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Examining new FaZe lineup, IEM Katowice results on HLTV Confirmed with karriganá sign iDk leaves FunPlus Phoenix, suNny joins as stand-in Phoenix finalize ESL Pro League S13 team list; group draw announced's journey in CS:GO has abruptly ended, with him departing from EG and switching to another game. The 20-year… in talks over niko - Report it 2017 all over again? Gambit have claimed their first Elite Event trophy since the PGL Major! The team took h… Masters Spring qualifiers announced
Player stats and awards for IEM Katowice 2021 MVP 🇷🇺 sh1ro EVPs 🇱🇻 YEKINDAR 🇰🇿 Hobbit 🇺🇦 s1mple 🇷🇺 Jame 🇩🇰 devi…
Retweeted by HLTVorgVideo: nafany vs. game for the group stage of #SnowSweetSnow 2 is LIVE with prizes up for grabs! You have 11 hours left to s… named IEM Katowice 2021 MVP headlines our squad of the event for #IEM Katowice 2021 both as Star and Clutcher, with 19 wins in 1vX rounds… MVP award for #IEM Katowice 2021 goes to @sh1rocsgo on the back of amazing clutches and outstanding consistency… hammer to win IEM Katowice 2021 are the #IEM Katowice 2021 Champions as they take down @virtuspro 3-1! 14:16 on Vertigo 16:6 on D… leaves Evil Geniuses was the difference maker for Gambit on Train with 1.25 KPR and 2.34 Impact Rating! #IEM Map statistics:… outclass @virtuspro 16:4 on Train Will Overpass be the final map? Match page:… stepped up for Gambit on Dust2 against VP, ending the map as the top-rated player with 1.14 KPR. #IEM Map s… bounce back against @virtuspro with a swift 16:6 victory on Dust2. Train will be the third map:… edge out @GambitEsports 16:14 on Vertigo Up next is Dust2: #IEM Lions to go international - Report is time! @GambitEsports and @virtuspro enter the server soon in #IEM Katowice 2021 to decide who takes the trop… team will become the #IEM Katowice 2021 Champions?We are just an hour away from the #IEM Katowice 2021 Grand Final between @virtuspro and @GambitEsports! The teams… "I desperately miss playing top-tier teams every day of the week; it's up to only me to make that happe… player, best damage dealer (94.6), most efficient entry (74 OpK): YEKINDAR is having a tournament of his… 1st 🗓️ - 20:00 CET 🕖 @karriganCSGO will be joining @HLTVconfirmed to talk about his return to FaZe, IEM Kato… Open March team list finalised and Paquetá advance to WESG 2021 Brazil Finals
Snow Sweet Snow 2 group stage Fantasy game live with prizes take down Liquid to set up all-CIS IEM Katowice final was untouchable on Mirage! He wrapped up the map against Liquid as the highest-rated player with 26 AWP kills… power through @TeamLiquid 2-0 16:9 on Dust2 16:12 on Mirage #IEM will have more impact in the second semi-final of #IEM Katowice 2021?.@yek1ndar and @EliGE have been the standout player for their squad so far in #IEM Katowice 2021! Who will power t… through to IEM Katowice grand final over Spirit was the difference maker for @GambitEsports with 0.86 KPR and +18 K-D Diff. Stats:… defeat @Team__Spirit 2-0 16:11 on Overpass 16:13 on Inferno #IEM and @sh1rocsgo are the players to watch going into the first semi-final of #IEM Katowice 2021! The…
YEKINDAR shines as edge out Astralis to advance to IEM Katowice semi-finals was the difference maker for @virtuspro with 0.93 KPR and 99.2 ADR. Stats: #IEM take down @AstralisCS 2-1! 16:10 on Overpass 12:16 on Train 16:11 on Inferno #IEM OG bench NBK- stepped up for VP on Overpass against Astralis, finishing the map with 1.04 KPR and 8 first kills. #IEM M… announces free agency eliminate NAVI from IEM Katowice 77.7% people voting in favor of the Ukrainian superstar, @sh1rocsgo came out on top as the highest rated pl… reign supreme over @natusvincere 2-0 16:12 on Overpass 16:6 on Train #IEM will come out of the clash with the higher rating ? #IEMThe two highest rated players of #IEM Katowice 2021 go head to head as @natusvincere take on @GambitEsports! Matc… sign sjuush, refrezh bench b0RUP, niko time has come! The Playoff stage of #IEM Katowice 2021 starts today with a CIS match-up between NAVI and Gambit…
Calyx leaves Envy on FURIA's first tournament with junior: "To be honest, communication was quite good" your team for #IEM Katowice 2021 Playoffs, the fantasy game is now active with prizes up for grabs 👇 🔗… add Dem0N to academy roster to remove NBK- - Report fnatic going out early this year, among all teams they hold the record of most ESL One/IEM titles won in Ka… there a more aggressive player than arT? FURIA's IGL ended the group stage of #IEM Katowice with the highest OpK… plays down Spirit defeat: "Overall, I think we've looked pretty solid"
TIGER part ways with team Open March invites revealed finish at the IEM Katowice Play-in saw fnatic drop to #17 in the world rankings while both Gambit and NiP m… sh1ro's 12 1vX wins at IEM Katowice 2021 group stage "We had to rethink the whole idea of a six-man roster; I'm going to play multiple maps" @jusse66 @natusvincere @virtuspro @Team__Spirit @GambitEsports @nemigagg @Winstrike_Team is ranked #26, while… is taking over the World Ranking! Spirit have become the third team in the region to enter Top 10, reaching the… Katowice: Biggest talking points so far xseveN vs. Winstrike Salt bench motm; look to MarKE
"It also came out of the blue for us that we could play this bad." @AleksibCSGO about OG's form, calls for roster… on OG's situation: "We're having a lot of discussions" joins Young Ninjas announce new roster with twist, MODDII and znajder MAD Lions coach, @peacemaker spoke to HLTV about how he handles criticism from the community, his future pla… open to offers for Junior trio clutch minister in #IEM Katowice? sh1ro won the most clutches in the group stage, sporting 88.8% success in 1v1… leaves Envy
"It doesn't take anything else but to headshot individually" @AleksibCSGO on what OG needs to contest for the very…
Retweeted by HLTVorg.@HLTVconfirmed is now live with guest @AleksibCSGO! Topics in focus will be OG's slump and how the team plans to… IEM Katowice Group Stage and removal of IEM Beijing from the recent events subranking caused several changes in… on the notion that he ruins teams: "I just try to ignore so I don’t carry that with me" OG's plateau and IEM Katowice groups with guest Aleksib Katowice playoffs Fantasy game goes live’ players have spent the most time as the #1 team, with their long-standing trio accumulating 120 weeks on… Katowice 2021: CIS Division? 4 CIS representatives made the list of top-rated players in the tournament's grou… degster vs. Astralis
IEM Katowice reaches playoffs stepped up on Inferno with 0.76 KPR and 89.8 ADR. Stats: #IEM break NAVI's streak to advance to IEM Katowice semis, to playoffs over FURIA reign supreme over @natusvincere 2-1 16:14 on Overpass 7:16 on Dust2 22:19 on Inferno #IEM wraps up the series as the highest-rated player with 1.05 KPR and 10 first kills. Match statistics:… take down @FURIA to secure the last Playoff spot in #IEM Katowice 2021 16:14 on Overpass 16:10 on Mira… stood out on Overpass against FURIA with 1.10 KPR and 7 first kills. #IEM Map statistics:… defeat Astralis to top Group A, Gambit eliminate G2 in IEM Katowice proved too much to handle for Astralis on Dust2, wrapping up the map with a stunning rating of 2.05 and… (#16) stun @AstralisCS (#2)! 11:16 on Inferno 16:13 on Train 16:1 on Dust2 #IEM