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77% of producers and engineers say they've worked for free in the past year. @holmesprice investigates the implicat…
Retweeted by DecmÆntel @MsRobinHosking @redrackem Ruthless hi hat EQingThis is even more pertinent now — the scale of exploitation is immense, read it and protect yourself and future inc… unpaid remixes for a very well known record label, and ignoring us and management 👍🏼
Retweeted by DecmÆntel @carolecadwalla Worth turning replies off for a few days? Did you get that feature enabled? Think it’s still in beta. @MrLukeJenner Buckingham Nicks ✔️ @telefontelaviv Hahaha I was sure you had made that quote up
@oiiiemma “I can do this all day” and two mins later, flipping a bloody lid!! @manueky @kerryjeanlister It’s also upside down 🥴 @I_Skream Job Jobse Boiler RoomNever clash a vocal again
Retweeted by DecmÆntel @DJBarelyLegal @PaulWoolford Heard the same aye @BenPearceDJ that’s why I was saying that, with the new reply feature, big news outlets should just turn off replie… @BenPearceDJ What’s mad is that they’re so easy to spot with usually 4-6 numbers in their username. And yet ppl con…
@AnnaCafolla The communion medal 😅Me and @CCijffers are live nowwww over on @Aonair_music’s Isolation FM ❤️
@markhumeldn @2wheels2dex @LUXXURY Got that as a download on day dot lads. Shall we do a Vogue only live stream @posthuman I mean you literally could be talking about anything here @colindperkins You been to the cause? For real best spot in London. And walking distance from us 🙌🏻 @BenPearceDJ @lemmyashton b2b2b when it’s all over lads @lemmyashton YES this is what i was thinking of xx hop you’re well mate xUrgent Q: what’s your go-to Vogue edit/remix?“Ibiza has always been a haven for people seeking freedom” @RobDJmag goes to the heart of the White Isle to discov…
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@MitchWadeCole I covnertee the audio to 48 in audacity and then when I put it in Premiere it was in sync. Then it took an hour to export ha @nabihahiqbal Ab-so-lutelyI really really miss drinks, dancing and friends. What a comboHELP: I recorded a video on my iPhone and recorded audio in rekordbox and the video is 48kHz and the recording is 4… plans 2020
Retweeted by DecmÆntelBy turning off replies news outlets have a huge opportunity to almost destroy bots overnight who thrive in the repl…’s the Benji B one btw 👍🏻As expected this is great. Also an Altern8 shout out within @posthuman @iamcoxhead @DefectedRecords 👀👀👀I loved doing this interview and studio sesh with @KSHMRmusic - top lad and really interesting take on creativity a…
@codeinedrums Oh my days!!!! Truly stunning @Devonanalogue CheekySo far today the white Peaugot 106 with the soul-rattlin’ subwoofer mod that seems to loop around Blackhorse Road h… are the actual good AirPod Pro alternatives? Ideally with good mic for calls and Zooms etc.
@Glitterbox @MelvoBaptiste Yes maaaaaateJoin us from 8pm BST / 12pm PST – live with @KSHMRmusic 🙌
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@alijamieson Hahahahaha
He’s said Oakey thought it was too happy and that there’s a second darker version that they let Virgin choose from… remember meeting Martin Rushent only a few months before he died. He told the same story that’s in this abiit Oak… one of the best albums ever there is no denying it. A fitting score too. Almost perfect ❤️ @agmxxre Waheyyyyyy @erolalkan @phantasysound @BuggedOut Bought this in Fopp in Bath 👍🏻
@jordannocturne Downloaded for Martin Robertsi’m offering some FREE MENTORING for young radio broadcasters.. should be a lot of fun :) details here.. scroll do…
Retweeted by DecmÆntelJob Jobse absolutely doing Saturday night proud on Boiler Room rn @ShanMcGinley Underrated mate, best way to learn. I actually wanna go back to playing pop mixed with 4-4 - Beatport… @medlar_ I used to do this when MIDI files were more popular than MP3s. Used to love using scaler plugins on them t… @1996_LiamSmith @mmtowns I think about this lyric a lot @dregincore Sure yup I have this mic for doing voiceovers and yah it’s good! Pretty versatile. Have a look at AKG P… @SimonDunmore Routing the FX to a different channel is so sick. And the isolator sounds great. It all feels very natural to usefootball today lads 😅 @ComradeMassie It’s like midi, but for money @ComradeMassie MIDI Money!! AmazingSpent some time with @rexthedog1980 talking about his epic modular rig for his live show. Such a sick approach to p…
@JamieMirror Yikes how far is that @HBFblog I don’t have a British passport tho init 🇮🇪 @MightyMouseHQ Tow it home!! Disco yacht! @colindperkins Come lad. Only 24 new cases daily here now! Pretty much wiped out and we’re all immune @colindperkins 22hrs are you actually coming?? @ShanMcGinley It’s absolutely insane we only get one go a day and you can’t call anyone or speak to Webchat 😑 @ShanMcGinley should we just give up nowWait three months to get into HMRC’s self-emplyed claim page and now I’m locked out for another 24 hours 👍🏻 @ShanMcGinley did you ever get in? I just had the same problem trying to claim now gotta wait anothr 24 hours 🙄 so…
@Glitterbox @AmyDouglasSings 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @mmtowns I opened this video in the dark in bed and my phone was at full volume. A childish Scottish shriek still hangs in the air 🥴We explored the live modular set-up of @KOMPAKTREC affiliate Rex The Dog and joined him at @E1LDN in the latest ins…
Retweeted by DecmÆntel @kylegeiger @BodyInTheThames @joemuggs Yah providing and enforcing are two very different things especially with no… @BodyInTheThames @kylegeiger @joemuggs You would expect councils to be more lenient with who can get a license just…
@eoin_murraye Happy birthday big champ. I messaged you on the work channels but APPARNETLY you were ‘off’ today?¿? @cnmcgoo Illegal sessionWe go behind the scenes and explore @rexthedog1980's live modular set-up 🙌 Watch now 👉
Retweeted by DecmÆntel @ShanMcGinley Did you get invited to apply? I’m approved just waiting for that magic email
@Ezell2film Ha good spot! Glad you enjoyed itSome pretttttty cool visuals and video textures if you’re looking at adding something extra to your streams, or wan… @Apartment_rec @Mattburns82 @Sam_Greenwood_ Lazy @AnnaCafolla This story always stuck in my mind over the years so it’s greet to see this happen and for it to get so much coverage! 💚 @djsantero Apparently yes!
Putting my Zoom quiz together taught me a lot of things but the funnest fact was definitely that Simon Cowell was a… @Sharooz 😦 @anakristensen @ChrisLiebing @tearsforfears IT MUST BE SHARED @CCijffers Trouble in Paradise @ATVIAssist LADS. please bring back the OG Solo 😢
@Existen26877586 @cumbriatourism @Istimrar ‘SUPPORTER OF MOTHERWELL FC’ made me laugh too haha @Existen26877586 @cumbriatourism @Istimrar Why do ppl even bother replying to someone whose username has eight numb… @GuyHornsby @lukeunabomber @jamiebulldj Yup!!! @lemmyashton Wasn’t that during the writers strike? Some hilarious episodes across all shows at that time ha @HanrattyDave Nile Rodgers was and is very close with his family and extended family. Nice of Bono to just rewrite… @BenPearceDJ Just prefer being a bit slower and more considered. Hopefully they offer both soon @deanvannguyen @posthuman Welcome to the new normal @DJmadamX BT Structure Status are great and £70. Good bass and sound and they stay in and have a long battery life. @1996_LiamSmith @Hodgebristol @boilerroomtv 🌱🌝 @aldoyletweets Where was this published? Wtf @1996_LiamSmith Just woke up 🥴 top lols @BenPearceDJ Just ppl last fsr longer now, you have about 50 left when the circle is tiny as opposed to around 10-1… scene is absolutely perfect. And this tske was so good James Avery said “Now that’s fucking acting” as he hugg…