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Holly Herndon @hollyherndon Berlin, Germany

🤝INTERDEPENDENCE 🤝 Computer Music @4AD_Official @RVNGintl @Stanford . Booking: EU @littlebigmusic US: @GroundControl__

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@retreats @helveticade @Anna_K_Lockwood Just signal boosting @helveticade original post 🕊Adam is an authority on evading face detection and the originator of CV dazzle makeup - listen to him is bad advice and easily defeated by today’s machine vision.
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Matched—Please support demonstrators in Minnesota!
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@KyleKingMusic cool!Matched - support Minnesota demonstrators by donating to this fund @martynpepperell 😎 it is a constant household debate @timothysaccenti I see you!Omg 👌 Yorke shares playlist from his first Sonos Radio show; Radiohead streaming ’94 concert video (with 'The Bends'…
Retweeted by Holly Herndon @jesseengel @matdryhurst Thanks for joining us Jesse 🕊I had a great time chatting with @hollyherndon and @matdryhurst on their podcast. I believe there's a small paywall…
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@tonjethilesen 🤪 @iamyila It will, we are close!! @paulfeigelfeld Congratulations!! @_streamentry I think there are standalones too that can be routed into whatever DAW you want!Magenta have done more than most to put machine learning tools into the hands of producers - check out this suite o… Interdependence 4 with @jesseengel, creative lead @GoogleMagenta we discuss juggling perspectives as both a mus… @DuckDuckShark1 wow @hollyherndon
Retweeted by Holly Herndon @guest__user @thoughtism Forsaken (trance) ⚰️ @Keplacuts I love herUploaded @DublinDigiRadio Vocal Special ft: @gross_net @potnast @florasninos
Retweeted by Holly HerndonIt must be Music for Airpods @SkinVehicles 🦾 @thoughtism Music for Airpods 😂 @thoughtism Everyone is a normie to someone @ClaudeSpeeed @kozovosan It is coming @DuckDuckShark1 🦦
@coryoon that is a nice title @coryoon @coryoon I don't release tracks but if this one I'm thinking of makes the cut then it is 'pink capybara' which is crazy @coryoon ok if I name a song that you know why @EdwinPM2 if I could stop it, I would, but I can't @coryoon what is your favorite color and favorite animal @sleeplessinflat @extinctdaemon it wasn't even to me, it was to someone younger and more impressionable and it makes me rage @daskriechtier @andrewhuang I must, I am sorry @coryoon I cannot break my sacred oath to disturb every relaxing playlist @sleeplessinflat @extinctdaemon <3 yeah he was a dick and it was unnecessary! @coryoon I made some relaxing music but I will never release it! @EdwinPM2 it is time @pmgerdes I was thinking edge lord! @edwinburgos @RoughTrade @st_vincent thankyou! @sleeplessinflat @extinctdaemon I'm sorry I was thinking about a pretentious German guy I met, I didn't mean to ruffle anyone! @meharbedi @violetakaviolet you are right! @manemusic No kicks are you crazy? @ruolz @SophianF Oops I should know that - the pun is good I am sorry @extinctdaemon What does that mean @jeandeffense Thankyou! @c_mguthrie Thankyou we are trying to get great and sweet people to join @extinctdaemon Being mean and edgy is the status quo @Anakadom Thankyou that is nice to hear @violetakaviolet Sweet 🌷 @matthewgovaere You look like an intellectual I am sorry @saintlennybruce Goofy is sacred @ruolz @SophianF I don’t get it @violetakaviolet 🕊 @saintlennybruce @MadQuills Yes, often these thoughts come to my mind @saintlennybruce Cool is so goofy @jchristopher1 I also love towels 🤝 @daanknijn Queen! @gregkieser Really! @MylesBorins Yes! You are sweet! @daanknijn You’re the queen @palebluedotz I will leave that to the pros it is their world!Edginess is so lame and such a waste of time- be sweet @peligrietzer You should not be insecure you are smart and sweet what more could you wantBeing mean only makes you look smart to insecure people @ximenesuk Good @ximenesuk You will learn to accept it, it is better this way @craigleonmusic You are sent from another planet Craig and we are lucky @RedThunderAudio Holly @ceo_of_cats I will listen to it and smooth out the edges @RedThunderAudio Too freaky @ajimalmusic Allergy season @CouplerMusic I used to love that music but my ears have changed I will prove it @ajimalmusic 😂 @ajimalmusic I am serious! @friendcalled_5 hero @YNCB_ thankyou! I hope that my history provides a nice counterpoint to this new era @BruceLevenstein @LeeRosevere no hands @sung_tongs listen to when they are enjoying a croissant or something very normal <3 @ladyniasan 🥰 im turning a new leaf I am changed @YungLambton it will be so normal every postman will whistle it without knowing - every vocal line will be one note @friendcalled_5 made possible by Gary Numan in some ways! @unicoleunicron 🧑‍🌾 @ericdharvey by the time I am done making it I will not know what that sentence means @HXDK I will not say a thing about how or why it was made @BruceLevenstein @LeeRosevere electronic music? Not normal enough @unicoleunicron thankyou sweetie!! @Marcus_Martins just normal, maniacally normal @hollyherndon
Retweeted by Holly Herndon @YNCB_ accepted but dont get mad if I do it @tropicofabb they dont make palladium records...yet @LeeRosevere good idea @sung_tongs shhh dont give away my secrets!