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I'm watching the History channel in the club and I'm wondering how do these people kno what's goin on on the sun..ain't nobody ever been
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsTHREAD: A federal court just affirmed a *9 year* prison sentence for a blind man in Los Angeles for failing to inf…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsEvery day y’all log on and openly tell the world you have never been loved stand with @newyorkerunion workers walking out today and fighting for a first union contract. The New Yorker shou…
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands11 year old me when the screen went dark and bells started ringing on WWE:
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsSorry idk how to use Python I don’t stammer every time I speak in publicMental illness been dropping 60 bombs on me latelyI wonder what life would be like if I didn’t wanna constantly unalivehow about you get a gorilla grip on reality
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsTomorrow, looking at me getting my ass clapped by Today @jesshcalv__ Imagine paying for pity LMFAOOOOOOOOO @HoodieHades ClownNice
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsthey had to muzzle him bc he was nibbling on strangers ears with his rat teeth
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsJoin Us, Tyga
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsMICHEAL NGUYEN
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsOh You White? L
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsJimmy Carter is right. Until Citizens United is overturned, the corporate oligarchy will maintain the power to bloc…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThe Simpsons doesn't predict anything we just haven't fixed any of America's problems since 1989.
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Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsomw to kill god again y’all need anythingRepeat after me: I am not smarter than Lisa Ann. I am not smarter than Mia Khalifa. I am not smarter than Johnny S…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsSiri queue Soon Az I Get Home
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsFor a moment, it seemed like US society was finally going to come face to face with its maltreatment of migrant wor…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsAssistance for whom you spoiled vat of mayonnaise <3
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands"this economy has transformed the world, but it has merely transformed it into a world dominated by the economy"
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Today is the 2nd day that Biden has chosen not to cancel all student debt.
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThis cartoon is supposed to be anti-Bernie but it’s actually extremely good.
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsthis philosophy shit is hard how do y'all just get a degree in Thinking what the fuck
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsabsolutely incredible levels of bootlicking here monsters and mcdonald’s sprite
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands @munnmunns i would absolutely crush that in one sitting and then not eat for a day and a halfbootlicking shouldn't surprise me anymore but it still confuses me how are you this stupid @badgalariii @hiwotalemuu @rayyan0sman on god we gonna get you some therapybeing white sounds so fun and peaceful
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandswhat if i wall off the enemy and rez u
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandswhat opportunism, capital, liberalism and bourgeois elections did to black lives matter, as it’s done to all black…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsMe and the boys after we get our vaccine
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsi’m so hot n sexy why am i so depressed
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsI hate this app
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands🪐
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsy'know what maybe there is a reason why they won't give us universal healthcare in here is either a philosophy major or a master's student this should be fun people in general should not be teaching any sort of ethnic studies but that’s a can of worms for another dayAlready in love with my class on Black Abolitionist Thought, though I am still v disappointed it’s being taught by a white dude :/Fines have always been an ineffective means of enforcement because the rich will always be able to circumvent it. T…’t this highly illegal shaytaan can’t reach u he sends a white woman
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsSiri play Deadz to culture all day so i can channel my inner sociological commentator“ok but which president hasn’t committed war crimes” bro that’s the problem
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsMy body is changing at the molecular level in order to accommodate all the massive Ws I will be collecting henceforthI been taking ice cold showers every morning after I workout I feel like Miyamoto Musashionly fans delivery service where I come to your house and fuck you call that strokesmates
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThe filibuster didn't come about as the result of the deliberation of great minds. It was a historical accident ste…
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsobsessed with the important standard of chinese handmade teapots
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsjoe biden ran in 1988 and 2008 because of charlottesville and wait is gullible really written on the ceiling?
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsYEAH YOU BAD BUT YOU CAN ALWAYS BE REPLACEDThis is Joe Biden’s nominee for Secretary of State
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsI’m already sick of the Bernie memes lmfao
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands“Buss it, Buss It...”
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThis is the exact reason why Biden has “the most diverse cabinet to date.” Identity politics will shield his admini…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsI am on my hands and knees begging libs to come up with some other analysis besides “orange man bad” holy fuckLet me go to bed before I start grinding my teeth into dustThis is the exact reason why Biden has “the most diverse cabinet to date.” Identity politics will shield his admini… that some “representation” is actually an intentional tool to keep imperialism/neoliberalism/colonialism r…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsFuckers spent over two years talking about this man like he was gonna rape and pillage your neighborhood and it all… @sadafzgr now that I have your attention heyReally don’t wanna be that dude but you shitsucking vermin really went from smearing Bernie as some sort of decrepi… attracted to me LESGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @sadafzgr “My life a movie” yeah bbg Pretty WomanObama’s throw on a nice fit and ya’ll forget the war crimes...every...time
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsLMFAOOOOOOOOO
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Retweeted by Stimmy Sands🚨Beware the “return to normalcy” narrative. Normalcy was already killing us. Please do not be lulled into a state of complacency.
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsI just play zombies and pray to god it protects my sanityJoe Biden really got elected and I never once saw anyone talk about phone banking or canvassing for him. How??? @ChaseSabadaba Just say you want meI sin so my prayers hit harderKISS KISS FALL IN LOVEPeople think you can’t do two things at once lmao is not secure
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThat last part is absolutely correct and it pains me to agree with Ted “horny on main” Cruz to see Bernie go from "racist manifestation of my abusive ex boyfriend who single handedly brought us Tr…
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands @jaynooch As we were watching his speech, my 18 month remarked “I hope we can begin to repair our geopolitical rela…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsWhat a beautiful moment. My two year old saw just joe Biden on the tv and said “mommy that’s the man who levitates…
Retweeted by Stimmy Sandsy’all are like “let people enjoy things” & the things in question are war criminals in designer suits
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThe replies on this make me want to operate on myself with a .44 mindful that language is often co-opted to neutralize an audience. a president saying he will defeat white supre…
Retweeted by Stimmy SandsThe Portland crowd has now gone to the local headquarters of the Democratic Party, smashing windows and writing "Fu…
Retweeted by Stimmy Sands200 left-wing protesters are on the streets in Portland right now, with anti-Biden and anti-police messages. "We a…
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