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Jessie has apples 🍎 @hitstreak Bay Area, California

Influencer Program Manager at @NVIDIAGeForce | Former @blizzard_ent, @twitch & @riotgames | hitstreak#9551 on Discord | Oakland A's fan #RootedInOakland

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@GriffinWB @Medium is perfect for this. @Aspen_OW @RiotSuperCakes @PlayVALORANT fantastic job with the update - thanks for for your candor & transparency.BIg update from the VALORANT team. If you're interested in the game, you're going to want to watch this. @Dansgaming @animalcrossing @PearlescentMoon Heck yeah! Congratulations! 🙏 @_KaylaGlover Hell yeah. What server? @Bosslogic Thanks for making it easy to spot people to mute. @_________Tyler I know it's Sunday because I just had a weekend and it was just as exhausting and stressful as the… @spencecoin @WillChobra @RiotMorello @JackBox Wait, basic or signature? Because the jumbo jack is the signature bur… @WillChobra @RiotMorello @JackBox Look, Cho, I'm not trying to start a fight. Just stating the obvious. @RiotMorello Sourdough Jack is the superior @JackBox burger. @JoshEngen Can't wait for the next episode. It's so good. @HavenIryxia @0xGradius A grilled cheese has a lot of fat going on in it - fat on the outside to brown the bread, f… @PowerGPUcom Depends on what for. Ikea furniture? You bet. My TV? Absolutely not. 🤣 @TwitchPluto To still hard to come by. The store I go to was super well-stocked today except for tortillas. 🤔
@Sunset_SC2 Come at me, MAAAAAAAATE @themattcastro @Mx_EJ Same. And they did a fishing tournament BEFORE this event is over? @skipper @uguubear You love to see it. @BridgetDavidson Damn. Looks amazing. 🙏Perfectly toasted sourdough grilled cheese sandwich with some tangy yellow mustard for dipping on a rainy day here… @Darkness429 Damn Tim. Seeing your setup never gets old. 💯🔥When you're grocery shopping at 11 but have to rob a bank at 2. shopping or robbing a bank? @katestark Banana bread time! @MarcelFeldkamp @TheOnion I'm not criticizing by any means - I think fans would appreciate this as well. Especially… @alexmonney "oops." 🤣 @TravisGafford like a story from @TheOnion 🙃
@stevemz Careful...hopefully they don't get nailed for this @MLozada @PezRadar We all do.DLSS 2.0 is amazing at providing native resolution image quality at much higher performance. The ML team at NV have…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @KyleThatKyle What's up, Alex! @GoldenboyFTW Herman Miller. Seriously. Your butt and your back will thank you.It has been an exciting day so far! For those of you who have access, congratulations! For those who haven’t by the…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @ohjenxo I miss baseball so much. 😭 @Gothalion This reminds me of omelettes I'd get at the Original Pancake House. Amazing! Got a recipe?? 🙏🙃 @Professorbroman Lasagna is a sandwich. to join the Elgato Gaming Partnerhsips team? Here’s your chance to work on my team, here’s your chance
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @anhdangerous Best of luck to you, Anh! 🙏Date night but during a quarantine. @skipper @blueapron sounds like you crushed it. nicely done, Sloane. enjoy the fruits of your labor! @skipper @blueapron did it taste good? because legit, that's all that matters. @JeffAHamilton @Rinehar7 nice job dude. had no idea this was a thing. just ordered some. @JeffAHamilton @Rinehar7 @NinjaOnPointe @DannyVietti McGwire to Cardinals or Huddy to Braves or Donaldson to the Blue Jays or Ethier to Dodgers or Carlos…
@eXoppers @GoldenboyFTW @ElspethEastman @strattacaster @MsPuddings Watching your pottery vids on Insta is so relaxing. Glad to see you're doing well! 🙏 @riotgames I'll never forget talking to @MarcMerrill during my interview and asking him what's next for Riot - he s… @PWYFF you're going to. Just a matter of when. @JERICHO @riotgames I'll give you two. That's it. They're not for your stream, Tucker.Huh. Seven years ago today, I interviewed at @riotgames. Crazy how fast time flies. @strattacaster @PlayVALORANT Enjoy all of this! It's all amazing!PSA: There is no such thing as a "VALORANT Key". Do not get scammed or give anyone your account/personal informatio…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎I'm live! Debuting some @PlayVALORANT gameplay on stream - a coaching session cs:go caster @launders. BETA KEYS BEI…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @Slasher You also must have your Riot account linked. ☝️So fucking stoked for all my @riotgames friends today. 🙏 @JeremiahBonjean @clipperrob @TheSmarmyBum I need 8. No shame in spending coin to get a few. 👍 @SombreroGG Wow. Here I am with a handful of top 5 finishes and one win. 😬 @gchorba And no gyms. I used to do all my podcast listening while on the treadmill. 😟 @strattacaster Yea, for sure. @ArnarHrafn good luck tomorrow! @GriffinWB Amazing. Junior with that huge smile on the bottom of the dogpile. 🙏 What a great moment. @alexpenn I remember watching that game and being blown away by Vince Young. He made the entire USC defense look li… @DamianEstrada @_MandaRapp Oh damn. 😲🔥🙏 @jbirdtweets @ElspethEastman It's never easy telling friends difficult truths but I'm proud of you for taking a stand here. Hope… you are *PRESS* in *NORTH AMERICA* interested in @PlayVALORANT beta, you should *EMAIL* me.
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Normally, I'd rally on a week like this, dangling Friday in front of myself like a carrot, to eek out a bit more mo… @HelenAngel I'm sorry you even need to make tweets like this. 😣 @FionnOnFire @PlayVALORANT @Twitch it's just a matter of how far over a million it goes.Hi, I don’t know enough @FacebookGaming or @YouTubeGaming streamers at the moment. Where are y’all at? I’m trying to work with you 😩
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @RiotMagus Jett main in VALORANT = LeBlanc main in League of Legends. @JeremiahBonjean @TheSmarmyBum Only ten more to go for me! 🥵 @TheSmarmyBum @JDDell15 Locally - to see my mom. Maybe Orange county to visit friends after that. It could be a while before I… 2020, you can fuck right off. @verge 🙏Ready up, Agents. Twitch streamers will share their favorite @PlayVALORANT matches during the Twitch Rivals VALORAN…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @Diablo don't get our hopes up.RE: Animal Crossing eggs - It's amazing how one event can sap the energy out of a game. 😞 @skipper This is awful, Sloane. I'm so deeply sorry. I can't imagine. @hustla_bb @Warcraft Yeah. I lived through Vanilla once. Can't do that again 🙃After just one day of eggs in Animal Crossing I'm not sure which one is worse... 😬 @KyleThatKyle Oh no shit? 🙏 @KyleThatKyle Apple TV, Ya? Wish I could watch it. 😕 @kenandstuff Looks like that show escalated quickly. @HayliNic highly doubtful. while we may not be stuck at home by ourselves by then - may be starting to recover as… @Diablo hello, Nephalem @KrystinaArielle Yep. Mason jar of bacon fat just hanging out next to the stove at all times. @MattMrX @Warcraft Most of my time in the game since release has been Alliance but this toon is Horde. @gchorba @ModestMarill @Warcraft Troll Priest 👍
Hey @Warcraft healers - I'm playing a healer (priest) for the first time since vanilla. What mods or other resour… of people are thinking of streaming recently given the current situation, where they may have more time to sta…
Retweeted by Jessie has apples 🍎 @TillyTwitch It was lovely!A couple tips for a great homemade cheeseburger 🍔 1) cover your pan after you put the cheese on for perfect covera…