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@1800raccweed you literally have "18+ dni" in your bio i thought i'd just let you know, jesus christ. @1800raccweed what?????? @1800raccweed since you blocked my main for being a 18+ account instead of answering my question, I'm asking on my…
this is in no way endorsed by them and was just a quick redesign I thought ofredesigned hi-chart's logo because I was in the mood™️ TYPOS
@missnxominicole @jacquesmehr @alphabetmafia @sriharirn > I don't even live at home. I'm an adult girl you do know…
@missnxominicole @jacquesmehr @alphabetmafia @sriharirn that's the point people are trying to make @missnxominicole @jacquesmehr @alphabetmafia @sriharirn if someone can afford a home like that, they can most likel…
🌌 𝓱𝓮𝓪𝓿𝓮𝓷 𝓱𝓪𝓻𝓭𝓬𝓸𝓻𝓮 🌌 🌓 @xshagia debut release 🌗 "𝕥𝕨𝕠 𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕤" & "𝕔𝕣𝕦𝕤𝕙" OUT NOW: 🎂 HAPPY BIR…
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Hey @GitHub. Remember that security bug where anyone can attach commits to repos they don't control? That bug you s…
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Love my fans on soundcloud :)
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@zilchfox mastodonsoon i can use my main again lmao @TwitterSupport Hey this is actually really detrimental to artists and small businesses. A lot of times, the QRT ge…
Retweeted by Lio @worldToR they're (Pedos) trying their hardest to get accepted by society and the LGBTQ+ Community. neither of those are letting that happen @worldToR We're TIRED of having to worry about what people will think about us once we come out. Just let us love w… @worldToR straights don't get killed, harassed or fired for loving each other. if your reasoning is "all homos are… @worldToR pretty much all of us just wanna live in peace with our partner of the same gender and not have to worry… @worldToR I'm literally 18, gay, and hate children. why would I wanna lower the AoC to fuck them? Moreover, how the… @worldToR if that's your reasoning to be homophobic then it's literally based on a very outdated time and you shoul… @worldToR > 1987 it's 2020 my guy. I didn't even know that shit existed and it sure as hell isn't relavant now, 40… @taciturasa RIMMING YOU MEAN THE ANUS SEX I'M HOWLING ASLKDASHDL @thegirl_yada @SezClom ok homophobecishets: *force their children to appear cishet and make tasteless relationship jokes ever since they're born* lgb… @Silascarceras77 @absurdistwords homophobia only exists in humans <3 it's natural to be homosexualI hope this includes all that lil boyfriend and lil girlfriend stuff the straights do to children.
Retweeted by LioY’all: don’t let queer kids come out, it’s unhealthy. Also y’all: I should totally buy my toddler a shirt that sa…
Retweeted by Lio @worldToR are you fr or are you joking?cishets to their 6 yr old sons: I can’t wait for my son to get all the bitches 😍😍😍 y’all project heterosexuality o…
Retweeted by Lio @Hene_Soulest only my main is fucked. I can use all the others fine @KofiTheChee f @Hene_Soulest nah lol, it's just a 12h restriction @snoutpatrol idk but they deleted the tweetsso my main got restricted because I apparently harassed someone, even though they literally harassed me, so lmao fuck you tw!tter
@chipmeyer111 @Theebeanieboy wtf???? I was hella excited when I read that it was supposed to be renewed for like 3…
👾 RUMORS REMIX EP PRESAVE 👾 🌕 ft. @riccoharver, @xshagia, @MrFoxsky, and myself 🌕 incredibly excited for you all…
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new - made by yours truly
today I made an opensource website that is entirely editable through an editme.json file
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So here is a friend. LGBTQ friend and his Christian Parents. I am certain everyone knows that life with Covid is t…
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@majorbean_ @vintroxx_ wouldn't be surprised @xshagia ilyy <3
twitter really likes to fuck videos over by compressing the fuck out of them, don't they👀👀👀
@cjpatoilo thank you, but no thank you. i already finished my site ( ) and I really don't a… @alexheldtmusic @riccoharver 👀👀tomorrow 💜 @HalcyonLV
Retweeted by LioWho's ready for some more melodic tings? Really happy how this turned out 😁 DISGUST - Coming out tomorrow on Halcy…
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Retweeted by Lio🚨*。. 𝐙𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐟𝐭 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬 .。*🧸
Retweeted by Lio @fraxiommusic @_Zero_Smith_ @JailbreakerVC @ki0si0n Lime??? @majorbean_ gimme some of that inspiration pls 😩 @balkanfur it seems a bit cluttered, yeahtuesday 9/1/20 i do not have visuals sorry
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@abisoos @deadmau5 dasldh ABI @eggrins @UtsuhoRocks crypto @nokkusuu poggggFinally have the energy and time to work on new art! Here's a (very) early WIP, so don't judge too hard :p
Retweeted by LioUbisoft China and Chinese clothing brand Sheepedia recently collaborated on some joint products. Today the compan…
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Retweeted by LioFor the past month, I've experienced coordinated harassment via 4chan on one of my GitHub repos. Yes, the platform…
Retweeted by Lionow my system looks hot background by @ki0si0n
@SnarkyAndBarky it me @xshagia "A good idea and proof that im willing to do it lol" - them lmao👀
Retweeted by Lio @xshagia yeahhhh, friend of mine got somehow tho 👀 @xshagia oh that. that's normal, once the sunrise phase is over you can buy it without that. it's so companies ca… you're wondering how to actually say my @ / name of my brand, it's sire /sʌɪə/ @catboiardee is2g @xshagia ??
ah yes let me, louis dejoy, reduce operating costs by *checks notes* ripping out crucial automation hardware
Retweeted by Lioheres the final cover art, v proud of this one :) 'DYING' is out now on monstercat, tysm slippy for commissioning m…
Retweeted by Lio @majorbean_ @slippy_music @Monstercat this looks amazing,, holy fuck @ThalLycal ilyyyy 💖💖💖
i find it funny that I somehow managed to get an actual word within my commit hash btw Tenkitsune is our resident furry. wired: Tenkitsune is our resident catgirl uwu nya
Retweeted by Lio @egee_irl ty 💖 @egee_irl didn't know they were a thing tbh :3 I might do that tho @egee_irl everything's self-written! though i'm importing some stuff from my personal css kit I'm working on ( )it worked on 81feed2e10 so why doesn't it work nOW AAA hate mobile development DID THIS RENDERING AND INSANE DESIGN WAIT WHAT
Retweeted by LioI can't decide which domain I want there klashdsa is with great pleasure we present to you Halcyon.
Retweeted by Liothe new colors look sooOOO much better though and work really well with the font and everything"hey lio, you should add a scroll indicator to your site so people know that it's scrollable" me: "ok" also me: *r… to get it in there, bless,,, i don't like u... i just want this triangle at the bottom of the crimson container pls i get a fursuit its over for yall’s pooltoys
Retweeted by Lio @SonicFox @dekillsage @YayaSucks we need that furry fighters series ngl 🦁🤙 finally got around updating my portfolio and it looks so much better now @ThalLycal ilysm 💖💖💖💖
2020 note: Linux will reboot at 2AM today.
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