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Brian Holt @holtbt Seattle, WA

☁️ senior program manager @code & js on @azure 👨‍🏫 @frontendmasters @vetswhocode 👨‍💻 prev @netflix @linkedin @reddit ❤️ @ImNikiHolt 👋 he/him

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@wongmjane @AzureCosmosDB And it has a SQL API @wongmjane @AzureCosmosDB has a very generous free tier
@film_girl @CoolAssPuppy @timheuer @girlsnamewillis Same. Hoping @drafthouse sees Seattle as a potential market with Cinerama dying. @lazerwalker @film_girl @CoolAssPuppy @timheuer @girlsnamewillis That sounds so fun @film_girl @CoolAssPuppy @timheuer @girlsnamewillis In general I agree with Prashant that I spend a majority of tim… @film_girl @CoolAssPuppy @timheuer @girlsnamewillis God I miss the Alamo Drafthouse @burgessdryan I actually literally just came home from voting @JeremiahLee Maybe @OVHcloud? What precisely are you looking for and what do you mean EU equivalent?If you copy enough of Theseus's code off of StackOverflow, when does the app stop being his and start being a fork?
@chrisAtAda @FrontendMasters Do you have a repo of the code? Would love to see it! @film_girl @chanezon Yes. Please submit your white papers on the Toks for quarterly planning
@bitandbang WHERE
We are starting the worst feature in JavaScript bracket. First up - use strict vs #
Retweeted by Brian Holt @jamison_dance lol try being a PM at Microsoft @tweetmonster999 @DrGoldDallas Amazing photos! Congrats @AmeriRyan @auchenberg She does dietetics. And I fucking love Melbourne. Some of the best food I’ve ever had, lov…
@auchenberg We've talked about Canada, UK, Australia, and the Netherlands. Our core issue is always visas (wife has… @EmmaBostian @LadybugPodcast @Spotify @yogibobags How does it feel to know you've peaked and the rest of life is ju… @crandycodes @mj1856 Yeah, that makes sense. @crandycodes @mj1856 Yeah then it'd definitely be Pelosi. I guess I'm just assuming no elections would be run which… @mj1856 But wait, wouldn't Pelosi be out of the House if the elections were delayed since she's up for reelection? @southpolesteve @maggiepint Man I know you're kidding but have I got fucking stories about that @maggiepint Oh interesting. I just assumed it’d go down the list. I should do more research before I “well actually… @maggiepint It’d actually end up being Chuch Grassley since Pelosi is up for election too.What to see Azure SDK operational logging? Use the logger core library such as NPM azure/logger. Here's the artic…
Retweeted by Brian Holt @antempus @ImNikiHolt @drop @ZealPC @cassidoo - Razer Huntsman for gaming - Keychron K2 at the home office - Leopol… consulting with @ImNikiHolt (who the keyboard is for), we went with the following: - @drop Carina - @ZealPC @karaluton Amazing! I just bought a bunch of 67g and I'm excited to try them.
@keystonelemur @FakeLauraLouise @cassidoo @KBDfans @drop I'm excited. It should be fun. @keystonelemur @FakeLauraLouise @cassidoo @KBDfans @drop @cassidoo just sent me a listing from there and I'm purchasing it right now! @isabelacmor oooooh that's pretty. I'm going to think about that @ConnorPeet @i_r_brownie Awesome. Yeah, next time we're in the office I'd love to try / feel them @ConnorPeet @i_r_brownie oh man that's a great idea. @cassidoo @idangazit @KBDfans Please when you go viral next, drop a link a to your Soundcloud And thank you this is super useful! @jongold I had pretty bad problems about a month ago. I made some changes which. have totally fixed it. Biggest dif… @mikedemarais yeah that's a good point. I'm trying to build something that's going to fit in with my wife's new off… @cassidoo @KBDfans lol of course you have done exactly what I'm looking for. I've been looking at KBDfans. Which… @southpolesteve I wish I could rent a split keyboard. I strongly suspect that I wouldn't be able to adjust well to it. @peterc @swyx good piece of advice: "Don't compare yourself to others. You have a perfect knowledge of your shortcomings and an…
Retweeted by Brian HoltI'm thinking about building my own keyboard. Something 65-75%, quiet tactile switches (Zilents?), and in a woodsy t… @dhulser @amoebamusic Ah. Bummer. @dhulser You can support the local SF institution @amoebamusic
If you’re employed in tech right now, you should be tipping EXTREMELY well to everyone delivering takeout, bringing…
Retweeted by Brian Holt @CascadiaJS @JemYoung ❤️ @CascadiaJS @kyehohenberger I look forward to meeting little Emotion CSSinJS Hohenberger.In addition to running my favorite training platform, @FrontendMasters, @1Marc is currently setting WORLD RECORDS a… @ken_wheeler Post COVID I'm definitely in. I want to see your music studio too. @ken_wheeler Now I want to show up in New Jersey with my fat pants on and just follow you around
@burgessdryan Smoke buddies! Smoked some brisket today.
@carriboum @Azure @FrontendMasters Amazing! Congratulations!! ☁️I deployed my first app on @Azure today 🥳 big thanks to @holtbt’s course on @FrontendMasters 🙌
Retweeted by Brian Holt @dhulser If I give you $1000 will you make hats that say Dylan Sucks on it?
Im in love with Frontend Masters and @holtbt!! Just working my way through the React lessons and I just love the wa…
Retweeted by Brian Holt @CumulusGround I promise I'm an asshole IRL
@dhulser I always have to think through it. I think it's the combination of: - Not a UI you see very often - A ver…
@brian_d_vaughn The toilets were Toto Drakes and the bidets were the Washlet+ C200. I might go with the step up fro… @brian_d_vaughn My advice is to get something you can understand enough to fix yourself. My house had low-flow toil… @sarah_edo @dizzyd Alternatively, I would have accepted the answer "drugs" @sarah_edo @dizzyd I’m pretty sure the answer to all of these questions is “Sarah”
@jongold I think this, like many things in my life, is irreducible to a binary "good" or "bad". It's a shade of gra… @AmeriRyan I think it's fine to take a critical eye to frameworks and technologies. I think it's a bad idea to pain… @Joelbdenning Absolutely. And thanks for the work you do on SystemJS. @Joelbdenning Yeah, I think this is the curse of the 240 characters. It'd have been better to caveat that the mf I…'ll also add I've been guilty of this, and you're certain to find some flagrant violations of this in my history i… @Joelbdenning Hi I do stand by that tweet and I don't consider it punching down. I think it's fine to discuss to p… @StevenJBurns vb6 til I die @FargothRing @getify I also worked in PHP for years. I got a lot of really great work done with it. It's not my pr… @threepointone I'm definitely in this boat too. Part of the original tweet is subtweeting my own self. @zachleat I see your point and I think it's valid. In this case, I'm drawing a line between civil discussion (which… @film_girl @HermanMiller @LogitechG Review it plz ❤️ @andrestaltz @thomaseckert_ I think it's okay and encourage open discussion about the features, pros, and cons of various framew… @HenrikJoreteg Aww you suck too (Miss you man. Let’s have a beer whenever it’s possible again) @crandycodes @Reddit_Jazz This same line of reasoning was said about Scheme back in the day and could be said about… @crandycodes @Reddit_Jazz +1. It allowed a lot of people into web dev that probably wouldn’t have gotten there othe… @crandycodes It’s an easy, cheap joke to make. I’ve done it a lot in conf talks. The chuckle isn’t worth the alienation it causes. @Reddit_Jazz The web wouldn’t be where it is today without PHP. Super important language.When you punch down on other languages or frameworks I respect you a lot less. It reveals how little you know about it.
@ChloeCondon @Microsoft @charmaine_klee @TheCodeTraveler @azureadvocates @charmaine_klee is the best @buildsghost Yeah, I hear you. They were small, underfunded team.
@buildsghost When I worked at Reddit that described us but we always had trouble hiring for Android devs. This was circa 2014ish.Hey, I have three veterans looking to move to senior positions or already in senior positions but want new challeng…
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@devdevcharlie This makes me so sad I can’t hop on a plane right now. @BriannaWu @film_girl This is the correct answer. Literally bought a PSP for this and Crisis Core. Never used it beyond that.
@ClintRutkas @ZackArgyle @argyleink I do love both Black Raven and PostDoc. I’ll have to drag @fiveisprime there some time in the future. @ClintRutkas @ZackArgyle @argyleink oooh haven't tried their beers. how do they stack up in the greater Puget Sound brewing scene? @ZackArgyle @argyleink Good excuse to go try the watering holes on that east side. Excited to have you here @ZackArgyle Hi come be my neighbor. @argyleink and I will let you be our sober drinking buddy. @lennartstolz @film_girl lol ain't that the truth @film_girl I have the 16" w/ 64GB and even when I'm chucking crazy Docker stuff at it it's not hitting 32GB of usag… @crandycodes @TashasEv 💯 I stumbled into this PM job in DevDiv and I love it but there are lots of PM jobs at MSFT… love being a woman on the internet
Retweeted by Brian HoltThis coming Tuesday at 8:30am PT I'm giving a workshop on migrating to React hooks from using class components…
Retweeted by Brian Holt @KirstyBoyer @spboyer @Microsoft Yup, was absolutely talking to Kirsty @spboyer @Microsoft @KirstyBoyer Looking forward to grabbing a beer with you some day soon 🍻I am hiring again! Looking a Senior Program Manager to help make Azure the best cloud for #Python developers! Come…
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@azeemmohd @maggiepint I’ll try it! And I’ve been to Old Delhi and had amazing food
@maggiepint Maggie I need this recipe 🙏
We’re looking for a senior leader to drive the product management discipline for the SDKs that cover the breadth of…
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