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Nathan @Hogdini Houston, TX

I have 5 dogs and 3 cats. There's a reason most people don't. Desk job to pay the bills, Dog trainer/foster to keep my sanity.

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Brand new #hysteria— ⁦@GraceParra360⁩ @michaelaWat⁩ & ⁦@DanaSchwartzzz⁩ join me to talk the complexities of female…
Retweeted by Nathan...that Jussie Smollett muted goodness.’s nice to see so many conservative folks taking an interest in the #JussieSmollett situation. Thanks for genuine…
Retweeted by Nathan @HoCoHowie Hmm, she’ll have to get back to you on that. @mcnees At first I only saw the reply to your original tweet and thought, "Hmm, I guess Clifford the Big Red Dog di… @IQ_Adventures Morning from Joy you are Old AF I guess this qualifies as comfy. 😴 Minnie 😴
@Kevidently @rachelfaith97 It’s too bad they can’t do a “John Wayne Playboy interview” on that statue. @MiklCraw4d There’s still hope that some paleo tards will miss the memo and think that rotting carrion is part of the protocol. @ClueHeywood @anamariecox @thesarahkelly Boy Scouts of America, although affinity has dwindled. @DisneyFoodBlog who quit antidepressants are often left to deal with scary “discontinuation symptoms” with little to no supp…
Retweeted by Nathan @thesarahkelly @lilgreenkc This prompted me to dig through some old photos. My family must have been allergic to ha… used significantly fewer spreadsheets than I do on a daily basis.My dad's family sometime in the early 60s. My dad may have been holding the camera, who knows. I have the same stat… @thesarahkelly @Mandalea85 @nytimes @nytimes This article is orbiting me
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Retweeted by Nathan @AngrySplashLady @AngrySplashLady @AngrySplashLady've never heard box wine referred to as 'cardbordeaux' before and it's the best thing I've heard all day.
Retweeted by NathanOk, did you assholes get together and ask, “How can we make this THE worst Black History Month ever? I mean let’s…
Retweeted by Nathan @plwhit49 @NBCNews @NBCNewsBETTER It helps the profits of whoever paid nbc to tweet this.
Retweeted by NathanMy one-eyed dog HATES tv dogs. This makes watching TV difficult at times.
Retweeted by Nathan @rachelfaith97 @thesarahkelly a fortune of $100 million. Wealth tax only applies to $50 million of it. Assuming a 5.5% annual return (in…
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@ebruenig @2hrsAnd7mins Would that be crocksplaining?me: lol I saw that on twitter them: what’s your twitter? me: them: me: them: me: them: me: them: me:…
Retweeted by NathanSomeone on Warren's staff deserves a raise.
Retweeted by NathanEmma Thompson quit a film after John Lasseter, the Pixar co-founder accused of sexual misconduct, joined
Retweeted by NathanStill one of my favorite pictures of Anna. need the two cats to stop trying to sleep on my legs while I’m trying to sleep: @BM4RM914 @BM4RM914, i’ve finally decided what kind of guy i want to become! i want to be one of those guys who claims he could…
Retweeted by Nathan @averybigbear @Nicole_Cliffe I listened to an old Gilbert Gottfried podcast today and they referenced My Mother, Th… @Nicole_Cliffe My Mother, The Car would assuredly treat women with more dignity than Aaron Sorkin will
Retweeted by Nathan @WarAndCoffee @mekosoff I think you mean sheets, but don’t cut holes in them.I’d love to subtly seed a rumor like “Swiss family Robinson treehouse set to be cut down due to special breed of te…
Retweeted by NathanAlso conference calls, dumb stupid all hands on deck meetings, and Twitter
Retweeted by Nathan @sarahchristine It ain’t cheap but Fedex closes at 9-10pm and opens at 7am. Card stock available. @AKimCampbell @MrFilmkritik @flipcritic @j_legally @FiBelleFi @rachelfaith97 @silly_emily3 @waltshaub @waltshaub Dammit. Don’t go!!! 😭
Retweeted by Nathan @Iouisavontrapp For the record, the gifs that appear when you search Gangsta’s Paradise are subpar. I’m pretty sure… @Jake_Vig 🤷‍♂️ @fivefifths RIP your gut. @ThankYouKeyzus @Iouisavontrapp Dr. Perry T. Cat says that he’s never heard of such a thing. @macgregor63 Excellent. Glad you have her and that she seems normal. Congratulations. Happy to help if you need any… @ItsSamG @michaelianblack jogging pants with towels and dog beds to own the libs. 😬I have to admit, Schooled, the 90s Goldberg’s spin-off is pretty good. Guffawed at the Sex Ed episode.’s a whiny baby. 😭This critter was not groomed by the mobile groomer, although I’m pretty sure he groomed himself today. @Mikaela_wild @Drrramina My fear of quicksand originated from this Atari game. @Drrramina @macgregor63 Here’s one resource with some descriptions. @macgregor63 If dogs miss human socialization within 4+ months of birth they will be different. @macgregor63 Just checking, does she exhibit any feral-type behaviors? Cowers, afraid to be around people? Overly s… rocks the Doc Emmett Brown look. also got beautified. She was crated when I took pictures earlier.
@TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @LilTunechi @TheBeatWithAri @AriMelber @LilTunechi @bjhiggins @Kevidently @Kevidently @jeannathomas Oh god, literally drinking Whispering Angel now to get it out of the house. 🤦‍♂️ Leave her alone peop… little girls got beautified today. @IanKarmel’m Lissette and I’m a freelance artist and design professor in NYC. I enjoy working on concept art, 3D visualizati…
Retweeted by NathanPerry likes anything that means a long weekend. @BeschlossDC Let’s hope no one takes that as a challenge. @pineappleweave @amandamull @scabbyscribe56 She’s right. I grew up in Arkansas, live in Texas now. It is geographic… someone tell the Australian Emily Heller who is using my email address for her job applications that it's a 'n…
Retweeted by Nathan @rachelfaith97 @amandamull 4 of your dogs are getting groomed, it makes sense to use a mobile groomer who comes to your house.Perry the majestic kitty. a couple you should own a minimum of the following: -one nothing wrong with me -two nothing wrong with me -thre…
Retweeted by NathanEver notice how when we give money to rich people or companies it’s called subsidies but when we give money to poor…
Retweeted by Nathan @DrunkAtdisney Goof-heehee
Retweeted by Nathanthe avengers could’ve beat thanos if they had Little John
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