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Holly Brockwell @holly From Nottingham, in London

Tech journo & writer. Social media for @Jimmy_Wales, Community Owner at @VoiceHQ ⭕, childfree advocate, runs #HollysMankyMoggies 😺 📧:

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@katebevan I love it but literally every cat with CH is called Weeble, ha ha. Currently he's codenamed Smol Paul @cliffymil @TessTickles FYI! want a Mario Kart calendar now @tepritchard There are special ones without it as wellDay 3 of the #HollysMankyMoggies Catvent Calendar may or may not feature a Moooooooooooooooooose think CrazyIdeas might be the best subreddit ever @cliffymil I don't know which one they went for I'm afraid, @TessTickles mightAnyway apparently the solution was a toothpaste without sodium laureth sulphate, if anyone was suffering with "mouth sores" 🙄 @thomasnewton I need a lot more tea @digsb I love it very much though. Especially because you eventually lose itIf anyone's wondering how well my brain's working today @cosuna Of course rule following will help. I'm not having a discussion with you about encouraging people to ignore… @cosuna I very obviously mean the local rules where you are? For instance we have rules in the UK around who can se… @SophieWarnes So you literally see hump day!I had to say goodbye to a cockatiel by video chat this week and that was horrendous, let alone someone's lifelong p… @DrAndrewV2 Nah that's totes unrealistic :pI love that the weekend has more plants! @SteCollins Catt Bellamy @gleepface SAME @yvonneredmond I need to upgrade my broadband first -- it's on the way!I must learn to hold my phone so I'm not messing up the mic. ALSO the floor is covered in cushions, don't worry, I… needs some wobbly kitten? #HollysMankyMoggies @awashtell Woolloomooloo @JoeBirdwell OMG it is @LawGeordie Not sure I can picture that! What are the colours like? @rhelune That's so interesting, any idea why that bit goes faster?!? @ZenBass You see the fourth dimension!!!JEREMY BEARIMY replies to this have already blown my mind several times @ekatemari Oh yes I definitely think in words. It was a bit of a mindblower when I realised it's my own voice. Does… @lara_soro Is there anything in the cubicles? Do they have different colours or anything? @hlwil Wait what? How does that work? You hear words? Just random words or words narrating things? And there are no pictures at all??? @SparklyPinchy ❤️ @nearIR I love the bumpy weekends! @TehMadness Do you normally see pictures in your head when imagining stuff? @helenarney Ahahaha that's hilarious @jamesmoran Loving all the people going "WAIT PEOPLE SEE THINGS?" and equal number of people saying "I THOUGHT EVERYONE SAW A CIRCLE" @ekatemari That is super cool @SparklyPinchy I LOVE this one @jamesmoran Wait what, I just thought it was a normal mind's eye thing @TunWellsWoodies You're not the only semi circle! @BonnieWeeLinds Oh I like that @Scientits Very 2020 @PaulDJohnston I love this! @StewCElliott I LOVE that the colours stuck! @TehMadness So if I say "are you free next wednesday" you don't see anything in your head?Personally I see weeks like sides of the Monopoly board. Each day is a 'property', and the weekend is the big squar… a few interesting chats with friends about this lately, so I want to hear your responses too: How do you visualise days in your head? @Azarizotza @ZiziFothSi Ha, that is BOLLOCKS! My cats express their emotions at me all the time @holly I didn’t even know cats could MAKE this face!
Retweeted by Holly Brockwell @ZiziFothSi And her markings look like raised eyebrows 😆😆 @StarlightSerene Singular! But yes 😊YES THIS. When we get clients at work w/ new kittens from dodgy sources, they always seem to tell us that it’s “hal…
Retweeted by Holly Brockwell @ZiziFothSi So was I! @HSW3K Ughhhhhhhhhhh @LucieEmLewis @BrydieLK @KittyDorkling Hahaha this is incredibleduck is CONCERNED
Retweeted by Holly Brockwell @mdecae @SlenderSherbet I do! It's a nest building thing. They cut all the strips, stuff them into their tails and fly them back home 😊 @JonesTheSteam72 Thanks :) @JonesTheSteam72 OK. Wasn't sure if you were saying I don't work or you were saying I won't look after the cats enough or what, really @nanouofthenorth @TessTickles I have six now @JonesTheSteam72 I have no clue what you're trying to say here @Suw @Litter_Robot I love Litter Robots very much and currently have one broken and one malfunctioning one so it would be a MEGA help @ShaunWebb9 @TessTickles She is THE BEST @MxFFox Awww. They sound amazing @nanouofthenorth @TessTickles The plan is to keep all of them unless there are serious issues
I will never, ever get all 6 in a photo 😂Mawri, 4, taken from mum too early. Moose, 4, left behind by his family. Duck, 12, bladder problems & possible canc… can't quite believe I have six cats! I love them all so much and caring for them is giving me so much fulfilment,…! and @tesstickles spent all evening getting to and from St Albans to pick up this fluffy princess whose owner die… brought the new kitten in to meet Duck... 😂😂😂 #HollysMankyMoggies
Retweeted by Holly Brockwell @Imagine__CS @GregDWordSmith OK ACTUAL last thing: you're thinking of this as "should I have a cat in my home who c… @Imagine__CS @GregDWordSmith Also, there is a LOT of pet theft going on right now because demand is up due to lockd… @GregDWordSmith @Imagine__CS I mean, if a cat needs a home, it needs a home. Most humans would prefer a mansion wit… @GregDWordSmith @Imagine__CS Yeah, shelters are annoyingly strict about it even though IMO it's not always best for… also, big zing on all people called Paul @Imagine__CS @GregDWordSmith Mine have the option of going outside and most of them don't! Not all of them are thri… @ZenDiPietro I am actually trying to work out how to do that, because if I put it as a new patreon tier then the pe… @O2 He's settling in very well! Some suspicion at first from the residents but once they realised he came with trea… @GregDWordSmith Not all cats need to go outside. Think how much space they have in a shelter pen. They'd be better off at yours!And if anyone was wondering what Smol Paul is up to (not his official name, just haven't picked one yet!) 2 of the #HollysMankyMoggies Catvent Calendar is a personal favourite 😆 @fakeflor @manwhohasitall So bizarre @Ewan @O2 SO HANDY @JewishCatMother @O2 He's currently known as Smol Paul @jackkirby @wolfpurplemoon YES. One day I'll find a Fabergé egg, I just know it @JewishCatMother @O2 It really made my day :) @JewishCatMother @O2 I got a rugby jersey once but that was via an influencer site @JewishCatMother @O2 They asked for an address to send something for the cats but I didn't know what. Was a lovely surprise @JewishCatMother @O2 I don't think those things are handled by the same people....My phone network @O2 found out about my little cat shelter and sent a rather exotic kitty in need of a home, plus a… @wolfpurplemoon @jackkirby Some of the charity shops (eg oxfam) were selling online throughout lockdown as well @jackkirby I am legit OBSESSED with charity shops @Trouble1371 Whereabouts are you? @jackkirby I totally get that not everyone can afford indie shops but there are so many other discount fashion plac… @Trouble1371 I understand that, and if you can't afford independent retailers that's of course OK -- but there are… @jackkirby I'm not saying don't shop at Primark, but QUEUEING for it is a bit much, no?! Other shops exist!!! @manwhohasitall @Teemillstore @HarkelClothing @SnagTights @empukofficialMaybe instead of queueing for Primark (seriously?!) you could shop at some of these indie clothes retailers instead…