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fixed my mic get in here!!NEW MOUSE WE GAMIN TODAY
@HLTVorg oh god, FURIA is deadAlmost crashed my parents car with the family in it never taking driving or life for granted again @KeshavFN Ok too far buddy and thanos has a surprise tiny dick @KeshavFN Blocked @KeshavFN Bruh $150 is cheap af. I could sell it eBay for $225 ez @KeshavFN $150 and it’s yours @KeshavFN Plus I want to sell it before a new one comes out so it is still worth a lot @KeshavFN Too old
I don’t want to get my hopes up but it’s such a nice campus and great area😌’m gonna be so disappointed if I don’t get into UC Santa Barbara 🤭 @HLTVorg @TeamVitality @Complexity Ayy Navi Vitality grand final this is gonna be goodProlly gonna buy the new Logitech mouse coming out. @tweissCS Ima be honest, I like Moses as a caster but I can’t imagine what he is doing to help them become better r… @Zexyn_ @tweissCS Shut him zexyn your a pussy this comment is funny and you made tweiss delete the tweet @W0lfSzn0 @TheRealS0daMan @EliGE Yep, while being IGL. Honestly it was more of a team thing today @MosesGG @TeamLiquidCS @TriumphGamingGG God damn y’all look awful.We live in a society
feels good to have stuff to do @SPUNJ agreed. they had a lot of boosts and other cool ways to get first picks, their t side was also flawless. the… @OgreTimeMusic idk both are great. gambino's last album was fantasticPROFESSIONAL SALAD MAKER PLAYS CSGO
Retweeted by holden @Venor @KeshavFN @KejuYT thoughts? Is this even possible? What are the rules for fortnite esports and do you think… even make it so the games were casted. Obviously the logistics need to be worked out, but I’m wondering if th… want to create a Fortnite competitive platform where it holds daily competitions of $100, $50 to the winner and $…
are ego and IQ correlated?shit i better sell my final mouse before a new one comes outTime to remind everyone who the King of the mouse game is. I’m 10 years in the future.
Retweeted by holdendamn apparently it is tenure not ten year for teachers @tweissCS Only virgins need to say this 🤩 @NY_slice man whats your point? how does that affect you? obama came at a financial crisis and did what he could to… @NY_slice Why do you vote Republican? They reject science, give tax cuts to the rich, and literally cheat in elections. @NY_slice clearly i am not going to change your mind either. But if you want to be an informed voter:… people keep calling trump a racist and saying how he doesnt support lgbtq and other liberal shit like that. su… we had 70 million people vote for this shit head. Y'all forgot that on top of this he got impeached? @NY_slice stupidest shit ive ever heard im just being honest with you. why would who you vote for be based on how m… just look at this shit to put it into perspective. I realize it is an estimate and you can… can make fun of me all you want for going on a rant about Trump but I just don't see anybody talking about thi… holding lots of rallies where no one is wearing a mask, Trump lying to the American people that it is just be… underestimate the power a presidency can have. Trump questioning and refusing to wear masks, Trump constantl… more i listen to Obama the more I hate Trump for how he has dealt with this pandemic. forget politics, 250,000… @NY_slice bruh thats just not true @Venor if u wanna play zombies play black ops 3 or black ops 2. better zombies and cheaperive been binge watching Obama for some reason. i just like hearing him talkStream tonight in bout 30, gonna be playing some different gamesWow, I actually feel productive after a day😅 @TheMCZslayer @Dahniska @TTfue That’s dope @DereLeektv Shiii what happened
Fuck it deleting snap I don’t even use that shit anywaykinda tastes like burnt plasticgot a little extra something in my coffee today😈Broke my Espresso Maker this morning and my coffee tastes weird @Im_Just_A_Boat @JackPri29420784 @Redshilel @thatgurlxo @TheHornyPoPo Ngl id cash in if I had a platform like that @SPUNJ No.... @TMobileHelp No. My data stopped working for like 5 min now it’s working againWhy don’t I have any fast data left @tmobile it’s the 17th!!!!
Tik Tok copied Vine, one of Twitter’s biggest failures. Instagram copied Tik Tok, by making Reels. Twitter copie…
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@EvanMantri @realDonaldTrump uneducated
@SPUNJ Imagine a non csgo player reading thisPE zoom then csgo
@LiethAssad @m0E_tv Imagine thinking aim botz actually helps😂
@ImfamousWarrior @QuaztheGamer I hope he makes changes. That it is all
Jeopardy! is saddened to share that Alex Trebek passed away peacefully at home early this morning, surrounded by fa…
Retweeted by holden @ImfamousWarrior @QuaztheGamer Remember when you vote for a president you are voting for an administration, a lot m… @ImfamousWarrior @QuaztheGamer Wdym “too good to be true promises”? Trump didn’t do shit. Idk if Biden himself will… 😞 many people in the replies actually believe there is fraud in our elections 🤣stupid British people @QuaztheGamer Lol mad ?? Trump was a liar, racist, and openly tried to cheat on elections. Biden at least has a plan on what he wants to do
My dear friend, and now Madame Vice President-elect, congratulations. California is so, so proud today.
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Retweeted by holdenThey did this shit on Saturday so we could get fuuuuuuuuuucked up.
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I’m never deleting this app.
Retweeted by holdenid agree with the first sentence @KeshavFN @ASUS_ROG yea its fake thats what i thought @KeshavFN @ASUS_ROG no wayTrump supporters are mad because his tweets are being censored, but they aren’t AT ALL mad that Trump is tweeting a…
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@Phonesteve911 Alaska is super conservative other than the big cities (even in the "big cities" which are like 20k…😂
Although sugar makes up more than 90% of a Tic Tac, they are allowed to be labelled as ‘sugar-free’ in the U.S. bec…
Retweeted by holdenSeriously I can’t even believe this is closeCan’t believe America is full of racists.Shitty ass 25 year old car can’t even drive half a mile with its gas light on 🤦Out of gas on the highway🤬🤬🤬
crazy that orange man is gonna be voted out tonight🙃wonder what my family is going to talk about at dinner now @willbrindledev @SPUNJ i just meant the ESL casters were bringing SPUNJ down.... @SPUNJ ok I just realized you aren't American so won't get this reference. basically joe buck is just a shitty Amer… @SPUNJ like I know I sound like a dick saying this, but how does stunna still have a job? He's the Joe Buck of CounterStrike. @SPUNJ get this man a casting role without the other ESL casters. I'd love to see SpunJ in some other casting roles… @launders Damn are you sure😂for some reason I doubt bubzski was offered a multimillion dollar contract to play Coun… @launders I don’t wonder. C9 probably paid Astralis loads for es3tag
😌 @Daimidy @AstralisCS haha im just a troll @AstralisCS es3tag better @BLASTPremier A