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Holly Gramazio @hollygramazio Whitechapel, London

Game designer, curator. Half of @mathmarcault, writer for @diceydungeons (out now!), previously director of @nowplaythese.

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@Haze______ @jonty @cr3 @tomscott seems like a solid plan that definitely nobody will regret @GhostTownGoldie hello @jonty @cr3 @tomscott you'd have to do a song you know the footwork to by heart I guess, and maybe specifically des… @PlayFairIre the main issue is that you grip ski poles at the top (with the pole extending from the bottom of your… @cr3 @jonty I reckon if you squint at that hard enough you can get it to a moderate/likely intersection and a "high… @alexhern think how much you'd save by not having to buy your VR goggles and your ski goggles separately are "extreme sports" called "extreme sports" specifically because that's where they fall on a risk assessment matrixhad a dream idea last night for a new sport that combines skiing with Beat Saber - basically you tape the controlle…
@_dspk @LicoriceHazel @Aosher @samhoweynunn ha, just to be clear I like the work of almost all of the people I've n… @LicoriceHazel @Aosher @samhoweynunn different and reviled category that isn't permitted to either beardman monthly… @Aosher @samhoweynunn @LicoriceHazel HOWEVER, you're permitted a second slot for a woman, who should be someone who… @Aosher @samhoweynunn @LicoriceHazel hmmm, I think maybe the position's just modified a bit - there's still a slot…
@LicoriceHazel always happy to have poorly-thought-through opinions on pop music @neilfaz @LicoriceHazel I think as long as you liked music by at least, say, two other women, you're in the clear! @LicoriceHazel anyway then she started dating the Tesla billionaire and possibly being anti-union which the interne… @LicoriceHazel and who then had an album which the internet popnerd demographic liked a lot (I also liked it a lot,… @LicoriceHazel a musician who around 2012(??) had a stint as the Vaguely Pop-y Ethereal Woman It's Okay For Boring… @hentaiphd Oh wow that one’s new to me and it’s extremely terrible @LorenzoPilia proposal for a games event that ends opens with Mi-Sex's "Computer Games" and ends with the Backstree… @LorenzoPilia the overlap of "beat saber enthusiast" and "familiar with the fine details of the text of Lana Del Re… @Remi_Tootata ohhhh that's pretty bad, yeah. It's another one that's so terrible I sort-of love it but I do get tha… @v21 ohhh but they're both so terrible I almost love them? Especially the bit where "roguelite" is (a) obviously qu… @grapefrukt @steishere I mean it wouldn’t have taken off so much if we hadn’t all needed a widely understood term f… @steishere I’d like to believe I’d just use “juice” like an adult and not whine about it, but honestly I reckon I’d… @jessefuchs but Jesse, then I'd have to find some other bundle of terms to irrationally dislike, and I've got so mu… @John_Whall I'd totally missed that one @obandsoller not outside books that are only available in academic libraries @jessefuchs down with all acronyms I reckon @obandsoller they're both perfectly fine terms originated or brought to wider public attention by nice clever peopl… @obandsoller kiiiinda the same thing as "game feel", although "juice" is more frequently used for game-feel-y thing… @infovore oh I don't mind that onethe more upsetting term is: @tinstargames like, if it was called some totally made-up word it would be clearer / fewer steps to understand. Tho… @tinstargames too many levels of figuring out what it means - it's an acronym for a term, but then the term itself… @ultrabrilliant oh yeah that's a teeeerrible one, it sounds like it could mean about nine different things and then… "virtual reality" the worst-named thing in games? I think it's worse than "augmented reality" and "auto battler"… @AngRieWords - you can still think about how the tool works and what you'd do with it. Might not be you being arrog… @AngRieWords honestly my experience of postgrad writing courses was similar, in that we looked at plenty of work I…
@mink_ette @jericawebber @alexhern @BBCRadio4 whoops someone said beat saber gonna have to abandon this conversatio… @alexhern @jericawebber @BBCRadio4 and broadening out from there - I think also avoiding dead ends is important, "y… @alexhern @jericawebber @BBCRadio4 mmmm I think something this list gets at is that there isn't one "get to any gam… @alexhern @jericawebber @BBCRadio4 IME the Portals are a good first WASD because there's so little "quick, respond… @HarryJosieGiles !!!! GOOD LUCK @Tom_Bowtell @NatalieRaaum Tried it last night and it’s pretty great!
@Tom_Bowtell @NatalieRaaum I think so! I haven’t set it up properly though yet, only got it for Christmas - should… @bfod I go by the Irish and Japanese seasonal classification system in which spring is a cold but hopeful season wh… is possiblewent upstairs to turn off my fake-sunlight-and-birdsong alarm clock that was going off for some reason, but it turn… drone photos of play spaces in Singapore, by Chow and Lin, are so arresting: the strangeness of how cities ne…
Sorry to say that I’ve finally figured out how to beat expert+ levels on Beat Saber, and it’s: substantially too mu…
@v21 Boys (2017)
@avvisavv screenshotting this and using it the next time I need to send a speaker bio to a conference @markarnot @avvisavv honestly of all the friend-classification spreadsheets that might or might not exist, this fee… @avvisavv hmmm, maybe not? Still, I think you're right, I'm pretty rarely unhappy but I tend to deal with it badly… @avvisavv I DEMAND A CLASSIFICATION
@adrianhon That said I love the “the moon looks big when it’s low” optical illusion which I totally fall for. But that happens every night.I love the moon but my opinion is that lunar eclipses are bullshit and I’ve never not regretted putting my shoes on to go and look at one @v21 @joonturbo @BeatSaber @terrycavanagh @Draknek YES GOODVVVVVV is now open source <3
Retweeted by Holly Gramaziowatching @terrycavanagh watch a speedrun of VVVVVV and he keeps GASPING and saying "I didn't know you could DO that"I wrote something about the feeling of being a long way from home during this year's fire season, and trying not to…
I liked "Feast for the Eyes", a wide-ranging food photography exhibition at @TPGallery. One thing it made me think…
@demanrisu yes, sorry
@innesmck next time we're in the same room I'm gonna explain Local Time to you at great length, might get some pamp… @KommanderKlobb From Kevan's list, Ex Post Facto, Guggenheim, Hipbone, One Capture Go, Shannon Switching Game are a…
@KommanderKlobb Walter Joris’s “100 Strategic Games for Pen and Paper” has some good stuff! And David Parlett’s “Pe… @adtidixon Thank you! And yeah, ferns are a delight. @adtidixon and finally 5. If you want, because it's so shady you can MAKE SOMETHING MOSSY which you do by blending… @adtidixon 4. If like me you're not an experienced gardener, don't get anything expensive at first; expect some pla… @adtidixon 3. Probably don't try to do everything all at once? We have a nice range of flowers through spring/summe… @adtidixon 2. Different levels for things when possible - put stuff on ledges, put extra ledges in in order to have… @adtidixon 1. Prioritise the bit that gets sunlight and think about what you want that won't work in shade (maybe h… @adtidixon I’m not really a gardener but ours is a similar size and also gets minimal sun and is mostly planter-bas…
@hannahnicklin @wavingpeople Honestly I think dentists just always give you an extra task. Mine told me an interden… @wavingpeople it IS @wavingpeople I always struggled with flossing but find interdental brushes much easier to keep up with! partly bec…
@samred No! I haven't tried any VR shooting-y games actually - I don't generally like 'em on pc/console - but I sho… @samred Yeah, it's interesting to play something that's clearly really great, but where it feels like it's at the e…"Video Games" but the guy is playing Beat Saber, and Lana Del Rey's watching and drinking beer in her white sundres… @samred I think it's very good! Especially with the official songs, it seems like it opens up a lot more interestin… to remember if there was ever a time when I wasn't either playing Beat Saber or waiting for the headset to r…
@NiallEM Oh, what a lovely thing to hear! So glad you enjoyed it!
@nikkipugh After our original frog man retired his daughter took over. Obviously demand for frogs is down nowadays… @nikkipugh Well you’d just listen out for the van, like you would with any frog man. And when you heard the croakin… @nikkipugh He’s made up Nikki! It’s all made up! There was no local frog man! @dinosaurrparty Thank you! I agree! If it’s only going to be enjoyed by one person other than me, which does seem t… don’t usually like to come over all traditionalist, but in my day we made our own muddy puddles out of duct tape… @kimonsatan Thank you! Also that’s very good. Early sign of your future game designs...
@katbamkapow Thank you! These were so much fun to write! NOW TO CONVINCE SOMEONE TO LET ME DO A BOOK WITH FORTY OF THEM @agAitcheson Oh I hadn't seen Pawns, how neat! Really interested to see where this strand of your practice goes!
@kinokasai Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!Recommended, anyway! There's also a really densely packed exhibition on Fluxus sound works in the tiny gallery by the reading room.Plus this is very specific I know, but I often admire the Whitechapel's wall placement and it's great this time too… really like the Anna Maria Maiolino exhibition at @_TheWhitechapel! It's precise and exploratory and funny and st… @ifnotnowgwen Yeah there’s six essays and the last one is based on the Freeplay talk!(The last article in the series, "How Not To Play", actually came out last Thursday but we all had other things on… for example, looking at commute games by talking through the process of making them with designers whose commute…, my entire set of "How To Play" essays for Wellcome is online! The idea was to mix game rules, tweaks, interv… @lai_krtisfranks “Truffle”, this afternoon.