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am I basic or is it a bit? even I don’t know at this point • IG: ellie_schnitt • business inquiries:

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@MichaelaOkla sometimes they get their appendix out and do it while on drugs for fun
if you ever see me with my hair in a side braid or wearing a hat just know it’s 1000% because I tried to push it an… @1ofmylitlemoods couldn’t be me @badboychadhoy good choice that’s a song that doesn’t get enough respect @MichaelaOkla @matchu_chutrain wait remember how we got in like kind of a big fight about this @racheljbacon I like this one actually @cameron_kasky me on top: so he calls me up & he’s like,, uhh I still love youuu and I’m like, this is exhausting,… @matchu_chutrain august would kind of slap idk @lilitimess so basically reputation @madisadreamer correctare there any taylor swift songs you can fuck to or are all her songs for crying, yearning, or some ungodly combo of the two @CarolineWilm1 I mean I wouldn’t call it soup but like, it is @HDparx ew why are u making it sound like cat food @CarolineWilm1 ooo so smart I didn’t think of the fact that there’s more than one meal in a dayhave just been notified of a cookbook that has a different soup recipe for every day of the year. and my question t…
@MichaelaOkla spectrum can eat a dick it’s the worst internet i’ve ever experienced @AliDawn17 wait perhaps you’re on to somethingit’s so funny to me that like samsung is creating these amazing phones that do really cool stuff and people are jus… where my obsession with buying coats came from, like as a child I had One coat and I wore it until it got ratty…
cats can have little a salami, “as a treat” according to study done by cats
@maggiecomplains still somethingI cannot believe that college me was coming up with 4-5 distinct, creative costumes for halloween each year and now… @kaylacrunchwrap this makes me feel better @sarahhhgibson the cold brew makes me shake idk why I cannot handle itI hate ordering pumpkin spice lattes cuz I hate giving the cool barista at my local starbucks the satisfaction of b… story I was only at chuck e. cheese once as a child but I cried the entire time I was there because I was so scared of the rat @ginalureepel I can’t I’ll have nightmares @MichaelaOkla the full body chills I just experienced...I am so fucking scared of chuck e. cheese like imagine having sleep paralysis and you see that creepy motherfucker… @RayLewis1997 preciselyit always makes me laugh when people are like “you post way too many selfies” like ?? sir it’s my instagram, who th…
twitter was down and if you didn’t notice, congratulations! you have a healthy relationship with social media! can’t relate but happy 4 u @katecalvao yeah it’s nice :)I have zero thoughts in my head rn my One Single brain cell is just bouncing around happily, unencumbered @MichaelaOkla he was nervous 🥺
@sheratesdogspod holly is me. you’d be shocked how many people think my name is holly @jasminericegirl why are u the sweetest angel of all time @MichaelaOkla 7000 year old mummified corpse, 17th century consumption-ridden prostitute @MichaelaOkla I like our nicknames for my men. old man and slut are my personal faves @MichaelaOkla that’s true you’ve had to look up 17 different men that i’ve liked for 3 mins each @MichaelaOkla you don’t give us the handle either!!!im so sorry im going to delete this and I feel for her but holy shitmy friend is currently crying over a white rapper who can’t make her cum....... I had to leave the room im currentl… @sheratesdogspod @jordanrappoport @matchu_chutrain me toothat’s me!!! send questions 🥰
@MichaelaOkla very pumpedlast year was my first bachelor season and this year is my first bachelorette and I personally feel im going to lik… @MichaelaOkla I long for death. @MichaelaOkla mom 💓🥺 @ginadivittorio gina you look like a disney princess @cowboij you’re so pretty 🥺🥺 @holliegiella skinny emo man who gets overly excited about snow? what’s not to love @HDparx hotis it late enough for me to tweet that jack skellington is hot? cuz i’m aware he’s a fictional character and also a… @MichaelaOkla you didn’t text me back and i’ve been scared watching this show for 2 hours 😞 @Murphy_CM ok this was rude @FlimfloomVEVO hi cutie @l_hughesie ... im interested, what is thisis the haunting of bly manor super scary? I want to watch but I’m alone and also,, sensitive @CarolineWilm1 omg.. caught @mawisafulgiewi i’d say it works for me 30% of the timemy version of shooting my shot is just staring at my phone in the hopes that if I think about it hard enough I can…
@zsnowng but I miss screamin and cryin and kissin in the rain :/my roommate has now listened to “the way I loved you” 3 times on repeat should I be concerned
@phunnish_Phil try to tweet good @rebccaryan 👀 @FlimfloomVEVO yes don’t forget to text me the address babe @thotobot101 grown out too lazy to dye it queen
@JulianneRoller we just started dating a few days ago! bit speedy idk @justalize it’s just lipliner and clear gloss! but if you wanna be bougie the dior lip glow oil is incredible @itsmattfred I like candles that smell like cologne idk why @blackprints 🥺thank you @cameron_kasky do you play the alien game cam @ballofchlo omg I got it for literally $19.99 on sale at urban idk if they still have it but I purchased it like 2 weeks ago @_WaterIsLife_ @MichaelaOkla this is about michaela I won’t liehere is a picture of me listening attentively and lovingly while you explain your lil alien game you like so much gonna say it. far too many seltzers on the market @valbonaxo I need a large hat that says I promise it’s allergies
hm I haven’t wept in public in a while maybe tonight’s a good night for that @imbusythinking it’s an open note test baby im always here to remind you @khanslashblitzz had to make up for last night’s shenanigansmorning kids! pls do not plan your entire weekend around seeing a man you’re not dating, I promise it’s probably no… @MichaelaOkla the pipes.. the pipes are calling @skg_18 hahahaha im getting us both in troublethis is a joke! a follow up to the horny tweets thing! get it!anyway you ever have 3 glasses of wine and think hmm i’d suck a dick just for fun rn @haillllss I pretend I do not see it.. @juanjduenas @katecalvao hahahaha shut up @MichaelaOkla it’s a tough line to walk but I walk it @katecalvao (I will not say whom) just told me HORNY TWEETING is on brand for me. ME? i’m wholesome right?? pls say yes I’m hurt @_cinnamonro11_ my ideal man cannot read
gotta say I absolutely do not want a man who is smooth with me. I don’t trust it! clearly they’ve had too much prac…
personally I love the idea of drinking while also donating to a good cause, who’s gonna join me 🤓 @SheRatesDogs oh my god mom it’s a guy from college chillshould I be allowed to hook up lmk actually do this IRL but it’s not because I’m being a dick it’s because I am so, so awkward and also sometimes it’s just funny @tropicanapussy what if that’s what they wanted all along