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@1kotaaa followed u when 11 started to be a thing n u followed back @vrofps fr fr @vrofps lonely, are you lonely @Maxy_Val unfortunately that’s what life is, but there are great things waiting for you @Maxy_Val stay strong, I believe in you bro, you’ve already went thru a lot and u can keep going ❤️ @stellariwnl @iamhcu is it demon time now @stellariwnl @iamhcu LOL
@lumafps this is actually so fucked @ignovercook clean 4k tho broskiskiski @ignovercook fuck goin on in the vc LMAO @t1ffsny HAPOY BIRTHDAY @edatercentral I knew it bro @veltqt cus u neva change 💯 @veltqt i remember this LOLOL @nickstfupls try not to think like that, lets both try to take control in our lives :), ly bro @nickstfupls i can relate to this and it fuckin sucks @ciaolyx happy bday! @ilyval_ nah this actually so cool @iamhcu @stellariwnl sorry bout dat @stellariwnl yes yes come come @stellariwnl and then what 😱 @stellariwnl @Toastedtw AYE CONGRATS BRO @Ino_VAL SHITS GOIN DOWN IN THAT THREAD
@ignovercook absolute demonhysteria // valorant montage (like & retweet)
Retweeted by homie @bobabonk @veltqt @iamhcu bc i know HCU for long tiem now ! @veltqt @bobabonk @iamhcu PENNSYLVANIA! @edatercentral that’s how u feelin huh @overcookpriv suck me then @turtlewurdle love u too @cockwrld CAN YOU NOT TRANSLAGE IT @cockwrld no what I have 🧠🦉🏆💨 @cockwrld ❌🧠
@dogbackp6ck I’m going tier1 u can’t stop me @TSharknome YOURE COOLD @hoIlons start twerking @fIuffyzx bro. @fIuffyzx so smooth 😱😱SMOOTH CRIMINAL (VALORANT MONTAGE) ❤️'s and ♻️'s appreciated
Retweeted by homie @t4sted @notrxchel at that point, ur should be Bella forever @t4sted oh my god, that’ll do numbers @t4sted BELLA TO 1K @kriskrispy01 you'll win one of these eventually @turtlewurdle goodnight @sundownalt i didnt need this man @vrofps understandable @sundownalt word @sundownalt yeoeoeoeoeoeo @vrofps i can't defend this one bro
@ignovercook yayyyy thanks babe @ignovercook oh aight @wunjii OKAYYY GUNNY!ETA // VALORANT MONTAGE (♥️'s and ♻️'s appreciated <33)
Retweeted by homie @veltqt @vrofps i was aboutta say, but yeah it was @vrofps @veltqt im flying u out rn, boutta change u @veltqt @vrofps how is it 20 for u bro, my hometown is 45 too @vrofps @veltqt nah 45 degree lowkey nice weather @vrofps come to Michigan @vrofps FREEZING? @whosmichela let’s goooooo @whosmichela ohok @mangosmxxthie banger @turtlewurdle IM PRETTY GOOD, JUST GO TO SLEEP 🤣 @notrxchel bc my health issues would prolly get worse again n I’ve almost completely healed @turtlewurdle GM TURTLE HOW WE FEELINgooood morning 👊 @iamhcu i just know that jett shit his pantsi will hit immortal by the end of this act @whosmichela good morning mcih @notrxchel no @turtlewurdle massive W @Tashfan69520 stay safe bro ily @1kotaaa hi kota @s2ndown @turtlewurdle AHAHAHA @dogbackp6ck the nick classic 👊 @s2ndown OKAY MARCUS 👊 @s2ndown OKAY MARCUS 👊
@faanawp oh my god faan, you’re alive @AloeVII ayeee preciate it @TorseFPS hmm mayb, i've done it once before n it was kinda hard @BaguetteVal 👀gas to 100 ! @isohxo 😈😈 @edatercentral how is Clairo not #1 for u @n2k_val good shit, keep climbing my boy @cloudyerin_ tyty cloudyerin_ @WasteManOP THANKS DUDE @mitchchicken TALK YO SHIT 💯‼️ @vrofps YESSIR 👊 @turtlewurdle no cyaaaaaplast act i hit dia1 for the first time and now... @kylebandal 1 3 1 3 outlines on @AeroValorant LETS GOOO 2k NEXT @ignovercook LMAO @ignovercook big ass head @turtlewurdle I APPRECIATE THAT A LOT THANK YOU SO MUCH @turtlewurdle but if u were to choose onelmk what typa content yall like better @ameialuv 1600 dpi 0.385