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Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @hitomi_hosino ENG/POL/日本語 OK!

Hoshino Hitomi (星野瞳), EN VTuber, Live2Dモデラー ママ: @galacticdidi パパ: me Art: #star_gallery Business/Comms: i:@kureihii h:@ninejuiceboxes

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@PorcelainMaid I mean if you put it like that.... maybe I should rig the tongue on my model @toorufrappe maybe I can help? I think my carrd is relatively clean @okariin_ ayo? I'm so excited for Friday the production value of my stream on season 3 is a HUGE jump from what was going on so far💜OFFICIAL REDEBUT ANNOUNCEMENT💜 Hitomi is finally getting her 3.0 version! ☆ new full-body model ☆ new overlays ☆…
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th!4.10am I finished setting up all the new overlays, alerts, etc. help me god
@uzukitomoya congratulations!!I was thinking of maybe doing a duolingo stream in the future but chat picks the language I study? I think that wou… @domoarigathanks boing boing @Girl_Dm_ oh good to know!! I also wanted to play project diva and the live gamer 4k you mentioned isn't much more… @okariin_ mommy? sorrry.. mommy? sorry... @Girl_Dm_ I was looking into a ps4/switch capture card, most people just get the elgato hd60s+ I think, is there a… @KiraOmori what a mood 😭 I want to get my degree and just leavelrt look at my cute childyour new favorite gamer girl is about to debut 😎🌟 TOMORROW 12/6 @ 8pm EST ❕all credits wi…
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @hazumiaileen ma'am please hold me @hazumiaileen 😳 👉👈 @Thtguydownthest it's okay cause I'm part of that right @Thtguydownthest 97% of the vtubers who have any tag use it themselves more than their audienceyou'll be there, right? #Vtuber #ENVTuber
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th!
@domoarigathanks I know you asked multiple girls to be their dog but you don't need to get this serious about it @domoariga2 you got any famous vietnamese people following you on main? LMFAO @domoariga2 domo woke up today and thought hm what if I make myself get canceled via a meme tweet🎉 1000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY🎉 Thank you so much for your continuous support (; ∀ ; )/ I'll keep working hard and be som…
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @OumiyaEmma 😳 😳 😳 promise? @OumiyaEmma 👀👉👈 please take revenge on me, mo- emma水着カリオペちゃん、圧倒的可愛いさ! #callillust
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @OumiyaEmma I've developed a huge fear for Emma's boobs recently and it makes me uncomfortable :(( so if someone h… @domoariga2 snapchat still exists? @kuramekira "holding an emergency donothon for my rent money, please ignore the five skebs I bought last week" @baovtuber I thought you meant university hunting at first 💀
Thank you everyone for coming to the last Hitomi 2.0 stream and thank you for supporting Hitomi 2.0 for the past ye…[LIVE] more death end!!! also, this is the last stream with Hitomi 2.0, come to pay respects encouraged by some people in my discord, my next donation goal will be a capture card so I can stream games from… @missmyusagii your new website looks amazing omgI think one thing I still struggle with as a streamer is picking games that people would want to watch me play and… LOVE U GUYS THANK U FOR 1K SO HERE'S A MUSIC GIVEAWAY!! 🥰 details below, ends on 12/10/2021, good luck ❤️
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th!POV: you dared to speak to me
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @Thtguydownthest owo @pixelvertice what's a blendshape parameter?
@Nako_Ryu you just haven't been to cool enough bathrooms @Nako_Ryu nothing.... go peek through your toilet wall holes... @Nako_Ryu 💀💀💀 why are you like this @Nako_Ryu Nako..... @baovtuber finally, someone who understands @baovtuber wearing clothes that fit is boring, I enjoy when my hoodie covers my ass @Hosheko I'd recommend all the girls from @heavenrendtv as well as myself :3c @Alice_ENVtuber aren't all omocat designs "busy" generally, these sort of big colorful prints was their thing since the beginning💀 1 kill with squad @HarunaSwift your thumbnails never miss @moosukii not wearing any underwear while wearing white pants is a level of bravery I could never achieve @domoariga2 you never said you got up, also that's a completely valid thing to do @domoarigathanks good afternoon domoyes, I finally exported the (hopefully) final version of the model, a whole week before redebut !you'll be there, right? #Vtuber #ENVTuber @mystic_dude253 good. @moosukii I was gonna convince you to save money but now I think you should buy it and stream it @okariin_ OHHHHH nice! same lol it was a good deal @okariin_ oh no you should've gotten it a few days ago, it was like 150 pln less for black friday... ;;; maybe wait… you dared to speak to me @illustratoreri this is roughly how my first few hundred games went 💀 it took me tens of games to get my first kill @VetoBendover @soc_bgm I'm booked until Feb, unless you don't mind waiting @ChiikaYamane hewwlo @sssucrose please elaborate
@KurohanaInori can't wait to experience you- more with you, yes @domoarigathanks you used this song before in a different trailer right, or am I tripping @hazumiaileen did you leak or why is the bottom a lighter color[LIVE] continuing with death end re;quest, we're gonna start chapter 2 today! @OumiyaEmma "big sis? sorry" just doesn't have the same ring to it🌈#nizima の新PVを公開🌈 あなたの作品がnizimaから「つながる、ひろがる」 『nizima』はイラストレーターやLive2Dクリエイターの創作活動を応援するLive2D公式マーケットです✨ 次世代の人気VTube…
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @baovtuber I only noticed because I saw text in my native language so I read it LMFAO @baovtuber not the IRS paper 💀the anon who sent me a donation telling me to show feet yesterday sent the money from a student email, actually no shame 💀
@KurohanaInori please bite me @MAlchemilla please tell me the fluids move around, I need to see that @yorashoo yeah I need to get an usb hub because of this...... @yorashoo yeah for black friday weekend they were like 110 USD ish here! @OumiyaEmma 😳👉👈 @nera_kata thank you! @OumiyaEmma I am staring respectfullyThank you everyone for coming to my birthday stream today!! It was so much fun 💜 Thank you for the donations, bits,…'S FUCKING GO dumb youtube videos now!!!WE'RE LIVE, COME VIBE WITH ME ON MY BIRTHDAY #VTuber #ENVTuber'S HERE AAAAAAAA got that +10 in the fancy streamer stat
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @cillia YOU LOOK SO CUTE OMG @HaruNishimuraCh THANK UYou are all invited to my birthday party merged with the 1K celebration! the stream will be 5+ hours long so don't…
Retweeted by Hitomi 💜 redebut Dec 10th! @SiriusFaerie thank you!!
@mystic_dude253 thank you! @AQuietSigh thank you!! @darkcrusader555 thank you!another year huh @darkcrusader555 my point with sticks of butter is that in Europe they don't sell butter in sticks, you buy a conta… @domoarigathanks what's a vtubers @PorcelainMaid HAPPY BIRTHDAYI hate when I see a cool recipe but then the ingredients are listed like it's for Americans only how much is a stic… HIT THE STREAM DECK GOAL, THIS IS INSANE thank you so much, I'm ordering it right now, I'm so happy thank you Sky and D4rkeew @moricalliope release this version on spotify