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Have a nice armageddon, y'all!

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RIP lost fire fighter Charles Edward Morton
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @helynbolanis Hey but the mountains of trash rose exponentially. @rdbrewer4 Damn. In eastern Idaho have total cloud cover. @BBAnimals @greta No #PlannedParenthood there @MichaelBerrySho THEY WORK FOR US!!!!! @ScotsFyre 'politicized deep state asshats' Dayeum. So true. @MSignorile Obergefell was all about money not love. @KamalaHarris If our country is so bad, why do millions come here each year? Both legal and illegally, people aspi…
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@DavidCornDC @markos It depends what the definition of "is" is. Just channelling your old buddy #BillClinton @LeahR77 And David Dorns family NOTHING!!! How incredibly sad it is!!!
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinHint: NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THESE #DeepState LOSERS ANYMORE. They have been wrong about everything in the last 5… @gamma8Flip @donovan_pauline @CurtisHouck Oohhhh, a Muffin Top Anarchist. So scary. @KurtSchlichter Women DO NOT BELONG ON THE BATTLEFIELD. PERIOD. FULL STOP. @my3monkees #Gaslighting @Imcatt7 A good start.
@jeep_sifu You left out feral hogs @mattyglesias @ChrisMurphyCT "large and consistent lead" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @samstein #Trump is doing debated prep + holding 2 rallies daily across the country + RUNNING THE DAMN COUNTRY.I'm still laughing over skank tuna must take a break. My jaws hurt. 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @MSignorile You assholes even politicize a funeral. #Obama did not go to #Scalia's funeral. You are a garbage human. @tevet God Bless. I am in Eastern Idaho and we have been relatively spared this year. And we don't have too many of those #antifa scum. @cjtruth @tevet #UnmedicatedSchizophrenics @NahBabyNah @senatemajldr Like a Boss, if true. @stillgray Yes it is.Idiot take: Breonna Taylor must have been shot because she was black and not because her boyfriend was a career cri…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @dempstermd Good thing they were all wearing masks!!!U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisvill…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinKristi Noem is awesome! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinI’m at the @OANN studio in DC. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to remind me that this is real life!
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinPrayers to my 2 fallen brothers in Louisville. Love you and i'm praying for you. Absolutely sick what this world is…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @JacksonLeeTX18 You can't have it both ways.Cops DID knock on the door. Breonna’s BOYFRIEND fired first. She was NOT sleeping. Black Lives Matter does not…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @UnrepentantH @YerboutiSheik @vinnie_ramone Who the hell votes for that guy? @tevet @Cameron_Gray I am going to invent a haldol cannon. @FBILouisville @steph93065 Investigate the MFers funding this violence and RICO the shit out of them.Jihadi Linda Sarsour is at riots in Louisville Communists & Jihadis have teamed up again to destroy their common…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinLinda Sarsour in on the ground there.’s no doubt all of this unrest is to distract from the Biden Family corruptions.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @zaddybare You ate a shit person.
@BlissTabitha WowI’m driving a car, but I just got a notification...
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @AdrienneLaF Spy versus Spy @NicolleDWallace @Robt_Gibbs You guys are delusional. Sending you some Haldol.🇺🇸 RIP and THANK YOU for your service: Late last week, a U.S. Air Force team transferred the remains Air Force Staf…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @jonst0kes Spare mags are prudent.INSTANT KARMA: Anti-Trump psycho screams at MAGA rally while driving. Forgets she is driving car
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinThe argument for most abortions is basically making the case that the baby should be held responsible for choices t…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @just_mindy Mebbe she just absorbed them.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @jilevin He was against illegal immigration.PLEASE RT, LET'S MAKE HER FAMOUS!!!!!
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @deneenborelli Omg I had a cat that looked exactly like that. We called her Squeaky as that is what she sounded like.I'm so glad after living through segregation and the racial tensions of the 60's that I now have woke white college…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinTucker Carlson just opened his show with some never before seen video of what happened in Kenosha, and if you had a…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @catturd2 Men are why gifts bags were invented.
@dePlantagenet So you don't know? @JVanMaren I have a son with mild autism/asbergers and we spend a lot of time with similarly disabled kids. Down's…🔥🔥🔥Tucker Exposes SOROS!! Hey @HARRISFAULKNER, Watch & Learn!!
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @_wintergirl93 @paula_carvin Karma. @Geranthrimin You are the parent, she is the child. Take away her cell phone and internet for 1 month until sanity returns. @AndrewHClark @LindaSuhler #Democrats are relying on mass confusion and litigation November 4th. @dePlantagenet @ForeverMeatloaf @markos @npfandos "A republic ma'am, if you can keep it'. 10 points if you know wh… @Tombstone1954 All hat no cattle.To be clear: this post borders on slander and libel. @dePlantagenet @ForeverMeatloaf @markos @npfandos We are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic. That i… @dePlantagenet @ForeverMeatloaf @markos @npfandos So you want to live in South Africa or Zimbabwe? @FreedomWorks @Bwdreyer They are going to photoshop in the crowds later. @ForeverMeatloaf @markos @npfandos No, wrong, it is a nation where the constitution is followed to avoid the tyranny of the Progressive mob.7 Deadly Sin Alert: WRATH. PRIDE. ENVY. SLOTH. Deadly Sin Alert: WRATH @KurtSchlichter 7 Deadly Sin Alert: LUST. @ScotsFyre His polling for reelection must be telling him to do this.We will NEVER forget how they treated Justice Kavanaugh. War...
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinIf you love justice, please consider RETWEETING the notice below. This country needs truth. This country deserves…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinAfter what they did to Kavanaugh I genuinely could not care less about “norms”
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @JeffLindner1 Yikes I used to live near there!THE NARRATION😭😭☠️
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @PiamentaShimon @John52787771 MICHAEL JACKSON singing. The Jackson 5.Love this!!!!!!!! @WhitlockJason is hilarious!
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinThis motherfucker thinks literally following the constitution right now is an escalation. Think about how addicted…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinBy picking ACB, Trump would present an inspiring vision of what it means to be an American woman in 2020 — one that…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinThis visual right here is exactly why we are going to fill the seat and never look back.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinNGC 5189.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinGood News! The US Marshals found 35 of 40 missing children during Operation Safety Net this past month
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinCan you imagine if a SCOTUS seat was filled by next week, A new FBI director picked, Barr dropping indictments, Nan…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @ScarilyCheerful @bph960 Me too.
@vermontgmg The #Democrats have been blocking this relief you political hack. @GravesWilliams6 I have that exact granite pattern on my outside kitchen, lol. Great looking pie also.President Trump called the female Los Angeles Deputy that was ambushed & shot in the jaw. She couldn't speak so she…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinThank you to every person who has been kind to our police officers today. Thank you to all of the men and women in…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinObama has trained 30k + militants and now they are being spread around.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @lsferguson @gatewaypundit If Chief John Roberts was on those flights, the s**t is about to go supernova.
Biden be like.
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinHere’s the truth that no one wants to speak, which that was that RBG was an undistinguished jurist whose decisions…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @JennaEllisEsq @KurtSchlichter Too many words and long sentences. Need the Run Spot Run version.Kavanaugh taught suburban women what Dems think of their husbands and sons. Now Amy Coney Barrett will teach suburb…
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvinBREAKING: Hundreds Charged Worldwide In Takedown Of Largest Child Pornography Website
Retweeted by Hope@ZeroKelvin @Kashurian @ajfarley_csf One of the Seals of heaven. @rdbrewer4 Nah, just playing in the mud. @NinjaEconomics I thought $$ in politics was bad.