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Cartoonist & editor. NO IVY LEAGUE, @ComicsforChoice, etc. QUEER AND HOW WE GOT HERE coming 2024 @littlebrownYR. Tweets for @awaveblueworld, opinions my own. ⚧

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anyone else get depressed when they haven't taken T for a while? feeling extremely "off my meds" 😩i can't stop thinking about this shit. hostile architecture, meant to keep unhoused people from making use of publi…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevanthappy mother's day @scumbelievable -your devoted son
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant"come on fhqwhgads" is dad rock now...
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @fylisfe @cartoonstudies congratulations!!!
thought this was a 20-year-old lesbian singer-songwriter for a hot second @HipSomm ayyy i remember sending a big package of books to someone in Australia! glad you're both enjoying them!i mostly listen to people explaining awful goings-on in a kinda-funny way nowstorytelling podcasts and podcasts that explain objects are so Obama-era to meHow it started How it's going reviewed the truly wonderful comics/poetry anthology "Embodied" for Tasteful Rude @RudeTasteful
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@katelacour if we're talking about all ED's, Lighter Than My Shadow is a graphic memoir by Katie Green! and i'm edi… @jrc2666 reviews Embodied, declaring the collection of poetry and comics "one of the most exciting and stimulating…
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New video for "Be Okay" by @angelaeliamusic made with EMBODIED art by @CarolaBorelli, @SaritaJeanine, @fiction_dust
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantroundup of art i did in 2020! some GUANTANAMO VOICES pages, some QUEER & HOW WE GOT HERE pages, & some personal pai…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantFull fit foto
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantmy cats when i tell them "i'm gonna eat you like a little snack!!"
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevanttall art time, never posted this painting on twitter 🌄 @jameslucasjones @OniPress I have a dracaena marginata and it's a chiller! and a good ol' monstera surviving by a n… @MollyOstertag incredible!!! can't wait to read the whole thing :D
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@scumbelievable 😈 sneakin into your lexiconI hear from someone like this maybe once a week. There is no such thing as ROGD, there is no gender craze—people ar…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantI was losing it watching Belle de Jour because of Pierre Clémenti's extremely 2017 face!!! Really stuck out in a 19… could not pick just one. they got absolutely blasted here
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantSome of the lovely press for EMBODIED: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology 💖 We're proud to have fa…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantLook at all the goodies we just got from @ssbcpunk! Come grab these and many more gay indie comics and zines you've…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @katelacour god, samePlease enjoy these selections from iconic children’s book, The Rainbow Goblins (Ul de Rico, 1977) 🌈 🧵
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EMBODIED: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology hits comics shops tomorrow for #NCBD! We couldn't be…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @NightlingBug I swear, one of the biggest negative cultural barges in the west is the idea that men in families sho…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantI'm sure most of you have seen that NYTimes article about how the U.S. probably won't reach herd immunity, and so I…
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"Images from the poems are given form and shape, sometimes with daring, unexpected approaches, and always in ways t…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantHi Twitter! My name is Wyeth and I'm a background designer and comic book artist looking for work. You can see more…
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@wilted @scumbelievable He's not?? @Mx_Vigants @scumbelievable Aww same here!.@scumbelievable said i sound like Nick Cave now and i'll be taking that one to the bank, thank you
In stock! BE GAY. DO COMICS Featuring a fantastic line-up of amazing creators like @HNewlevant, @sasha_velour,…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantWishing you all strength and energy this Beltane. 🌷
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant"Gay life is rather like the early Christian Church: it exists wherever and whenever two gay people gather together…'s goooooooo!
For opening blossoms and closing #NationalPoetryMonth, enjoy Kayleb Rae Candrilli reading their poem: "To The Cher…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantAmerica is a white settler colonial state. Racism is inherent in its organization. It’s wild how people don’t recog…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantSo when ppl say “America isn’t racist”, that’s not an opinion or expression of how someone feels. That is a wildly…
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Here with special guests @GivhanJenn, @SaritaJeanine, and @misslaskogross! Reflecting on the similarities between p…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantthis really is everything you need to know to get up to speed on anti trans bills and their broader political conte…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantSeeking technical info for a comics guide to safer drug injection with a focus on wound/scar prevention. I’d great…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantWe now have 7 states banning trans kids from sports in 2021 (7 laws in 6 states - Arkansas passed 2 - plus Governor…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantall book titles should end in ", baby"
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantYes it is I!! Aggy!! The artist formerly known as @stwawbwewymilk !! Because I love you all very much you can sti…
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EMBODIED gets a Starred Review from @ForewordReviews !!!
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I guess now is a good time as any, but I'm working on a new graphic memoir! It's called IT WON'T ALWAYS BE LIKE THI…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @MollyOstertag @Tiedyeguy3 yessss glad you've made some good meals with it!I really feel like we’re coming out of the pandemic and going straight into the 4th wave of ska
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant🌸 URGENT funds needed! 🌸 Lady O & King F are formerly incarcerated Black trans people who need to raise at least…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantVery nice news: Guantanamo Voices won the Lynd Ward prize from @psulibs & @PACFTB. "Mirk & her team of artists bea…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantJust going to keep quoting from the announcement because it's so nice... "The stories are nuanced, not setting up a…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantDid you do a lot of reading during the pandemic? Nominate your favorites for the Ringo Awards!
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantSecret baby reveal is her surprised and affronted face when i tell her she's silly as she's walking toward my food
@CJIsWingingIt 🖕😤🖕 @marsyorkemakeup look up the Nervous System of Harriet Cole @FStewartTaylor i couldn't agree more'm looking at a nervous system extracted from the body, and gotta say i hate it. it's fucked-up looking
"sex hormone blood test" is my favorite red hot chili peppers album @adult_witch that's true, it's cool to see the rest of the Dreamland cast front and center! @adult_witch really! even without that, it wasn't doing it for me nearly as much as the ones with Divine. what do… Flamingos is the one to watch. 2nd choice Multiple Maniacs.ok no one expects anything of John Waters but this is fucked up towards phalloplasties. media about phallo is unive… Living (1977) is giving me Drag Race acting challenge been 9 months since I dumped him .. I still feel 💔 until I remember. .. when I was hand-making him merch 🎧 he w…
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i’ve seen enough. i’m calling it. fall 2021 will be a Fat Boy Fall.
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantmillions dead and the genocide has only just begun unless these patents are lifted, or pray for the IP hackers to b…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantDear comrades in the US left sphere. Please, organise to force your govt to release raw materials for Indian vaccin…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant#IndieBookstoreDay let's goooooooo! 🎉🎉🎉 Visit your local independent bookstore for all kinds of deals and exclusive…
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@TheNedBarnett or more like, complementing each other's hair and outfits. @TheNedBarnett look forward to drunk-everyone telling each other they're hot in all gender bathrooms!!Don’t miss this excerpt from Embodied: An Intersectional Feminist Comics Poetry Anthology (@AWaveBlueWorld), publis…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantTomorrow is #IndieBookstoreDay! It's your first chance to get a copy of #AWBW's EMBODIED: An Intersectional Feminis…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantNo amount of training or lip service will keep us safe from an institution set on tearing us down. Defunding and di…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantalways a joy to catch up with patti harrison, who is no longer on here due to being Suspended4Truth…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantAll NYC-run COVID vaccination sites are open today for walk-in appts for anyone eligible, 16+!
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @Magsalicious
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Come join our first MOM & POP COMICS TALK and ask questions to your comic book parents, @TylerChinTanner and…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantfictional characters with your name few months ago, my mom suddenly got really sick, nearly life-threatening. she's okay now, but she needs help with…
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nice contradictions you've got there. sure would be a shame if something...heightened them
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantlook at this little fool who jammed herself in here 😭💕 #NationalPoetryMonth, we're sharing poetry in many forms, from sequential art to video! Listen to the melodio…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantnice contradictions you've got there. sure would be a shame if something...heightened themwe should bring back "Your Fave is Problematic" but it's just a list of celebrities and artists who are enabling or making N/F/T shit
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantBoo hoo hoo these babies, these sweet little cats
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Let’s be clear – a guilty verdict is not what George Floyd’s family wants. They want George to be alive today. A gu…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @TheOtherMarioC they said "do a line instead"
It's all to distract (myself) from the large pimple i have is NOT the Village Voice you know. It’s masterminded by the same Orange County Republican activist who sank t…
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