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Kelsey dropping a diss track @_Theswaggyone @InThierry her stumbling over her words 🥴 @J91Pyro Yeah Yu Yu Hakusho is def a fave @J91Pyro Dang I forgot about this show @J91Pyro Exactly @TheCreoleKing @unbre1ieveable I would add Infinity War to the first tier. I’d also move Captain Marvel up. @unbre1ieveable There are a few I disagree but most of it we’re on the same pageYes @rxmsxy @AcesOnSpades Nope! If we’re talking about sweet bread, then she enters the chat too. @rxmsxy @AcesOnSpades Just like KK donuts @AcesOnSpades @rxmsxy Oh those are great too. Pound cake is just too good.i despise those people who only interact with your posts to disagree or to be shady.
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @rxmsxy @AcesOnSpades Y’all are crazy as hellNah lemon pound cake is top tier OF SWORDS Causes a Major Change to KRAKOA's Quiet Council
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @PhilayeFilms Now I want to rewatch @AhniyahGold At least. That’s why I have a new favorite track every week. @SeauxScoot @TheNewMethod You can try was my favorite part of S2 @SeauxScoot Yeah if I was a flight attendant I’d be a hoe because flight attendants are my favorite kind of sluts @TheNewMethod I’m about to move you to the bench @KyriacosOnyx Nah I feel that @UnlockedVerses Oh see I be nosey af in the group chatIma fuck Sean up @TheNewMethod Excuse me? @Dam_Bino That part @KyriacosOnyx And didn’t let me watch? Smh. @VeryGallant So simple @KyriacosOnyx Oh? 👀 @Faceridah 😈“Why were you in LA?” Me: YesI would literally fly across country, hang with a guy, be boo’d up, the fly back home like nothing happened and no… @Be_inTIMidated @PhilayeFilms I’d rather eat glass @KingBobbyDeal @YoooItsO Omw want to talk comics and anime while rubbing oomf feet @jackieaina’ve been saying this all day and no one in my family knew what it was from. I hate it here. Harvey moved on to Michael B. Jordan*ggas love to DM just so they can say ‘Ricky Spanish’ is so funny. If you want to sit on my face, then just say that. @AcesOnSpades No you’re absolutely right. And wow TRUE was everything. Might revisit tomorrow.Lord pls free my people from the shackles of the Breakfast Club
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @AcesOnSpades You right I always think of her older stuff as more Alt than her recent stuffThe Alt R&B girls usually have ton of replay value for their albums. I revisit Tinashe, Kelela, Banks, Solange, and… @AhniyahGold Omg yes. Didn’t it roll to a kid’s feet or something? @DatDudeDrezzy Our list almost the sameThis tweet is anti-Black @wondermann5 They need ppl with senseI would love to see Karma or Dani Moonstar join the Quiet CouncilIt’s the chaotic use of the percent sign and Jéan > #XSpoilers #XofSwordsTrey Songz with Chris Brown not too far behind him for the next era #ReignofX #XSpoilers funniest thing is my mama getting sleepy and buzzed off wine coolers @djordxc Yeah they lying like shit. All you need is salt and water. @ReemRozay If there is any left I’ll bring you a pieceBei read Isca down #XSpoilers #XofSwords @UncannyLZ @Conortroversial I’d love to see KarmaGirl wtf’t let nobody without calves tell you what to do.
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @RobbYGunnZ Slid. She was in her big bag. @____Kollin Sweat @FUCCl Not bleu cheese @vincsmith It’s the best @FUCCl @AhniyahGold Oh damn. Yeah I’d be there on the 21st and be gone the 26th. @julianpatrickR At all @YoooItsO Oh wow. Not you too! @AhniyahGold Period. I can already see I’m not coming back for Christmas. Ima stay in NY.Over the past couple days @IamGMJohnson & I have been filling up care packages to hand out to the homeless on behal…
Retweeted by Ricky Spanish @AhniyahGold That’s how I’m feeling too 😭 @ghettoOPRAH_ Nope. Everything is correct. @ghettoOPRAH_ ?????what is joe biden’s plan to get rid of riverdale
Retweeted by Ricky SpanishCartoon Network is that girl’m ready to do this @MrClark_ @SirStrange_ Hate that for you too @_jwigz @_Ricky_Raccoon @imakeelit Show us @_Ricky_Raccoon Ok we’ll go. Be ready. @_Ricky_Raccoon Where you wanna go next time? @OhWho_OhLu late @rxmsxy You’re a menace 😂 @_Ricky_Raccoon That’s what you get @_Ricky_Raccoon
Period @____Kollin @CertifiedFool_ Same. He so smug.Charles and Magneto some fake ass hoes @CertifiedFool_ They voted our girl off like Survivor @sirrkhalil Lmao. Running thru the team and being toxic. @sirrkhalil Nate literally dated the entire female cast at some point @sirrkhalil And she did exactly that too @rxmsxy 😭😭😭