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Julie @hoajuu Canada

valorant streamer @ ♡@_liquidpyro ♡

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@lolYisus @Xotic he just like me @Xotic @lolYisus EHEHEHEHE @asyyyc did u see this @asyyyc my badCan’t believe we lost this game lol JG Diff @IWDominateLoL @step1v9 my bad Dom tried blaming you... I admit it guys supporting Yisus boring af he just does the… @step1v9 @IWDominateLoL inspired meshe's been doing this past 5 minutes
Retweeted by Julie playing league wit asyc yisus sanch moxy only girl in lobby imma play any role that isn’t support fo sho
@zaperwave your hair frames your face so well mmmm angel @_liquidpyro hi mommy @mimsy hello my angel baby cupcake 🥺gm @vioIetlol happy holidays <3 @siwx_x @H1RA__ @baekariibae @blo0berree @samado_g @plooful @floaromaa @katkuangg @BTS_twt @_kim_n @suziewithdauzi this @_liquidpyro my wife
@tsuwukii missed u baby @ForestWithin @tenacityna @rizzielol Yeh go ahead and rt it ur so impressed and in love I’m so dreamy listen to my… @tenacityna @ForestWithin @rizzielol CRYING @ForestWithin @rizzielol
Retweeted by Julie @baekariibae so cute @pupb0icarti madeline you’re so perfect @ForestWithin Molly’s Game, has poker in it my fellow gambling addict @asyyyc @ForestWithin @chaseshaco bastard @ForestWithin @chaseshaco @asyyyc goodmorning guys :DMISS YOU!
Retweeted by Julie @harmfoo @WedidValorant pray danny doesn’t catch you two 🤐 @JungleMan72 @hinoy___ can i watch. loli miss exploring the world :( COVID didn’t exist where would you travel to first?
@jackiereyz the vibes are immaculate @minaweeb @lulzamy get back to u later we busy atm @lulzamy hiiiiiii @jessicahkim watching your stream in bed and loving my life atm @_liquidpyro i miss u @karagii Em yeu chi 🥺💘 @plooful GOD I WANT YOU SO BAD GLORIA I WANT YOU PLEASE @macawcaw123 KAYLA ITS SO GOOD we ipad buddies now too I use mine for notes tho
@xDHxxx1 @asyyyc me and @ForestWithin dynamic duo @100Thieves stacked af @tenacityna @poomelol @iloveastrology6 dude why did u change ur user to iloveastrology6 i legit unfollowed u even adamsammchler was better than thisHow are you doing? @kinamp4 This is so unreal clean @IWDominateLoL me dating sanch? lol @IWDominateLoL How much did he pay you @Sanchovies @IWDominateLoL @asyyyc @ForestWithin Hoajuu Manifesto DM Leak ✌🏼 or ✊🏼 @Sanchovies @IWDominateLoL @asyyyc @IWDominateLoL did u see this @asyyyc @IWDominateLoL @Sanchovies nothing scares me anymore i already experienced getting ratiod by you of all peo… @Sanchovies @IWDominateLoL @asyyyc @IWDominateLoL @Sanchovies @asyyyc @Sanchovies @IWDominateLoL @asyyyc do u remember this @Sanchovies @asyyyc it’s almost 1 am chill ur just mad it literally looks like u @asyyyc @Sanchovies WTF SANCHOVIES ,,,..????, @asyyyc wtf is that @SanchoviesZoe E
@nowackdesign The most hardworking person I know @_liquidpyro have an amazing thanks giving Jane bear❤️ You‘re humb… @jessicahkim i love youplaying vs. skye phoenix breach
@Revengeleague @asyyyc @ForestWithin whatever loli’m being ironicheyyyy @ForestWithin NOOOOOOOOkinda goals ngl
Dude took 1 L and turned into ChaseShaco @kinamp4 i’d win in a fist fightyeah i’m deleting this app
@mimsy want u so bad @juwiaTV HELLO MY LOVELY BABY JULIA HOPE YOUR DAY IS STELLAR ! 🥺💘morning gamers rise up @harmfoo @WedidValorant we’re chill fool stop being weird i’m trying to play a game not fuck a squadwhy is asyc on my fyp @jessdot Anytime Jess!! ❤️ Can’t wait to play Among Us together again 🥰 @EmmaMeiLi my favorite pics of u i thinkno thoughts head empty just want to be held
@chaseshaco #1 Shaco world turned immortal Omen one trick 😱😱😱 @LittleRagerGirl I miss uuu 🥺 @KarasMaii Yes keep it up @KarasMaii it’s been hardwired in my brain to always check if your photos are uncropped @WedidValorant sup matt @jdang1x @Shanks_TTV so what’s all this then @KittenElise I haven’t loved a game this much in so long it’s insane @karinerino Don’t be shy come pull it @DekyFPS no u of legends = dead to mehello to valorant gamers and valorant gamers only
Hey, I’m Here For You.
Retweeted by Juliejust in case you didn’t see this @Twitch @JungleMan72 Ppl don’t like themselves in the present but believe that inherently they’re good/smart so they blame… @HUYNH_CS almost as dialed in as your jett 3k todayShanks atm subbing in for IMT vs. Dig @Shanks_TTV W
@HUYNH_CS @TeamSerenity clean @SesoHQ @100Thieves Go Seso Go Seso 🔥🔥🔥good morning @WedidValorant @Twitch @chaseshaco @Twitch nah they just fear my potential
thanks for rejecting me for partner @twitch i know i’m just too cool amazing awesome and you are afraid of falling… @WedidValorant @milkyvitamin bro we have got to get you some hoes