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Maid Ame and Gura 🔎🦈 #ameliaRT #gawrt
Retweeted by HitsuCalli and Kiara 💀🐔 #callillust #artofashes
Retweeted by HitsuMaid Ina 🐙🫖 #inART
Retweeted by Hitsu @alfredchunkit Ahh, thank you so much... I can see who your favourites are 😏🦈🐙 @JosephRandisi Yep!! Honestly, I'd prefer to charge USD bc it doesn't look as pricey but live in Canada so... lol 😅💦 @SorulRose LOL my wallet is finally coming to life after months of collecting dust 😂 @wildnexus Thank you so much! I'm happy I get to draw what I like and share with people who appreciate the result (*´▽`*) @YumeAyonie THANKS 💕 @KiralystLP Thank youuu, gotta work harder for 2nd half of the year (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و @Apprentice207 Hehe, it's meant to be ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Thank you! @JosephRandisi It means the price is CAD so you'll be charged in that currency. I write it because people would oth… you for 250k!!!!! It's a nice round number 👌🎉 @Abby_Starling Hehe, thank you! I wasn’t sure how they’d sell but they’re way surpassing my expectations so gonna d… is open with new items!(๑ʘ∆ʘ๑) ▶︎ Thank you for all likes/rts!
Retweeted by HitsuI ... own a lot of charms ...
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@booniecake You can pay me in bff points 😍 @KiralystLP The time has come to make money for my doggo 😂👌 @AlValence I sent the high res file to manufacturer who prints and ships it to me :) @Snipe4hire Aug 6th is day I will look at numbers from preorder to date, make order with manu and probably print 5-… @Beefu188 I'm going to see what the order numbers look like over the next week and then make order according to tha… @nullarys Thanks for suggesting it 💕 @Mahzlo Thank you!! Glad I finally managed to draw new stuff for shop 🤪 @art_aspid Yea, that’s what I had to do 🤣👌 @UnholyDavid Ahhh thank you, my wallet is excited for survival 🤣 @Cruiser_Ooi Thank you!When you’re in the shower and discover you only have a tiny drop of shampoo left in the bottle 😞 @BcShaneRS Yep!Shop is open with new items!(๑ʘ∆ʘ๑) ▶︎ Thank you for all likes/rts!ニャオ
Retweeted by Hitsu…💢
Retweeted by Hitsu @TorinoAqua Wow, extremely beautiful torino-sensei!!! 😍彗星の如く舞い降りた剣士 #ほしまちぎゃらりー
Retweeted by Hitsu @nebokeruu wow, productive!GawrGura~🦈 #gawrt #gawrgura
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Retweeted by Hitsu @ruri32125080 Sure, that would be lovely 🥰 @Ren_Yagami15 Yes, butler bunny girl! 😋 @aliefkay Already posted Ina! 😊 @RyderBB123_ Thank you for your patience! 💕 @CCrayonics 👌 @lorddrakon1 Already posted yesterday ;) @PsoJager Hahaaha, poor wallet-kun @KrisComics Only took like... 1 year to draw new merch 😬 @KiralystLP I feel nervous 🤪 @KrisComics This is the legs and boobs duo haha @IsaihSenpai 😂👌 @KiralystLP Thank you!!! I kept thinking about being lazy but somehow persevered to finish lol... Helps that they'r… @takanashikiara Imagine the results that come up when you google "German maid outfit" 😂💦 Thank you soooo much 🧡🧡🧡カンナ
Retweeted by HitsuCalli and Kiara 💀🐔 #callillust #artofashes @aairwandy Thank you so much! It was fun designing different outfits 😚Going to open my shop tomorrow!! 🛒 😖 @dontittapupu Thank you!! Drawing kimono patterns is hard orz
@KiralystLP Thank you! The kimono pattern took a while 🥲💦👓
Retweeted by Hitsu @maullarmaullar Thanks!! @The_Purified Thank you 😊Maid Ina 🐙🫖 #inARTリクエストありがとうございました!
Retweeted by Hitsu「 あの…彼女候補になりたいのですが…」
Retweeted by Hitsu「…先輩!一緒に遊びませんか?」🌸
Retweeted by Hitsuひま?
Retweeted by Hitsuちびゴッホちゃんとユゥユゥ🌻 6周年おめでとうございます~~! #FGO6周年
Retweeted by Hitsuメロンブックス様の『夏色- 麗/艶 by Melonbooks Girls Collection 2021 summer』にてイラスト描かせていただきました。よろしくお願いいたします! ■特設ページ…
Retweeted by Hitsu @SaltSeaCake I wouldn’t complain 😏低身長女子
Retweeted by Hitsuポニーテール沖田さんが照れちゃう話
Retweeted by Hitsu剣道部校外合宿1日目、厳しい練習メニューをよくこなしてる部長さん
Retweeted by Hitsu @totakeke___ ありがとうございます 💕 It took a long time to finish but happy you like it!!禰豆子(ねずこ)
Retweeted by Hitsu @wrizal 5 maids to choose from… who’s your fighter#絵リーラ #pendorART
Retweeted by Hitsu @KiralystLP Thanks!! I tried my best 💦 @crisuskeer Thanks so much!! I had fun 😊 @supernic8 Thanks, I love hair buns 💙 @ninjash8 Took 500 years but finally done 🥲Maid Ame and Gura 🔎🦈 #ameliaRT #gawrt
snack break🍪 #FE3H
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Retweeted by Hitsu潤羽るしあちゃんの ・ふぁんでっどコートと首輪 ・王冠 ・新しい髪型 を二周年記念に仕立てさせて頂きました
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Retweeted by Hitsu「夏が来た!」 七海優乃Happy Birthday
Retweeted by Hitsuウマ娘 サトノダイヤモンド
Retweeted by Hitsu新作「しわしわ沖田さんTシャツ」の受注予約を【2021年7月25日 PM23:59まで】受付中です✍️ よろしくお願いします (*^▽^*) メロンブックス→ BOOTH→…
Retweeted by Hitsuこれは4連休の嬉しさにベルサイユ宮殿前で踊りだす 会社に行きたくないOLちゃん
Retweeted by Hitsu新刊Sukidayo miku メロンブックスで予約販売を開始します!! 多くの関心お願いします🙏🥰
Retweeted by Hitsuセイウンスカイ #ウマ娘
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@wrizal We must be dreaming 😮LRT so cool to see Ame nendoroid!!!!!!When I saw Hitsu's Chibi Art for Ame, I was inspired to create 3D version. Was so happy I got the permission😭Let's…
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aaah i finished it🥴 Tiara, my character for the TTRPG we're playing as Holomyth! I'm still very much out of practic…
Retweeted by Hitsu @takanashikiara All anyone can ask for is you try your best and have fun when drawing!! She’s cute ☺️