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HOKIES above all else. Come visit me at BarBarek in about 10 years...first drink is on me. #LivinTheDream

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👀👀👀👀 @excusem3flo that argue about food are weird to me. Everybody has different taste buds. Not everybody has to love mushroo… @SethDavisHoops Radford at VT is not on the Acc network. It is on Acc network extra, aka espn3. @ChadWillis This is the only internet game of the year! We’ve come a long wayBtw you need Acc network to watch these espn3 games I believePSA the Acc network xtra is just stupid unnecessary branding for “its on espn3”Portsmouth, VA is crazy 🤯
Retweeted by BarekI was averaging 2-3 movies a week lmao specifically, I’m going to miss mid-week VCU basketball games w/ the boys sandwiched between pre and post-gami…
Retweeted by Barek
@ZacHAttach7 @french60wasp Somebody forgot to log back into the @ZAnonNews account @french60wasp @ZacHAttach7 I stay local @derek_gwinn13 @VTFritz @VTnDCfan112 Me looking at my HERD ON every time Marshall scores @vick757 It’s been far less enjoyable. But still, we are talking far less enjoyable like the hottest girl in the ba… @derek_gwinn13 @VTFritz @VTnDCfan112 My HERD ON is huge right now. When do I call the doctor @jwherron10 Them goats ain’t doing you no harm! You rather them have a barking dog?!? Shiiiiiiiit @normwood @VTFritz Thank you for reporting! And thank you Fritz for curating! I love a good collaboration. @normwood @VTFritz I mean I wouldn’t have read them without Fritz. Just lending constructive criticism. @VTFritz @normwood should learn how to thread his tweets lol @The_original_JZ That right there is incredible content. Let him be our Steve spurrier. I love itRemaining days until Hokie basketball is back:
Retweeted by BarekZAnon News has recently learned of the passing of comedic giant and former Heisman winner Burt Reynolds. RIP Burt y…
Retweeted by BarekActually the opposite. Overactive gag reflex lmaoMy mans downstairs about almost pukes every morning and evening when it’s time to brush them teeth. I can literally… @petebvt @devonte_15 I don’t even know who our best player is. O linemen? Herbert? I really don’t know. There were… @VTFritz Used the rocket launcher instead @DonV757_ Well shit ur prob right. Damn that ain’t no fun. I thought dude was shootin the club up multiple timesI’m about to take a baseball bat to this car who’s alarm keeps going off cot damn @DonV757_ At least one of them birds ain’t his
@french60wasp @BeerControl Who the fuck eats salad at thanksgiving is what I wanna know @AndyBitterVT Nah it’s okay Andy we don’t care anymore @GNsFeed If I had to watch it, you do too @Banana_Thompson @hokiehack Ya they have a women’s duke game on Acc network in that time slot @hokiehack And still isn’t important enough to be on the Acc network. At noon. On a Wednesday. @hiphop_hokie Fucked my whole Monday morning upRemember that old viral internet video from like 20 years ago of that midget polio-stricken-lookin-ass cross dresse… @The_original_JZ @hansenbc1 @BeerControl Or piss off your bag man @ZacHAttach7 Yeah but you got a Dreamcast out of it
Washington throwbacks are just so damn clean
Retweeted by Barek @hokiehack @VTFritz @VTBooneG Done been roofied there twiceCc @joburr4 @VTFritz Quite the contrary. They think it’s cool I’m passionate about something like that. But they don’t know the pain....Lemme tell you how stoked all my random rva friends are about me bitching about by football all night @seeSHREVE I think it’s less about the boys and more about who we are employing to lead them @VTnDCfan112 @VTFritz I want a hot dog I want a hamburger I want French fries I want a milkshake @MasonEngelhardt Go die in a fireIVE HAD A GREAT WEEKEND. A BEST FRIEND OF MINE HAD A BIRTHDAY LAST NIGHT AND I SPEMT TODAY WITH GREAT FRIENDS. TECH… ARE WE GONNA DO?!? @seeSHREVE Bro what are we gonna do? What do we do from hereWHERES GALEN SCOTT
@HereGoJayAgain 8pm tonight
@hokiehack @VTFritz Like putting the advertisements on the masks the players wear! @hokiehack @VTFritz Why @JoshParcell A Benadryl and a lil whisky in their milk and they’re so chill bro
@VisionarySZN 12! @kyle_conrad RIP 006 @jwherron10 EVERYBODY will have the same answer here @jeguynn @OX_VT Lsu trounced them. Florida beat them in 06 and Tebow was only a goal line role player behind Chris leak @OX_VT @petebvt Yeah that game came to mind I agree. We still lose the rematch IMO. With a chance at a perfect seas… @OX_VT It’s not just you. People all over say it. Idk I guess people just lump Logan’s 2012 and 2013 seasons into t… @OX_VT Idk where the narrative about missing tyrod in 2011 came from. Logan Thomas was damn near perfect that year. What really changes? @VTFritz I know, I’m an emotional rollercoaster with these Hokies @VTFritz @hokiehack Hokies by a millionHell. It’s me. I am the abused partner that continues to return over and over again, against everybody’s pleas. I…
How can I put a link in my fleets so people can swipe up for my OnlyFansFuente’s hot seat is keeping the whole region warm waiting on the gun, but didn’t expect that lmao
Twitter trying to steal thirst traps from IG like IG stole them from snapchat @kyle_conrad Lmao I saw that and I’ve never needed anything more in my life @Baetsmen Oh no is Joey b gonna be another wild tweeter? Is this why twitter is releasing the 24 hour tweet? @devonte_15 Lmao I’ll believe it when I see it. Undergrad four years at public school I can maybe see happening one… @paulpetera LMAOOOOOOWhere did the student debt thing come from the last two days? It’s like twitter gets ahold of something and everybo… @brewchii EXPLAIN THE FLY @VTFritz @ZacHAttach7 IVE GOT A HERD ON @TheyCallMeGTab Weekend tweets finna get dirty. Get ur screenshots ready @jwherron10 Lmao yep that shit was not good @TheyCallMeGTab Like stories? @hokiepilot LOLLLLI can’t believe Jim doesn’t bang Nadia at the end of American Pie 2 wtf man
@JanVT89 There is no order on a Monday. Total free-for-allSome days I just feel like I need a second showerTeam losses 👎🏽 2020 - 4 (8 games) 2019 - 5 (13 games) @JSM21_ Me too bro it sucks assblood
@JSM21_ LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO @brewchii Right? That’s a problem @BlayneFink I got 5 on it @thekeyplay You’re right and that is worrisome.Lemmesay this real quick. I’m not fucking quitting on this program and I’m not apathetic, but that does NOT mean I… @brewchii LmaooooooooWell I guess I was wrong whit keep it riding @tomkpgh25 Tom I love you but please never say that again
@hokiehack I’m too drunk but god damn it Steve I need to do a tv 101 with you and everybody on Twitter. Ps I miss y… @lweissen Don’t tell me what to do (duh)Idk I feel like the league of shadows ready to burn Gotham down to start anew but everybody is Batman and wants us… @FiremanHokie @MichaelVick @WhitBabcock Who cares @MasonEngelhardt Eat a dick mason. Miss you bud