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Claim your special 6 week free trial at History Hit TV when you susbcribe with code 'Twitter' 👉 231 of the Treaty of Versailles stated that Germany had to accept the blame for starting World War One - of… Polish military had many cavalry units. They consisted of 11 brigades, typically equipped with anti-tank rifles… heard that his enemies had formed a grand coalition to oppose his return to power in France (1815), Napoleon… code 'Twitter' at checkout and you'll get a special 6 week free trial on History Hit TV 👉 wish your history course was more exciting? Bored hearing the same narrative about 1066? Martyn Whittock is th… Midsummer's Day in 1509 a 17 year old was crowned king of England. He would go on to transform his realm over al… is a year end mash up of Dan Snow's History Hit Podcast from 2019 @Roger_Moorhouse explains why, amid the turbulent events of the last months of the Second World War, the… of the Middle East @James_Barr explains how Anglo-French rivalries shaped the fate of the Ottoman Empire… remains one of the most famous discoveries in the history of archaeology Tim Snyder is an expert in authoritarian regimes and how they develop. He talks to Dan about Russia, the… September 1215, King John found himself at war with his own barons. @Longshanks1307 picks up the story.
Dan got Wayne Bartlett on the podcast to ask him the central questions of the Viking Age. What does Viking even mea…'s a German fighter ace. The aircraft is an icon of British resistance. In 2017 we brought the two of them togeth… out what we've got to offer at History Hit TV - claim a special 6 week free trial when you sign up with code… of land in the ever changing waters of the Channel. Guernsey and its neighbouring islands have a unique dist… was one of the biggest and bloodiest battles to that point in history. The titanic clash that brought a generat… they emerged from their forward position in the Sunken Lane at Zero Hour the 1st Battalion of Lancashire Fusilie… up with code 'Twitter' today and secure an extended 6 week free trial on History Hit TV 👉 did Charles II do while he was in hiding? What happened during the Restoration? When did things start to go… don't want to miss this. Recently @thehistoryguy was lucky enough to get an exclusive podcast with Oscar-winnin… was 2 December 1805 and just outside what is now Brno, 3 mighty armies were about to fight one of the greatest b… and how was the tank designed? How did it evolve over the course of the war? And what attributes were required o… @SimonElliott20 traces the history of Rome's British fleet 1945, as Soviet forces pushed into German High Command ordered a mass seaborne evacuation codenamed Operation Ha… Sunday, 8 September 1940 onward, the death toll from anti-aircraft fire was constant and unrelenting treasures lie in store in the shifting sands of the Valley of the Kings? Dan talks to Chris Naunton to discove… @Longshanks1307 delves into the early years of the life of William the Conqueror
Richard van Emden tells the best single story of World War One that he has found in 35 years of research our library of history documentaries and podcasts with an extended 6 week free trial at History Hit TV. Sub… the summer of 1883 Pierre-Auguste Renoir visited Guernsey and often used to go down to Moulin Huet Bay - his fav… Fitzgerald was a raw recruit when he joined the army as an 18-year-old in 1944. But he was soon allocated to o…'ve got hundreds of hours of history on offer. Take a look with a special 6 week free trial. Subscribe to History… year old (yep you read that right) Dr Bill Frankland recalls his experiences in the East during WW2 - the Fall… immersive documentary of how the Allied landings on D-Day unfolded will get viewers closer to what happened du… meets some of the surviving Dunkirk veterans on the famous Little Ships which helped to rescue them from the be…'re the classic emblem of the Roman Empire. But who were the legionaries, where did they come from, and how wer… origins of Venezuela's economic crisis are to be found deep in its history argues historian Micheal Tarver myriad of different theories placed Arthur in every corner of Britain and Europe across several centuries Loades (@mikeloades) provides Dan a detailed run down of Henry V's famous victory at Agincourt on 25 October 1… were large numbers of American forces kitted out in French helmets during the First World War? Historian…
Dan Visits the First World War Theatre Project, an Arts and Humanities Research Council project, to hear about the… up with code 'Twitter' and get a special 6 week free trial to explore our library of history documentaries and… Roman Palace includes what many believe is the first formal garden ever laid out in the British Isles W… Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo on Sunday 28 June 1914 the Germans gave Austria-Hungary… the Second World War, RAF fighter ace (and later Wing Commander) Tom Neil accomplished the longest flight ev…'ve got hundreds of hours of history on offer. Take a look with an extended 6 week free trial. Subscribe to Histo… c.7.40am 6 June 1944 Robert F Sargent took one of the most famous photographs from D-Day - and the whole of the… the Great War of 1914-18, European powers were desperate to avoid another major conflict. But just 20 years l… military historian Mark Simner tackles the Opium Wars, rarely taught in English schools, but taught ubiquit… might imagine that Bletchley Park was occupied by a small band of codebreakers In fact by 1945 nearly 10,000 peo… @hrcastor explains why, despite her best efforts to maintain balance on religious issues, Elizabeth I cam… has confirmed the legends of Mycenae’s warlord Agamemnon as the ‘High King’ of Greece was based on real… to wrangle with a python. @thehistoryguy talks to comedy legend Michael Palin about his new book, Erebus The S… Nazis exploited and manufactured a series of events to undermine and erode democracy in Germany. @FXMC1957 sets…
Think of it like Netflix. An online, subscription-based channel. But dedicated entirely to proper history. Sign up… Christmas Eve 1950, four Glasgow students broke into Westminster Abbey and stole the Stone of Scone. The authori… was 2 December 1805 and just outside what is now Brno in the Czech Republic, three mighty armies were about to f… original mudlarks were the lowest of the low, just one step away from the Victorian workhouses. Men, women and…'s been a great summer for us as we continue to grow and take the channel higher and higher. Let's keep it going.… Rory MacLean was present when the Wall fell, and he talks about the jubilation of the East Berliners, as wel… Andress talks Dan through the French Revolution: the causes, the context, its significance and its wide-felt… Paul Seaward explains where impeachment originated, how it has been used and why it is now well and truly… role did nationalism play in bringing about the start of the First World War? Historian Margaret Macmillan exp… @dgjones notes that although the Knights Templar had donors from the highest ranks of society, ordinary p… catches the mudlarking bug.... Watch: Mudlarking 👉 Jane Eyre met Mr Rochester, Maria Branwell met Mr Brontë Tallis joins Dan to talk about Margaret Beaufort, the mother of Henry VII and matriarch of the Tudor dynasty @Roger_Moorhouse explains why the Nazi-Soviet Pact was signed in 1939
Dan talks to Jack Hartnell about how people in the Middle Ages saw their own (and other people's) bodies're like Netflix. A video on-demand channel...but dedicated entirely to history. Sign up with code 'Twitter' and… German garrison on Guernsey felt as if they had come on holiday. A world away from the horrors of the Eastern F… cities of Dresden and Coventry were subject to horrific bombing during the Second World War. Today the two citi… Sinclair McKay explains an extraordinary moment of moral recoil for Winston Churchill in the wake of the bom…'re like Netflix. An online-subscription based channel...but dedicated entirely to history documentaries. Sign up… the River Thames' mud banks have become one of London's greatest sources for archaeology. @thehistoryguy join…’t forget, you can watch @thehistoryguy and IWM’s Chief Curator James Taylor getting to grips with the secrets o…
Retweeted by History Hit💥Orlando Figes talks to Dan about social and technological developments and their relationship to cultural changes i… Robert Saunders from Queen Mary University of London talks about the elections in the past that he feels… did Nazi Germany invade the Soviet Union in 1941? @Roger_Moorhouse explains @sommecourt explains why the Allies chose to invade Italy in September 1943 the ages, many alleged poltergeist-hauntings have been more amusing than disturbing talks to Dr Bill Frankland, a 106 year old veteran of World War II who lived through a Japanese prisoner of war… Gregg is believed to be one of the only allied servicemen that was on the ground during the firebombing of D… society in one way, shape, or form has continued almost to this very day reveals @SimonElliott20
After Alderney's liberation British forces dumped a vast amount of military hardware into a quarry which was then f… the summer we've been putting our all into making new documentaries as we strive to take the channel to greate… of the fish that supplied Britain during the Second World War initially came through Grimsby Docks. The town b… 13 August the Germans mounted 1,485 sorties in the Battle of Britain’s first major operation, Adlertag (Eagle Da… 3 September 1939 Britain and France declared war on Germany, after Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland. It was th… week there are new projects and new ideas being touted at History Hit HQ. Join us. Sign up today using code '… sits down with the founder of Britain's most famous history festival, James Holland Tallis comes on the show to talk about the extraordinary Margaret Beaufort: 'Mother of the Tudors' and the a… Hemming talks to Dan about the life of William Stevenson, a British operative who worked hard to pressure Roo… American people were ahead of President Wilson, argues @MichaelNeiberg, in concluding that neutrality in the Fi… veteran, Mike Sadler, recalls a remarkable World War Two operation in North Africa of ushering in a new era of peace and goodwill among men, the Armistice that ended the First World War mark… sits down with Lindiwe Mazibuko, the first non-white person to lead the Democratic Alliance in Parliament, to t… is the last King of Burma buried in India, far from his royal ancestors in Mandalay? @AlexBescoby highlights a…