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Holly Amos @hollyamos22 Long Beach, CA

I wear many hats. Consulting professional Trekspert (currently w/ @Roddenberry; formerly w/ @CBS and @StarTrek_CCG), organizer guru, and marketing/PR pro.

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“It’s basically young adult smut Harry Potter.” #nocontext are done. Woo! @mjstrat Pine makes sense because his father was already confirmed as a guest and neither have attended. The Rock… speculations I've seen that are excellent guesses: Michelle Yeoh, The Rock, Jason Alexander. @karterhol @marythechief She’s not wrong. 🥦🥦🥦
@jbchambers Zoe hasn't been to one. Karl, Simon, Zach, and John all have though. Could be Zoe, but my mind went to… status: Making four new pairs of Disney ears simultaneously. (Only two are for me.) @TiberiusHardy I thought of her too since she'll be in Section 31. The only reason I suspect Pine as well is beca… @AD79DAVE Lloyd attended in 2009.If this ends up being Chris Pine, I'm going to lose it. I am so incredibly sad to read this. @MrKenMitchell is the loveliest of humans. I absolute… @melcaylo @ruswooton LOL. That option in on iOS 13, which is not available on iPhone 6. Rude. @melcaylo @ruswooton I don’t have that option. 😭 @melcaylo @ruswooton HOW DO YOU DO THIS?! @Adam_Sloman This was... not that. This guy was stopping and flipping people off, getting out of his car and yellin… @mjstrat It’s the signage corporate sent us for new releases to be displayed on the marquee board when I managed a… @astroengine @NASAJPL The raccoons there are a riot. The deer are just really peaceful. I’d like to meditate amongst them. @astroengine @NASAJPL Have you run into any deer yet? @rockblocky @jvancitters Decaf. @Xandara HAHAHAHAHA @BradfordBenn Sorta? A lot of people have them to protect themselves from false claims if an accident happens, ect.… are nuts: Part 2 are nuts: Part 1 @tweetevergreen Yup!In other news, called 911 because some guy was swerving and stopping and flipping people off on the 91. Gunna pull…😍😍😍
@trekcasttng I woke to a message from someone I went to HS with. She’s was in NY, so she saw the news before me in… is Lance. Wow. @Captain_Revo I mean O’Brien started as a nameless extra in the pilot of TNG and ended DS9 with a full name, backgr… is terrible at this.I’m having new tires put on my truck and this shop has 25 Words or Less on and Joey and Lance from ‘N Sync are gues… @all_millennials The episodes post at midnight PST.SOB @EWB_68 I never post spoilers; just generic comments.OK, AGNES (I'm watching the new Picard episode.)I miss you so much. @CuteLittleTRex It's very heavy.
There's a Netflix doc about Gabriel Fernandez, the 8-year who died of injuries inflicted on him by his parents. I'm… @swear_trek He's my muse, tbh. @swear_trek @AlxStevens Ah, I'm 18th. :) @AlxStevens WHAT DAY
My birthday is in May.
@Stonekettle Christ. I’m going to bed.I see you, delta. 👀’ve had such a great day.
Happy birthday. I miss you. think there’s someone conducting a therapy session in my hotel’s lobby?A bit old, but just brought to my attention. An interview with @JK_Woodward about the Picard one-shot that I make a…🐚 @ Catalina Island @strtrk1701 Rolled my eyes when I got this. Which I can do. Because I still have both.I can’t handle this.✨STARSHIP✨ @ Avalon, California rosemary. Spruce!!! Wild. Lover’s Cove @ Catalina Brew House. The Amber was pretty good too. Lovely cocoa flavo…! That’s the flavor I’m getting. It’s delightful. @FitzyCalHerb Catalina Brew House actually!Currently drinking a wheat beer that is life changing. 🍺
Retweeted by Holly Amos! 💕 @MollyQuinn93 He looks so proud of himself. Haha.HOORAY! @DatelineNBC @melcaylo @lilmisjes NEW DATELINE WOOOOOO @AlxStevens Incorrect.Art. whole week has been a garbage heap and I'm ready for it to be over.
@aaronreynolds Didn't even know you could kill a moose. Who likes Star Trek Voyager, and thinks it deserves to have a documentary to commemorate its 25th anniversary?
Retweeted by Holly Amos @davidzappone HI HELLOMan, the helicopters are so loud in my neighborhood right now. got my taxes done! #adulting this is making the rounds again: Not Patrick. This is Andy Whitfield, the Welsh actor from Spartacus who pass… really a big tweeter but hope you all enjoyed watching all of those old borg parts getting ripped out of me!…
Retweeted by Holly Amos @taintedbill Nope.
@jaa5280 Funny thing about this: I meditate every day. @EWB_68 I have a Fire Stick too. Log out of the app on it. Unplug/power cycle it. Boot it back up and log in again. See if that helps. @EWB_68 What are you using to access it? Computer? App? Fire Stick? @EWB_68 Was available at midnight PST. @taintedbill Mostly, with one disappointment.I have a lot of feelings about the new Picard episode.In other news, I had to Google the term “simp.” The internet is a hellscape.Fun fact about me: I love peaty Scotch whisky. @DVDGeeks and I did a whisky tasting (and got a bonus gin!) at Scots… is metal AF. 🧠🎻 to all of you who heeded this request. I looked at every response. I appreciate it. :)
Having a discouraging day. Maybe send me memes? Or pictures of your pets?I bought the Picard soundtrack today and every song makes me cry. Every. Single. One. Damn you, @jeffersonrusso. @m_giacchino @m_giacchino I did not. Shit's like $4000, dude. 😂 @m_giacchino This feels like something you'd wear.
@some_jedi @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess CBS All Access is only available in the States, so the marketing is only visible to those folks. @densetsuiii @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess CBS All Access is only available in the States, so the marketing is only visible to those folks.