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Solely dedicated to the glory that is Doc Holliday's moustache, & the man on which it grows. All hail Doc Holliday! All hail Tim Rozon! #WynonnaEarp 👨🏻🤘🏼

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Best wishes, warmest regards and a HUGE congratulations!!! 💫💫💫@SchittsCreek @danjlevy @annefrances @Realeugenelevy
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @SEVEN24films Tim Riggins Forever. 🔥♥️ Wynonna’s record collection. #WynonnaEarp Stefani. #Fandras when Dom was boomeranging within the boomerang?🤣🤗♥️ #WynonnaEarp
Last night happened so that this montage of my sister’s reactions could exist. Love you, @sarahlevy_ . Wish you cou…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEjust gonna leave this here... @ChrisEvenhuis for real... has met the coolest people. #WynonnaEarp #InternationalDayOfPeace maker! #WynonnaEarp #FiveForWynonna @peopleschoice know what to do. Make sure you're registered to vote at your current address here:
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEThank you @DirtbikeAmbah & @loveshack93 for this awesome wood burn/carving(what’s the art called?🤣) of Doc Holliday… Jolie?
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEEmily Jolie?🤗♥️🤘🏼💪🏼’s Creek uses my photoshop in their cast tour panel & to know that I have made Catherine O’Hara & Eugene Levy… the best! @SchittsCreek wins the #Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series! #Emmys
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @BeauSmithRanch I had to take keyboarding in high school to learn to type. Like I couldn’t graduate without taking… sets an #Emmys record for most wins in a single season for a comedy
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the stare. the stache. that lock of perfect hair. @realtimrozon is a gift from the gods. #WynonnaEarp 🔥 👨🏻🤘🏼
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEHey! Hey Jason from Australia! If you see this tweet, reply to it, okay? Then I'll have your Twitter handle thing.👍❤👍👌?
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Killer #RBG quote. 🤘🏼 @irrationalanger YOU ARE THE WINNER! Congratulations, @tweber2121 @realtimrozon It’s the album cover... TO MY SOULLLLLLLLL. stare. the stache. that lock of perfect hair. @realtimrozon is a gift from the gods. #WynonnaEarp 🔥 👨🏻🤘🏼 have this photo on my fridge. I love this photo a lot. #WynonnaEarp 👨🏻🤗 grateful to @KatBarrell for recording this video of @realtimrozon, so I could slow it down, and add some Ba…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEI ♥️ #Ratched when anyone asks me what I think of Doc Holliday as a vampire: p.s. #Ratched rules. watch it. #WynonnaEarp way she just flicks that wrist after she puts on her lipstick is just so perfect. I ♥️ #Ratched got this mask in the mail today. 🤣, i think kat had slowed it down. i just added the music. sorry, i’m super stoney right now. 🥴 grateful to @KatBarrell for recording this video of @realtimrozon, so I could slow it down, and add some Ba… really wouldn’t mind being stoned continually until 2021.’m starting #Ratchet and I’m so freakin STOKED.Ugh this just sucks so freakin bad. #RIPRuthBaderGinsburg
💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 LAST DAY to get your 25 votes in for #WynonnaEarp as The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show Of 2020 for the pcas! an awesome week pairing up the Earp pod of pods, @WynonnaEarpPod. Don't miss your last chance to win an iTunes…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @HeidiHanson No Earp logo, but the design template was given to fuzerly by the show! Just go to fuzerly and do “design swag!”DOOOOOD, u guys! @EarperFuzerly has the “Randy Nedley Memorial Chili Cook-Off For Freedom” design, FROM THE SHOW,… The Golden Girls 2. Absolutely Fabulous 3. The Office 4. #WynonnaEarp 5. Pen15
🔥🔥🔥🔥Pulp Fandras🔥🔥🔥🔥 #WynonnaEarp @BeauSmithRanch @TVLine This is gonna be all kinds of epic! I can’t wait to live tweet!Wynonna Earp's Melanie Scrofano to Direct and Guest-Star on Tim Rozon's Syfy Drama The Surrealtor via @TVLine
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEOmg these might be the most amazing funkos i’ve ever seen. #TheMaitlands♥️🤘🏼💪🏼♥️ @MelanieScrofano Make him wear a white tank in your episode, please & thank you. 🔥FUCK. YES. #TheSurrealtor @diz_ruptive will u be my friend? yes or no (Circle One)I really want @emtothea to do her hair like mama earp. 🔥 #WynonnaEarp’m reallllllly stoned, eating a cinnamon roll, watching The Office and I just realized that literally every ti… Shredding is the best kind of shredding. 🎸🔥🤘🏼👨🏻 @letlovewinx @realtimrozon We need a season 5 so Doc can start playing a really rad earper sent me some super potent gummies, & for the first time since a week ago, Monday(chemo), I f… guys remember how @realtimrozon is so fucking hot?👨🏻🔥 #WynonnaEarp could win an iTunes season pass (US or Canadian) for #WynonnaEarp season 4 just by tweeting today about your fa…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @EarpYourBday @WynonnaEarpPod @kaitlynnstein Happy Birthday!🎂 @EarpYourBday @WynonnaEarpPod @mkbaker1971 Happy Birthday!🎂This one goes out to @emtothea:
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE☠️☠️☠️Captain Tim Sparrow☠️☠️☠️ Part Deux #WynonnaEarp
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @BrentsBaby2009 @WynonnaEarpPod @WynonnaEarp You should tape Tim’s face to it and see how long it takes her to notice.This one goes out to @emtothea:☠️☠️☠️Captain Tim Sparrow☠️☠️☠️ Part Deux #WynonnaEarp•Chemo makes me have super crazy vivid dreams: I dreamt everything around me was rainbow colored & I had to go dow… @paranormalinpdx @JohnnyBerchtold “Mushy Pumpkin Pocket Boy” band name; called it.
@Handek113 @DanielHood4 I catch myself singing Tarantara from time to time 🤣 @Handek113 @DanielHood4 OMG. Obsessively watched it when I was a kid!!!! @ratscape @IDWEntertain @SYFY WHY ARE U SO FREAKIN AMAZING?!OH MY GAWD. @gregisin! L👀K! #WynonnaEarp @DanielHood4 You just put out the @WynonnaEarpPod Signal by quoting that song. 🤣 @DanielHood4 OMFG I LOVE MANNEQUIN SO HARD!!! @thesarahevans !!!!! @CraftyFoxWaves We need a movie night at a con! @thesarahevans Fun Fact: I have this photo of Traci Lords as Wanda in Crybaby tattooed on my inner, upper right arm! @thesarahevans 25 Votes for #WynonnaEarp as The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2020 are done & done! Click the link below to do yours!… are 4 movies you’re pretty sure you like more than anyone you know? @BeauSmithRanch! I translated what Cobb was trying to say!🤗🐶 #WynonnaEarp #FiveForWynonnna
Retweeted by DOCSTACHE @sspencer2112 @rainberryywalls @LSupercaro @emtothea @diz_ruptive 🤣ADHD be like: @BeauSmithRanch! I translated what Cobb was trying to say!🤗🐶 #WynonnaEarp #FiveForWynonnna
I just got my 25 votes in for #WynonnaEarp as The Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2020 at the #PCAs! HAVE YOU?! Click the l… @peopleschoice Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday. #WynonnaEarp @Shockwave75 @CTVSciFi Episode 406 was the mid season finale. @CTVSciFi when you’re in the stupid US so you aren’t allowed to see it: that we've had time to process what happened in the #WynonnaEarp mid-season finale, why not find out what…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHENow I think I want to call her Estelita. ⭐️🐶
2020 @WynonnaEarpPod Not good enough, Kevin! You need to provide us with every category, direct links to said categories… is the direct link to vote 25 times per day for #WynonnaEarp for The Sci-fi/Fantasy Show of 2020! Be sure… @EstherThePig Pitties are such Life Enthusiasts!♥️“Mondays” oficial: #WynonnaEarp llega a SYFY. ⚔️ El 1 de octubre estrenamos la T1, el 12 de noviembre la T2 y en 2021, la…
Retweeted by DOCSTACHEThis "tacos are tasty" embroidery project is dedicated to @emtothea and everyone at @WynonnaEarp! Hope you like it…
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