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they/them 🧪 writer, poet, & illustrator. 🍵 passionate about oatmilk. butch. 📗 GAY FROGS!!! Zine 📗 + "i don't want to be beautiful" coming in 2020 // 22 ⬡ ☭

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@Nascentransgirl nah, just a blonde british persongirlfriend found this on tumblr (url inahiddenplace) and i literally can’t look at it without crying!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @Nascentransgirl i wish they were tiny i hate not being the taller one. they r v skinny thoim not wasting my time making golden tools if they break. ill make them if theyre permanent thoBoston Post, Massachusetts, November 24, 1920
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @yiffpolice 💚 lmk if theres anything i can dodear Nintendo,
Retweeted by vin; androgynei have a feud with all academic new yorkers and wine party poetsi get the appeal of astropoets i really do. maybe not the time to get petty and yuck peoples yums im just frustrated with people behind itastropoets partnering with airbnb and then airbnb losing all its business bc their exploitation of housing was alwa… tiny moth keeps haunting our bedroom but never when hex is around :( @emmiesaur thank you !! 😌 @archaeogremlin regardless, i apologize that the wording here did not clarify this enough for you as a reader, and… @archaeogremlin i did not say "literally everyone" bc ik that would be untrue in so many ways. it is still somethin… @archaeogremlin i wasnt saying that it was forced onto men bc that is obviously untrue in how society and the world… @ultramarine_ink oh well its printed on demand so u can get any of them! "11" is just the options for colors :)more varieties:
Retweeted by vin; androgyne"digital garden glitched" // the glitch art versions of my digital garden print! // all 3 variations available now!…
Retweeted by vin; androgyne"digital garden"; a 2020 digital illustration & 12x16 physical art print by me. // d̵̺̅ȏ̶͈ ̶̖͝ý̶͎o̶͍͂u̴͕͌ ̷͙̅w̴̫͆…
Retweeted by vin; androgynewho wants to buy the tenth copy of this print? also went through a phase as a baby trans of trying to be a gay for men trans masc bc i was terrified of "what if… interested in and attracted to men is something that is educationally forced upon, taught to, and learned by… i understood i was both trans and i gay i thought i was into gay men (???) and knew that it was wrong and fe… cannot tell you who is or isnt gay or is or isnt trans but i can tell you i thought i was straight but still aske…"am i gay if i am into boys but only if they look like or intentionally dress up as girls?" well ill let you work that one out for yrselfwhat are your favorite insteagrams of people who take care of plants? it can be a scientific, gardening, farming, o… is an international overseas situation to be clear i cannot take a bus back to the US if i could i wouldi was supposed to go home march 29th. again i will be 100% fine. just yeahthis is the 3rd time! im already rebooked again, but im just feelin bad abt the strain this puts on everyone else a… flight got cancelled again @destroyeroftroy thank u :')taking selfies would involve shaving and i am tired so we r eating spaghetti instead @SamusMcQueen demon hunter is v fun i am not biased bc its green @SamusMcQueen hex is the expert not me but i love hs @SamusMcQueen yes 😔demon hunter demon hunter demon hunter finally a deck i care abt @jessfromonline heated thread of debate abt jess from online's selfie game. locked after 126984567 replies @hikari_no_yume nah, participating in the system is not my style @lake_scum its smth ive seen p much everywhere ive been both online and off, so i think it def goes beyond montrealstop being beautiful!!!!hm. i find jess's pics of herself deeply unfair to me and my rights personally.PLEASE have someone from your local tenants union view your negotiated rent agreement. i am seeing some bonkers thi…
Retweeted by vin; androgynelily animal crossing amiibo cards are selling for 60 dollars???????????? rn?????? jesusyr the fuckheads with new cars (and even teslas) whose shitty partners sexually harassed me and tip like 2 pennies… @jessfromonline jess i already knew all of thesethey get so mad learning poor/marginalized ppl dont like them and think bc we dont pretend to be nice to them for t…, centrists, and democrats r all pathetic little cry babies who dont ever try to do whats necessary to help… @gothcomplex thanks! i just know ppl want nice stuff to cheer them up. so its frog time @gothcomplex its actually v fun to make even if it takes forever. getting this far has taken two days and i havent… what i could i POSSIBLY be making? definitely not a frog icon maker! impossible @JunkyardAttic @marisabcrane yeah. her blog has a lot of "essays" on nonbinaryness. she is cis. it is not great @JunkyardAttic shes been on this "nonbinary isnt real" tirade literally since at least november last year @JunkyardAttic oh god not her again is she still going?poem #18 / for our friends
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @JunkyardAttic who's being an assthis is so pretty i want these mushroom lamps
Retweeted by vin; androgynesherb wants a fairytale dress? sherb gets a fairytale dress #ACNH
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @wingedseahorse yeah it seems thats how u can either encourage or discourage them from leaving. so now i gotta befr… if u want to get rid of someone u have to complete their friendship path. then when u see them thinking talk to… @nata41337 mmmm yeah, i know that feeling. thats a more difficult kind of anger. what i found helped that was going…! one of the villagers i wanted to eventually get rid of is moving off my island in two days. apparently what w… @nata41337 these sound a little silly to say out loud, and probably dont work for everyone, but its definitely not… @nata41337 i dont have a proper resource but genuinely what i do is either throw myself into an aggro video game OR… @MapleBaconTree lmao @fuyubaby im a hs dropout and i WILL disrespect the academy dailymy gumroad got approved 😌✨hey y’all, we’re legit STILL waiting for multiple checks in the mail that haven’t shown. we’re almost out of food a…
Retweeted by vin; androgynescience literally learned our environments and how we get raised change our DNA and that generics are entirely muta… @fuyubaby a lot of "leftists" seek to succeed and gain status as academics and have found the academy to be the onl… academy is just as much a landlord as anyone else. only the church surpasses the exploitation of land ownership…"maybe if i say its misogynistic for poor people do joke abt her emphasis on being a non medical doctor biden will… academics is hilarious. especially rich ones who r actively destroying the world like the bidensyall actually care abt defending bidens wife having a PhD? why? god ppl's priorities r so ridiculous @BlkTransTravel is a fund that helps trans identifying individuals get transportation in crisis. You can donate her…
Retweeted by vin; androgyneyou can eat spaghetti before sleep
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @mathildork i wake up at 6:30, i wake up at 8. i look at my phone until 10:30. i make coffee and breakfast. i play…
@mathildork i see the americans r having a normal sleep schedule i say smugly at 1 am @MxMetaphor perhaps, but it would still be the saddest thing to me to have never actually finished any of my work in any consumable format @Moth_Beam tbh this reply is a 10/10 v cute thank ugotcha again! my actual biggest fear is not completing something good, memorable, impactful, or educational before… kidding. my biggest fear is being permanently abandoned by everyone i biggest fear is mothsthinking abt if back in the 1800s etc if onlyfans existed and all the prominent communist theorists had to get popu… midnight but i have to get onto animal crossing bc i cant have my fruit routine on my trees desyncHAHAHA
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @BluestRose430 thank u for understanding as i take this journey on the path of healing 😔✨ @GabiMismash @ramona_lf i was fresh off of libertarianism lets not be too generous i grew up with no internet acces… @BluestRose430 at least ive grownfor my mental health and voice alone idc abt anything else thats changed doing t was worth it for this aspect @ramona_lf tbf i was literally a childevery day my voice gets sexier. thank you testosteroney was i such a cringey liberaltrying to not remember the anti-g*merg*te pop song i made at 17 @jessmkii @Calliethulhu anyways this is v par for course. @jessmkii @Calliethulhu the things i could tell u abt these two ppl... i was in a very specific circle as a teenager.i thought hex was teasing me saying that the spaghetti they left me wasnt enough for me but they were rightReminder that Quibi largely exists to exploit a union workaround so the entertainment industry can build a new mode…
Retweeted by vin; androgyneim hungry againI made a song on my OP-Z using GENERATIVE MUSIC techniques! This is a rhythm made by playing 6 single-note sounds o…
Retweeted by vin; androgyne @LeoLosesGames i like it but i was so mad on my first watch