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hikari @hk4ri hyoon fan | pokemon.

hey i’m hikari! o/

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@chithetree arent u plat @seshiriaa_ pain. @seeyousoonpal 😭bro these new PLA pokemon look goofy asl @0915LUCAS did u play with tarik on split or something @ashpwo @chrisgamer2k valid @xacids @ciaolyx yes #ciaoduowhen @xacids @ciaolyx u gotta reply under the tweet not my reply. @ciaolyx @ciaolyx ciao duo when @Daedra rowlet. @Daedra i am jealous. @natesayo L keys W doors @venusluvvr @kazeius i did not switch on u youngin @natesayo L gif + L take @kazeius @venusluvvr she just don’t understand the reality of real friends L friend @natesayo L tweet @venusluvvr @kazeius that’s not even a good insult that’s legit all ur gonna say 😐 @venusluvvr @kazeius L reply @venusluvvr what i expect 🐐🐀 @pandayq 😢 @pandayq @killjoysimp no. @killjoysimp @killjoysimp me too @pandayq @killjoysimp ratio. @killjoysimp . @sarachashrimpp @DerekJoon leave him alone @pandayq @thwifo u didnt do this against us. @synsindi become a god at everythingstreams return thursday, i will finally grind again. @DerekJoon no. @be1sack u def did @be1sack poor caroline @aspenqt 😱 @Nighty10k 😱who want me(please im begging.) @0Ktinaa a eboy @h3eds i don’t mean it @h3eds sorry @h3eds ok loser @seshiriaa_ L bozo @ZeroX5Z it’s crazy @tasu87 why not @edgyqt pain. @venusluvvr why ellie @ZeroX5Z bro it’s at 400 likes now😹going out SAD. @notrxchel @AeroValorant @xxelitism wtf. @_novaVAL u can no longer be her pho😢 @meilee it’s fine @meilee 💯💯💯🐐 @sevvn @PioneersGG W man’s @RemValorant @PlayVALORANT yep 💯💯💯🐐val goat @RemValorant @PlayVALORANT afk @RemValorant @PlayVALORANT u deserved to lose it fr don’t ask @iamhcu @Nighty10k you should. sad results will vary 🥲 @Nighty10k where the ladies at don’t play with my man’s @Nighty10k crazy world we live in. @98x07 the best valorant player 😮😮😮
@meilee yeah :D @meilee all good. dont spray with vandal, it will betray u @shuboxs man all ur gonna do is afk back site. i stg. i regret becoming good at kj. @Evs2x @WasteManOP @haesarchive hi ev @WasteManOP @Evs2x @haesarchive :0000000000000 @shuboxs youll regret it. @Evs2x @WasteManOP @haesarchive NBOOOOOOOOOOOO @jangmije I JUST WANNA SLEEEEEEEEp @notrxchel yep. @jangmije same i still have a marketing course before i can do anything else 🥲 @jangmije how are you doing @jangmije hi emi o/ @Nighty10k @OUTCA5T what is tenz best clip @AeroValorant @marynah_1 where’s mine 😮😮😮final hours
Retweeted by hikarivalorant video for the one tap enjoyers
Retweeted by hikarihi i posted a video would mean a lot if you could like it :)
Retweeted by hikari @shaylibacy @res86 hi shay @res86 what’s up @varti36 @KaedenVAL hi varti @KaedenVAL 💯 @KaedenVAL ur not the main character kaedenval on twitter @KaedenVAL then it’s obviously not meant for uhe ain’t die, i’m just praying he lives 🙏rip @res86 <3 @senaachu oh. @001PSD LMAO he actually looks so happy singing it @senaachu who hurt u. @senaachu stop. so happy xqc is watching hunter hunter @jellyfish_val @_Od26 @FatalGlytch no what happened. @notrxchel ur still too low to queue. this why u placed gold💯💯 @jellyfish_val @0Ktinaa @adorbse then think about her type. 50. @pondsnaiI im so depressed @notrxchel u finally hit plat yet?🐀 @0Ktinaa @adorbse and then think about the community under 18 250. @notrxchel why are you replying to yourself? @0Ktinaa @adorbse also u swing both ways? if not 500 @0Ktinaa @adorbse wow. @0Ktinaa @adorbse think about the racist, misogynistic, homophobic. that limits u to like 1k players @0Ktinaa @adorbse but 20k valorant players.