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@theemud @AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @_vMazza No way you got the t-bag and spray on torse in the clip to let’s go lmfaoooo @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @TeamSerenity Assist @sfX_x1 @chiwymiwy @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain vouch x2 @TorseFPS @chiwymiwy @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain He’s mine lowkey @TorseFPS @chiwymiwy @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain Adam also thanks for paying 200k to the orphanage in my area they l…
@TroIIman_ Stiff dragon top 3 vandals in the game and it ain’t 3 @thwifo @T1 Congrats brotha FN boys thriving @Inf4mousEnergy Straight hair ain’t it curly all day @SQUIPey_ @DravanraVAL man I’m sorry
@ZlepOfficial @Mikaelaa_x3 @ZlepOfficial @Mikaelaa_x3 ☺️☺️☺️ @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @AyeeTrain Yeah prob. At this point I’m just along for the ride tbh @ZlepOfficial @Mikaelaa_x3 Who’s that sexy man on the left @Inf4mousEnergy Instead of it falling can you just throw it at my head instead? @KingFPS__ No wonder Im wanting to see if my toaster is water proof @diaamondTV We love you brotha can’t wait to see you succeed in whatever ever you choose to do ❤️ @Inf4mousEnergy Bitch. We said we’d play WZ @aEvilcat JESUS lmao
@AyeeTrain @ashIyne this name is the one tbh @cozyjozie Yo.. priya you good? Lmao
@ripbenjii @Nurfed And their steak was already mid @cryptXVAL Mans took his money and dipped wtf lmao @Scrounge_ Why do you always get done like this… lmao @ShereeHelm That’s Bull and you know it sheree @unstableval Yeah, I messed with my controller for warzone till have 5am this morning 🙃(still doesn’t work) so I’m going back to bedWhy am I up?!? @Realtweak It only inputs my game pad as a mouse and controller is still locked as well..HOW DO YOU MAKE PS5 CONTROLLER WORK ON WARZONE. HELP ME @_vMazza @AyeeTrain Shrek get in here rn @HarmonyyVAL @TrickAIM I like this idea @TorseFPS Yeah they still act like their game is relevant :)
@AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @PuffinVAL @Glorinsz I’m down @savgretch Terrible for you compared to Adderall zones you out really hard @Ban_Val ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @_xanzy Thanks man, Had to delete the audio cause was weird things were being said 🙄😭 @ReignAboveGG 👀👀 @OkeanosQT @shoukrrrr I wanna join 😭
@frostyZK I’ve been Ferrari swung and perfect jiggled all in the same dm man idk lmao @juliaaiis Vouch! @Inf4mousEnergy @TeamSerenity ASSIST!!!It’s a literal ranked curse if I top frag/play well I lose. Bot frag win easily 🙃 @TroIIman_ Nah I’m snappy all the timewe win those everytime @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @BENEEMUSIC Vouch @Inf4mousEnergy @Skrrtfps @starlovesuu No 🧢 @ball_ops @tomaselli_nick Thank you 🙏 @macKVAL_ @imozny @1kotaaa @GuzmanValorant I’d kiss him @ZlepOfficial Not this week @PapaC0le 😈😈😈😈 @juliaaiis 🙏🙏 @ZlepOfficial @ReignAboveGG @macKVAL_ @hyunseoVAL @GuzmanValorant @Avxrsive 🧐 @pkrFPS @ReignAboveGG @macKVAL_ @hyunseoVAL @GuzmanValorant @Avxrsive He’s literally top 5 controller in the game @pkrFPS @ReignAboveGG @macKVAL_ @hyunseoVAL @GuzmanValorant @Avxrsive He’s my astra guy now lmfao @TwitchMueda @ReignAboveGG @macKVAL_ @hyunseoVAL @GuzmanValorant @Avxrsive yesssirrrrr <3 tyty @Inf4mousEnergy 😈😈😈EXCITED to be here, cant wait to see what the future holds‼️‼️
Have never missed so many op shots in my life man… @OgSlym_ Bro why you leaking 😩Who’s ready for the announcement today? 😈 @KingFPS__ Soda In general*** @rxedyn @Apidaez @xternalTV I can use it on any agent 😅 @AARCCtv @TorseFPS Bro that shit so tedious. 82games is a long time @Apidaez @xternalTV @rxedyn I can use a scope pretty well 👀 @TorseFPS @AyeeTrain @_thomaszx @mistmie @Glorinsz @steeFPS Happy birthday old man @iceclatter Ice we know you’re rich man toss me some positive money LMAOHey we finally got tips for click it on my profile and show some love ❤️
@bumpaah Is this box chicken Alfredo? Lmfao @KegShouts @Scrounge_ and pros @ohMuerte @juliaaiis Not if they are from different angles like far and close it gives the enemy in the far angle a better chance @PapaC0le I forgot about the update where they gave Jett and Reyna a Molly… @juliaaiis Nah it needs it people just spraying through teammates with no drawback it’s trash @GoodyFPS @phoFPS Bro cmon imagine the ranked games and how fun they’d be LMAO @phoFPS Bro I’m tired of people spraying through teammates and killing me man lmaoValorant needs team damage ngl @Crit_VAL Bro download davinci resolve its free and doesn’t have watermarks, or crack one of the Sony softwares lmao @Boltzy__ They fix the fps drops on it yet? @frostyZK @FrostyValorant 👨‍🌾 @mythicaaaa We can only hope @Inf4mousEnergy Idk why you thought you were gonna get a different answer lmao @PuffinVAL @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain Idk why he thought he was gonna get a different answer @hailewhy @CoachJoe__ @phoFPS PLEASE get in a server with me and teach me lmfao. My vandal beams my phantom…first shot doesn’t go anywhere near them @phoFPS Yeah idk man. The phantom doesn’t feel like it shoots straight 🙃 @nawtaww Demon on any ping @Holtfrerich @verified LETS GO HOLT @Nurfed @UberEats I’ve never seen someone get rolled harder tbh
@frostyZK Mines longer on one side because of the way it’s layered but I’m growing it out and cutting it even @CoachJoe__ @hailewhy Yeah man I’m hosting a music party is disc for those of us affected by this tragedy @hailewhy Siri ~ play Marvin’s room 😔LAN @BxbyJ_ LMFAO @YoloVAL_ @17 @18 Happy birthday young demon!! @AyeeTrain @mintaims @AYEETRAINFAN69 @Saulsrevenge Same @AYEETRAINFAN69 @AyeeTrain @mintaims @Saulsrevenge Okay really? @AyeeTrain DAMNIT LMFAO 🤣 @TroIIman_ Nah we in thereKay/O tech @TorseFPS Did you just wake up? Lmfao