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We need change! To pursue excellence, we must understand equity. @PedroANoguera @facinghistory
Retweeted by Liz RamosLOVING this discussion point from @PedroANoguera Powerful quote- Schools need to LISTEN and ENGAGE in meaningful ha…
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@TiRoShaw @TiRoShaw How long was yours? Ours was EIGHT hours! 🤯 Just as I was almost finishing one of three syllabuses.I knew 2020-21 would have its challenges- I didn’t think that my site’s internet would go down day 1 when we are st… Spectrum services have been down for 7 hours, 7 hours after you DM them they respond that they DON’T have a ti…
@Jstevens009 Exactly- This happened once in the Spring. However, not like this doesn’t happen with district WiFi ei… ethics frame. Different context, different principles? Classic scenarios explore intuitive vs reasoned res…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @LaurenPorosoff @scottmpetri @jhweinstein @JFKCougars @LASchools Scott- Thanks for Tweeting this. I looked into the…
Social media is a way of documenting so that you cannot hide. Social media is a tool in a massive toolbox. Dr. Eric… things public is how you put pressure. Making things public is what brought change with the Civil Right Move… the 20-39s and Civil Rights Movements newspapers was the media medium. SM functions the same way today. @minkmak media is a connector. Administrators can do a better job connecting students to others to build coalitions.…** hearing I REALLY need an edit button for Twitter, especially for Tweeting during panels, workshops, and conferences..@minkmak discussing how the killings of Brown, Grey, and others did not accept protest as the only way for redress…>> “Democracy is messy. We have to engage for it to work... Anywhere humans engage is where civics is happening.… are wanting to hold the Constitution and our founding accountable in an equitable way. @MomOfAllCapes at… Eric McDonald sharing about how we need efficacy for change. We are in a moment where there is an increased sen…’s @UTexasStrauss Protest, Politics, & Power kicking off- Looking forward to heating from @icivics you teach U.S #History ? The Social Studies Network on Facebook #SocStudiesNetwork is going to have a collaborat…
Retweeted by Liz RamosWe had our writing in #socialstudies meeting yesterday. Thanks 2 all especially @Howsonhistory @isabeljmorales
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@socialstudiestx @historyfrog @MsMimura @MrNunesteach @tracyscottkelly @scottmpetri @MrRoughton @jesush1979
Ron Ritchhart's "Making Thinking Visible" with a Gallery Walk for the virtual classroom. #sschat #edtech #wearecue
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@MomOfAllCapes @UTexasStrauss @icivics @PeledgeJay @flipping_A_tchr @socialstudiestx @lportnoy @madisonteacher #civicSaturday on Aug 1 at 11am CST to hear from @icivics director, Amber Coleman-Mortley @MomOfAllCapes durin…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” @teacher2teacher
Retweeted by Liz RamosI am liking this #GoodTroubleEdu hash tag. This is a call of action, civil disobedience, abolition, and liberation.…
Retweeted by Liz RamosSo if @NBA and @MLB players who have the best facilities; the best doctors; and multimillion dollar incentives to “…
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@MatthewJBusch @mrshistorylee @bramhubbell @ERBeckman *get @MatthewJBusch @mrshistorylee @bramhubbell @ERBeckman How did you docs? I just have a Zoom link. @socialstudiestx @TheKevinMCline @JillWebs @awfrench1 @inc_yv @NHTOYMc @TiRoShaw @mrtopliff @historyfrog @historytechie @crfusa @USC_CALIS I love @USC_CALIS !!! great stuff!
Retweeted by Liz RamosDeliberating in a Democracy from @crfusa is getting a shout out in today’s @USC_CALIS Steelmanning PD! everyone! Election season is truly upon us. It’s more important than ever for each of us to be responsible in…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @jobphillips @Gilder_Lehrman Congratulations!🎉 @BinsleyB I loved using breakout rooms in the spring to continue group work. I used them often in my summer pre-ser… again to @MsJWhiting for leading an amazing conversation. The archives will be up later tonight. #engsschat
Retweeted by Liz RamosWhat's on the agenda for next week's #sschat ? I'm so glad you asked. We'll be discussing making social studies rel…
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A7 I joined late- but I enjoy the cards to plan and return to adjust teaching practices. So many considerations- In… @MrRoughton @flipping_A_tchr @MsTurner1027 Some maybe. This is also why I love @trev_mackenzie approach to start wi… A Ss centered approach with Ss voice and choice is also key to Inquiry as @trev_mackenzie writes about. Ss want… Ss centered helps Ss to develop critical thinking and agency. Develop responsibility and agency for learning to… SEL supports because Ss need self awareness, management & relationship skills for collaboration and Inquiry. Whe… evening #engsschat Liz joining in late- I lost track of time working on digital vocabulary options. @askMsQ I’m doing well. Loving your podcast:) @askMsQ Congratulations 🎉🍾It is so exciting to see so many educators that I admire being named as @Gilder_Lehrman History Teachers of the Yea…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @MomOfAllCapes Well deserved and hope you all enjoyed it! 🍦When you keep checking your email for a rumored new MOU to be sent on Monday after wondering about it since Friday🤔 partnered with @MoveOn & @Alonglastname to create #YourVoteIsPower, an initiative to inspire young people & peop…
Retweeted by Liz RamosWith just under 100 days until the Presidential Elections, we teamed up with @moveon, @Alonglastname, #Nevermade &…
Retweeted by Liz RamosCheck out @amplifierart They have great images for voting & civics in their #YourVoteIsPower initiative! #sschat partnered with @MoveOn to uplift voting, so that we all can be empowered to use our voices for change. We're rec…
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@RandHistory @MrRoughton @AVID4College I’m sure Bonnie has resources from when she had that class. She’s awesome with Avid.Wow - already at 35 Ts & counting! I just posted the link! Want to join our collaborative writing in Social Studie…
Retweeted by Liz RamosTomorrow @noyesenglish & will be launching our first Translation PD (@CNUSD). For those of you who won’t be able to…
Retweeted by Liz RamosHistory/Social studies teachers K-16, can we make a commitment to make this the school year we make a concerted eff…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @mseideman ☕️ COFFEE ☕️ @mcdonald_kecia @socialstudiestx @JillDuBois22 @LindaRMonkJD @mrbravo365 @Hedreich @ClaudioZavalaJr @EdTechBites @msjingold @eric_falls @LindaRMonkJD @socialstudiestx @JillDuBois22 @awfrench1 @mrbravo365 @Hedreich @socialstudiestx @JillDuBois22 @LindaRMonkJD @mrbravo365 @Hedreich @ClaudioZavalaJr @EdTechBites @thewongways say 'Wakanda isn't real.' You stand here today as proof of its existence. It was called 'The #BlackBrainBelt
Retweeted by Liz RamosDisability Pride: The High Expectations of a New Generation #FAIRact #hssclic @barbarajlanejr @SacActionCivics us TOMORROW at 6PM CST (7/27) for our combined #engsschat to talk "Student-Centered by Design" with…
Retweeted by Liz RamosSharing a little bit of my joy! Humbled AND Excited to be selected by @MDDailyRecord as one of #Maryland’s Top 100…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @kayewhitehead @MDDailyRecord Congratulations!
Enclosed is the video/resources from the amazing panel/virtual field trip to Angel Island with @historyfrog
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @socialstudiestx @icivics @MomOfAllCapes @GatorCitizen @aileenmcquillen @TheKevinMCline @NHTOYMc @madisonteacher by mail: Which states allow absentee voting - At least 76% of American voters can cast ballots by mail…
@socialstudiestx @JuliaFliss @awfrench1 @historyfrog @lovgov @MomOfAllCapes @TiRoShaw @madisonteacher @Kbahri5
@scottmpetri @socialstudiestx @kayewhitehead @dancrr @sjdoxey Thanks ScottAs schools begin to shift their focus to a return to learning, whether remote or face to face, I call on you to con…
Retweeted by Liz RamosMy neighboring district has decided to place Ts safety and DL lesson design in front. Hoping more districts do the…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @trev_mackenzie Congrats on your accomplishment and pushing through life’s losses and challenges. Your work has bee… @WeirMB @facinghistory Thanks- Hope you are dong well! I registered for them and the PD with @PedroANoguera @WeirMB @USC_CALIS
Excited to be thinking more deeply about #decolonizingworldhistory with my two colleagues, @bramhubbell and…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos3 amazing opportunities over the next week to learn with us! 7/23 - @inspirecitizen1 @KavitaTanna @HomaTav
Retweeted by Liz RamosSteelmanning: The Ethics of Argument Civil Discourse in a Democracy is a FREE PD July 28 for #engchat #sschat than 2,000 high schools still use Native nicknames, iconography or mascots. @NativeApprops explains the histor…
Retweeted by Liz Ramos @mrangood @USC_CALIS Couldn't agree more. I enjoy using it with CNN 10. Pause a story & practice summarizing with k… out the @USC_CALIS Activities Database for FREE lessons to use with students! #sschat out the @USC_CALIS 4 World Framework. It is a great graphic organizer to use with students! They have a Lifel… there #sschat #historyteacher #hsgovchat Let's welcome @USC_CALIS to Twitter. They have an amazing FREE activit… @Jstevens009 Sorry- Deleted my Tweet. Meant to text someone. Hope all is well.
5 Principles of Deliberate Practice @DFISHERSDSU #2020DistanceLearning is not about getting a task done or right. It's about making mistakes and learning from them. @DFISHERSDSU #2020DistanceLearning @SacActionCivics @barbarajlanejr approach to DL- Learning Intention & Success Criteria are your purpose. @DFISHERSDSU #2020DistanceLearning difficulty & complexity needed to build fluency. Below horizontal line are more independent. Above are more c… does NOT equal rigor. @DFISHERSDSU #2020DistanceLearning Truth from @DFISHERSDSU 🙌