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Holly @HollyOaks007 Warrington, England

19! Manchester City Season Ticket Holder! Hate fpl lol 2 top 1% finishes out of 3! No my name is not Holly Oaks lol! Unfuckwithable!

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What’s new 3.26am OFCOURSE I’m awake! Haven’t been able to get to sleep before 4am since lockdown began 74 days ago… NYPD is using a bus to transfer arrested protesters at the Barclays Center. However the bus driver refused to…
Retweeted by HollyAs if I won £100 on a Thunderball lucky dip🤪 11,15,17,34 but if I’d had the bonus ball it was £250, 1 more number 5…’m praying for the world.
Retweeted by Holly6 bastarding hours & it looks like this?!?!😡😡😡
Retweeted by HollyThe police no longer protects
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Ahhh I soooo wanted Rebel Wilson to notice my tweets after watching her funny & amazing movie Isn’t It Romantic but nope I’m not that lucky😔Thank you @RebelWilson 🤍 for making me laugh out loud! Isn’t It Romantic was sooooo funny, you’re hilarious, absolu… karaoke scene had me dying @RebelWilson the way you turned it around was amazing & sooo funny! 😂🤣💀 #IsntItRomantic #Netflix🤍
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Retweeted by HollyThis golden retriever made it her job to keep her little brother safe
Retweeted by Holly @deejayfaremi I totally agree & I’ve been saying this for ages but some fucking idiots like @4katsuki_ thinks he’s rubbish!Isn’t It Romantic is sooooooo funny😂🤣💀 #NetflixThe karaoke scene I’m dying 😂🤣💀 #IsntItRomantic #Netflix“Ah funny my Fitbit sometimes vibrates & says, “Wanna stroll?” But when you say it I don’t wanna smash you”…’re REALLY funny @RebelWilson 😂🤣💀😂🤣💀Watching Isn’t It Romantic... #NetflixWow someone’s lockdown in the UK just got a whole lot better to the tune of £15,294,900 sadly it wasn’t me, another… to watch.... Any recommendations? #Netflix @4katsuki_ He’s better than that you’ll see in a few years when he’s at a great club remember my words he’ll win a… @4katsuki_ Borussia Monchengladbach are much better & he scored twice vs them! He’s allowed an off day as he would…'s so big and happy now! ❤️ Learn how to make your adoption journey more rewarding with the GM BuyPower Card:…
Retweeted by HollyTo those offended by the looting... 🗣HE SAID WTF HE SAID!
Retweeted by Holly @4katsuki_ 5 in 3 but yeah he’s just alright LOL fucking idiot!Just taking a slow ride on the alligator express.
Retweeted by Hollylook at this pure soul spreading love
Retweeted by HollyFucking hell my dad eats slower than a fucking snail EVERY night the 3 of us are just sat there waiting staring int… think Donald Trump is off the Christmas card list of China!White protestors vs Black protestors
Retweeted by HollyNo am not ya fuckin judgemental rug
Retweeted by HollyAll it takes is love ❤️ #dodofosterdiaries
Retweeted by HollyCHINA!
Retweeted by HollyJust living the chillest life ever
Retweeted by HollyWatch this rescued baby ride away with his new family!
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Retweeted by HollyThe sweetest friendship ❤️
Retweeted by HollyWhat magnificent breed of "cat" is this?
Retweeted by HollyLeast surprising news of the Millennium. 👇
Retweeted by HollyThis will 100% make your day better 😍
Retweeted by HollyThere are two types of cats
Retweeted by HollyThe moment this 400-pound sea turtle swims back into the ocean 😍💙🐢
Retweeted by HollyDaily reminder my mum is a selfish manipulative fucking bitch!!!Aww Bella #HomeAndAwayHe got some nice moves there
Retweeted by HollyBet Dom finds a way to get there...
Retweeted by HollyMe after eating the a whole thing of powdered donuts
Retweeted by Holly11.11I’m soooooo mad at the ending of Uncut Gems! It was proper tense all film then the bet wins & I was super happy & then...😑😫😭😔 #NetflixI think our new basset hound Caesar is quite fond of his poppa
Retweeted by HollyAn autism service dog meets his idol
Retweeted by HollyFirst time ever #HongKongProtesters have used a leaf blower to tackle tear gas. Clearly a new tactic unlocked.
Retweeted by HollyHappy birthday Rkid have a good 1 love you long time LG x
Retweeted by HollyOMFG Uncut Gems was amazing, but why did he have to die I wasn’t expecting that! #Netflix🚨 Premier League kick-offs (BST) 🚨 Weekend - Friday 20:00 - Saturday 12:30, 15:00, 17:30, 20:00 - Sunday 12:00, 14…
Retweeted by HollyOk this is the funniest, smartest tactic ever😂😭😭😭
Retweeted by Hollyis it even legal to have ears like this
Retweeted by HollyNot leaving anyone behind 🙌🏿
Retweeted by HollyHappiest little floof ball
Retweeted by HollyCutest little incubator baby 😍
Retweeted by HollyBaby goose follows his rescuer everywhere 💙
Retweeted by HollyFor me?
Retweeted by HollyI'm a grandpa!!!!
Retweeted by Hollyhands up if you don't want to stay in but also don't want to go out
Retweeted by HollyGuy loses his job, sells his house and is happier than ever — thanks to his 3 dogs 💞
Retweeted by HollyLive! ☺️🎉 Baking stream making some cake cookies for my roomie since it’s her birthday today and she lovessss my c…
Retweeted by HollyQuarantine has been so boring i been working out everyday.😝 Here is a before and after picture. 🥺 Home workouts h…
Retweeted by HollySitting here with the love of your life , wine drunk & eating Italian food is the dream.
Retweeted by HollyAmalfi Coast, Italy
Retweeted by HollyGive everyone unlimited transfers until June 17th. It's a game. Make the return more exciting for as many people as possible.
Retweeted by HollyMy cat loves to cuddle! I adopted him 2 years ago from my local shelter. He has so much love to give 💗
Retweeted by HollyWatch this silly pittie become the most patient foster dad ever 😍
Retweeted by Hollywish I had a fanny smh
Retweeted by HollyOne of my twitch subs bought me a fucking hot tub
Retweeted by HollyI have lost control of the situation.
Retweeted by Holly @bt_uk Morning Clare, I’ve woken up & it’s all working perfectly sorry for all the tweets! Have a nice day x @Nmillsy1986 Where abouts are you & is your router like a orange/red colour?I can’t be the only person awake in the UK with BT WiFi down! Anyone..?My internet is down half way thru a movie & there is the biggest fucking spider in my room FML! Tonight is literall… @Lobbdem @CyfrinFox @bt_uk Is yours still down? There is a war in Penzance rn? Do you need me to call the police lo… @JamieJukes4 😂🤣💀sorry x @CyfrinFox @bt_uk Is yours still down too? I can’t get internet at all unless on 3G! Is your router like orange/red colour? @rantasaurusbex Is you’re still down?! Mine is having to use 3G! The router is like orange/red normally it’s green! @johnhillhorse @bt_uk Mine just went out too! Has just come back yet?!Anyone else’s BT WiFi down?!
As if The Weeknd in Uncut Gems!!! #NetflixDog always runs full speed ahead of his mountain biker dad 💚
Retweeted by HollyLulu pumps up.
Retweeted by Holly11:11Uncut Gems...I hope this is good! #NetflixSea otters are such good moms ❤️
Retweeted by Hollythis is scary .. they’re literally a cult of murders
Retweeted by HollyCops guarding the murderer’s home. #GeorgeFloyd (via Chloe Jo on Facebook)
Retweeted by HollyMeanwhile I haven’t left my house once not even for exercise in 72 days! Such a selfish manipulative bitch I fuckin… My mum is such a bitch! I didn’t eat with them tonight as I’m mad at her for breaking the lockdown rules AGAIN…😂🤣💀 #LiveAtTheApollo