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née Tanwi Nandini Islam AUTHOR of BRIGHT LINES @penguinbooks IN SENSORIUM, Essays @hmhbooks HI WILDFLOWER, beauty & scent STELLAR SMOKE, novel-in-progress

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Artists, please apply to @DjerassiProgram — this Ohlone land holds so much beauty and it humbled me to be there and… @jamiattenberg @likaluca @strategist So much gratitude for you both!!!!Loved @likaluca's "what I can't live without" for @strategist a lot, and note that we both listed Hiwildflower!
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @sarahmbroom I was up in the air en route home and so sad I missed the festivities - but wanted to send much love a…😘 Beautiful way to return to twitter after two long months writing a book on residency — Sándalo is the glamorous…
@Shipbob — still waiting on $1500 for lost goods — perhaps a tweet will get someone to bother sending me a wire tra…
Well, it’s been fun being back on Twitter but I will be deactivating for the month that I’m away at Djerassi ✍🏾 —be… i ever, in my life, write a poem again
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@row_ie_argument Yes have seen the only good show on TV lolLilith rising is my new orientation it feels good @hiwildflower DO THIS
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @jennydeluxe Once the money floweth, I shall be rapping at your door my sweet @nadya_agrawal ✌🏾sex is cool and all but have you ever watched your best friend get out of a relationship with someone you hated
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @nadya_agrawal LolNothing enthralls & depresses me like watching beauty influencers do their makeup — it always looks so flawlessly terrifying @OhioWesleyan @marwahelal @thatAmyLemmon @KathyFaganPoet Marwa Helal's genius book from @nightboatbooks:
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄Like, I’m just one of millions? I’m trying to do me, you do you bb. Write your own great whatever the fuck novel, I… is truly the day that all people working my nerves haven’t hit their Saturn return yetBangladeshi folks are either super loving or supportive or wanna tear me down, just another day in a femme body & m… @PassiSonya 😍👊🏾❤️ congratulations! @rachsyme Hahahahaha @rachsyme Ok I’m gonna put it on the list! Haha I’m so cranky when it comes to TV @rachsyme Can i watch it if I don’t own a TVThose friendships never last. I’m just a sounding board to bounce off flatter versions of my hyperspecificity0xb978d4
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄Tanaïs Books sounds dreamy to me. Watch me, bitch!Culture vultures who can’t even hold the nuance of diaspora without wanting to capitalize on itLol I operate on a basic level — if I wouldn’t invite you to one of my house parties & hold a stimulating intellect…’m so over white dominated literary publishing not even knowing what’s HOT and FUTURE until they miss the boatWould love to start my own literary imprint and only publish BIPOC femme work @ShubnumKhan Yeah, usually they let us know the very last, not thoughtful minute — and yet we say yes bc when do these opportunities arise @TazzyStar @hiwildflower Also @Mahmud_writer's short story collection, Killing the Water. There's an amazing story…
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄My friend and I had an epiphany about Indian friends I’ve had throughout my life, who feel inspired by my vibe, phi… when was his heyday tho @alyssaharad @maudnewton Yeah, I know folks love animations and graphic stuff. I feel a flattening and want POC humans in the flesh on TVCentering whiteness will always get you that $$$ @MatheaMorais @LaurEggertCrowe @VIDA_STARZ Omg yesss this is exactly what I knew I’d seen but hadn’t checked out. What a cast 😍 @alyssaharad @maudnewton Hmm I don’t like cartoons but I’m open maybeThese two luminous souls @tourmaliiine ♾🔮💖 @chaninicholas make me feel like my art is gonna be OK @AriaAber We should do photos when we are back in NYC @mahamabahama @TazzyStar Many/most diasporic ones don’t sadly @maudnewton @alyssaharad Lol I’ll def announce when/if I give upI would start w/ Tarfia Faizullah's poetry book Seam; Tahmima Anam's fiction book A Golden Age; Monica Ali's fictio…
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄It is surprising but not shocking how little Pakistanis diaspora know of what happened to lead up to 1971's Banglad…
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @alyssaharad I’m going to try it! Trust you and @maudnewton 😘 @CRITWorks 👅 @Vanessid Shoot it and I’m ready! @Vanessid I need to give it a chance, but I am yearning for a vibe I can’t quite pinpoint @LaurEggertCrowe Watched and relished EVERY EPISODE TWICE 😘 @LaurEggertCrowe I need a hot brown Black protagonist! Somewhere anywhere @LaurEggertCrowe Tried it. Can’t.Acting was my first love, but how many white casting people can one actually deal with if your hips aren’t gonna di… so boom. I was tired of getting rejected by hijab companies for partnerships (a la “if we show a queer Muslim…
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Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄Shave????????? @PoornaJags @euphoriaHBO @pen15show Thank you! Euphoria is it! I’ve been copping the makeup and now it’s time to ge… never verify me bc that shade of checkmark blue is 😬 @jazzbeezy 😬 @jazzbeezy Definitely, but the only thing that arrived on my plate because my visions were so ahead of 2019 is an i… @jazzbeezy And that actor sorry @jazzbeezy Let’s discuss offline but it made me feel like my own book should’ve been a show @FluentMundo That seems very enjoyable esp. while I get stoned @EveDunbar Shit, this might be the one I’ve slept on!Everyone wants to write for TV but do you wanna move Tanaïs that’s what I need @_alex_mar That’s a good example!Lol even this call for suggestions is stressing me out. I hate TV! @_alex_mar I mean for the mindlessness of TV sorry @tejalrao Was hard for me to watch too 😬I should add, no need to suggest Fleabag I tried @kehaulyons Thank you for this, it’s really hard for me to watch shows about white folks who bother me rn so it’s been toughWhat can I watch on television that will make me bow down to the form? I haven’t been able to watch a single thing. @ContentAbundant @hiwildflower Same! I love Mojave for a night out to feel a bit more luscious. Namaka is one of my…
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @robottomulatto We like it HOT0x215147
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @robottomulatto 😂 me too @TazzyStar @thefawz 😍You know what's interesting is the way white literature fetishes eye color and teaches writers to think eye color is super important.
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄Oh my god. HSPs who don’t share the same values! 🤯 @chaninicholas @humeysha🔮♾💖 @TheLincoln Ah I see this now. I do think literary fiction is bourgeois if one considers the entire population of t… @TheLincoln Ohh that old tiredness. Everything can tilt toward fascism if the money’s right 😬 sadly @tejalrao @rokwon Let’s eat alllll the yum & hot new veg spots 👅Climate change is always heavy on our minds. 🇧🇩 @TheLincoln Lol but why you whispering that? Pretty much all TV and Film rn reifies fascism tbh @Vanessid He can??? I was so mad at the Keanu comparison lol maybe I need to look again @tejalrao @rokwon Did I tell you I’ll be in LA for a month bb? Let’s hang pls! @emilyraboteau For me it’s Haribo Sour Gummies — we need to balance the brainpower with some good junk!I love how this filter is dated with my eternal vibe: 4.20.92 date Libra 1: It's the end of Libra season but I wasn't done being a crazy bitch Libra 2: Let me ruin your life there's still time
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄Anyone who has ever been in love with a Scorpio should be reading poetry right now & that's everyone
Retweeted by 👄 Tanaïs 👄 @ContentAbundant @jbakernyc Try the sampler :) @jbakernyc @ContentAbundant Aww thank you 🥰
I use real botanical materials for a large portion of the perfumes and the batches shift bc the raw material is sou…, if you bow down to those colonial traditions — whether you want to call it that or not I don’t care — this isn’t for you —Hi Wildflower is for folks who wanna smell like vistas & landscapes & flowers & spices & remnants of this world tha… ordering pizza for dinner before I leave again for the West Coast bc none of that shit compares I don’t care h… @KimChevon 😭