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@stuffspins @kaxeius @miIfandhoney 😭 @liizion @liaaval anything but piplup or bust @liizion @liaaval yes @liaaval i see no problem with that 🤨 @liaaval ..furry @liaaval take it off 🤨 @kaxeius 0.o @jessxvz IM DIAMOND 3. @jessxvz IS THAT A YES @jessxvz please play diamond 3. @jessxvz I STG @jessxvz im dogmeat @jessxvz ur the bvest=[rtyrefhtydfuyhdjfhgfjugjfghj @zacheronie MSOE its not even in illinois LMAO @florscnt u legit lost me more rr than gained... @iamhcu i moved onto campus, and im on wireless @gabbys i dont even got that ethernet gg @KaedenVAL MSOE, and this is wirelessHOLY FUCK#LJKM dfgs'klm;dfgs '/fgbdsfgds time. (yes im crying rn) @181RAYS whyd u keep peaking 😪 @kaxeius i do 😪 @miIfandhoney nah i am blocking @miIfandhoney @stuffspins i hate this so much @nickVAL_ @Slxnders @vzrcy @AspireUnit @chaz75 @181RAYS @9zamm @etherealVAL_ @mistmie @yaszuki banger 🥵 @miIfandhoney please change pfp back @erein_a were you the girl who wrote someone’s mommy with a prime karambit 😱😱 @etherealVAL_ @edgyqt were these troll scrims @DaimyoVAL you are not my little poggers champ 😪 @miIfandhoney @ecchannaaa JIT @miIfandhoney @ecchannaaa im talking about the little bit @ecchannaaa short ass😭Happy #NationalBoobaDay 🥲
Retweeted by HIKARI⚡ @tasyiu yesyeah im people
@liaaval @LayziVAL whats so funny 🤨 @liaaval @LayziVAL W @xacids @edgyqt tell me how the shitter acids trial goes @edgyqt SORRY @stuffspins who is stuff?how top players comm in VCS finals
Retweeted by HIKARI⚡ @Toastedtw @veoash @noxufps @Ev3ly6 toasted arent u a… @jalccna[02] [STREAMPACKAGE] Support is appreciated!
Retweeted by HIKARI⚡ @angeIsanarchy @noxufps get me in the cord i wanna bully the loser also @Ev3ly6 vouch for @noxufps @liaaval goodmorning???八月の夜. ♥️+♻️(highlights from yesterday)
Retweeted by HIKARI⚡ @kaxeius @xacids LMAO @kxtieoh ???? @noxufps @Ev3ly6 @florscnt i’m waiting.. @Ev3ly6 @noxufps 🤨 @noxufps @Ev3ly6 did u hit imm again @Ev3ly6 @noxufps and i’m malding i’m also diamond @Ev3ly6 @noxufps he’s now diamond @Ev3ly6 @noxufps ur making him washed @Ev3ly6 @noxufps what this @kxtieoh what ar @noxufps @Ev3ly6 shutup u simp. @Ev3ly6 @noxufps look at ur bio @Ev3ly6 @noxufps simp @stuffspins @tasyiu ? @tasyiu @stuffspins i’ll be a plant for a year if it gets me that treatment @tasyiu @stuffspins i need it bro @iamhcu good clip but also terrible 😭that sova did not care @strangerkun @xod0lly @n1ck3ls_ WHAT @xod0lly @strangerkun @n1ck3ls_ unvouch dolly is a bigger bully than u @SQUIPey_ @Nighty10k @ciaolyx @aftersworld same @kiraachu_ you are so good @azrlt truly @kaxeius i should flame u for the crosshair placement in the beginning but good shit @xacids if i’m correct @xacids we start tomorrow
college is interesting 😵‍💫 @Evs2x @miIfandhoney i should block u. @Evs2x @bobabonk that was just uncalled for @iiyumeow OFC I DO @iiyumeow but no women want me either way @iiyumeow yep @SynergyRTR hbd router :) @kyorokaa damn… @koalanoob holy fuck i’m crying @sevvn ty for the best clip everhow top players comm in VCS finals @mistmie @Nighty10k @dommymommies how many couches for me to get in for my bday @mistmie @Nighty10k @dommymommies hi mist @Nighty10k @dommymommies vouch @stuffspins @kyorokaa u manifested yourself one 🤨 @stuffspins @kyorokaa 🤨 @stuffspins @kyorokaa where’s mine stuff 🤔 @kyorokaa queue with stuff @Toastedtw whats with this depressing ass anime ending ass music @chIosterr @kaxeius GIVE ME THE VID CHLOE @lacebIunt ???? ur just wrong @lacebIunt ??????? NO MOUSEPAD @grieve4love MAN TOMMY.
@edgyqt dms i also move in tomorrow @edgyqt edgy have u seen it 😭bro val comm beef is so stupid