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@otisodin1 Why? 😩 I enjoyed it @Roberts_Rules You’re a magician @StalinsTomb_ Me too. It’s lit. So I’ve heard. @Joracle_ there’s this one episode and I feel like the writers were leaning heavy into Diana’s bisexuality... @donlaurent92 Same @Reg___G The album is so goodNicki should’ve gotten all the awards for The Pink Print tbh @_DomCartier Nicki was in her big bagThe Crying Game Feeling Myself Four Door Aventador Favorite Truffle Butter @SirStrange_ Chile I was hype because they showed her powers more and then I was like Dassit? To do that?Never change 😭 @timmygotsoul I mean @InThierry @_jwigz I — @GreatestAt_it @ImJustNuru I think it’s because every episode hasn’t been focused on Zoey anymore 🤧That was a cute filler episode for #JujutsuKaisen @abacus52_ @itsTimHell Mind your business @KiaSpeaks Same because how did we end up here 💀 @SirStrange_ Word from word 💀 @KiaSpeaks Me reading this thread: Boy J and their ponytail have been on the move @ReemRozay I had one the other day with jalapeños 🔥Me supporting my friends w/ OF accounts
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @KiaSpeaks This sounds amazing 😭
@stickysweett @abacus52_ Good times 😌Me calling 911 @itsTimHell The world won’t recoverWashing and conditioning my beard > @JustBryan_ Like she was letting him have it @SirStrange_ Probably telling him how she gonna beat his ass every time she see him 😂 @trecrews @rxmsxy Rates? @SirStrange_ She let him have IT @nyannoire I need the audio! @donlaurent92 😂😂😭Solange let Jay-Z have it in that elevator @KyriacosONYX TbfhMan Solange was MAD 😩 @106th Exactly love to see Keyshia Kao’ir not looking tacky)Y’all both cleared it 😍 two are cool, but shout out to Georgia voters and organizers who endured a hellish and extended election cycl…
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @106th It really is. Especially when so many people try to downplay her influence. Her peers are happily singing he… also Frank Ocean writing a song for Brandy and John Legend. The talent.John Legend talks about Brandy being advisor on this season of #TheVoice on ‘The Tonght Show with Jimmy Fallon’
Retweeted by Ricky SpanishLike I said: @MathewNoKnowles Period! A singer’s singer! @slimgirlsupreme I love him 😍 @rxmsxy @trecrews @inum6kis Oooooo makes sense but I still like Momo moreGojo Satoru is the moment’t Momo use her cursed energy to manipulate wind? Didn’t Tenten get dusted by Temari, who also used wind? @trecrews This sounds great love Chili’s 🤧I’m the 4th one @urban_elegance @_mothers_ No let the choppa sing Franny been SO good this seasonNaruto and Bleach @3MuchHutch They have all the right stretch @3MuchHutch I usually stick with Uniqlo and Levi’s @3MuchHutch Same because being tall and having thighs of life < @roseinharlem You know @Tyrell_Ace Same. We used to also not get that many shoes in those sizes. Maybe 2-3 each. @roseinharlem You might be a sex bot yourself @theerkj I’m going to learn to play this summerPerform the Edo Tensei worked in a shoe store and a lot of people think it’s because stores never have them but the real tea is 13/14 is… screamed when she got to the hands’s burgers captured the ridiculousness perfectly by just.. animating it
Retweeted by Ricky SpanishOomf is yes @SirStrange_ @itsTimHell
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @_Theswaggyone @BrianMcLight I came here to say this @InspiredByLiLi I be so happy 😭 @SaintSmith_ Wait a minute telling them about a time
Retweeted by Ricky SpanishThe Don Julio and Clase Azul factory workers hearing the stimmy got passed.
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @itsTimHell What in the ghetto hell is thisI love this thread @TrevonWes I want one for fitness and aesthetic miss those moments of crying laughing until I literally couldn’t breathe with my best friends 😭
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @_jwigz oomf for help last year and they followed through. Other than that, most men romantically, have been unimpr… @OneRealSole Omg congrats 🎉 @corthenigga YesIma get wings tonight but baked @FootBruh @CoreyPTownsend 😍Him“Ima just leave you alone..” Omg thank you!!!
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @Sebastian_Romee Ooo come pick me up @itsTimHell @_jwigz thinking about the #WandaVisionFinale
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @isit_branson Same. I need pillows myself. Where did you get yours from? @anseldeangelo Waffle House @isit_branson We stan a man without flat pillows