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Whew @BABYAFRlCA I love to see itaye listen my lil sisters tryna win a free trip so if you’re real you’ll like this post
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @cozylawrence Loooool why u so loud @RubenDFeliz I think it’s time for me
Stop talking about getting my nose pierced again and just do it challenge @Crosley_ @clairevtran @kimcastillo98u ever just wish you could pause, take a break, then resume when you’re ready. Because mood @kimcastillo98 LMFAOOOOO RIGHTTTTTcan joe stop shouting plsjane the v̶i̶r̶g̶i̶n̶ racist* @SpicySudania Jane and Gina are not the same person. Jane would never @BABYAFRlCA So what are u waiting for
Booboo the fool in the flesh, the jokes write themselvesI can’t watch this video without thinking about how her makeup looks like a 5 year old did it. @JestarKay Why u so loudShe’s sitting ... but there’s no chair. My knees could NEVER ! Autumn 🍂🍁
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @RubenDFeliz I FELT thisTo be honest with you, texting feels like mad work when youre literally PULLING TEETH to have a decent convo with t…
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @AdiaTurner Kulture 🌚Exposure is not compensation Exposure is not compensation Exposure is not compensation Exposure is not compensat… @hodayum @Barda_Gordon You got this! Ima be checking up periodically 🤣
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @cozylawrence @Barda_Gordon Pls do! I need all the check ins i can get 😭🥺
@RubenDFeliz Ok but that’s exactly what i need 😭 @RubenDFeliz Launching Halloween !! Hold me to it plssss @Barda_Gordon @cozylawrence 😭😭 I’m giving myself until Halloween to complete it so i need y’all to hold me to it @AnnieAppolon But yes do it !! It’s lowkey the best time @AnnieAppolon It’s just not curly hair weather anymore 😭 i needed a break. @RubenDFeliz I’ve at your own paced my way into doing nothing @cozylawrence @Barda_Gordon Y’all i need MOTIVATION not a Nike quote 😭 that hasn’t been workingSomeone pls tell me to hurry up and finish my website because the motivation is just .. not there rn @Bejeana I can’t wait to chat about it with u 😭 it’s so well written and it’s just gonna get betterCelebrating one year heat free by .... straightening my hair. Am i ok?? @Bejeana Oh babes 😭😭 that show is so binge able it’s DANGEROUS💕
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨I can’t wait to adopt a child
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨Just something to post
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨The cinematography in the joker was 🤯😍🥵
@cozylawrence LMFAOOO say less @cozylawrence Ur welcome ! @cozylawrence Lmfaooo facts factsAt this point.. I leave it to the streets
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @Klutzyfatz am i lying tho 😭 @Klutzyfatz ❤️❤️❤️❤️Qalaanjo ❤️
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @hibo_lovely It’s the truth 😭 @lleejohnn Post and delete the app for a couple hours 😭😭😭 @PEYTlE We love to see it.Cute Time!
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨Honorary.
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨Who y’all be sending my insta posts to. I’m just curiousShoutout Facetune for helping me cement my place on clear skin twitterand @BU_Tweets was gonna let him come to campus? be ashamed of just the fact that it was considered
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @gracechigo @stephgbt @BU_Tweets Its still happening
16th grade is harddddAlla quruxsanaa Twitter deleting my content but we move . @pajaamaz Love uuuu @Klutzyfatz 🥺❤️How many times do u think i have to tag @jackieaina on my Instagram posts before she notices. Because I’ll keep doing it @YasminYonis Xamar Bila by Suldaan Seerar @BABYAFRlCA Love youuuuuuuYou guyssssss this is my friend!!!!
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @nxbyachty ma’am ur avi is flawless omg @WorldOfEuni 💗💗💗 @RubenDFeliz Always appreciate youuu💗💗Well okay then !!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨I look like every somali auntie ever
@_samthelamb Deadass😭Every email I ever send: Hello! I am extremely excited to be corresponding with you! You can tell by the number of…
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨ @cozylawrence I have no words. These photos go soooo hardHow you wanna play this ?
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨I can’t wait for you to see the first episode of #TemptationIsland. Don't miss the episode TONIGHT at 10/9c on US…
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨There goes all the money i don’t have yet
@ItsKozy_ Like i get it I’m anemic but what that got to do with my manager pissing me off 😭My mom’s solution to all my problems is that I should take more iron pills. @Freke_I I’m getting tired of myself. Our here wasting so much moneywe got food at home
You can’t compete with my soul🦋🕊🌱🌬💌
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨Rihanna, ur doing amazing sweetie life really just keeps hitting me. we hate to see it @cozylawrence I hope so too 🥺 fingers crossed @bethlehem_md LMFAOOOOO build a new house sir because these tables are no longer stable @JestarKay 🥰 @JestarKay Tread lightly sir my fingers have been in a healthy relationship with the block button latelyGoodnight Perry said there are people who’s lives are tied into your dreams and that is why you should own your dreams. wow. WOW.This was a wild time for fashion o my god @nxbyachty FBMA twitter.Can i drop my tummy off at the gym and pick it up in 2-3 months.I just spit my water out loooool be tryna “I see you doing your thing” they way back into your life.
Retweeted by glodan ✨💛✨Im at a point in my life where I attribute being emotional to just being hungry. Idk if i should be more concerned… @cozylawrence I’m getting a new phone and I’m now realizing that that means it’ll come automatically updated. My feelings are HURT
@HmJones17 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️I hate texting because I hate broken up conversation. If it takes 20 minutes to reply to each text my brain has exi… we’re getting a PHOTO album. I-