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We Are One. Penseur libre, tant que l’on voudra des hommes Niggerette/Human/Author

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@westwindcomics Maybe cause he’s dead @illicjtaffairs Tell the teacher you got hacked lol 😅😅 @illicjtaffairs Noooooo 😭😂😂 @MagicalOverload Maple for me @famitsu @shin_kyogoku Resident Evil: Mad MaxineSommarnöje, by Swedish painter Anders Leonard Zorn (1886). In private collection.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @Struggle_Tweet i hate twitter
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @itzramenn @Struggle_Tweet Not niggas getting horny from witnessing childbirth 😩😩 I’m fuckin done, I hate men
@anyunyannnyan6 @meron333new5 Looks like a meme[@layzhang]
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Retweeted by Honoré LumièreIght, it’s time to come out. I am the creator of this meme. And I’m flattered to say that I’ve seen this being used…
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Retweeted by Honoré LumièreLAY @weareoneEXO
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @mightbetatiana Keep that video private
@MagicalOverload Watchmen is legit making you cheer for police brutality and y’all acting like it doesn’t matter @SlCARI0 What is he so cute for? 😚oxytocin levels skyrocketed after watching this edit
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @gccdfellas Bruh, this guy is probably 14 to talk like thisWHEN will George MacKay give us the album chock full of new wave romantic bangers we deserve?
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @tropicanapussy Tweets not loading right now huhmen always have the same blade runner icon on here
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @BlackNailRush @GrippingFood Op credited this guy and his bio literally says what it is. This guy is living on ano…
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @longhairdean Not me crying over a tweet 😭 @Christo_47K @GrippingFood Wearing your sandals wrong
@melkomya @Struggle_Tweet The world’s most expensive pizzas
@MagicalOverload Pili pili chicken. And a couple of books about cinema @OG_Akpan @TheHornyPoPo Yo what’s going on in that pic?? @Baku38753274 @Jstallings43 @TheHornyPoPo Loud and clear indeed @Roi_da_boi @TheHornyPoPo
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @BestofGMackay Hottest scene for me. It really showed how defined and strong his muscles were @IDKEMPLZ @Struggle_Tweet Nigga that's not a struggle. That's a whole existential conflict.
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @67858g @ShawAndOrder @nytimes Well that’s just human nature. You can have many problems within yourself and still… @captainoldsalt @sainsburys The adds are still well done. Acknowledging the presence of black families celebrating… @sainsburys They’re showing 1 family. It’s not a compilation of several families, it’s only 1. There are black fami… @67858g @ShawAndOrder @nytimes You have no reason to be defending China right now. America is not the only country you can criticize. @RexChapman Tbh I hate the press. They’re all biased, left or right. I have no problem seeing BLM or Antifa or Prou… @_yomaland @Scottergate @HKrassenstein @MrAndyNgo So let’s steal your phone and mob jump you if you’re trying to fi… rioter rushes in and punches a woman in the back of the head as she’s walking away. #MillionMAGAMarch
Retweeted by Honoré Lumière @alshabwwy1 @becky_faith18 @MrAndyNgo Germany is sus
@stancurator Why is the teacup so big? 😂 @elev3n_ @YxngHaz_ Jake Paul haircut @GrippingFood The next generation is promisingI want that @wikivictorian Looks like a school uniform from the Green Gables 👀
@CarlThomas280 @FranciaBravo5 @TorontoStar They probably caught her drifting over a rainbow crosswalk’t wait for him to come back on the big screen @heartsmish @fxckingtwist « You stabbed me but I ain’t even mad 😏 » @ARTEfr Fuck The House That Jack Built. All my homies hate The House That Jack Built.True for all politicians but particularly for him @lonexey @AkuJadiGanteng @RobotInDisgust @Sliim_sadie @Stickzyy @venoph @Paricyte @Struggle_Tweet It’s a mannequin don’t worry @dawnbr1nger @Struggle_Tweet That’s fucked up. Imagine actually advocating for some US version of Auschwitz
@alva_ront969 @BWnocontext She’s computer generatedLay Zhang Supremacy girl @osomatsu_hkw Surprisingly prude 😳 @osomatsu_hkw We need more teenage matsu content @robsdaya @c0meundone I keep pronouncing his name has « George Washington » @BestofGMackay A whole mood with these two @vousmyvouyez Cuteness overload 😭 @MagicalOverload Sexual Healing, it scares my virginity
@Blacksmartgirl @1Misskeesha She’d still be cute even if she was cosplaying Dora the Explorer or Cinderella. Love f…*Cries* @Steaaaaaakk @TheHornyPoPo Which one is actually arrested? @laittheytboy @rah_elijah @OutOfContextEv 1- What about it? 2- Why Tf are you looking through my post history? @LilNasX Are you a flamingo?
@JLongb0ne Also, why do we have a bright daylight shoot? She only goes out during the night so that picture on the… @CWBatwoman @JaviciaLeslie Much better than the first photoshoot But they should have kept the red wig. It helps hiding the identity @KravitzDaily @CWBatwoman @DCBatman @JaviciaLeslie Why do they even bother wearing a mask? It barely hides anything @laittheytboy @rah_elijah @OutOfContextEv I’ll never trust a supermarket with a birthday cake to customize period I… @doshimash0 @a8732330 Grip it with force pls @fxckingtwist Handsome little man @ceciliasjohnson @50cent @chelseahandler 50 Cent used to think that he was a grown man with free will, knowing what… @QueenPisces16 @50cent @chelseahandler He prefers the vanilla anyways so I don’t get why you’re wasting you time tw…
@BelMOCards @realDailyWire What can you do other than laugh. The media won’t come after her. She’s not gonna lose h… @jfdta @realDailyWire A rich white woman. Basically the most privileged identity on Earth. @azlinthelich @Colonel_Etb @realDailyWire Not liberals. They are socialists Liberals are about libertyThis @realDailyWire She was like: “Lmao ni🅱️🅱️er, you thought you had free will or something? Better stay in your lane boy 😂 Had me f*cked up” @mauritaniadan @GlamRatchet You are your only voice, my dude. The moment you let people talk on your behalf is the… @PlymTamar @GlamRatchet Many animal lovers tend to not have empathy for their fellow human beings. Idk why but it’s… @ResitsTrump @GlamRatchet I don’t know what your hashtags meant but that tweet was funny so Imma like @Lupdilup @BastardGrimm @freeherenow @DMVBlackLives @GaylordNational @Marriott You literally have a J-Lo profile pic while saying this @GTbaum @DMVBlackLives @GaylordNational @Marriott People were costumes and masks for whatever reasons @LeoWanker9 @GTbaum @DMVBlackLives @GaylordNational @Marriott Good reply lol @rah_elijah @OutOfContextEv “Birthday cake from supermarket” Here’s you problem, idiots. Go to a bakery next time @Bakkmann1 @Jaybrid22103 @liamisnthere @CowInATux The guy’s building a brand, let him be @vousmyvouyez I might start sounding crazy, but I unironically want this @AmcbToraidhe @conceptartworld This concept makes it look like an underground pub instead of the space billionaire… @nofilmschool These 2 were lovers @lovelivenofear @briana9 @jadedcreative That’s like 7 billion people since all of the world’s media always makes su… @ciIIiansaccent @fxckingtwist With a threatening aura @yoiyo_ii @morearea R.I.P @rabbitry226 @Struggle_Tweet “I-“ Imagine actually saying that out loud @Jaybrid22103 @GrippingFood RIP Noodle
@MagicalOverload I bet that’s how politicians feel like every time they read their notifications 😂 @MagicalOverload No no, you had a point @CbassWasTaken @AwfulReddit 6 millions, really? @PresValAsh @lpstd @hitRECordJoe Best movie for a family night. You like Disney cartoons? You’ll love Salò @Cpink07 @hitRECordJoe She lowkey looks like a baby girl Joseph Gordon-Levitt tho