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Nathan @Hogdini Houston, TX

I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. There's a reason most people don't. Desk job to pay the bills, Dog trainer/foster to keep my sanity.

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Buttigeig: I'm a basic white guy candidate BUT GAY. Biden: I was your favorite President's best friend. O'Rourke:…
Retweeted by NathanPerhaps I should have changed out of my work clothes before pressure washing the patio. @thesarahkelly D.C. Skins, and the mascot is a fat white guy playing pickup 3 on 3 without a shirt on."Get an education. Better yourself!" (tuition triples, income stays flat) "Can't afford college? learn a trade!"…
Retweeted by NathanI’ve paid off over $70,000 in student loans. I hope no one else ever has to.
Retweeted by Nathan“There’s no way to pay the vast amount of employees at the parks $18-$20/hour” you charge $4.50 for a bottle of Dasani, figure it out
Retweeted by Nathan @ashleyfeinberg He should have a guest contribution every day from a different woman that he sexually harassed. @ashleyfeinberg Me: HERE’S A GIANT THREAD OF TIKTOK CATS
Retweeted by Nathan @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein What if I told you that a corporate tax structure that allows corporati… @DerekBortles @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein ...says the guy who was happy to let Notre Dame cathedral burn. 🙄 @foxysera @summeranne (Spider-Man Pointing GIF) @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein I have a BSBA in Finance.“Cancelling student debt would be unfair” might be the dumbest take I’ve ever heard. I paid mine off but I want my…
Retweeted by Nathan @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein This is akin to people opposing food stamps/SNAP because recipients mig… @teachforshoes @discreet_music @LouisatheLast @philipaklein @teachforshoes @LouisatheLast @philipaklein Wait for it...what if business owners who missed out on debt forgivenes… @philipaklein Man, fuck this argument. “I suffered, so you should suffer too” is for frat hazing, not for government policy
Retweeted by Nathan @mead0r @darth She has LOTS of personality. ;-) @cahmehron @amandamull Second favorite is asking whether they have (insert item here) in New York like they do in Georgia. @mead0r @darth That’s awesome. Wink approves. Clinic confirmed that it is viral, not bacterial, and not strep. So, other than some mild inconvenience, thi… (says weird shit) Sansa: ... Arya: ... Jon: ... Daenerys: ... Sam: ... Davos: ... Brienne: ... Jorah: ... Tyr…
Retweeted by Nathan @EvolBrew, people on reddit are making fun of this but I think it's cute as hell.
Retweeted by Nathan @DrJenGunter enjoyed this birthday card and thought I would pass it along.’m pretty sure that something alien in nature just came out of my sinuses. 🤧 @GraceSpelman @HelloCullen Bran sticking his dick in the weirwood tree. @ColeyMick Tormund:
Retweeted by Nathanthey should’ve never given us the internet.
Retweeted by Nathan @stevenk11011 @juliaioffe least realistic thing about game of thrones is how productive the meetings are
Retweeted by NathanFeeling like trash.*t E*ston Ell*s is right: there is no millennial culture. Certainly nothing that compares with the superior ‘80s…
Retweeted by NathanJon: My name, My Real name is Aegon Targaryen Dany: Who told you? Jon: Bran *Next episode* #GameofThrones
Retweeted by Nathan @thesarahkelly @thesarahkelly @hollyhub Thank you. You too. And happy birthday. @classiclib3ral came down with a sinus infection while using a couple days of PTO? did this to Jesus 😩
Retweeted by Nathan @mechapoetic Very true.I found this graph extremely helpful.
Retweeted by NathanThe Roman soldiers that crucified Jesus seeing him walk out his tomb on Easter Sunday
Retweeted by Nathan @mechapoetic I think his biggest complaint is the never ending hot-shotting they did. Consolidation was inevitable…
Happy easter
Retweeted by Nathan @DrunkAtdisney Has anyone died from the queue there? Or just on the ride? I hate it!!!
Retweeted by Nathan @hotmesslex18 You can still pee and flush using the water in the tank of the toilet.Happy Passover!
Retweeted by Nathan @Jonesy_donkey @ditzkoff Double plus good.This is white peoples Wakanda
Retweeted by NathanMy 8 year old nephew has had everything handed to him without effort and he and his parents got mad that we hid the… @kathbarbadoro @EvolBrew @RaisingLasVegas I like having my ringer/vibration alerts off entirely and just letting the watch notify me when a call/text comes in. @DisneyMoose we don't get the Sean Connery we want, sometimes we get the Sean Connery we deserve!
Retweeted by NathanI said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s not ok to seek Russian help in your campaign. It’s not ok to use mat…
Retweeted by NathanDorothy Christians on Zbornak Easter 🤜🤛
Retweeted by Nathan"What if Lord of the Rings was about environmentalism?" You mean the series that literally has walking trees attack…
Retweeted by Nathan @clarabellecows @rachelfaith97 is a prim and proper kitty who tucks his paws under him. is Risen
Retweeted by NathanMargo using the scratching post while Wink tries to convince Margo to spring her from the crate. @kathbarbadoro will seek 4 months jail time for Felicity Huffman for bribing her daughter into college Tanya McDowell got 12…
Retweeted by Nathan @kivus Keuchel is available. hope this video makes your day 😊 Wait for it! It's worth it 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by NathanShout-out to Jonathan the tourtoise! The picture on the left was taken in 1886 when he was already 54 years old! H…
Retweeted by NathanMy latest:
Retweeted by NathanThis chart is so great, everyone should use it as a Twitter banner.
Retweeted by Nathanhelp I found the worst one
Retweeted by NathanHow Much You Need to Earn to Buy a House in Every Major US City via @Thrillist
Retweeted by Nathan @SheRatesDogs
Retweeted by NathanAfter being repeatedly refused an abortion, she waited days until the heartbeat stopped. The contents of her womb w…
Retweeted by NathanThe dangers of a heartbeat law - like Ohio just signed into law - are demonstrated in the death of young Savita Hal…
Retweeted by NathanIt’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot. We have to do better. Le…
Retweeted by NathanThis is how lighting can affect a per-frame exposure time Due to the increase in the amount of light entering the…
Retweeted by Nathanwith each progressive season of SVU Olivia Benson whispers more often. soon she won’t speak normally at all
Retweeted by Nathan @pattonoswalt he blocked me because his son kills dogs :(
Retweeted by NathanI took my iPhone 7 to the Apple store to have the battery replaced. It wouldn’t power on when they did the repair,… @RikSwizz It’s pretty awesome. American Standard 9035254.295..., she didn’t. And you KNOW she didn’t. You’re counting on people not watching the clip to stoke dumb hayseed outr…
Retweeted by NathanRead ⁦@annehelen⁩ on the “Fixer Upper”/Baylor University/evangelical megachurch alliance that’s remaking Waco, Texa…
Retweeted by NathanAre you completely confused about the difference between “collusion” and “conspiracy”? If so, congratulations – you…
Retweeted by Nathan @lizchar @mekosoff
Retweeted by Nathanken starr can suck the country's dick
Retweeted by Nathan @whitneyyadrich @TheComelyAlpaca @ellliphant @threestringer @DreamfinderGuy shower head saga was resolved with the advice from a Home Depot employee and a pair of channel lock pliers. Her…