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@Schovee @QuarterJade youre insane @illSuga a tower of god one would be cool @crunchytitty @H3CZ @madisonbeer omg i cant wait for it!!!whos buying my paid tweets if i start shaking ass? @mrgracemugabe they have that already @Valkyrae heyyy @KittenElise whats for breakfast today @KittenElise hi elisewandavision then jjk then horimiya then aot, weekends are so good @Hauntterr not in the US tho 💔whos tryna to play fortnite @DarienBMG nah this ruined my day how is this possible @TheTopViking idk what happensi see lots of Pieck and Mikasa on the TL i feel like Historia doesn't get her respectmy mental in norms vs my mental in solo q is night and daymaybe i spend all night playing solo q in league @Hauntterr i really wanna wait to not spoil the anime but this shit gonna take a yeari aint play league play in a few days and they dropped me down to expert im pissed @KittenElise Wonder Egg Priority is airing rn theres like 7 eps so far
@TheTopViking @Sanchovies classic @TheTopViking @Sanchovies bro i love these @TheTopViking @Sanchovies @Sanchovies @Hauntterr ill check it out soon @Leopard100T @Hauntterr @Hauntterr this show that good? @sebastianjii got me looking like shakira @MarvelStudios @disneyplus @LokiOfficial BANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHere is my demo reel just because
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@saburo2k bob evans mashed potatoes 🔥🔥 @Boy1drr league play so easy its crazy @nowackdesign these are so cleangoing to wawa, yall want anything?two things i wish i learned when i was younger was how speak another language and how to play an instrument its so…
Retweeted by HoodieHey, I'm Filip! I'm 3D artist from Czechia and I love to play with realism and pop culture in my work.…
Retweeted by Hoodie @TristanGHill grand budapest hotel. i always wanted to watch it but finally got around to it and it was great
@Hauntterr Yeah the CGI on the amazing ones were fire ecspecially the fight with electro. Having the last fight in… @Hauntterr yeah im excited to see how they handle this whole next phase of marvel. they really focus on making good… is a GROWN man with FOUR (4) children and no job @Hauntterr usually the only normal aspect of his life that they show is like his relationship with his gf @Hauntterr i liked FFH better too but i think both are great. they focus so much more on the character of peter par… @Hauntterr showing no love to tom hollandtalking to the mooooooooooooooon thats a joke she just deleted the tweet and posted some ass like its all good nowpeople are always so ignorant when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. how hard is it to respect people when it takes… @xPietrik You transphobes are so boring, your only joke is “i’m an animal and/or inatimate object” and pretending y…
Retweeted by Hoodie @emiru @xPietrik my queen @IcyVert alliyah was MOVING in that replythinking about how i watched all of game of thrones in one week so i could be caught up for the final episodethey got auntie annes on doordash$10 FOR CHEESE AND BREAD??????? @losdeemix nah what is this picture 😂😂 @Hauntterr sheeesh i see youmy goat all egirls didnt forget about what i discovered last night @Ninja. you wont get away with thisthis snow is getting out of hand i might need to put a stop to this @lauriedere hiiiiii @TheTopViking idk how they did that @TheTopViking that was way worse than i expected @TheTopViking im never clicking on a video you interact with ever again @XxQu1cKSc0peZz suuuuuuuuuureim going to sleep so i can think about this whole situationif you think Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is a real person please unfollow me and educate yourself @Hauntterr im telling you bro this man is FAKEninja has 12k viewers with 4 mods (2 are bots and 1 is his wife) and the same 10 people in chat. there has been lik… starting a new conspiracy theory this ninja fellow has to be a social experimentsomebody else please look at this ninja stream so ik im not crazy why is nobody talking in his chat this has to be fakethis mf has to be viewbotting hes got 12k viewers and his chat moving slower than an aubie streami remember watching ninja and his entire chat was just a wall of subs now im watching and hes got like 10 people talkingand i am too !!!!!!!!!!!lots of mfs i follow are horny for anime characters @22lexi_ happy birthday 🥳Reiner now that Eren across the sea
Retweeted by Hoodiethis the mf jean thinks he saw my thresh is still so clean i wish adcs werent awful or id be happy w playing support @TheTopViking i dont got the patience for this game rn @TheTopViking i aint take it serious when i started so im silvermight start playing ranked again in league i need to get out of silverstopped playing ranked after the teams i dealt with this day @TheTopViking @TheTopViking we know @JoeyTheSuperJew they know the truth @buffcore good luck yuki
its still fuck gabi i will never have sympathy for herholy shit aot is so goodjust woke up and remember its aot today i am overjoyed @AubieAnderson aubie stocks 🚀🚀I wish I had kept my 1,700 BTC @ $0.06 instead of selling them at $0.30, now that they're $8.00! #bitcoin
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@AlexK1_ icy vert @HarryButAverage swag @LegendOfWinning @FaZe_Rain so proud of you broCaesar really put all the apes on his back and showed them the way