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@mikefarrell @mikeindustries Seems like bourbon would have retired the trophy @letterror This one’s on the state, who consistently give tax breaks to massive companies in exchange for promises… @reedreeder The single-storey ‘a’ just makes ‘National Emergency’ seem so kind and approachable!
@Mailchimp @benchestnut @jimmy0x52 @reedreeder Thanks very much! —J @muntzen Hi Eric, Sent you a couple of messages, one here & one on LinkedIn, about a bug that we need some help res… @benchestnut Hi Ben, I sent you a message on LinkedIn about a Mailchimp bug. It's important and time-sensitive, so… @jonathanware I'm just gonna leave this right here for @reedreeder and @EephusLeague. @DSType_Foundry Poor man, though, haunted by his evil twin. @CatharsisFonts All the misfits are Jordan doing a little mixing-and-matching between styles, because he’s a crazy… when I said there were two errant characters in that Inkwell art, and the first to find them would win the fonts… @oelna Well now. A colleague of yours spotted "the two characters" I had in mind ( — but yo… @yamthatiam Those are indeed the two — nicely spotted, Matthew! Fonts to follow. And yet, the plot thickens:
@MLerner_RBS I don't think I've introduced Jordan to "Life in a Blender" yet — my bad! @typegirl Yup, the 'so ligature' looks like it's the S from Inkwell Script and the O from Inkwell Condensed. And Jo… keen is your typographic eye? I'll give a free set of Inkwell Fonts to the first person who can identify the tw… @dbreunig @andest01 But, И O Z O И ? @oleivarrudi @andytouch @andest01 I'm going to start grading all typography on the Maximum Pants scale.Whoa! That's impressive. And if this is your Valentine's Day game, well, the rest of us really need to step it up.… @andest01 I'm glad they resisted the temptation to sell product placement for TOYOTA on them pants.From today's "Exploring Typography," the thought that maybe, when it comes to Optical Size, we have it all backward…, tall, loopy thanks to @JordanTBell, who was there with me every step of the way, trying to find a path between… @beffiedesigner Lots, but then again we're hardly impartial! I'd love to hear your thoughts about other Inkwells, t…'re very pleased to introduce Inkwell Condensed, six new fonts designed to feel like the work of a ‘capable but u… @phineasfrogg Not on the website, but I’m sure we can help — want to get in touch at @justvanrossum (“Ease of writing > ease of reading” a forgivable exception? Not very Python, I know.) @typeoff @typographica @19cWT Might have been, I don’t know! (The fonts for certain; not sure about the specimen books.) @dgwyer @yuanchuan23 Ahahaahaaaaa! It’s madness! Love it.Ok, I love this: @yuanchuan23 Ah! That gave me a very warm Proustian flashback to my Commodore childhood. By way of thanks:
@theorosendorf @cloudTypography I took a look and it seems like you’re all set now, with only production mode proje… @theorosendorf @cloudTypography Hi Theo - Madi here again from H&Co. Would you mind shooting me an email at support… of the US that use Gill Sans are chilling. They’re like props from an alt universe tv show in which the Britis… @jeffwilsontech @laurakalbag It’s not a privileged complaint. There are unions, facilities departments run like fie…
@theorosendorf @cloudTypography We recommend comparing the CSS key on the site to your projects in the cloud dashbo… @theorosendorf @cloudTypography Hi Theo- Madi here from H&Co. Are you trying confirm your own project is in product… @davatron5000 It’s probably still ok to smoke, but just might not be as potent. @merdesigner You bet! @sean_glenn 1899. It's from this book, here: everything I've ever learned about optical size may be wrong. I'm writing about a mysterious paradox in tomorro… depraved mind saw fit to change the typeface to render ‘𝐓-square,’ — but saw no reason to use typography to is…
Underscore, strike-through, same diff. @colinmford On two counts: thank you, Colin. @essl Where is Roger Mudd from “Meet The Press?” Fail! @essl Yes, and what do you mean by “no?” @ftrain This is why I’m voting for Jimmy McNulty. @VictoriaMia #airbrushing: #the #cocaine #years
This scrap of lettering feels positively postmodern to me — but it's from "Elements of Lettering, Lettering and Sig… @ashuttl @kenbiberaj @andrewkalish Next, the many BLEEKER ST. signs!
It's just possible that this figure 2 is a little too zesty for the dish. But there are plenty of other charms to b…
@jenskutilek but do they have Frutiger Weddings Script @TiroTypeworks Yeah? It looks like a pretty typical Stump Style to me; if anything I’d wonder if the roman lc ‘g’ w…
@TiroTypeworks It's excerpted from Johnson's Universal Cyclopædia, though I don't know which edition. (In any case,… @fredgatesdesign @AccentDanceNYC Fred, this is lovely! Thanks for making Ideal Sans a part of it.Had to scan this in before it headed to the framing shop. It'll be making an appearance in a forthcoming H&Co newsl… @BenjaminAhr @CutForTime That "Allamaraine" drop from this week's show is BEGGING to be the official Friends of DeS… @jkriss This is just to say @vareservoir Bring ‘em back! Also, villainous City Hall pols who’d address the press gaggle as “boys.” @LangeAlexandra I love that!Three things about the colour PUCE: 1. No-one knows what colour it is, but most people think green. 2. It is actu…
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co. @LimepickleDesCo @DavidAirey @unmedia Free fonts need scrutiny, but sure! @LimepickleDesCo @DavidAirey @unmedia Thanks?
@jenskutilek I love that this was the very technique explored in ! @jessicahische Headline’s probably enough, though. @ashuttl “Release the Björk!” @jessicahische Me too! Reminded me of this, which I’ve just been sharing with a friend:
@jessicahische I like the idea of introducing additional requirements. “You must post in haiku form,” etc.This surfaced from the files this weekend: the unused cover for our Catalog No. 4. Why on earth didn't I use it? (P… @NickSherman @tillepalle @letterror Ha! This has been my favorite exchange since The Straight Dope clarified: Q: T…
@NickSherman @letterror @commercialtype Are you certain? I'll bet different kinds of renters want different things,… @NickSherman @letterror Ah, I see what you mean. You might be getting at a bigger point, which is that every measur… @NickSherman @letterror Our self-hosting licenses have no tracking, and are on same honor system that we use for de… @NickSherman We use pageviews because they're the metric that organizations are most accustomed to collecting and disclosing.
@BenjaminAhr finally i understand bitcoin @monokromfonts It means “tentacles” @zeldman Oh man, Jeffrey. That is unbelievably awful. I'm really sorry. @ChristyDigital Come back and get yourself some Inkwell! (And let us know where you use it? I'd love to see me some Inkwell on the web.)
@therevdoctor That's a fair point, and absolutely true. What I was thinking though is that these are all actions bo… @MLerner_RBS I think often of MIGHT magazine, and their book review categories: "Recommended," "Also Recommended," "Not Really Recommended"Twitter fosters hostility through its design patterns. Looking to grab a link to a tweet to send to a friend, I ope… van Blokland has a terrific new tool for designing font *families* in a more integrated way. So much more prod… @heiditron3000
Another nutty microscopic type from Nebiolo. Leave it to the Italians to handle a backslant, at six point, with suc… @typeoff & is it worth distinguishing subsequent drawings for these templates — addl sizes, etc — which presumably… @typeoff Great list! Brass templates used to guide the pantograph are probably an important enough subset of (3) (o… @mbeisen @trochee Division By Zero Error @FontsInUse @typographica I’d be hard pressed to name a typeface designer who hasn’t been influenced by Lydian, how…
@JeremyTankard I saw something similar this week in another FF font & wrote to the designer.Still one of the most trenchant things ever written about design criticism, as true as ever. Also, let me speak now… @bahmantype @justvanrossum Saves on OPEN? Why?
I think we might be witnessing something new in the design of book covers. This one by Na Kim has a hint of Sachpla… @misterdymund @ashutosh1 Neither can one of our designers. Very finicky!Heyya, @ASHUTOSH1 — I'm noticing that I can no longer recolor groups of objects (!?) in Illustrator 23.0.1. Has som… @RikerGoogling cc @BenjaminAhr @CutForTime @billtilley1973 Make it so, already!
Portuguese and Spanish apothecary labels designed for pill bottle caps, from a Nineteenth-Century salesman's sample…
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co. @VictoriaMia “Weird space name” is cracking me up. Like you named him “Gliese 581g” or “Zond L1S-1” or something. b… staff having fun with the Solari board at Philadelphia’s 30th St station before its’s removal later this eve…
Retweeted by Hoefler&Co. @ddemaree I’m glad you brought that full circle. Meet one of my five most unexpected Twitter followers:
@JasonCT It’s nice to see them getting ratioed, though. @ddemaree Ketchup and mayo is Russian Dressing, the cornerstone of a good Reuben. Ketchup and mustard is an abomination.