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Nathan @Hogdini Houston, TX

I have 4 dogs and 3 cats. There's a reason most people don't. Desk job to pay the bills, Dog trainer/foster to keep my sanity.

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Shania Twain's real name is Shanamuel Clemens
Retweeted by Nathan19: can i buy a bottle of vodka? USA: no that’s illegal & irresponsible 19: can i go $50,000 into debt for educa…
Retweeted by Nathan @Whooping_Jane based spartan guy and his daughter definitely fuck
Retweeted by Nathan @karenehowell original flight today was cancelled but they rerouted us through San Antonio and now we’ve landed in Houston (b… @chuckinthechat smile in the end, we all felt that. 😭
Retweeted by Nathanwhen the doctor tells you to go see pagliacci
Retweeted by NathanWe’ve been misusing “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” this whole time. It’s literally, physically impossible —…
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@MouseEaredWorld You’re me from yesterday, except Citrico’s for Narcoossee. U.S. don’t even have the health insurance to cover the booty demon you will get from eating this
Retweeted by Nathan @CooperSBeckett “Pic” not pick. And one more @CooperSBeckett Trust your gut. You made the right decision. Jack Russells are frequently in a “class” of their own… ghost of Paul Walker made this happen
Retweeted by Nathan @wakefieldreport @themeparktrash @jodidercolee @JoEllenNotte Reporting for duty! @SaraKateW @thelovelygirl You probably already knew this but it was a surprise when I found out that Brie Larson was as well. @nachdermas @hotdogsladies It's worth noting that the birds only eat the pulsating eye stalks which contain the larva. The eye…
Retweeted by Nathan @danbenjamin @hotdogsladies does nobody who brings a flag to a rally iron it beforehand? it looks like shit.
Retweeted by Nathan @JoParkerBear @nbajambook @ahammTNT A different generation indeed. @zzgator @annalyngraceful just made my day tbh
Retweeted by Nathantummies out for aphrodite
Retweeted by NathanThe only “barstool sport” I care about is reaching underneath and finding a coat hook on the first try without looking
Retweeted by NathanI love everything about this story and would happily purchase a very short audiobook of it read in the voice of Ros…
Retweeted by Nathan @RunDangerRun @sonyahuber Even better is when people treat “Sell By” dates as an expiration date. I have been called OUT
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Retweeted by Nathan @JodiWishMN @JulFromFL Yes, she said the breeze was the only thing that kept her from a protein spill. She’s 50+ so… @JodiWishMN Not what you asked but FoP made my wife sick after only a few seconds and she had to close her eyes. Ho… @Schmoofy in Dr's office w/news on about Dale Jr surviving plane crash. Old lady next to me says the Lord was with hi…
Retweeted by Nathan @dead_rn She is an expressive one-eyed girl.A few weeks ago I left a cicada shell on my colleague’s desk to scare her. Today I came in to find this on my desk…
Retweeted by Nathan @iveoftensaid @InternetHippo"fuck off, cat proof"
Retweeted by Nathanfour loko and seven years ago
Retweeted by NathanI have no words #MNSSHP
Retweeted by Nathan“I’m a little fat bird, SEEMINGLY very vulnerable to predators. But! I have a special defensive modification: I loo…
Retweeted by Nathan @DCAlover @MIZ_PHD @jeffheimbuch @barryunderurbed FeltLife... @barryunderurbed has a type.
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Retweeted by NathanHey folks, we are okay! Broken rib and a bruised lung here, couple broken ribs and a concussion there. But the fact…
Retweeted by Nathan @zandywithaz @mattytalks @AtDisneyAgain @WDWRAH Fun fact (yeah, that’s the ticket), I was visiting WDW when Atlantis came out and saw it in Downtown Disney. @AtDisneyAgain No, born in 83 so I guess just an ornery teenager who wasn’t interested in those stories.TikTok is okay pt. 2
Retweeted by Nathan @dead_rn The many faces of Wink! @WDWRAH @AtDisneyAgain It’s been years since I watched it but I don’t remember Treasure Planet being terrible. @AtDisneyAgain Pocahontas, Mulan, Hunchback, pretty much the 5 year period after Lion King.😹
Retweeted by Nathan @MIZ_PHD @marissatweeting @DefiniteDisney ...but which Disney Springs garage does the dog prefer? @Jayceek14 @DevinCow @christyj1204 @DevinCow @JustinPeticolas @NickMarek Meh, not everyone can go in October. This is similar to selling Christmas Ornaments in… no one: Magic Kingdom tonight:
Retweeted by Nathan @FurburgerMayor @narlstrom I showed this to my wife and she asked “How did he know that it was Slash?” As if Slash could ever be inconspicuous. @davidalangrier @pagingdanvers @HelloMsPoison @KatAtDisney Be sure and watch the behind the scenes of it.
Retweeted by Nathan @pagingdanvers @IQ_Adventures Sending you and the Fam best wishes from MNSSHP. Will be riding Splash Mountain in an hour or so.It’s Friday, I’m on dialysis... time to play #Hialysis where we see who the most famous and/or interesting person w…
Retweeted by Nathancarnegie library workers unionizing with the steelworkers is so beautiful I can barely stand it
Retweeted by Nathan @vib_ola Remember the alternate ending of butterfly effect that involves an umbilical cord? Well, that.This makes me so happy
Retweeted by NathanThis nigga yawned into a tittiee😭😭 niggas be like:
Retweeted by NathanBefore we buy Greenland we should take care of Puerto Rico.
Retweeted by Nathan @SelenaCoppock[DJ voice] ARE YOU READY FOR A RECESSION!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
Retweeted by Nathan @mattliptoncomic @DanaSchwartzzz forget the greatest Ben Shapiro takedown video already exists
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@RPetro24 Yes. I rode it 3 times today and I enjoyed it more when I looked for the orca, kite, elephant trunk, eagl… YEAHHHHH 🐻 #BearyKool
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Retweeted by Nathan @jjl_ice_yard Thank you Pam and I did the Star Wars VR experience at the Void in Disney Springs and it was amazing.… @jjl_ice_yard I tried riding Avatar yesterday but I was too...ahem...”tall” to get enough clicks on the ride appara… @cyndymw Thanks. I’m okay as long as I keep moving but I’m sure it will swell and I’ll get stove-up once I sit down for any period of time. @mrcoaster1 least I waited until Thursday of our vacation to tweak my knee. How you might ask? Attempting to scoot a chair t… @SarahMackAttack “La La La....Not Listening!” me make one thing clear: I am a dog person. Whether Goofy, Pluto, or Nelson @Pompey as proven by this video. I…
Retweeted by NathanWhen y’all on your first date and the waiter says “two days in a row huh”
Retweeted by Nathan @TomAmityCorless @mysticflights shipping. With any order…
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