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Imma be completely honest I cannot wait to move to another country because this just isn’t it for me
Retweeted by thee glodanAnd don’t forget to wash ur chicken with soap and water before seasoning . @choycebrown don’t even be sorry they fucked up anymore they just sorry they got caught up and called out. @WanjaNjama 😭😭😭Not me getting my first free makeup palettes in the mail today. We going ✈️ influencing ???? @ajiswriting Loveeeee this for uDamn I was felt supposed to be on a flight to LA this week. Hate to see it @sowhatsgoodb Stunning 🥺🥺The timeline is using a lot of big words today just to say that white peoples are full of shitI feel like if Giveon, Brent Faiyaz, and Sampha made a track...whew.
Retweeted by thee glodanI’m usually late in person as well. Happy belated Eid Mubarak Lovelies. 💓💞 #blackouteid
Retweeted by thee glodanQuruuxley 😍😍😍 Mashallah imma be looking on my way out of the voting booth after I just filled in Joe Biden’s name. @osoble_sensei Wild that one of them wasn’t me but anyways @loammi_garcia21 It’s getting sad 😭And I 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by thee glodanOh cuz i thought the muhfuckers who put all their business on the internet said something about minding our ownIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Appropriate v. Inappropriate Kneeling K…
Retweeted by thee glodan2020 just keeps getting worse fr'm starting to like taking pictures of buildings..
Retweeted by thee glodan @MelTrillaaaax3 Lmk when u find outWe cannot buy into the "perfect victim" narratives circulating about Christian Cooper. Yes, there is something sati…
Retweeted by thee glodanThis mfn PART to go check up on her during these tough times 🥺🥺
Retweeted by thee glodanThis is what type of time y’all be on ?? only time my siblings ever speak to me is to ask what’s for dinner. Might just feed them hot dog water for a co…
@bintijoyce U give me big free spirit carefree vibes. Like a likkle butterfly. And i love itIdk if this is appropriate to say outloud but I’m kind of enjoying quarantine @earthfairyaf Orange on u >>> @bintijoyce Very on brand @afnansinhiding Jobless and alone 😭 @nasheezus What the fuck does that even mean lmfaooooPSA: There are A LOT of Karens in K-12 schools across the US.
Retweeted by thee glodanThe way Amy Cooper suddenly raised her pitch and became shrill on the phone to the police, to pretend the innocent…
Retweeted by thee glodan @glosagal Styling natural hair for occasions is hard 😭😭 @ConqueredNike You spelled taco wrongLost her dog, job and BANNED from Central Park. What a rough 48 hours. Anyway what y’all having for dinner?
Retweeted by thee glodan @bintijoyce It’s an app called snd.wave @youngjedi___ And u didn’t even try to put me on???? WildLemme get a dollar or two @youngjedi___ You must have been on the Apple wave for some timeeeee @velvetsoftpussy I love that for u 😭😭😭 @velvetsoftpussy Since Ramadan i haven’t really listened to music so i guess that adds to it but still 😭😭 @velvetsoftpussy That’s so impressive 😭😭😭 @ConqueredNike Ngl i actually only made my Apple Music account in February so that makes more sense. I thought this… y’all listen to music for so many hours 😭 don’t put a video of a black person being killed on my timeline if you wouldn’t also post a video of a white…
Retweeted by thee glodanThe mehr conversation is a 2 person conversation so i don’t get why it’s on my timeline every single day. fact that twitter’s twitter account replies to and shades people on a daily basis will never not be funny to me.sometimes after I finish typing out a tweet , I re-read it & think “girl don’t nobody gaf” then delete it. 😂
Retweeted by thee glodanThose Minnesota officers got fired but uhh... when are they gonna be charged with MurderNasty girl // on cameraThe fact that there are trump supporters rn in Candace Owen’s mentions calling her out on her shit is the funniest… bitch i love this song so tacky to me about talking down to people who you clearly wouldn’t even be able to do your job without.…
Retweeted by thee glodanLike i get it, sharing inevitably raises awareness and information but damn, i don’t wanna feel sick to my stomach… about how normalized it has become to see black people dying as I scroll through the internet just doesn’…’s paying Candace Owens i must know @youngjedi___ Self care @GrantHDowling Oh yea don’t get me wrong i basically couldn’t take my eyes off the dog the entire time 😭 is just sa… i really wonder if that Amy Cooper video would have blown up if she hadn’t been choking the dog 😭 i feel like t… at the comments section of any viral tweet ever and you’re guaranteed to find one or two hating ass motherfuck… #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated May 30, 2020)
Retweeted by thee glodanIt’s just weird to me how y’all are cancelling Jimmy Fallon right now but no ones saying a PEEP about SNL.💔
Retweeted by thee glodanI’ll never forget the day someone in this app said that stealing from Walmart felt illegal but isn’t @ayofamrelaxxx thanks babessss💛SLAY BOO M’A 💓💓
Retweeted by thee glodanIs it too late to say Eid Mubarak? #BlackoutEid
Retweeted by thee glodan @LC_623 Ur simply wrongMy favorite game to play is how I can turn our leftovers into a brand new meal for a late night snack. Tonight i snapped.Love this song @yeahuseeit Thank u king 🥺💞 @hodayum you snapped in your dp 😤
Retweeted by thee glodan @smhyas Y’all see how she ate that ?🇸🇴 #EidMubarak
Retweeted by thee glodanI found her. The baddest on my timeline. Mashallah 😍😍😍😍😍 twitter could learn a couple things from Ms. Instagram and her use of the mute button.Finally gonna start love island season 2 tonight 😭 wish me luck雨の高円寺 1:12 a.m.
Retweeted by thee glodanNow that Ramadan is over I literally have no excuse not to work out and eat healthy again. Sigh @Asapmerc23 I said what i saidthe thing about men is their sense of entitlement. It just doesn’t sit right with mebeing dramatic, smiling too hard
Retweeted by thee glodan @dayjahvoo_ She’s a whole mess 😭😭😭Choose ur fighter why did this send me @smhyas or the scar on my chest from heart surgeryDropped a ceramic plate and it tore right into my foot. Cut through the tendon that controls movement in my big toe… @smhyas Just do it u can always delete 😭 @BDonna_12 Oh shit 3+4 are crazyyyyyyy 😭😭 @BDonna_12 What season are u on @BDonna_12 The grimiest @Rare_Fils I don’t think 2021 will be BAD They said no concerts till at least late 2021 soJagged Edge is dope because they sing tenderly but they look like they have weapons on them.
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