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Ignatz & Eisner-winning cartoonist & anthology editor. Social media @awaveblueworld, opinions my own. New graphic memoir NO IVY LEAGUE out now! ⚧ they/them

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@marsyorkemakeup These plants 😍“The Lost Boys” but it’s skater e-girls 🧛🏽‍♀️ based on some real ppl/outfits I saw at Santa Monica today.
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @francescalyn I'll keep it in mind! 😙My ex was a whole lot, but one good piece of comics advice he had was to pick pseudonyms for everyone in autobio co… @MouthfulofGlass He's my man crush!I did a comic about meeting my teen boyfriend by playing Magic at unschoolers camp, and I've always thought of it a… @scumbelievable Thanks baby 😘Hair part got me feeling like Tim Roth am volunteering as a texter for Bernie! It's really easy and you can do it from anywhere! I have been called a co…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantGood boy Salty is keeping me company
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @Kecky415 Precious baby jail?Forgot I ordered this baddie too 😍 six days to go! Let's see if we can get to 1000 backers today.
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@scumbelievable But an adorable and gorgeous oneIf I was in Portland this weekend i'd be all over this! Kris is the best from this spring and summer
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @AngrygirLcomics I call mine "graphic novellas" @CJIsWingingIt Omg I read this as "thinks this IS a good outfit" and thought you were putting her on blast! It's good 👍 @LauraLannes Ugh i'm so pissed about my indesign ps4 being taken away still. Looks like my SVA email works, thank you!Tomorrow!!! Come thru and support East Bay cartoonists and artists!
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevantthese watchmen and their TikToks 😤 @randlechris Uh uh! Are we back to the Greek mythology stuff? I liked that block @adventurevernon Functionally it's a cheaper Diabolic Tutor, but the name and card art are so sick @LauraLannes I'm not! Will look into it, thank you @adventurevernon Another time, then! @adventurevernon Are you free tomorrow >.>I can MAYBE lock someone down by turn 3 with my reanimator deck, but most of my decks aren't brutally efficient, th… is what we observed at the video game awards last night 😓 congratulations @uglymachine for the game she worked… for my Grave Pact deck I've had for at least a decade, whomst ready to get fucked up in some casuul @CJIsWingingIt Those lashes make anything a good outfitI cancelled all my recurring donations and am sending the same amount to Bernie. Tried to get away with cancelling… @JasAmiri Yay!! Happy we'll be able to cross paths in PDX, and that you found the perfect apartment to ameliorate having to move! @olivebrinker Hazel ;)Things are already awful, now more people will realize it. The liberals hate socialists more than they hate conserv…
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@ioascarium <3 YOU are a legend and a treasure @aidylight @ProfAthena @MollyOstertag The pronouns are in the profile but i'm actually kinda flattered to get he'd occasionally @aatmajapandya 🙈💕 @MollyOstertag Love you <3 I was just thinking about my first bday in new york, how I was like "can you just...invi… birthday @HNewlevant you are the best and I'm lucky to know you!!! thank you for absolutely destroying the da…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantIt's also basically @uglymachine's and my friendiversary and we're eating nachos and watching the new L Word comic about frog with lipstick, non-binary icon
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @DaveScheidt Thanks Dave <3 look in the mirror baby!!🤳 @WhitTaylorComix 💕 me too!!It's all true!! Today is my birthday, and whatever my handsomeness and talent levels are now, i'm improving 😊🎆“i want you to be able to say: i built the homes and the public services our people needed” lol jesus christ ive cr…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantPanic! At the Discourse
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @ayyylaina How difficult / costly is it to produce? If it's just a b&w zine, or you can make such a version, yes give!!2 days left- move this to the top of your to do list
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantThis is what the British right wing press was saying in 1945 to scare voters away from choosing what became the gov…
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Here’s a good @sarahmirk I drew today! (I’ve been low key drawing a chapter for her reportage collection Guantanam… @CJIsWingingIt The lil sleeper!! What’s their name?This tangle of paws? Unacceptable. @KatyKania She's a little forest critter!If you're a comics scholar working on any aspect of gender and sexuality studies, please consider submitting a prop…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantHighly inappropriate to be this precious 😧🅱️lease, 🅱️uds! Apply to CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo)
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @Grahamophones Happy sag day!! (My bday is tomorrow so I consider this date highly blessed)I really want to do a piece about how “weird girl content” is built around teaching us to want sad boys, older men…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @britta_buescher For drawing, I use Kriota Willberg's stretching warmup from her book Draw Stronger, which does hel… I want these've been thinking about it a lot and honestly the most exciting thing for me about #MTGSecretLair is that…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevanti wrote a very successful weekly queer comic column for six years called Drawn to Comics. would any comics sites be…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @marsyorkemakeup Killing it! Is this the studio we went to?
@Trungles TRUNG 😭 how dare you. 💗Thinking about when No Ivy League got this beautifully written and incisive review 😌💭'm now well enough to go to the post office again, so please go wild ordering my books until the 18th 😘 @oheysteenz He's also a goon who is 90% butt and 100% floof's so beautiful it's ridiculous's full of bees! Who would take such a silly boy and fill him with bees??
Whole lotta 'stache @DerekRuiz You flatter me 😊Some kids have absent fathers. Their fathers live someplace else and don't really visit. My father never had the ch…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantSurgery follow-up today, it's all terribly glamorous. @CJIsWingingIt This is awful @robinhoodie If you're cold, Sam's cold!
One of the most imaginative and densely constructed worlds created in indie comics in the last ten years. The wider…
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@MathewNew SO good! And congratulations on being so close!!Everyone have fun at CALA blease 😭💕 @1_saraluna I'm lucky that this was a one-and-done surgery, sucks to be ongoing careful about lifting heavy things… @1_saraluna Thank you <3 healing is going well so far! @alyssashmalyssa Thank you <3 I think i'm gonna fold this into something longer and more finished, really glad to hear it's interesting!sketchbooking about my recent medical drama
I 💖 My Partner and Fluffy Step-Son @illathekilla I adore you he’s worth it! 💄 This modern, slice-of-life manga about a hard-working office lady and her fashionable, bea…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @grease_bat @alyssashmalyssa I peel bananas when they're ripe and freeze them in a zip lock, so I can take as much…
people keep talking about what the best or worst tweet of the decade but not just the tweet of the decade in genera…
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @cathygjohn @AboComix I JUST said how rad the cover is, now I know why!!What a perfect cover too @HNewlevant Any word with two o's is pluralized with e's. Foot - Feet Goose - Geese Spoon - Speen Boob - Beeb
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantLoving this poster Daisuke Igarashi's done for a theater play
Retweeted by Hazel Newlevant @yaoxiaoart @autostraddle THIS BOOK is beautiful and i'm not afraid!! Congratulations 💖
Celeste's signature emoji is ☺ and mine is 😜 by @DylanNDREdwards Flocks by @wormulus Gumballs by Erin Nations All by trans men and at least partly… @NotLasers LMAO almost makes me wish I talked about bats man!You know who has a really good Patreon? @Vineshtein! And being her patron means she can afford childcare, which mea…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantI think it's funny to put plurals in the middle of compound words and pretend it's all fancy like fleurs-de-lis, e.… thing I think capitalism has become very good at in the last decade or two is “the veneer,” that is, the appear…
Retweeted by Hazel NewlevantDiscovered my Medicaid expired today. (Alert to reapply: when? Where?) Supposedly if they approve my faxed-in proof… of my favorite people I've ever met at SPX is Lawrence Lindell. His minicomics are raw and real--both his autob…
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