Awww thank you @PriceP0tato Sorry for being clumsy @A1ice_pon Thanks Alice @BunMoeVT I forgot to say Libra is supposed to be husbando or pettan @Ausurath_ Fine @europa6502 Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing. @ToraYuki9 Anything for senpai!! @ToraYuki9 It is!!!! @Ausurath_ Ok well if you dont want pizza ill take it back @Ausurath_ Yes @Lord_Vein Lets eat togetherYour pizza is here! Or did you order a cute fox instead? First skeb ever by kinosad_tdr Thanks so much for 550 on… @Tamoball Good morning Tamo! @ToraYuki9 Good morning senpai!!! @izumyou Gib height @KetouYufou Good luck today!!! @dariusenpai2 Happy good morning and have a great day @Drevotion Goof morning!! @EvA3uni Morning gim @Yuunity1 I KNEE THEY WERE CREEPY AND EVIL @InexChicken Morning! @Lord_Vein It goes! Excited to stream again later @Yuki_TheGamer PleaseGood morning Floofs!!! @Meiyunna_ Of course. Gotta watch out for the familyStream is over. That was so much fun even though I was lost most of the time. Thanks to @AnhVelis and @A1ice_pon fo… a long delay, we return to the world of Hollow Knight. I'm prepared to get lost but lets have fun together. hour and we play hollo knight again after.... like a month or two. oopsFLOOFS! Thanks to the best senpai in the world @ToraYuki9 you all now have a form! Behold the Floofs! You are all n…
@Vtuber_Pending Hmmmm ok but because you asked. @Vtuber_Pending Ok i will!!!!! Later after a nap @BunMoeVT Should have let me know sooner lil sis!!! @SapphySakurasai Cause snacc good.Snaccs