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@DJmag @supermarke @darkentriesrecs Nice
@codeinedrums @darkentriesrecs @supermarke Omg yes 👏🏻Floating Points doing tings at @DJmag ADE stream 😍😍😍 Live on Facebook right now init 👏🏻’s that time again. Doors in 5mins for @sanholobeats masterclass 👏🏻 @ghostly Omg so happy for you best wishes
@WazeOdyssey Maaaate. Lets get a beer init. Just landed @AtoZSports What about his terrible coaching decisions almost weekly? Refusing to kick FGs when we need to, electin… @AtoZSports This for me shows that Vrabel is a career man. He puts no value in the franchise or how the fans feel.… @posthuman Same. I knew it was gonna happen, and I did it anwyay. The modern capitalist masochist. I’ll probably fi… @CarlLoben In your room mate 🤗 I think so anyway ha. Someone called Ben..... @CarlLoben Ah I thought you were doing Heathrow? Yes it’s amazing! I only got here 45mins before flight and been at gate for 10mins ha 🤜🏻Hmm why isn’t there an ADE drinking game? @DJmag missing a trick here. Down your drink if Uber surged over 3xIf you see a Wasted Heroes T-shirt take a shotBlack bomber game is strong at City airport this morning, good to see dance music fashion is moving at a rapid pace @Taur_de_Force Agree agree
ADE is the best time of the year, always. Great catching up with everyone and listening in on talks etc. I’ll be ho…
@Cianaf Well it seems t be going OK @Cianaf Living in London there’s always events, fans and jerseys everywhere, it’s very visible when it’s on. But th… @TottenhAmerican Bubble: Lamela. Baps: Lo CelsoIf we’re honest we preferred numerical reviews cause it faces instant assignments. I know BNM on pitchfork in the ‘… @Rory_Phillips Easily. Feels so dialled inAs Pitchfork cull, and RBMA close, and Thump and so on, you look at Simon Reynolds’ piece, an expert without questi… say as I scroll thru Pitchfork’s 100 for the first time. I Can Change number 3? Really? I love LCD, but that’s pastiche done badly. Nah..Guetta’s best work is ‘Acapella’ and if you don’t agree well, you just haven’t seen the video :-)Are we allowed to put Night by Night on the EOD lists or is it not Connaughtronica enough? 🤷🏻‍♂️ tbh I’m glad Simon… @posthuman Viiiiiibes!!All these EOD charts, albums, tracks etc. I’d love to get a Spotify playlist for the ‘discourses’ choices! It’s bas… @shockproofbeats Played like a manager who already is displaced regardless of achievement weiiiiird 🤷🏻‍♂️If @RyanSessegnon is as good as he is in FIFA20 we can sell the whole team and grab a Neck Oil cause we’ll win the… @cnmcgoo Oh lad. Fair play for that but whyyyy
@matstewartevans Love(d)? Damn @gabrielszatan @codeinedrums Awwww. Y’all are cute as 👏🏻 @djsophielloyd WherrrrrFriends in the end daily reminder that Michael Fassbender licked my face 9 years ago. Oh the rest of the story, it’s not for Twit… @Lilywhite_Rose What is this? You watch the Sunday games in the stadium and eat a roast? That actually sounds like…
Back on the MP3s tonight lads, Queen of Hoxton basement with @FrankMcWeeny 👏🏻👏🏻Play Harder Bros really need to stay at home eh @Daily_Hotspur He’s done, surely @ForTheRecord_PR @cometobutch Great tune!!!!RIP @mattneely_ fucking HELL 😔 @vlove615 @HANGTN @mattneely_ I bought the NSH and Mari🐐ta tees for london and they took 6 weeks to arrive and slap… @TwoToneBlueNat1 @Titans @mattneely_ We didn’t tell him tho. We just took it for granted. I hope and I think he knew 💙 @THSTOfficial @Pete2Boogie Amazing 👌🏻 @Skinny_Unscrptd @Titans @mattneely_ Amen. My man. Terrible. We better win out. @AtoZSports @mattneely_ @chelseahornsby As an international titans fan, since 2003, I’ve always relied heavily on s… @chelseahornsby Brutal. I’m so sorry. He made such an impact on me in London. Peace to you at this hard time @TicTacTitans @ThePostRoute17 How 😔 @AllanBell247 @ThePostRoute17 Crazy. Sad. Wow. RIP.This is completely fucked. He sent me two T-shirt’s like last week. Awful awful. RIP 😔 @titansfilmroom @mattneely_ WHAT @chelseahornsby @mattneely_ Oh my god!!!!!
Reminder of this tonight at EGG lol big up the Cue Crew my way to meet @FrankMcWeeny before playing @Egg_Club_London tonight, having just finished a very interesting pa… at @Egg_Club_London into the early hours with pals The Real Escobar, Jahmed and @holmesprice. Doors at 10pm. Se…
Retweeted by Decmantel 🥴 @basilionichols @lycheefrut @Bandcloud @PhilipSherburne @normanrecords @tuuunuuut @fluf_ @DeejayMosca @claywilson S… @JackPittBrooke And Spurs lads 👏🏻 @geekylonglegs What about HaHa Clinton-DixOh lord
@radio_coco @medlar_ @laurenflax is in UAD Console or as a plugin in Live? @paulSDMCR Bit of both I think. Or maybe it’s just me @paulSDMCR I am trying my darn best to et my hands on some of them but it’s proving extremely tough 😑 @xgeorgiawilson Those lads in the forest will be pleased
Goodbye old friend
Retweeted by Decmantel 🥴“I get a chance to test myself, push myself, and get back to a point where I want to make music again” Detroit tec…
Retweeted by Decmantel 🥴 @gabrielszatan from my phoneCan’t wait to win euromillions tonight. I’ll still come to @gabrielszatan’s quiz however I won’t talk to anyone @gabrielszatan @Voodoo_Rays Yesss!!! I’m terrible at quizzes but by god I’ll be bad at this tooOh lord my ADE iCal is FILLIN’ and it’s glorious 😅Goodnight, sweet Prince catalogue @gabrielszatan Jeeeeeez
@amebbbb COVERS BAND oh lord @amebbbb The Beat Police is the name of my new Italo covets band thanks for that
@gabrielszatan Yes!!! And it’s extremely helpful!!! @Huxley_Music Hahaha 🤜🏻Once, I didn’t know you could press play while cueing on a CDJ and it would continue playing so I played a whole tr… @TheJoezilla @HANGTN For some reason this squad has made me more numb than any other group of players. Just have no… @_BlakeTucker It began with the double-failed 2 point conversion in London vs Chargers. And he’s made consistently bad decisions sinceAt least everyone at The Lane had a cracker 👍🏻I’ve been a Titans fan since 2001. In the 300 odd games I’ve missed maybe 10? This is the worst we’ve ever been. Tr… @intomnia I used to understand the rules in depth and see the foul before the flag and understand why. Now i can’t… that the NFL will weep at losing me but I find myself less and less interested as the flags become more and mor… @jwyattsports @Titans Smiths playcalling has been so odd. Doesn’t seem to be capable of adjusting to pressure 🤷🏻‍♂️ who knows whySpurs are awful. The Titans are awful. But at least the stadium looks nice on tele 🤷🏻‍♂️ @cjlwells How’s Dublin lad? @alijamieson “I got you a gig on TV!” “Amazing! What’s the show?” “ BBC1 too, here’s 500 quid to get some new cloth… is happening 😅
@alijamieson How tho, did he lose everyone so quickly. I’m not ready to give up yet. @alijamieson 🤷🏻‍♂️ just bizarre. No idea what’s going on
“I get a chance to test myself, push myself, and get back to a point where I want to make music again” Detroit tec…
Retweeted by Decmantel 🥴How do you play the goose game @lemmyashton @paulSDMCR I hear this so often yet I can’t get my head around how it’s useful for anything beyond sup… a blog responds to your submission saying they love your music... and for [x] amount they will feature it... 1…
Retweeted by Decmantel 🥴
The Highs and Lows of the Glasto F5, by Deckie McGlynn @medlar_ the 6? what’s up with it?We went to @southbankcentre and went behind the scenes of @derrickmayday’s orchestral show and it was A LOT OF FUN… @paulSDMCR @_JamesWelsh It’s all I know @_JamesWelsh @paulSDMCR 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹 🎛🎛🎛🎛🎛🎛 🎚🚦🎚🚦🎚🚦 @_JamesWelsh @paulSDMCR 🤑 on my master channel template