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Sky HISTORY is giving away 5 copies of Roland Phillips' new non-fiction biography, Victoire, an incredible story of…
'The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.'
The paradox of Napoleon explored. sneak peek from #RiverHunters Season Two, Episode Six – #Knaresborough Castle (14th Century Northern Raids) Monda…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORY @stephenindurham @rickedwards1 You need to have a look at Gary's YouTube channel for a flavour of Durham underwater… @RMurrayCartoons @rickedwards1 @BeauOuimette @GaryBankhead @viclane Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I can confirm that The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch will be returning for… @MarkYoung23 Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I can confirm that The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch will be returning… shocking list of the absolute weirdest foods in history.
The last thing I want to do is brag, but... ye olde stirrup from the last episode of #riverhunters made the…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORYThere's still time to vote for #ForgedinFire in the @TVChoice awards! Click here to vote for the show:… you thought he was a trickster in the Marvel movies, just wait till you see what he did in Norse mythology. made a podcast about this for #NotWhatYouThought, you can listen here:
Retweeted by Sky HISTORY @TVChoice Rumour has it @realjoeswash is a big fan 🔥#OnThisDay in 1937 The Hindenburg Disaster shocked the world.
Napoleon Bonaparte, who died on 5 May 1821, was the towering figure of his age. Yet, even today, some popular myths… is nominated in the @TVChoice awards! Click here to vote for the show: and go…'s the longest serving Prime Minister? The answer may surprise you. @davedicko1701 Hi there, thanks for reaching out. I can confirm that The Curse of Skinwalker Ranch will be returnin… proudly showing us how he leapt back to the top of the ‘best finds’ league with this stunning brace! 👏👏👏…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORY#OnThisDay 200 years ago Napoleon died.
Has @rickedwards1 just found a hammered Roman coin? #RiverHunters would love to fire Leonardo da Vinci’s giant crossbow! he took the form of Tom Hiddleston, Loki was already up to some mischievous tricks.
Some excellent finds this week from @BeauOuimette, @GaryBankhead with @rickedwards1 really pulling it out of the ba… coins, river bank stirrups, potential muskets, Roman roof tiles? Nah, this was the find of the episode.… proud. 🏆 #RiverHunters🎶 What's that coming out of the swamp...? 🎶 #RiverHunters who doubted whether @GaryBankhead would show up in this ep just got knocked sideways by this classic Bankhea… IS. WHAT. WE. ARE. WATCH-ING. FOR. 💪 #RiverHunters and safety advises you the water is definitely going to make you ill... Are you going in? #RiverHunters we start the latest episode of #RiverHunters? *Clicks play on the VHS machine* (Yes, that's how it works in… #ThisDayInHistory in 1979, Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative Party was elected British prime minister, becom… much-mythologised chapter in British history. the #RiverHunters team are heading to Colchester. Site of major Second English Civil War battles and Roman… got their garden furniture prepped for the bank hol Monday? ☔ @BeauOuimette's got you covered tonight if…'s the longest-serving Prime Minister?
Hitler would spend a total of 105 days living in the bunker. What is it good for? Wacky machines!
The war, which claimed over 58,000 American lives, left the nation divided. was Cromwell involved in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms?
When Captain Cook landed in Hawaii, natives watching him emerge from the water reportedly believed he was a literal… in 1945, Hitler committed suicide.
Kevin puts gold in Marty Lagina's hand! Find out more: #TheCurseofCivilWarGold #ThisDayInHistory in 1429, French national heroine Joan of Arc and her troops entered the besieged city of Orléa… is your favourite Celtic god or goddess? would have happened if America had won?
#OnThisDay in 1770, James Cook arrives in Botany Bay.
One of these is really not like the others...
Any guesses where @rickedwards1, @BeauOuimette and @GaryBankhead are hunting rivers next week?! #RiverHunters again proof to not judge a book by its cover! #RiverHunters career highlight for @rickedwards1 will keep us going for the rest of the week! This. Is. History. 📞… it be? A 12th Century pilgrim badge?! #RiverHunters @GaryBankhead! Here come the archeological A Team 🙌 #RiverHunters yourself a friend like @rickedwards1 who will never sugarcoat anything and always keep it very, graphically rea… else is clocking the budding bromance emerging for our @rickedwards1? 😘 #RiverHunters"Be on TV, it's so glamorous" they said. We hate to break it to you @BeauOuimette, but... #RiverHunters the slo-mo entrance yet again, we present to you, legendary underwater archaeologist, @GaryBankhead 💥…, Canterbury, what fantastic relics will we find in the River Stour tonight?! #RiverHunters of #riverhunters trip to Canterbury this evening (9pm @HISTORYUK) here are two of my favourite images of Beau…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORYMe, this morning talking to my alarm and backup alarm because... Monday. But don't worry, you can shift your… know what time it is! Tonight on new #RiverHunters, @rickedwards1, @BeauOuimette and @GaryBankhead are granted… in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant near the city of Pripyat in Ukraine, a late night safety te… years ago today, the world’s worst nuclear disaster took place at the #Chernobyl nuclear power station in Ukrain… for those living in the Basque town of Guernica WW2 began on 26 April 1937.
What was the name of the infamous Eastern-European ruler known for driving a stake through their enemies and leavin… in 1599, Oliver Cromwell was born. What are your thoughts on one of the most contentious figures in Brit…
#ThisDayInHistory Patrick Pearse emerged from Dublin's General Post Office and declared an independent Irish nation…
Pope Gregory IV declared war on cats in the 13th Century. He said that black cats were instruments of Satan, so ord… you know that within the 37 plays he wrote, there were over 2,200 never-before-seen-words?"You can immerse yourself in another world." @GaryBankhead on treasure hunting. #RiverHunters St. George Day!
It's probably higher than you think.
Greatest war time leader? @westruntonLukeJ @skyatlantic Hi there, currently there are no plans to air those shows to the UK, unfortunately. H… birthday, Queen Elizabeth II
On #ThisDayInHistory in 1918, Manfred von Richthofen, known as the “Red Baron” was killed during the Battle of the… out a full episode of #PawnStars on the Sky History YouTube channel:‘Hello there, everybody! I am very happy to be here.’ - Svetlana Alliluyeva, 21st April 1967.
When you set off looking for evidence of a 17th C battle and end up with WW2 mortars and grenades... #RiverHunters Producer: "Rick, can you just phone up the landowner to tell them we've found live WW2 munitions." L… you're English and travelled to Scotland without complaining about the midges have you actually been to Scotland… every time @GaryBankhead turns up... 🙌 #RiverHunters mean 👏 #RiverHunters Who would've thrown that back? pure. It takes a very decent find to get this response from Beau... 🗡️ #RiverHunters"We're bringing in reinforcements... A man who knows how to make an entrance: legendary underwater archaeologist Ga…😬 #RiverHunters pretty stunning scenery in #RiverHunters 👀're in Scotland tonight at 9pm for brand new #RiverHunters... @rickedwards1, Q. Does Beau squeak like a metal de…'s Monday. Another week of work. But at least there's brand new #RiverHunters at 9pm. you want to know more about the bias that has decided female bodies could only be male, and how new research is…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORYOn April 12th, 1961 Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin orbited Earth for 89 minutes, making him the first person to journey… on new #RiverHunters, @rickedwards1, @BeauOuimette and @GaryBankhead are searching for evidence from the Ba… couple of ‘big river’ teasers for Season Two, Episode Three of #RiverHunters – Scotland and the Civil War (Inverl…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORYThe bloody years of the Vikings remains one of the most iconic eras in European history. Churchill lucky? Or a skilled war time leader? Or both?
Why was Prince Charles, famously referred to as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’?
The story of the unbelievable life of Charles Herbert Lightoller is worth a read.
In Episode Three, the #RiverHunters return to the Scottish Highlands to search the incredible rivers Lochy and Arka…
Retweeted by Sky HISTORY#ThisDayInHistory in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated at the Battle of Culloden.