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@GPrime85 Enough Mary Jane for today @Struggle_Tweet These damn CIA agents and their cursed fashion @DrPepperMD @Struggle_Tweet This dude really thinks that because he buys expensive clothes that means he has good taste bruh
@jimmychampane Man I thought those were Uzumaki live-action postersYixing’s the cutest @layzhang 🥰 (cr: 罗马硬币)
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreVisiting dress, 1845–50. The MET.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière체인소맨 마키마 #チェンソーマン #マキマ #chainsawman
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière#chainsawman #チェンソーマン 先輩と新人
Retweeted by Honoré Lumièreおはようございますっ!今日も元気にパワ パワ パワー です! #チェンソーマン #chainsawman
Retweeted by Honoré Lumièreチェンソーマンに、出てきた全悪魔たちです。かわいいです。 #チェンソーマン #chainsawman
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreSecond best girl of chainsaw Man!! (Power is even better) #chainsawman #chainsawmanfanart #artist #anime #drawing
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @D__chucky Lmao it took me a whole 20 second to understand 😂コベニちゃんと暴力さん #チェンソーマン #chainsawman
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreReading Chainsaw man really changes a man. #chainsawman #makima
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreMiss Quanxi #chainsawman #チェンソーマン #manga #マンガ
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @lunarelles I don’t understand but that part still scares me. The feeling of uneasiness always comes back when I think about Darknessdo not go gentle into that good night #chainsawman #チェンソーマン
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @divinedoggos That and Attack on Titan @simoneisslaying Your tweet is the evidence of why parents need to beat their bad kids @BenicioForever Same energy way of the gun 2000🎬
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plugging my edit
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreWu Yifan, Luhan, Huang Zitao, and Zhang Yixing as the new cast members in the TV Series, Euphoria.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @BlueTheKhajiit @Bagdaja @SLiim_sadie @Struggle_Tweet Yeah me too. Maybe they’re just innocent and they think the b… @CommentPeasant @Struggle_Tweet Give me your phone, neeee
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@stone_toss As the famous rat butglar hath said:
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Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @InstantSunrise They don’t care. They probably just ran out of budget and made a « we care about diversity » excuse to justify messing up. @happydragondave Because you knew that seeing a « white guy » appear at the last minute would make you care less fo… was considered a bad idea but the fact everyone's supposed to be cool with her torturing a whole town isn't?…
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière"Wanda, it's me, Doctor Strange, but you can call me the white man"
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreIf you honesty believe that the mere presence of a white guy will detract from the importance of your female protag…
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @azolitmin This reminds me of Mikasa @comicxbook @DiscussingFilm In the mind of Hollywood, white women are POCs @djreilly1104 @DiscussingFilm Instead of admitting their limitations or failures they’re just gonna say « white man bad »They’re just admitting here that they DO see the white man as more capable and that a CAMEO of him would discredit… @D_ndamagi @Carlos__Thadeu @nasalovesaturn1 @DiscussingFilm Also it turns people off from the shows when fans act like this @DiscussingFilm Reminds me of the Mortal Kombat director saying that he didn’t want to include Johnny Cage because… @72Tominator @DiscussingFilm Just to make us realize in the end that she was holding people hostage and mind torturing them 😬 @HihgSpeed @DiscussingFilm Edit button never because zealous Twitter users love to dig up hold tweet to « hold you accountable ». @wakanda_4life @DiscussingFilm They make everything about race just to make us all look like racists @DiscussingFilm Bro nobody was gon see it like that 🤨 we would have been like “holy cow it’s the Sorcerer Supreme”
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @wikivictorian I want what they have 😚Portrait of a couple of ice skaters. Photographed in the 1880s.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @blakekathryn Alright here’s my comment @BDisgusting John CaféEVERYONE FUCKlNG MOVE. ZHANG YIXING LOOKS SO HOT OHMYGOD 🔥🤩
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @lmaoinevercared @Kaughtin4k Bro they’re accusing him of whatever at this point. Next thing you know he sucked toes… @cromax9855 @Kaughtin4k That’s Amadeus Mozart @heyitsyoboyjj @Kaughtin4k To not be too much of a degenerate @Kaughtin4k Alright, no more Adolf Hitler. The world has evolved passed the need for Adolf Hitler
@Justtrash121 @dancantdrive @ManMilk2 Damn you.
@rnrnqqq You’re so lucky to live in a place where Wacom is on the shelves. In the west we can only order it online… @scarecrovw And why do people even care about them? They literally do nothing. They’re worshipped for being born wtf @LostInFilm French Dispatch when? I’m trynna go back to the theatre but I won’t do it for Mortal Kombat @UrszulaGrzyska1 @scarecrovw Fax I used to be like “Yo why do people keep loving these old men?” But then... 😅is he hot or ugly or stinky or cute
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@riuriu_1212 What screen protector do you use? Is it any good? @aintulefteye employee gave homeboy the 1-2 buckle my shoe & had him getting a full 8 hrs of schleep
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @90sWWE
Retweeted by Honoré LumièrePoor girl went to prom by herself 😭
Retweeted by Honoré Lumièreremember when jongin just send a picture of baekhyun on bbl with the message "cute" right after 🥺
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @IndieWire Who Tf cares about a critic that can’t recognize a good movie? You think I ask Uwe Boll for his opinion on 1917 or Titanic?Actor Yixing ❤️❤️ #张艺兴 #레이 #LAY @layzhang
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @CultureCrave They can all go tbh @AlM_Burner @JaylenMark3 @CultureCrave His best character arc was in the first movie @HallAnderson14 @KikiWylin @Why_U_Here_ I love how he doesn’t include the black men dating white women as a factor.… @KikiWylin @1Misskeesha Dudes actually think we’re all just gonna chase after them when they aren’t worth it. If yo… @Struggle_Tweet his guardian angel watching him walk up to the pearly gates knowing that’s how his dumba$$ died
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @scroumpy @stone_toss So why do you imply here it’s the same thing as being gay? @juce3475 @stone_toss @Moonsugarlily They know their customers well ngl 😂😅
@johncardillo Real life is worse than the Boondocks parodies of real life @johncardillo They just gonna do that with children in the middle 🙁🙁 @Georgealreadyno @nrherzog At least they had the excuse of covering up with this after losing their clothesFront cover of La Vie Parisienne, 25th May 1929.
Retweeted by Honoré LumièrePortrait of American actress Maude Fealy. Photographed in 1910.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @maxswolfe @TheFilmUpdates But it will tho @wsugarbongwater @JackSpy18 @TheFilmUpdates Does he seriously not have eyebrows here or is it makeup or idk @jadegiuriati @TheFilmUpdates Of course it is, mofos ruined the brand with that season 8 thing. Nobody wants to put money in it anymore @vousmyvouyez I thought this was a nerfed version of the Witcher lmao 😂 @sonictonic_ @KelemenLajos1 @GPrime85 And the only thing people talk about in this story is how it was cowardly for… @CapGrrlBot8964 @GPrime85 Holy sh... @GPrime85 Third option: Blame white people @juce3475 @stone_toss @Moonsugarlily Is that a commercial for Nike? @rynbowsherbet @SGustavsson01 @stone_toss The only problem is the caricatures being so fcking ugly @scroumpy @stone_toss You don’t know what femboy means and it shows @Marvel They kinda all feel off. They each have good looking elements but then also have something that’s bothering me about their designs @itaintmefoo @Marvel The legs don’t fit tho @ghostwolfblu @CINEMAGEMS Oh well I guess she had other plansI forced myself to did this piece with Procreate, so this time I can have time-lapse video yay😂
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@CINEMAGEMS Imagine being in the promotion but actually only lasting 1 scene in the whole franchiseバイバイ、お兄さん
Retweeted by Honoré LumièreYixing driving the tractor on <Back to Field> @layzhang 🚜
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @azolitmin Picture 2:
@Mathster_0598 @ftivanmont @SquareWaveLucky @Sutorippu @GenshinMemes That’s actually funny af @RFrostwing4242 @tarta_glia @Sutorippu Nothing irks me more than people trying to use minorities and etc as shields to their stupidity.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumièremy life the five people on twitter that…
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