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rugrats also felt fairly ahead of its time in certain respects back when it aired, but now a lot of media has moved… is just so deeply Of Its Time—in aesthetics, tone, everything—in ways that I don't feel congruent with mode… hold a lot of affection in my heart for rugrats but I don't see this having much appeal with either the adults wh… fascinated by this cgi rugrats reboot thing @Trungles a dark souls boss but for ecco the dolphin
dragon age 4 you cannot come soon enough (though...take the time that you need. I simply could not survive an andro… I miss affectionately nerding out over a bioware gametruly I see no reason why jennifer hale herself shouldn't play live action shepard in mass effect @skrishna today I thank the Enkindlers @leighwalton don't give scarjo any ideasI need this #HenryCavillAsBlasto
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃the choice is clear you're gonna cast a predictable action star in a live action Mass Effect adaptation, cast him as the predictable… cast him as Blasto gay yoshi and gay shy guy, also. I contain multitudesgay king boo, or as he's most commonly known: king boo Anthem Next has been canceled, sources tell Bloomberg. Story hitting shortly
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @dogunderwater you've been setting out the groundwork I believe for a while, fly high and smirk with abandonI hadn’t read Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One before today, but things things like this are why I don’t really t…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃anna k*ndrick, on the other hand very much enjoy the "service industry workers dish about which celebrities are great, which are trash" corner of… you're fat and you feel weird about that getting you an earlier vaccine, allow me to argue that as a fat patient…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @saint_vagrant oh my god metrosexual ABSOLUTELY what an astute connectionthere's a book to be written about fandom's yearly language pivot ("cinnamon roll," "human golden retriever," "himb… feels like a lot of its usage went from "an intellect bereft attractive muscle man" to "this is my comfort strai… the original definition was, it now feels like people use 'himbo" to describe...literally any man with musclesof all books for this note: superwoman?????
@IanFayArt Ian!!! congrats for the good news part, condolences on tech dreckSuper honoured I got to make a guest comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy ☺️💖🌈✨!!! Really happy with this one! Here's a little…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃I’M TRYING TO GO TO SPACE & you can help me get there! If you retweet this video, I’ll print your name on a shirt…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃Why cast actual survivors in a drama about their struggle, then invent a new, less vulnerable character just to wat…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃highlights from my notes app personal liveblog: family member is doing better and is on track to continue doing better, fingers crossed improvement does continuewhen lamenting to the universe that I missed going places and having new experiences, I didn't intend for that to m…
Do I have any mutuals who are up-to-date on the current Excalibur run? If so, hop into my DMs, I have a question or some ASMars is what it looks like to land on Mars. This is the future.
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @Trungles it remains incredible to me just how well Roseanne still holds up today, even in spite of *gestures wildly* everythingIn light of the Daft Punk news, I highly recommend checking out Interstella 5555 if you're feeling nostalgic. It'…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @themeganpurdy @ArdoOmer @CHofferCBus oh my god NOthe fraction/allred run on FF is...very goodthe presence of Miss Thing here brings me so much joy
@KeezyBees excited to get new business cards made for conventions that read "Jon Erik, a well-meaning deadline liar" @stevewmorris thank you! @TheNedBarnett thank you! this is a good reference for what I needJingles or musical intros with lyrics and such, ideally.Do any of y'all have any favorite and/or catchy podcast and/or webshow jingles that you can recommend me? Needed for a project. @KeezyBees Me, today, working with transcription audio from an interview where I said the project might be finished in early 2020
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃Hogwarts Legacy Lead Designer Used To Run Anti-Social Justice YouTube Channel
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @shadiaminart Happy birthday! @HimboDeserter I have to imagine this whole pandemic thing also just means we should even further set back a year o… @HimboDeserter hovered over the op's profile expecting to see, like, 16/17, regrettably saw 22, which in hindsight…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @KeezyBees it's always disorienting to be reminded of themlike a mesmerizing poem. the score and cinematography have me swooning makes me desperately miss places @FstewartT this is a good imageAbout to watch critical darling Nomadland! will this be the kind of prestigious, beloved movie that works on me or…
@Trungles know that the killer dance remix of [popular song] you'll encounter in the movie is, in fact, on spotifyA Fully Playable Build Of Rare's Unreleased N64 Game Dinosaur Planet Has Leaked Online
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @shingworks der-shing this is the most delightful extension of the eggs bit over on mastodon. wishing you the most success and most eggs!! @adultcoolbabey truly he is an honorary chrisI hope they give Wrecking Ball a beard. And I don't mean the hamster.Longer beards for Reinhardt and McCree, a new beard for Soldier 76, I can only assume under that mask Reaper is spo… that most of the Overwatch 2 design changes for the male character has been *beard intensifies*
Kathryn Hahn had made me feel infinitely more seen in the MCU than that one gay at the snap therapy session.
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @clementeworks the more segments like these for game development promo the better imothe overwatch fanbase right now: really enjoyed the technical aspects of the Overwatch 2 segment, but in terms of actual news?? mehSOLDIER 76 HAS A BEARD NOW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃I unironically like this foley work segmentsoldier 76 grew a quarantine beard for overwatch 2!!!my day job this week has been utterly immersed in corporate jargon and overtures so it's safe to this speech is failing to charm meugh this former sylvanas stan wants this segment to be overgod between The Lost Vikings, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch, I'm now realizing Blizzard as been a mainstay in my… Lost Vikings was possibly my first ever video game?? Or maybe just the first one I connected with my dad over,… kristian nairn is big guy style and vibe goalsthis man is an inspiration, look at him go HODOR DJING BLIZZCONIn other news, I've started The Raven Tower by Ann Leckie and I am very much into it and excited to see where it go… waiting music on the stream honestly slamscondolences in advance but I will likely be tweeting about Blizzconline, at least for the first two hours, given ap… up that this video is fake. 360 video from Curiosity rover and sounds *possibly* from seismic data from the…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @RichardCasey I don't know if I'd describe Reed Richards as having an everyman quality. Very frequently I've seen h… the last 6ish months, I've been working on a brief intro guide to the comics industry for mental health practit…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃i'm begging y'all to please stop saying "look how ugly this evil person is" you are doing the exact opposite of what you think you're doing
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃 @CPHotmess @LongTallJodie it's AWFUL @gretchen_smail that's not good enough, gretchen. when will people develop taste @firehawk32 that's so silly. this makes more sense, but in a silly way @Dekkoparsnip2 oh my god he'd be greatI am not the world's most knowledgeable Fantastic Four nerd but is there a reason people want John Krasinski to be…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃TOUCHDOWN CONFIRMED! @NASAPersevere is on Mars!
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃The spacecraft has entered the Mars atmosphere. #CountdownToMars
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃Right about now, @NASAPersevere is on the surface. But because the speed of light is too slow, we won't know it for…
Retweeted by Jon Erik is: 💃the key differences in nine years: I have grown pixelated and unable to be perceived by the Twitter crop