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@ultrasparky “Also, you, me!!!”This. @essl Ouch @connordavenpo Welcome!
Adding just a few more characters before releasing the font @MarkFonts Bringhurst ⊂ books; Trump ¬ read; ∴The other day I posted a preliminary cover by @chipkidd for the new #Murakami. Sounds like this design is the final… that settles it then.
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co.This is disturbing, and it's not the first time. #enDashGate @dbox Hi Daniel! Sarah here from H&Co. It’s definitely on our radar but we don’t have anything to share about our plans just yet.Xzibit's is the meme that keeps on giving.
In record time! will typeface designers be represented in #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob? We’re waiting.Know your 𒂼𒄄. (Thanks @Evertype for the tip!) @savagejen Oh my god THEY’VE PERFECTED PERPETUAL MOTION @mwichary The mere words “Atari 400 Keyboard” makes me see red. Seriously, it’s a Manchurian Candidate level thing. @ddemaree For a time, one of the many OSX resident Lucidas had some very nice italics, and we called for them in th…
Beautiful work as always by @tadcarpenter. Our Knockout typefaces lend a helping hand to his marvelous illustration… @letterror @typesupply I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta about Git @ddemaree I hear you. Redesign underway, as I’ve, er, mentioned. @gray Nothing says master craftsman like no eye protection and no dust collection system. OTOH, no dust!
@frameset_ch Ah, sorry! I never got used to calling it that. I’m glad we’re almost through with the two decades tha… @gkstories "Rummo" is Gotham, and the rest of it's Knockout. Good pasta, too!So #thatFeelingOfOhWhatLovelyOldWorldTypography followed by #ohWaitThoseAreMyTypefaces. #fooledAgain @frameset_ch Gotham was designed in 2000 @Linktree_ Hey, I just got the sudden, disturbing message from Instagram that a URL is not… are a ж and ф that mean business! @ddemaree There is indeed! (, for those playing along at home.)
@typesupply Me neither, but I'm starting to be able to recite it in my sleep. I'm like a little one-man cargo cult over here. @erikvorhes @typesupply Best part: you can execute that command without even connecting to the repo! @typesupply Best estimate: it would be 0.5% less infuriating @typesupply I do wonder how less infuriating Git would be if it had better, more articulate, better formatted, and… easiest way to resolve Git errors is through: @okaytype When I'm feeling blue, I just try to push my commits to Git, and then troubleshoot the inscrutable merge… @oscarewilde Simple: keep sharpening it until it turns into one of these: this campaign for #Stabilo. (And thanks for using Gotham!)’s @xzibit when we need him? :)
@jonmelville Hi Jonathan. Sarah here from H&Co. My apologies for the delay- I just responded to your email.Dan Kaufman's new book about progressivism in Wisconsin is in stores today, and I was happy to see a little Hoefler…
New font alert! The cover for the new Haruki Murakami is in the works, designed as ever by the brilliant @chipkidd @crehbinder @richardohrvall Tack!
@NickSherman @kioskfonts If you've room for one from a type specimen, let me know! folks at @whalebonemag always do a great job, even beyond using Cyclone for their logo. The latest "Bill Murray… @chorijan @cloudTypography Hey there! Sarah here from H&Co. If you are using the fonts on both secure and non-secur… @StrictlyCircus @scottperezfox Anyone who’s preoccupied with punctuation is OK in my book! @scottperezfox @StrictlyCircus I abandoned ship when I heard the first movie's rearrangement of Lalo Schifrin's bri… @scottperezfox @TypeEd @MrCraigWard My guess is that this is a bad case of Alignmentophilia. E with T and the colon with the L.
@scottperezfox @TypeEd @MrCraigWard It was part of the original series, though that seemed to make more sense with…
Really nice work by the designers at @ellijot. A text sans serif like Ringside can be absolutely stirring when blow…
"I rarely see all-type book covers," someone just said to me. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I agree. But…<looks directly at camera>
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@KBAndersen @EPAScottPruitt And even a dash of malaprop!I'm dying to see more of this project by Erol Ahmed: it's a set of templates for a social media team, using our Ide… is a great thread about the evolutionary hacks that shape human vision — worth reading the whole thing. Thanks… @osma @Foone I think you have it backwards: the visual cortex is a more complicated signal processor than the audit… @cyates81 @Foone It’s amazing, but the story of how eyes evolved is fascinating — and like all of evolution, ultima… @kioskfonts @thepytefoundry “Last time, we got the N and the S upside down, and never heard the end of it from thos… @okaytype @colinmford @typeoff @JordanTBell @HelloLeo Hey @JordanTBell — we have that issue in the office, if you w…
Marking this Fourth of July with this little bit of Knockout, a statement by the city of Amarillo, and a testament… @kioskfonts Another unforgettable evening at Les X-heights Grandes
I'll admit to being intrigued by this feature that @HP is running across social media, and not only because it uses… @pomeranian99 The colors aren't exactly right, but otherwise it's pretty amazing how accurately they predicted the… @pomeranian99 They really nailed this one. @RichardZervakos @adidasfootball Hi Richard! Sarah here from H&Co. Thanks for reaching out- I will pass your message to Jonathan. @lupascu_co I know. Redesign’s in the works, mobile-friendly & more. I’ll keep you posted!cc @jkottke!It’s wonderful how wide @mantia’s question was distributed, and how insightful so many of the replies are, from nur…
Following on Saturday's post of @studiojuice's work for @camdentownbrewery, here's the larger line up, which adds T… @raphlastude I also love how they blurred out the numbers of credit cards now decades expired. Can’t be too careful! :)There goes your morning: the Dutch excavated a canal, and cataloged the 18,978 things they found. Scroll the 120,00…“Not all the typefaces have been designed yet.”
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co.The documentary "Pressing On" is now available on iTunes! Here's the irrepressible Jim Sher… the college where I work we have a room in the library dedicated to “[college name] Authors.” A couple weeks ago…
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co. @ericsiry “My friend Mary says that if you pushed all the Great Lakes together, they’d be bigger than the Mediterra…
Another @ohbeautifulbeer discovery: This was designed for @camdentownbrewery by @studiojuice, using a potent combin…
The folks at @ohbeautifulbeer turned us on to this beautiful identity for @2spbrewing by @posttypography, which use… @petervangrieken Hi Peter! Sarah here from H&Co. I would be happy to look into that for you. Mind sending over an e… @contrafonts Just a paraphrase — I’m sure M.C. put it more eloquently — but I love the sentiment!