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WIN A GAME & A PET! Claim a game code for our latest #VR release @CuriousTaleGame + the White Tiger from the game a…
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaOMG this moment in PUBG tonight with my wife was amazing. It straight up became a horror game for a second, this ma…
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaBig thank you again to my pal @GloveBox. I have the keys to the VR Kingdom! Phil Spencer can call this a gimmick,…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @Datoineblaze Ron #1LetterWrongAMovie @Datoineblaze Greasy #1LetterWrongAMovie @Datoineblaze The Martin #1LetterWrongAMovie @Datoineblaze The Naked Nun #1LetterWrongAMovie @Datoineblaze Herpes (yes, that's Fonzie) #1LetterWrongAMovie @Datoineblaze The Moist #1LetterWrongAMovie
@CapnMikeM When one of your benefits to paying a monthly fee is "exclusive discounts on select game purchases," I c… @CapnMikeM Pre order discounts are not always a guarantee on Steam. I assume it's up to the developer/publisher.Nothing like listening to Xbox derps talk about how VR is weird,doesn’t work,most people only use it once and you n…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @ItzVonzTweet @XboxP3 You forgot that it cost $2,000. Also, "who wants to play games on tiny screens right in front… it HDR! 😃 @The1llusiveMan @BeardyMcWhiskey @delvin_cox @ThatChaufie @mttgbrazilteam Hold up! The proper response to "Why is…
@CapnMikeM One with Kinect 3.0, and one that only streams content. 👍🤞🙏 @IronStomachLLC @Anticleric Modular cat anuses. Cat Sorter VR @DeviousMrMatt People don't want a self-contained device dedicated to games and media that also interacts with thei… Vita was an excellent handheld. It's a shame it didn't get the support it deserved
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaThe LOW-FI Steam page is up.
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaBecome the knight the dungeon deserves, not the one it needs! CAG & Retweet for a Chance to Win a Nintendo Switch Bundle with Mario Red Joy-Con, $20 Nintendo eShop Credit…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @VGFGamers Suicides based on the other team's kill count.
Sweat buckets and throw haymakers like nobody's business in the best @michaelb4jordan simulator ever made - Creed:…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @ItzVonzTweet @PlayStation Never owned #PS1, but I "rented" one from the video store I worked at back then. Kings F…!!! FINALLY!!> Firewall Zero Hour is FREE STARTING TOMM for 1 week with DOUBLE XP throughout! Also on sale for $…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja
Check out our latest look at upcoming sci-fi VR game Low-Fi in a new gameplay video:
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @ItzVonzTweet @DeviousMrMatt We shall see, but yeah, I'm expecting to ring in the new year with partially shaved pusses. @ItzVonzTweet @DeviousMrMatt I'm more worried about the sap getting in their fur... and everywhere else. @RetroRentsAl I grew up with them, and up until we had a kid that could crawl 9 years ago. Wife wanted to go back t… @Anticleric I noticed that. These also closely resemble the patent image that leaked not long ago. Not sure if they… @DeviousMrMatt The cats really seem to enjoy eating the needles. I'm sure nothing bad will come of that.We've had this live tree for less than an hour and I'm already sick of it. Pine scent is way overrated.
@Platt_Mallar idea how legit this "leak" is, but if true, it helps solve the lack of circutation on most entertainment center… @RetroRentsAl @BATTLETECH_Game Sort of... I get the sandbox premise, but there is too much "technology" recharging…
@RetroRentsAl @BATTLETECH_Game Got it installed, just haven't started it up yet. No Man's Sky happened and I'm stil… you can't beat 'em, disrobe them... I guess? Didn't look consensual. game should come with a pair of clean underwear. #ReikoChallenge a powerful gaming PC for as little as $500 with Black Friday deals
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaThe Steam Autumn Sale for PC is here, and now is the time to save on Rocksmith and almost all our DLC! The sale end…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja
Desk sharing isn't so bad when you get to work from home. @MeefJ @GloveBox No prob. Will keep an eye out for other options. @MeefJ @GloveBox No, I don't think that has true motion controllers and is being phased out very soon. If you can'… @Anticleric @oculus The bundles are nice since they adjust automatically if you already own some of the games, but.… @CapnMikeM @GloveBox this is in my library now if you can stop playing Call of Juarez long enough to check it out. 🤘 down, the best PC VR deal this Black Friday is one year of @Viveport #Infinity for just $60. Unlimitede acce…
@DeviousMrMatt🤔 Rift S is $349 on Amazon
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaOne feature that I'm excited to get working (with the help of @RedOfPaw) is the ability to push, knock packages awa…
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaOculus - Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset $349 via Best Buy (Free Shipping).
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @pcgamer *both of them* @Anticleric I think this all the time. What makes me even more sad is people legit HATE vr for no reason at all. I…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja
There is no rain in the shattered world of @ApexConstructVR! But also no humans, except from you☹️. Anyway, get it…
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaIt’s time to Treat Yo’self. This year we’re going all out with our special #BlackFriday giveaway. Win gaming mini-P…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja! Your mid-season update for Operation: Heartland🇺🇸 has now decrypted. Dive into the new map - Gauntlet,…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @sha_near Cool, rhanks!
Starting today, there are also Stolen pets to find for all Viveport Infinity subscribers out there!
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaEvery. Year. @PlayWarframe @DigitalExtremes @rebbford @CapnMikeM Nah, I'll wait until it runs on a smart watch. That will guarantee I won't be able to read ANY of the te…'m $5 curious about a Steam controller, but not $8 enough to have it shipped to me., are you able to painlessly meet up with a friend in No Man's Sky in order to play co-op, or will you both have… for a cheap VR headset to play Half-Life: Alyx? Then you can't miss this Black Friday deal.…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @DeviousMrMatt still say this was a better version of Overwatch. It launched with lore, campaign, multiple modes... all thing th…
@finalfantasyvii @FinalFantasy @Datoineblaze I feel like thus is the obvious answer, and therefore incorrect, but chef?
@The1llusiveMan steelbook played some #ArizonaSunshine with my pal @robertjpowelljr through @Viveport with #ViveportInfinity, so now you kn… si adnik nekorb, tub ti sah a tol fo esimorp. has to be so confused.
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja😃😃😃😃 @azrail13 @pcgamer
@Rainraey Probably won't get into either until next year. Hear great things about FF14's last two exoansions.We have a couple friends live today for @ExtraLife4Kids Marathons please check out and…
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaI have an opinion on the 2019 VR Game of the Year. *Spoiler* - There are no spoilers @Rainraey did you ever try or get into FF14? Think I want to give it a whirl, but ESO, which I already own and does… @DeviousMrMatt working on the New End Boss in B99, only available playing the game on normal difficulty mode. Here is the Aren…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @IronStomachLLC Cleaner is free on Humble
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaAny #Quest owners using #OculusLink willing/able to test these guides I made for Rift/S to see if they work? "Scum Licking" skit on "MC Chris is Dreaming" is still the best comedy bit I've heard on album @_mcchris
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @MattTheCat @_mcchris But have you heard the actual song? VR 5-Game Bundle is $193.50 on Google Shopping/BuyDig w/ code SBOENP
Retweeted by Hoody NynjaFollow CAG & Retweet for a Chance to Win 1 of 5 Codes for Espire 1: VR Operative (Steam) by @EspireVr. Ends at 10PM…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @pcgamer
@GloveBox @MeefJ Yeah, without a PC or PS4, Quest is your best option. FWIW noth Sony and Oculus suggest limiting… @Viveport So many good ones this year, but @reikosfragments and @synthridersvr were the most memorable for me.#GiveawayFriday - What is your favorite #VR title that you've discovered through Viveport #Infinity? Share this twe…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @IronStomachLLC Actually, I think I played that one. @IronStomachLLC @GloveBox You get the email code yet?Next VR prequels should include: Dragon Age: Morrigan Bioshock: Sister Starcraft: Kerrigan Uncharted: Sully The Wi… HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset is $249.99 on Amazon (one of the cheapest VR headsets to play Ha…
Retweeted by Hoody Nynja @Anticleric @gabrielmosspdx It's ok. I have a pancake gamer friend and he said I could use that word. I think I'm 1… @RetroRentsAl @GloveBox @CapnMikeM You'll need this!