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Valorant/League ♡@_liquidpyro♡

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Joined Twitter 5/18/19 hi @ForestWithin Come back to Valorant we all hit plat
@AsycLoL @ForestWithin Hi Sebi
@issfanfan Pretty gf @AsycLoL @ForestWithin seriously ? long time no cam come say hi 'w' @Xarch_ @mochihann bump^ @kellysama_ You're the best to ever existBADADADADA SHES LOVIN IT sorry james I had to, ily ❤️
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @kyedae Timbits foreverI got my second covid vaccine today and it made me realize I never got a second shot with you... I've heard that it…
@issfanfan How is yours solid... When I got mine taken out it was shattered into a bunch of pieces @eeeeevil ok @eeeeevil :/ @eeeeevil what @kellysama_ SO PRETTY!!!😉
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @eeeeevil yayyy @eeeeevil ok @Keititv ❤️
Get sat down @Yonji_x1 @eeeeevil I'm sorry I held tab @eeeeevil its ok i'll kick someone for u @issfanfan I want to smooch your nose
@ForestWithin @lolYisus Why are we being mean so early guys I've been having a rough day @BadEmperor_ I spent 15-20 minutes looking for bees to bring back to my house just for this to happen @lolYisus I'm blind @lolYisus Wait until you see the reason I wanted the bees in the first place @KittenElise @lolYisus @keynailol Goodbye Jeremy in Valorant hurts more than this *VOLUME WARNING @jonahsunn @eeeeevil yea @eeeeevil u think ? @eeeeevil what
@ibrahimelj You’re the best Ib ❤️❤️❤️ @kellysama_ @100Thieves @kyedae HUUUUGE! WE LOVE TO SEE IT @Kyedae! Kyedae is our first VALORANT streamer and international creator. We love her bright & positive pe…
Retweeted by Julie🦇Julie fancam @lolYisus @lolYisus @eeeeevil @jonahsunn and your 3rd @ @eeeeevil @ForestWithin Minor setback for a major comeback 📈❤️ @eeeeevil @vsshole @jonahsunn kk @eeeeevil oh wow @eeeeevil yeah add Hoajuu @eeeeevil me @IWDominateLoL @ForestWithin THANKS DOM! @eeeeevil Wow you weren’t lying @eeeeevil Was my fit hard @eeeeevil Entirely due to Jonah @jonahsunn peep the remix tho @ForestWithin 40 year old twice divorced geezer one tricking a champion playing in diamond every single day bullyin… @kellysama_ My crush 🥰have a good evening or else 😠
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @flexinja @ForestWithin @AidenSPhan Oh hell nah @AlvMargieIa 💜LETS GOOOOを着たマキマさん、、、
Retweeted by Julie🦇
@AsycLoL @ForestWithin GM ‼️‼️ (Get money)Well well well, look who we have here. @AsycLoL @ForestWithin Jackie just said “theres matte black skins in Valorant? Nice I don’t have to use the default ones” @kinamp4 wrong account @kyedae Short hair kyedae was too precious
2021 just wanted to play some Valorant it here @zaperwave We have matching hair rn and that’s very exciting to memessy hairrrr
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @plushydani ilyi love katsuki bakugou
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @AidenSPhan Aiden stocks 📈📈📈
@ChadDraven @ForestWithin you @SaamLeee Still my fav photographer to work with in the universesome of my favourites from 2019! First time posting on twitter RTs and feedback appreciated 💫
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @theFareoh One of a kind 🙅🏻‍♀️ sorryNew crosshair ‼️‼️‼️ @ForestWithin @lolYisus 📈📈📈📈 MOMENTUM SO GOOD PERMA @ForestWithin u @lolYisus me @brevax yo
@Keititv @kellysama_ THATS MY REAL HAIR 😭 not a wig @kellysama_ I LOOK SO BAD WITH IT ON but here’s an old pic just for you ... @kellysama_ @ethanarnold The couples in Valorant outshine every other game you guys are too powerfulduo in life and in game new 100T enter infinity collection is fire
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @jdang1x @brevax 😬Streaming has actually been so fun lately though ‘w’ ily everyone vs. end of yesterday’s stream Philip dying at 99 made me realise I never kept it 💯 with you. I screwed up royally and wish I could take it… @catsdotexe @ForestWithin new pfp please @sensmp4 @jdang1x Leave JD alone.she's just drinking her morning coffee and thinking about stuff ☕️
Retweeted by Julie🦇 @plushydani I said to post these I did I did me me me yup shout-out to me, doing everyone the biggest favour @flexinja @ethoz Hope you’re feeling better! 💜Morny @chaseshaco ❤️