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@carol_nasvytis @GhulamDhabaan @CP24 racist
These teens on TikTok are out here doing the lord’s work.
Retweeted by +++ @KTHopkins nazi
I now have my 4th (fourth) patient who suffered a vertebral artery dissection stroke because they went to a chiropr…
Retweeted by +++Malcolm X didn't trust white liberals. Here's what he had to say about them.
Retweeted by +++ @PrettyboiiDB_9 america still has legal slaveryMy anti-communist mother described her dream government as "a place where everyone has what they need, they all hav…
Retweeted by +++ABC News confirmed that it has suspended a journalist after he identified himself as a “socialist” in a video relea…
Retweeted by +++Protestors in Greece attacked a military camp where riot police are stationed to resist government plans to build w…
Retweeted by +++ @ollietttaa @fabbsssss it just might though @ahleuwu where’s this from?false alarm everybody turns out the coronavirus only kills old people 😌
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@jasminelev4 seems like you’d rather believe the false narrative you’ve created for yourself than the reality which… @jasminelev4 lmao, doesn’t even open the link before replying. 😂 @jasminelev4 cool, do some reading then, for your own sake @jasminelev4 are you feeling okay? @jasminelev4 your reading comprehension sucks @jasminelev4 engels was an anti semitic christian? 😂 @jasminelev4 marx is good, lol @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo pretty impressive considering, The Truman Doctrine became the foundat… @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo Three-fourths of the public is unaware why the U.S. fought a cold war… @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo A recent National Geographic survey indicates that merely 37 percent… @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo In 2003, when Americans still had the minimal interest in internation… @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo this isn’t an amazing article by any means but it makes some interest… @petcrierbonanza didn’t you know if you’re illiterate then the communists can’t brain wash you? 😂 @redstarmiami @petcrierbonanza @hollowIncalmo the united states population is probably one of the most ignorant on… theres a fucking pogrom underway in india right now brutally murdering muslims and i havent seen a single hyster…
Retweeted by +++The West extracted trillions of dollars of wealth from Africa in the 20th century alone. As the continent is explo…
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@CP24 goodWe can afford to make sure every person has housing. We can afford to make sure every person has food. We can a…
Retweeted by +++ @photoartist9 @DannyBowen @redswimmer99 uhhh, yeah, alright bootlicker @DannyBowen @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 stop licking those american boots @DannyBowen @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 bootlicker @DannyBowen @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 bootlicker @photoartist9 @DannyBowen @redswimmer99 okay bootlicker, just as soon as you stop worshipping the fascist american government @photoartist9 @DannyBowen @redswimmer99 verb (used with object) to seek the favor or goodwill of in a servile, degraded way; toady to. @DannyBowen @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 says a bootlicker @Aetnerd lmao, they still look terrified 😂 @DannyBowen @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 bootlicker @DarkHel24353612 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 @photoartist9 @DarkHel24353612 @redswimmer99 lmfao @Aetnerd yeah yeah, shut up nazi @Aetnerd aren’t just non-white people you don’t like. Sorry libs
Retweeted by +++ @Aetnerd who the fuck cares what a nazi thinks? @Aetnerd shut up nazi @Aetnerd yeah, you’re a nazi @Aetnerd imagine if the cia worked with the nazis and protected them after ww2, oh wait they did @Aetnerd the american military is a fascist war machine and the soviet union defeated the nazis, good to know which side you’re on 😂 @photoartist9 @ShurlStillHere @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @ShurlStillHere @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 you ready for communism 2020? @Aetnerd very empathetic of you, now shut up american @Aetnerd yeah yeah yeah, shut up american @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @photoartist9 @ShurlStillHere @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 stop bootlickinglmao the genius minds of anti communism @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 they will be soon enough lmao, and cuban americans already are @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 you actually believe this corporate propaganda? lmao @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 😂 @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 cuba has a lung cancer vaccine that isn’t even available in america, and you have no citati… @Aetnerd @isgoodrum @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 for the wealthy* @Aetnerd @isgoodrum 😂 @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 are you feeling alright? @Aetnerd @isgoodrum @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 which cuba exceeds america in, thanks for playing @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 yes, cuban healthcare being better than american healthcare is not relevant to american hea… @photoartist9 @CLSh1999 @redswimmer99 @satx791 nah, stalin and castro were both solid @Aetnerd @isgoodrum united states imprisons more people than the soviet union ever did and their prisons are worse… @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 lmfaothis was a reply on my castro tweet literal slave plantation baby
Retweeted by +++ @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 cuban life expectancy is higher than americans and they’re also healthier, do some reading @Aetnerd @isgoodrum communism owns dude, you seem to like fascism so you’re probably a fan of hitler no?this is truly a testament to the shambles of the american education system😂 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 lmaoooooooooo @satx791 yeah, castro is good and so is stalin @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 statistics proving cuba has more prevalence of care which is in your own words the only… @CLSh1999 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 no, they don’t @Aetnerd @isgoodrum i see you’re more of a hitler type of guy @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 how poor are your reading skills to not understand what i wrote? @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 educate yourself bootlicker @satx791 @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 i know, that’s why i said its pathetic that you’re shilling for them @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 go lick some boots somewhere else dude, shilling for american private healthcare when y… @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 lmfao, which cuba beats america in as well 😂 @Aetnerd @isgoodrum nah, he’s actually good @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 US life expectancy is lower than cuba’s dude lmao, and infant mortality is higher, and… @Aetnerd @isgoodrum oh, yeah, he’s good @photoartist9 @redswimmer99 like your stupidity is actually impressive, i guess this comes full circle with the com…