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I haven’t had to drive my 60 mile commute since March 13th when we were sent to work from home. First time driving… @ChickenJen They add such a pop of brilliance this time of year. Beautiful.
@Andre_Reed83 We just need the whole herd to play well together! @matt_poulton @DisplacedBills And no more injuries! @uSTADIUM @DisplacedBills Damn. Hope he’ll be okay. That’s why I hate it when Allen runs. @ChocaholicBrit @SchittsCreek It was the best!Now THAT is how you vote! Love it. @SpaceX This never gets old. So impressed.
@AdamMGrant @PatriciaTreble Here in Maine posted a photo
Love this. Dripping sarcasm. have 280 hours of P-time saved up and 24 hours of floating holidays available that I’ll lose some of at t… @DeliaandDobie Oh, well you switched topics in me there! Now that I’ve taken up snowshoeing, I’m with you. @DeliaandDobie I am SOOOO looking forward to some boring for awhile. @MaryLTrump Oh, it’s right next to the health care plan isn’t it? Comfort: “Luxury need not have a price — comfort itself is a luxury.” ~Geoffrey Beene #tea BLOG POST: Tea and Donuts via @wordpressdotcom
@MereWasThere Oh! @michaelschweitz Awwww....what a beautiful room! Enjoy!
@troutman Damn, straight! Thanks. This one was a new adventure.After almost six’s DONE! just voted. No lines, no worry. VOTE! @HeatherWhaley @realDonaldTrump Love it!“Autumn...The year’s last, loveliest smile.” - William Cullen Bryant #fall #autumn #tea‘Tis a new & foggy morning on the stream. #maine #morning #lifeonthestream
Best thing I’ve seen in a few days. “Wear A Mask” to “Be Our Guest” Brilliant...
Retweeted by H McCausland @guardian Love her!This is my mom. She died 6 years ago today at 86. She taught me piano. She taught me to love everyone, no matter th…, I just ordered up Disney+. I need Disney in my life right now. I have FAR too many streaming services. @georgehahn Oh! And those moves in a white leisure suit! Brilliant! @Poorjim6060 Wow! I didn’t know that. How fortunate you are. Keep on living! @sac88 @thekjohnston I see a future entry on Dancing With The Stars next season! @chrishallweaver Damn.
@TiffanyDCross @JETBallin Cheers! @TVTEDDY No....I can’t.I SO love this, and the leadership in NZ who have kept their country safe. #womenrule @DocPunchESPN @NASCAR @NFL_MNF THAT was the team I grew up with. The BEST! And with you in the pits, Doc...the dream team.Remember #tea and #TeaAccessories and #TeaWare make great gifts year round! Get yours today! #TeaHour
Retweeted by H McCausland @OliviaRaisner @JoeBiden A 2020 mic drop @chrishallweaver 😳Oh, dear. So NOT ready for pandemic living during the winter.
Our boy, Smokey #GlobalCatDay’s a film noir, @Fortnums tea Friday. It’s dark and gloomy outside but my favorite Fortmason blend is cheering me…
@TheHoads From your tweet to Murphy’s law’s ear! @PPistone Words to live by in this day & age. Think of others for a change. @DeliaandDobie And now schools are open, and colder temps are forcing people to go indoors for eating and meeting.… morning I burned my hand. Yesterday morning I had a hernia attack. THIS morning, after a crappy night of sl… REMINDER: political polls are NOT elections. They are a gathering of opinions from a small cross-section…
Well, THAT game was a royal disaster. HOWEVER, they’re still 4-1 and leading the division. And, unlike previous sea… keep shooting themselves in the foot. Come on!! Such a disappointing game. Should be much closer score. @Jiillyy VERY frustrating. Really missing Milano and Brown too.
@_TeaClub_ 😂😂 Funny, but really sad for you to not have that fantastic brew. @Disc_light Wow! You WERE patient to catch it without people. Brilliant!Sure. Why not? Lost grip on my flat iron this morning and ended up catching it. Bonehead move. THEN I dropped it an… @Dawn_French @emmafreud Love. It.Not sure the UK government tries as hard as the Cat.
Retweeted by H McCausland @rickygervais You are smitten, aren’t you?FALL = pumpkins, blankets, colored leaves, pine cones, and warm beverages. I have a love/hate relationship with thi…
@Wolfiesmom Oh, that smile he had!New Zealand! Love it!
@RexChapman And a WOMAN in charge. 💪🏻On tap for today: laundry, more catalog work, and beer, cheese & leek soup. 11th and the Sweet Alyssum is still holding on in the window box. The stream side of the house is much warm… @CarmenWbluewave Sadly, I’m not shocked, nor surprised if true. @chardyemm WOW!
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@BuffaloBills @UBMDOrtho 🙁 @PPistone It’s a tad ridiculous isn’t it? @georgehahn More like Swamp 11I'm worried that if Mike Pompeo releases any more of Hillary Clinton's Emails she might not get elected
Retweeted by H McCausland @rickygervais OMG! I love how she stands up! She’s a performer.Some folks just love stealing the limelight 😁
Retweeted by H McCausland @DelReid Shouldn’t they have to forfeit a game then instead of postponing one?
@georgehahn Now, I worry about you not wearing a helmet when riding your bike through the big, beautiful city. Or d… two winds storms, our fall foliage is almost gone on the stream. A few bright spots left in the morning light…
@mattdracing Yes! Congrats! @ananavarro @JoeBiden Oooo! @MereWasThere Yeah, this decision makes no sense to me. We’ve been doing so well and now the OTHER flu season will be upon us too. @georgehahn His only black friend. @rickygervais I knew it! ❤️Again, just a different “man”.
@georgehahn @ananavarro @KamalaHarris Yes! 💪🏻 @RandyRainbow @PattiLuPone ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️WOW!! @MereWasThere Oh, damn. So sorry. Hoping something pops up for you really soon.
Yep. It’s THAT time of the year. #catalogseason’t believe any polls! We can’t be complacent again. VOTE! @PressHerald @KevinMillerPPH We’ll be voting today! @edinspotlight 😲❤️ Wow! Just brilliant...literally! @TVLeeG @SharonVazNewz @Todd_Gutner ❤️❤️
New drinking game: every time @wolfblitzer says “stand by”, have a sip of your favorite libation. But don’t drink and drive.I am SO tired of this man. He’s exhausting, embarrassing, idiotic, selfish, and immature. I could go on, but Twitter knows.Someone got a new bed in my office! She’s been sleeping on the door mat since I started working from home in March.… years ago today: #brainaneurysmsurvivor
@BradleyGelber @DelReid Noooooooooo!!!!Dammit. It’s Sun. morn. Woke up at 2:30am. Then my darn, tired brain woke up and started THINKING about catalog wor…
@NPRKelly Good times...good times.
@cnnbrk Class act. @brat_tea @Kokomothegreat least it wasn’t about Hillary’s emails. @Theweewhitedug @ArgyllHolidays @CruiseLL No fall colors on the leaves?