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@lilithfatale ok this has set me off i need to leave @kxthleen keep posting omgI think we can all agree that chrrrp
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨the only exception to my ‘never, Ever call me’ rule is this cat
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨i’m lookin at you @stillicides and @fio_piccolo_whole lot of cursed content on the tl tonight @stillicides DEAR GOD NO @FindusPancake @lenincensored bahaha @steamed___hams @hexpositivee was one of my favourite moments[weinstein, rape, sexual assault] FUCK YOU YOU FUCKwatching a documentary which mentions 2nd wave feminism a lot but then remembering they’re all t*rfs now local beloved cat cafe now comes with a muffin disclaimer!
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV I was so 1000% into Hereditary, fully preparing to tell people it’s one of my favourite films, and then t…
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @Robot_Cooper lmao @daddyexec that was the original ending from the musical! @HooiWanV Kingsman. One bad line. That's all it took.
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @EwaSR do it in the asshole? @HooiWanV Detective Pikachu. The 'twist' ending, and the clumsy way it was covered up through the movie were just rubbish.
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Nightmare on Elm Street. One of the best, smartest VHS slashers ever made. It's double shit because it ac…
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @drewtmoffatt ah yes, the stripey car @HooiWanV Bladerunner 2049
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV There's been a few but Sunshine is the one that sticks. Even allowing for the complete genre change in th…
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV For me it was the similar bit at the end of the vvitch where the witches all fly about in the woods
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @godigumdrop i particularly liked how cillian murphy stood about two inches from the surface of the sun at the end @HooiWanV Gandhi
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV The Witch (i.e. The VVitch)
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Gerald's Game. For the majority of that film, I was enraptured. By the ending I wanted to punch a hole in a wall like Adam Driver.
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Yesterday - the premise is solid and then they out of road. The whole thing is a pleasant ride…
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Frozen and while I still love Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, it should have been 1 scene shorter.
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Insidious.
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @HooiWanV Ok I have so many answers to this I'm going to be thinking of them all afternoon but I'll start with Hereditary
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @quornnuggets it’s always the horror films, even the best ones struggle to land the prestige @UpAndGeorgia JINXi’ll start: hereditary is an incredible film, brilliantly paced, stunningly acted, and then toni colette’s headless…’s the best film you’ve seen that was let down by a terrible ending?oh boy i bought the audiobook of noughts and crosses and the narrator is terrible @dianasaladpot yeah i already got a quick glimpse and i’m struggling to connect that tattooed bod with “i’m a big city lawyer” @JewishSkinhead all from one episodethis film actually has 81% on rotten tomatoes so the joke could well be on mei only barely want to have sex with this guy as opposed to whomst the fuck is this middle management at an office supplies company looking gentleman @Eva_B89 no it’s called “girl on the third floor”next up: netflix recommended a film starring cm punk so you know i’m gonna get all over that shiti just watched a film called 13 Sins and it was trashy and i loved it @quornnuggets 🙃it is a truth universally acknowledged that if you mention a horror film you enjoy, someone will appear in your men… is ever gonna take that poor guy seriously any more are theyProfessor Kelly: *very important information Everyone:
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨is it too early for lunchfor when you want that “i’ve had four glasses of red” looki’m sorry but what in the gosh darned heck is this nonsense had one of the most bizarre urinal experiences of my life last night, I don't think I'm ever going to forget it
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @Beardynoise fucking hell lukeThe quote marks somehow lend this sign in a corner shop window an air of dark menace
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨What I love about cats is how they, collectively, as a species, have never been fed, ever
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨FFS 😭 customer support ever @SnagTightsso i emailed their support yesterday (sunday!) about this and within 5 mins they had, checked my order by email add… @WaldorfSixpence noooooooooooThis is wonderful
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨
@UpAndGeorgia @OhMiaGod i mean my hair is short but even when it wasn’t, no @OhMiaGod @UpAndGeorgia only if they like headaches @keeks_ @soup_ebooks oh my god @hummusandpizza [food] orzo pasta with spring onion, red onion, sweetcorn, red pepper, lightly sautéed kale, roaste… are this big so he can listen to ur problems ;_;[food pic] man look how colourful my lunch for tomorrow is, i can’t wait to eat it tbh @dianasaladpot uhhhh i see you met an actual angel todayjeri ryan looks incrediblestar trek: picard is a story about a man’s gay love for his dead android loverHow we all waiting for the kid 🤣
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨(i’m getting many of my usual tell-tale pre-migraine symptoms like ringing ears, pain behind the eyes, light sensitivity)i have a really big important meeting on wednesday and i have a feeling i’m gonna have a doozy of a migraine either… @stansasnark @H_Bevs H is the quintessential lesbian knowledge resource @christina_ivey what?? @stillicides @FindusPancake disgustinenvironmental storytelling
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @Beardynoise several times in the past i’ve used pioneer woman’s recipe but with a plain icing sugar/butter/milk ic… @Beardynoise this time it was a kit gary’s mum gave us ( but...[food pic] before & after icing @dianasaladpot aaaaaaaWhy don't we work with the police? a thread...
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨my kitchen smells amazing eggs are a kind of cum
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨[food] i’m making cinnamon rolls by request and earlier on gary was nagging me to clean my bathroom but i think he… @burnyourbones table for 26 please @Judoon_Platoon @AnchorCake i think so yes @AnchorCake i don’t know which is worse @kamcnally oh my god that’s awesome!! @judeinlondon2 i hope “let it go” goes out in the first round @judeinlondon2 jude my blood pressure!!Relax your shoulders and jaw
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @rabbitinahat thank youAlright folks here it is. The #backstreetboysworldcup final
Retweeted by nerdy and ✨fabulous✨ @judeinlondon2 oh shit how am i meant to pick @RJMrgn oh mate @RJMrgn it’s just a video, screen record @RJMrgn you need to hold and drag it now instead